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Ed & Leo in secret talks last night
at 12:50 29 Sep 2021

No hay fuego sin humo
Vendetta - Truth, lies & the mafia
at 22:05 27 Sep 2021

Just finished watching the series on Netflix. No spoilers but it's really hard to talk about it without giving anything away. I'd highly recommend it, the first episode or so are a bit slow but it turns into what I think might be a cult classic.

If it was fictional the characters, stereotyping and storyline would be ridiculed. All are weird and wonderful, there's a couple of genuine laugh out loud moments and it builds really well to an ending with an ironic twist.
Horse dancing
at 13:03 28 Jul 2021

What other circus acts should be included in the Olympics?

Human cannonball, I'd probably pay for that.

Wall of death?

Gammon taming?

Brexiteer baiting
Paul Mariner - 35 England caps
at 18:30 10 Jul 2021

I thought he had more than 35. A decent number, and a decent goal return but I would have guessed more.

Trying to think who would he be competing with at the time - Tony Woodcock, Trevor Francis, Peter Withe, Bob Latchford, maybe others I've forgotten. With the exception of Francis perhaps, none as good as Mariner. Seems he should have got more caps.
Italy vs Spain
at 10:00 6 Jul 2021

Was watching TV Catalunya this morning and the Euros semi final was the second item in the sports slot. The first was Brazil beating Peru, an assist from ex-Barcelonista Neymar, then a bit about Messi playing for Argentina in the other semi tonight. In other news Spain take on Italy in the Euros semi final.

Onto the match, I'm predicting extra time and penalties. O-0 with few opportunities. Spain are lacking a player that can turn a match, maybe Pedri but at 18 I can't see him having enough influence. Italy have looked good but Spain have enough about them to keep them quiet.

Group of death....
at 19:10 29 Jun 2021

...just died out.
Refereeing in the Euros...
at 20:16 16 Jun 2021

The standard has been very good and consistent, hasn't it? Seems there's been a real effort to keep matches flowing. Even VAR has been a lot less intrusive than what I've seen in Spain. Maybe less diving too, but that may be related.
at 18:21 16 Jun 2021

Just got hit on the head from Bale's penalty.
Second hand car question
at 06:33 16 Mar 2021

I'm going to see a Golf TDI 1.6 Diesel with my son at the weekend. I'm pretty clueless on motors and there seem to be a few knowledgeable folk here.

Is there anything in particular to check out on a 10 year old Golf? Any known issues to look out for? Basically don't want appear completely dumb in front of the seller and the boy racer. Thanks.
Sons of Anarchy
at 10:18 14 Oct 2020

Haven't seen any threads mentioning this series here but apart from some real bonafide duds where I've bailed after 1 or 2 episodes this is probably the worst I've wasted my time on.

Reviews are mixed on imdb but iI really can't see any of the positives. The acting is dreadful, the characters and plot are absurd, it's like a Venezuelan soap opera on motorbikes.

I gave it a few episodes but as it started badly and went downhill I didn't make it to the end of series one.

Anyone else gone further than they should with a series?

By the way started watching Bad Blood on Netflix, didn't make it past episode 2 - possibly worse than SOA but got out quickly.
Non-Smart TV streaming
at 11:32 9 Aug 2020

I have a rental property with a Samsung non-smart tv which I've put in a bedroom (the tv was a "freebie"with the house insurance) and I'd like punters to be able to use Netflix, HBO whatever and maybe play games if that's their thing.

I was looking at getting an Amazon fire stick but obviously don't want my prime account on it, Chromecast is mobile based and maybe too techy for many people. Does anyone have any suggestions / comments?
One rule for them...
at 11:43 6 Jun 2020

Spain's lockdown rules are set by phases and on Monday we move to the next phase. I checked what restrictions have been lifted and discos are allowed to open but dancing is prohibited. Bull rings can open yet there's no social distancing for bulls
FAO BlueLagos - holidays in Spain this Summer
at 15:07 23 May 2020

From the PM here today..

"As you know Spain, receives more than 80 million visitors a year. And that is why I am announcing that, from July, Spain will reopen for foreign tourism in conditions of safety. Foreign tourists can also start planning their holidays in our country. Spain needs tourism – and tourism needs safety in both origin and destination. We will guarantee that tourists will not run any risks, nor will they bring any risk to our country."
White Lines - Netflix
at 18:38 17 May 2020

Started watching this last night, anyone else seen it as I'm not sure what to make of it?

The plot is a bit all over the place, and the acting isn't the greatest on the whole. Some of the scenes are just plain daft but there's a bit of humour thrown in that made me laugh out loud.

It's set in 1990's Ibiza but from the soundtrack you wouldn't know (a couple of blasts from Happy Mondays apart).

The scenery is great but sometimes seems to be filmed through a tacky Instagram filter. A couple of chacters are interesting but a few more are just completely annoying. There's an obvios nod to Mrs Robinson and even Fitzcarraldo, I may have just imagined it though.

Having said all that, I'm actually looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes. No spoilers please but anyone else seen it and feel the same?
Spain lockdown easing
at 12:13 29 Apr 2020

The Spanish government announced their plan for coming out of lockdown yesterday and on first view it's well presented. They have introduced a series of phases leading up to free movement at the end of June. There are caveats of course depending on the stats changing.

I guess there's a good possibility that dates will be moved back but to see a plan and be able to prepare things for my circumstances is really useful. I have a couple of tourist properties in the Pyrenees (mates rates available to twtd users post lockdown of course) so as things stand I can go up there mid-May, rent it to people from the same province at that time and then to the rest of the Spanish public from mid / late June.

I was concerned that restrictions would be lifted in dribs and drabs but to see a plan, even with the obvious caveats, has helped no end.

These are the phases (in Spanish). Hopefully the UK govt will provide something similar when the time comes.
Michael Robinson - RIP
at 12:22 28 Apr 2020

Just heard on the Spanish news that Michael Robinson has passed away, not covid related.

He was incredibly popular here and fair to say he turned football commentary / punditry on its head from the early 90s in Spain.

Very decent footballer and came across as a real genuine guy on the tv, he was also a very good pundit when most here still talk too much and don't watch enough.

He played a season or two at Osasuna and then did an English football highlights programme at the beginning of the 90s. My favourite quip of his was commentating on some highlights from a Tottenham match and a Spurs player was brought down, he got up gingerly and put his hand down his shorts, Robinson commented

Uno, dos, si tiene los dos (one, two, yep he's got both)

He then moved on to Canal Plus where he was head pundit for Sunday night La Liga matches. He also did a lot of radio and I think had a decent vineyard business near Pamplona.

Just checked a couple of online news sites and his passing is headline news eg - he was very well loved here.

RIP Michael
New Order - Friday night streaming
at 11:46 17 Apr 2020

Saw some clips from this a couple of years ago and have been wanting to see the full version ever since. Streaming tonight at 7.30 on youtube and facebook, New Order + Liam Gillick - So It Goes

I'll be watching, anyone else?
Very sad..but what a life
at 11:43 1 Apr 2020

Just saw this in The Guardian's rolling coverage. Never heard of La Nueve before but with time on my hands will do some more reading...

My colleagues Sam Jones and Kim Willsher report that a 99-year-old who was the last living survivor of La Nueve - a company of mainly Spanish troops that was the first to enter Paris August 1944 marking the city’s liberation from Nazi occupation - has died after contracting the coronavirus in a nursing home in Strasbourg.

Rafael Gómez Nieto grew up in Andalucia near Almeria, the son of a career soldier who had been part of the Royal guard to the Spanish king Alfonso XIII. He was a veteran of the Spanish Civil war, having fought in the four-month Battle of Ebro, the longest and largest battle of the civil war, in 1938. At the end of the war in Spain he crossed the border into France where he was briefly interned before travelling to North Africa where he joined La Nueve.

La Nueve, the 9th Regiment de Marche du Tchad, part of the 2nd Armoured Division (Division Leclerc), was overwhelmingly made up of Spanish republican fighters who were among the 500,000 Spaniards who fled across the border into France in 1939 as Franco’s forces closed in on victory in the civil war. One hundred and forty-six of the company’s 160 men were Spanish and, despite serving in the French army, they were permitted to stitch the red-yellow-and-purple flag of Spain’s second republic on their uniforms. They were also allowed to paint the flag on their vehicles, which rolled into Paris emblazoned with names such as Guernica and Don Quichotte (Don Quixote). Spanish was the common language within the company. All had fought during the liberation of French North Africa.

The company, also known as La Española because of the number of Spanish soldiers, was the first to enter Paris on 24 August 1944. While awaiting the surrender of the German governor of Occupied Paris, La Nueve troops were sent to occupy public buildings and those taken over by the German military command as well as Place de la Concorde.

Allied troops led by General Charles de Gaulle entered Paris the following day. More than 50 members of La Nueve received the Croix de Guerre for bravery.

La Nueve’s contribution to the liberation of Paris has only been recognised recently. After the liberation, the company was forgotten or left out of the French history books for political reasons - the liberation being presented as an exclusively French triumph. It was only in August 2004 - 60 years later - that Paris officially paid homage to the division with a plaque.

Later, Gómez Nieto was awarded the Grande Médaille de Vermeil and the Légion d’Honneur.


On a related note, my allotment neighbour, who sadly passed away last month, told me a story of a guy in the village where we live who spent the Civil War hiding behind a wardrobe in his house, avoiding arrest or conscription, it wasn't clear. The kids called him the ghost as he emerged as white as a sheet. I thought the story had been embellished over the years but I see there's a Netflix doc about people who spent the entire Franco years in hiding in secret rooms. Can't find the name of series right now but will definitely check it out.
[Post edited 1 Apr 2020 11:44]
A view from Spain
at 12:08 24 Mar 2020

We've been in "lockdown" for just over a week now and schools have been completely closed for 10 days. It seems the restrictions here are much stricter but thought I'd share a few thoughts anyway.

After the initial government anouncement the restrictions have been clarified and also tightened up. For example MOTs have been cancelled, hairdressers closed and more stuff like that for clarification. We were allowed to take the dog out but now that has been restricted to within 100 metres from home. There are no provisions for exercise or going out for essentials with household members (unless they are children or don't have a driving license).

I just read that 60 people were arrested yesterday and 6000 potentialy fined for non-compliance of rules. I haven't been stopped when going to the supermarket but family members have.

My main reason for posting is that I assume the announcement last night was first and foremost to get the message out whilst the finer details will be made clear over the next couple of days, with the likelihood of a tightening up of the measures.

I think the govt could have done more here with the experiences from Spain, Italy, France etc and reduced a lot of confusion and misinterpretation. Italy and to a lesser extent Spain had nothing to go on and were competely caught out, hence the figures we're seeing today.

Hopefully the govt will be providing more concise information over the next couple of days and I wouldn't be surprised to see restrctions tiightened up as people inevitably stretch the rules.
kebab recommendation
at 12:31 10 Sep 2019

I'm popping over this weekend for the Donny match with my son and would welcome any suggestions where to get a good kebab after the match. Bit of a guilty pleasure and want to show the boy that the salad doesn't need to be cooked together with the meat which happens in all the kebab places here.
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