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3-0 Spurs
at 15:07 22 Aug 2020

[Post edited 22 Aug 15:32]
Felt a bit Forrest Gumpy tonight...
at 22:06 24 Jul 2020

run Forrest, run....

Went out to do a 6k run, thought I might do 8k, but ended up doing my first 10k, so very pleased with myself. It's taken me just under 6 months, but I think I might be getting used to this running lark.

Now, where's that bottle of wine...
Hull relegated to L1
at 16:58 18 Jul 2020

Happy Noj relegation day everyone!
at 13:55 11 Jul 2020

Especially you, Ulla...

Hope I'm not being too premature, I mean there's still 20-odd minutes for them to score 4 goals.

Maybe this could be a yearly celebration?
Another defeat for the hapless budgies.
at 14:31 4 Jul 2020

Not long now until the inevitable.
Android help please!
at 19:54 28 Jun 2020

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab e tablet for someone last year, they use it just for TV, mainly the BBC iPlayer. Upto now it's worked fine, but it seems that it (the iPlayer app) will no longer work from July as Android v4 is no longer supported.

Has anyone attempted to upgrade to a newer version of the OS on a phone or tablet? I've just watched a youtube video to upgrade the same model to Android 7.1.2, it seems straightforward, but one of those things that if you get something wrong, or miss out a step, you could render the device unusable, is that right?

Any suggestions of what version to upgrade to, websites for video tutorials etc? Or just don't do it, buy a newer tablet instead!!

Any help or guidance appreciated.
C'mon you bluuuuues...
at 17:57 24 Jun 2020

Everton, that is. 0-2 probably, 0-6 hopefully.
Who's coming down from the Chamionship then?
at 19:09 20 Jun 2020

Barnsley/Luton probably, but the 3rd bottom place up for grabs, anyone upto Wigan in 17th position.

So we could see any of Stoke, Huddersfield or Boro drop down into L1 next season, but it will probably be Charlton.
at 20:14 24 May 2020

It's almost finished now, but worth catching up with on the iPlayer, Simon Reeve travelling through Burma (Myanmar) and speaking to Buddist Monks and Rohingya muslims about the current problems in the country.

Some horrific stories, once again it makes you wonder about humankind sometimes. Part 2 next week.

CH4 News at the moment
at 19:08 7 May 2020

worth a watch for anyone who things our gov have actually done a good job preparing for this pandemic.
I hope the healthcare workers in those US states...
at 22:33 20 Apr 2020

refuse to treat the idiots who are out protesting against the lockdown.

'Give me cov-id19 or give me freedom'....jeez, how are they so dumb?

Premier League statement
at 15:55 3 Apr 2020


* 30% player wage cut
* £125 solidarity payment to lower leagues
* £20m to NHS

That's not really enough, is it?
Bit of excitement this morning
at 10:32 29 Mar 2020

A Police van, 5 Police cars and about a dozen Policemen/women turned up at a neighbouring property this morning, and ended up smashing the backdoor in to gain entry, suspected cannabis factory, apparently.

They've been in there a while, but not come out with anyone or anything yet. Brightened up a dull day, anyway....
at 20:11 3 Mar 2020

...is there any?

Not coming across on the radio if there is. Will get nasty if they score.
Bottom 3 in the Championship are making a good fist of staying up
at 20:54 26 Feb 2020

Luton won yesterday, Wigan and Barnsley winning tonight. I thought teams at the bottom just lost game after game!

I wonder who we'll have joining us in L1 next season: any of the above, plus any of Middlesbrough, Stoke, Huddersfield. Tough season next year.

It must be me....
at 16:03 15 Feb 2020

I said (to myself) before the game, if Burton go a goal up, I'm just gonna go out and not listen to BBC Suffolk.

I've just come back, and it seems we're winning 2-1.....so it must be me.

Mind you, now I'm back and listening to the game again, expect a Burton equaliser/winner....
Sigh.....So was that our good half?
at 20:37 11 Feb 2020

Can we look forward to the Wombles management changing in around in the 2nd half to win the game 1-0?

10 more wins?
at 11:12 9 Feb 2020

Minimum, I would say, and that will probably only be enough for a PO place.

Can we manage that? Oxford, Coventry and Portsmouth are the only 'tough' games remaining, so I'll assume we'll lose all 3, draw one (probably already relegated Bolton at home!) then win the other 10.

Then he's (Lambert) going to have to come up with something different in the PO's, or we know what's going to happen.

Yet another running thread
at 13:40 27 Jan 2020

Yes, sorry, bit of a 'look at me!' post, but I've finally got off the starting blocks, so to speak, and did my first run today, no more excuses or procrastinating!

Considering it was my first proper run in about 25 years, it went OK, just under 2.5k, short rest, then 2.5k back, without stopping at a steady pace.

Any advice from the seasoned runners on here? I'm looking to go 2-3 times a week, keep this distance (approx 5k) for now until I feel more comfortable, then increase I guess.

Any good apps (got an old Android 7 phone) that help keep track of times etc that anyone can recommend?
Teccie (Windows 10) wifi help please
at 19:07 20 Jan 2020

My ageing techie-head is struggling with this one, sorry, bit boring for non-techies:

Windows 10 laptop, had it for a couple of years, no problems uptil now. Using it this morning, suddenly lose the internet connection, no problem I thought just reboot the router, that usually works.

It didn't, so tried restarting router again, still nothing. Checked my phone and a tablet, they're both still connected to internet and working OK.

Plugged an ethernet cable from router to laptop, that's working fine too, so must be something wrong on the laptop.

Checked laptop, it's telling me there are 'no wireless adapters' on this device - strange. Checked Event Log, no errors there. Checked hardware devices, wireless adapter is in the list and showing up as being OK.

Didn't want to waste too much time on it, so popped out to Argos and bought a USB wireless adapter, came back home, plugged it in, and it's working fine - in fact it's faster than the built-in adapter!

Not a big deal, as I'm up and running with the USB device, just a bit weird why the built-in wifi adapter just stopped working, but Windows still thinks it's OK, anyone had this before?

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