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Finally shaken off the flu...after 18 days
at 08:41 10 Apr 2021

Worst I'm ever had - normally its 5 or 7 days max for me, but this was a nasty one, maybe because there's less of it around?

Lesson learned, get the flu jab next winter.
Oiy, Lambert, do the right thing....
at 19:59 16 Feb 2021

at 14:14 10 Feb 2021

aren't really helping, are they?

Changed managers a couple of times in the past 18 months or so, yet still not looking anything like top 2 material. Another 'big' club who should walk this league, eh?

Evans must be thinking, "What's the point in changing manager? No guarantees it will be any better under the new guy, might as well just stick with Lambert and save myself the hassle of making another decision that could go wrong."

No, we're stuck with Lambert until next Jan at least, hoping that the 2-year point of the contract is when it can be terminated cheaply....as we sit 19th in league 1
15 mins to go...
at 20:40 9 Feb 2021

Posh have just make a triple substitution to freshen things up.

Don't they realise they're winning?

I mean we're losing - not threatening Posh at all - yet the 'manager' seems happy with what he's seeing.

U23's 1-0 DOWN after 10 mins
at 13:13 2 Feb 2021

Don't ask who scored though! No idea

OK, that's embarassing. Cardiff playing in blue!!
[Post edited 2 Feb 13:21]
at 23:44 31 Jan 2021

Just watching the Lance Armstrong doc on BBC2.....what an utter cunit that guy was/is.

Never really followed cycling, but always thought that there was something dodgy about all those TDF wins, but the way he used/abused people to get his way, unbelievable.

3 wins in 33 televised games
at 21:27 26 Jan 2021

According to Brenner.

Wow. Can't be anyone with a worse record than us.
Just noticed that Sunderland have the best defence in L1
at 19:19 26 Jan 2021

Just 17 league goals conceded all season.

We're not going to score tonight, are we?
at 20:37 24 Jan 2021

Could you remove the swear filter please, just for a few hours?

Just made some fresh pasta for the first time
at 15:09 24 Jan 2021

Got a pasta maker for Christmas, thought it was about time I tried it out.

Boy, it's hard work - would've been easier (and less messy) to pop over to Italy and buy it fresh there.

Turned out OK, had it with some nice tomato and basil sauce (cheated with that, had a tub on offer in Sainsburys yesterday.

Think I'll have to watch a few youtube vids on making the dough and using the machine though, otherwise it's gonna be a lot of effort to do it again.

Anyone out there make their own?
Lamberts payoff
at 10:43 24 Jan 2021

None of us know the details of that terrible 5-yr contract ME gave him just over a year ago, but the general assumption is that there will be some kind of break clause that kicks in - hopefully very, very soon.

But even if there isn't, and say PL is due a cool £1m payoff, surely he's not expecting it in his bank account the day after he's given his P45? Surely ME can come to some agreement with him that it's paid in 6 months/a years time, or even in instalments if he's concerned about the cost - especially with the added cost of the incoming manager.

Lambert's already financially secure, but we know he's also not adverse to taking former employers to court, but even he must be reasonable and understand the financial situation that we (and football in general) are in?

Mind you, if I were Lambert, I would be embarrassed that I was still taking a wage for the extremely poor job I was doing, and I'd quit. He's got a great excuse - Covid has knocked him for six, no-one would blame him for quitting now citing health as the reason.
Dreading this
at 14:49 23 Jan 2021

as much as a home game against the scum in recent years. Expecting a defeat, hoping for a draw.

We need some help, early red card for one of theirs and pen to us would be nice.

Posh haven't won away from home since early November, apparently.

C'mon Town, prove me wrong...please.
at 22:01 18 Jan 2021

Anybody been watching it on BBC1?

It's brilliant, so funny. Just 15 min episodes, but so well done. Worth watching on iPlayer (series 1 too) if you've missed it.
Talk about getting your hopes up...
at 09:10 15 Jan 2021

Just switched on the TV, the local news on BBC was just starting, and the first words spoken were,

"The manager of Ipswich Town, Paul Lambert, has...."

just 2 more words I needed to hear after that, but no, it was about calling for football to be stopped.

So close, so close.
And the BIG news is.....
at 17:30 9 Jan 2021

No Brenner on BBC Suffolk. Must be the first game he's missed in a decade or more.

Stuart Jarrold stepping in.
at 15:15 9 Jan 2021

Seem to remember us always scoring a hatful against them back in the nineties, 4-0 and 6-0 wins at their place come to mind.

Just checked, the last 4 games against them from '98 to 2000 resulted in a 14-1 aggregate score.

0-0 today then!
at 18:27 22 Dec 2020

Never had a negroni cocktail before, but after seeing a few people recommending them, I went and bought all the necessary alcohol and made my first one....

It was bloooody awful. Either I've done something wrong (very likely), or those who think it tastes nice have no taste-buds.

For the record, I used equal-ish measures of Bombay Sapphire gin, Vermouth (red) and Campari.

So come on guys/girls, what have I got wrong?

EDIT: Campari, not Cinzano!!!!
[Post edited 22 Dec 2020 19:04]
Who would accept a more defensive approach v Pboro?
at 19:48 17 Dec 2020

and accept a boring 0-0, or even nick it 1-0 if we get lucky?

I'm not a fan of setting out 'not to lose' per se, but in light of our awful record against the top teams, I think I would accept Lambert doing this - away from home especially.

We've already shown how poor we are at attacking the better teams, so why bother trying, and who knows, we may frustrate them enough to sneak a lucky win!

With the league being so tight atm, it's more important that we don't give other potential top-six teams 3 easy points, much better a point each, right?
Maybe we're not *that* bad...
at 11:56 16 Dec 2020

maybe other teams in this league are actually getting better?

Burton unbeaten in 4 until last night, against teams like Charlton and Sunderland
Shrewsbury 2 away wins against Lincoln and Hull
Rochdale 4 and 5-0 away wins in succession

Not trying to excuse our performances and results against the better sides in this division, but maybe on the whole teams are improving, whereas we are not, especially with key players out injured.

Well, that didn't last very long
at 19:37 3 Dec 2020

Channel 4 News have just done a piece on the 'red wall seats' that turned blue last December, they've done their own polls, and concluded that the Tories would lost 80% of the seats they won, as people finally realise that they were fed bs by BoJo and his pals.

BoJo's handling of Covid, and Dom Cummins were cited as the main reasons for not voting Tory again.

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