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Voting, this has nothing to do with politics
at 15:16 3 Jun 2020

So hearing an advertisement on television last night that stated such and such product was voted the best product of 2020 in its category got me thinking.......who the actual fook has voted for anything like this?? I have never voted on/for any product, where do they get the people who vote and if you have not yourself do you know of anyone whom has, again I don't even know anyone that has participated in such voting!

I am fully aware of how sad even thinking of this is but circumstance and all that!!
BLUE BADGE info for Disabled People and their Carers in Suffolk during COVID 19
at 17:02 6 May 2020

Just thought this would be handy everyone to know if your Blue Badge is up for renewal.

Other local authorities may have agreed to this too so check out yours.
Genius Virus Mask!
at 20:10 5 May 2020

I really wish to believe that this is a wind up...
Tanks making their way through Italian Streets
at 02:24 20 Mar 2020

As the OP on LL said "could be nothing" could also be sh*t arsing serious and Marshall Law will be in affect across Europe before we know it, an out come which concerns me more than the virus itself tbh!

First you must figure out how to control the masses, the rest is easy!!
A new new new new new new song for Wolfenden
at 01:51 10 Mar 2020

So this my well appease those who fear the older chants for players and maybe just maybe one other person will like it so that will make 2 of us...... or it could just be yet another load of old cr*p!

Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

In touch with the crowd
He's on the hunt, he's after you
He's safe and he's sound, Ipswich and proud
And we're hungry like the wolf

Holds the back line, his passing sublime
His tackles are well timed, He's after you
You'll never survive, his running inside
And we're hungry like the wolf

So lets say Warnock is given the job
at 20:36 4 Mar 2020

Can we then sing to him...........................................

"Warnock, you're our c*nt, Warnock Warnock you're our c*nt"

Official welcome chant innit!! :)
Glad All Over as Kayden Jacksons song...
at 20:11 20 Feb 2020

Just isn't cutting it enough for me, not potting fingers at anyone for trying it but a few people in section 6 singing it doesn't get the message of appreciation to him as well as it should in my opinion.

I just think if we changed it to Born Is The king most of the stand would encompass it as it is already a well known tune and also much easier to sing!
Roy Keane managing in South America??
at 18:42 19 Feb 2020
Reading "fans, not criminals" thread got me thinking...
at 17:57 4 Feb 2020

About how reasonable all the stewards have been in The North Stand in my 35 years of attending, never really came across a power hungry one at all!

That wasn't the main point I was going to mention, the thinking about the stewards over the years got me thinking about one particular person...

Do any of my fellow fans of a certain age ( from around 1990 onwards) remember the young (like us at the time) dark haired , really tall police dog handler whom we all used to chant the "Inspector Gadget" theme tune at as he would walk out onto the pitch in line with the other police to hinder any idea of a pitch invasion, its kinda cool he's still around but he's now a Stadium supervisor or Stadium Manager, poor sod getting that chanted at him every home game!

Sorry if you're a member on here bud but I had to share that memory!! ;)
Ahhh f*ck, f*ck it, its too f*ucking hard, ffs................
at 23:50 20 Jan 2020

Hang on...... its going in, its f*ucking going in, its its going over f*ck its going over, ahh its f*cking ove...................IN ITS F*CKING IN I'VE F*UCKING DONE IT!!

This is what I imagine was going through Kayden Jacksons mind in the time his lob made its way over their keeper until it dipped under the cross bar and in!
You've Got Red On You
at 16:02 5 Jan 2020

Stop the negativity. Get behind the lads again. Keep our start players, put faith in PL, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How's that for a slice of fried gold?
Inglorious are playing Cambridge Junction tomorrow 25th Oct 2019
at 00:05 25 Oct 2019

Anyone stuck for a night out then go treat yourself to one amazing rock band, if that's your thing obv!!
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