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Can you afford to pay your staff Norwich City?
at 14:37 24 Aug 2020

Oh Lord no. We'll have some of that furlough cash please.

Ah, you've been relegated. Guess money is even tighter now?

Well you say that...

Wigan into admin on the same day Woolfenden signs a new deal
at 13:54 1 Jul 2020

Maybe, just maybe, the commentary on our kit video launch wasn't the big story of the week and there are more important issues around.

Just maybe.
Transfer speculation
at 11:17 15 Mar 2020

I wouldn't worry about losing players yet. How are they going to open a transfer window when nobody knows when this season will finish? Some say football might not start again until the Autumn and that's an optimistic estimate.
SAR upper sold out for tomorrow
at 16:00 14 Feb 2020

What's going on?
Why have so many tickets been sold for Burton?
at 14:00 10 Feb 2020

I know it's a £10 deal but most of SAR upper has gone, which is rare
Someone was trying to get Blue Action to have a banner about dropping Norris
at 10:46 7 Feb 2020

Blue Action were set up, a I understand it, to improve the toxic atmosphere at Portman Road.

Make your own stupid banner.
ITFC maths equation
at 14:00 11 Jan 2020

If A is a must win game and B is the lowest league attendance of the season:

Does A = B mean the end of the 'nae normal' support theory?
Style of play? Would be nice
at 08:26 10 Jan 2020

I believe it will come, but that's a bold move by Evans given the rotation issues this season.

However, for all those who like to put the boot into the owner and are saying things like "stop writing columns and buy some players!...

1 We have a hugely bloated squad for this level, and he has bought players. If we don't go up our financial restrictions tighten again next season. A responsible owner shouldn't put us in a perilous position.

2 If you want to see a really bad owner, there are plenty of examples around. Bolton and Bury are the extreme but there are plenty of other clubs teetering on the edge of similar trouble. Even Derby are having issues. Evans has plenty of faults but some of our fans need to get their heads up and look at what's happening in the wider game now and then.
The old "like a new signing" cliche
at 16:12 5 Jan 2020

Was never truer than with Bishop yesterday.

I was thinking today that if we'd have been watching a promising new youngster who had just signed a deal with ITFC we'd be salivating, he was that good. A major plus point on a day when a very strong side somehow contrived to lose a game they should have won comfortably.

We've endured enough bad injury luck in the past few years to deserve Bishop to stay fit for the rest of the season. I'm still livid about yesterday TBH but the thought of him developing an understanding with Norwood and Jackson is cheering me up.

I've lost patience with Nsiala. If there's a footballer in there then it's buried under layers of nerves and awful decision making. That said, the people giving him personal abuse on social media are the sort of bellends that have blighted our support for years.
Well, that's that
at 13:39 1 Jan 2020

I despise the modern football attitude of getting rid of the manager every few months and while the announcement from ITFC is a major surprise, it's also hilarious.

Now all the people who have either forgotten or weren't around when we had a hate/hate relationship with Warnock in the early 2000s can STFU.
Expect commercial dept at ITFC having a frustrating Christmas
at 12:09 23 Dec 2019

One point from nine in the league over past three games plus a cup defeat is not a great sales advert when you're at home on Boxing Day.

Expect it will still be a 22-23,000 crowd but had the early season form carried on they could have been looking at 26,000+.

But we do often shoot ourselves in the foot like this.
440-mile round trip done. Back in Bristol. Still a bit hungover
at 15:49 15 Dec 2019

And my plea is this - please stop with the 'Lambert out' nonsense.

As you can imagine, after such a long journey to Suffolk and back to watch that defensive shambles I'm not best pleased, but I'm even less impressed with people who want to change the manager. Have we learned nothing?

Our cub is being rebuilt on and off the pitch after one of the most damaging periods in its history. We're wobbling at home at the moment and some players need to improve their performances but it's been proven time and time again that patience is often rewarded in football.

Downes, Woolfenden, KVY, Garbutt (if he signs), Dozzell - we have some excellent young players on our books and Teddy Bishop and Jack Lankester to come back. We also have El Mizouni and Dobra.

We're starting to see what a force Will Keane can be at this level and over the last two games some of our attacking play has been superb (although the final ball still needs work).

People pay their money and are entitled to their opinions but for me the last thing we want is another period of upheaval.

Rant over. I'm taking a couple of Nurofen and going to bed.
About to set off from Bristol
at 16:14 13 Dec 2019

I watch a fair bit of Rovers. They'll travel in decent numbers and be loud. SBR will need to be on form tomorrow
Be of good cheer
at 16:25 8 Dec 2019

We have the same points (36) as Barnsley did in mid December last season and they finished second. In fact we've reached that total a week earlier than they did.

PS: But we do need to start turning draws into wins.
That's two terrible defeats for Norwich
at 15:57 8 Dec 2019

Leicester away next weekend,. They could be adrift with Watford by the end of the year.

[Post edited 8 Dec 2019 16:00]
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