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Bus replacement - Liverpool St to Ipswich
at 10:51 15 Jan 2022

How long is this going to be a problem on Saturdays for - anyone know? Thanks
Forecast improved slightly
at 10:23 8 Jan 2022

Away fans likely to get damp rather than completely soaked
Footage of Ipswich horizon when Bonne signs permanent deal
at 14:40 2 Jan 2022
Why we shouldn't just shrug about the Lincoln call-off
at 14:12 30 Dec 2021

It will cost us money. Original fixture down for New Year's Day, when most people have the day off and lots of Suffolk exiles are back home for Christmas. My brother and my nephew were planning to go but were holding off buying tickets until the match was definitely on. My nephew is at Uni in the North West and very unlikely to come to the rearranged match, especially if it's midweek. I expect there will be many similar stories. A mate of mine was in the ticket office a fortnight back and at that stage Lincoln had sold the lowest of the three PackoutPR matches. I expect the uncertainty and now the call-off will cost us hundreds of lost ticket sales, maybe even in the low thousands, especially as people may have gone back on Saturday having been at the game last night.

Covid is not to be trifled with, I've had it myself, and if Lincoln genuinely have most of their available players testing positive and genuinely cannot put a matchday squad together even utilising their Under-23s then they have my sympathy and of course should not be expected to play.
But they should be made to PROVE this. All season we have had to prove - to gain entry to Portman Road - that we have been double vaccinated or have proof of a recent negative Covid test, and we are just members of the public. You're not telling me that a professional football club, with all the fitness training and medical data it keeps on each player, cannot produce paperwork to prove it has a large number of Covid cases?

And if it's the case that some clubs have players who refuse to be vaccinated and that is the reason they are calling games off, then tough. That's not a good enough reason when they are being paid to be professional footballers.

As I said, if Lincoln genuinely have most of their available players out with Covid then it's fine to call the game off, If they are playing the system because they are on a poor run of form and don't fancy playing us at the moment, then there should be sanctions. They should be fined and the money given to us to make up for lost ticket and matchday revenue.

That might make clubs think twice about taking the mick.
[Post edited 30 Dec 2021 14:16]
227 tickets left for Sunderland
at 10:31 12 Dec 2021

Assuming there isn't another batch of restricted views to be released

Yes, I did count them all and yes, I do have better things to do this morning.
at 17:24 9 Dec 2021

"Cook Out"
"Done. Here's the new manager"
"Oh I didn't want HIM."
"So what happens now"
"HIM out"

Where will it fecking end. I'm seeing "Ashton out" on Twitter now.

Starting to realise our fanbase is not the loyal, supportive patient bunch we make ourselves out to be.
"We're useless at the dark arts"
at 06:58 29 Nov 2021

I hear this a lot.

Couple of minutes to go yesterday and Walton holds on to the ball to waste a few seconds. Cue howls from the crowd that he didn't throw it out quickly.

Make up your minds.
Late to the party on this
at 06:28 29 Nov 2021

But didn't get back from the match until 10pm.

If you boo when we've won, you're not impatient or frustrated. You've lost the plot.

Can everyone who booed yesterday please stay away when the Gamechanger lads are in town, in case they decide they no longer want to invest in the club due to the crybaby element in our support.

Kind regards.
17 tickets left in the whole SBR
at 14:27 19 Nov 2021

Caveat - they sometimes release restricted view ones when all the others are gone

Decent effort though
Swindon, or Mordor?
at 08:17 18 Nov 2021

Been mentioned by other posters
at 06:44 18 Nov 2021

But ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha (pause for breath) ha ha ha ha HA
Sunderland at home will be a sell-out
at 09:52 17 Nov 2021

Calling it now
Block A
at 09:24 16 Nov 2021

With all the cheaper tickets flying around, it would be good - I think - to get some people who fancy a sing-song in Block A of the Cobbold Stand. It's close to the Blue Action/S6 area and might increase and spread the noise level.

Not the worst view either
The Cruncher ticket donation initiative
at 09:02 15 Nov 2021

Great idea, deserves backing.

But just seen a Norwich fan has donated and is urging other Norwich fans to do the same, to quote their Twitter post " have donated £40 today. We should help those less fortunate and #itfc fans are certainly that".

His or her intentions may be honest but not sure this is a path we want to go down.

"We helped fill your ground" etc.

I might be being paranoid of course.
Brett wants 30,000 at the Sunderland match
at 16:50 12 Nov 2021

Gulp. I better buy a couple of spares.

Celina reaction
at 11:03 30 Aug 2021

I know it's only a few Twitter posts, but we must be the first supporters ever to complain about having too many attacking options
SBR lower sold out again for today
at 12:23 28 Aug 2021

So glad I got a ST in there
AHA - major ticket buying change
at 13:40 30 Jul 2021
Lower SBR now sold out for Morecambe
at 21:55 29 Jul 2021

Decent start as tickets only went on sale lunchtime today
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