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U18s Top After Win at Peterborough
at 16:11:53

This is the first year the Club have failed to list the new intake of first year academy scholars - or have I missed something? I don't even know how many we have signed up this year?
Pigott: We're Ready For the Challenge
at 07:38:02

PortmanTerrorist - Those are my exact thoughts too. It is the lack of hope, more than anything else, that has taken me to an all time low as a lifelong Town supporter.

I do think that a revolution has happened at Town over the summer though and we have two days left to start the revolution on the pitch. My hope is now off the scale but my expectation levels do remain realistic as we are in for one hell of a battle this season with all teams looking to raise their game against us. COYB
Town Target Rangers Defender Edmundson
at 16:11:26

I don't think there has been any reported link this summer, where Sunderland have not also be mentioned as possible suiters!

From what I've read in the above news story he looks just the manto strenthen us at the back. I do think we could do with two centre backs though, with one being an experienced older (but not too old) head.
Cobbold Stand Mural Complete
at 16:10:08

A fantastic first step in the long overdue transformation of Portman Road. Well done to all involved. It really is a brilliant piece of work.
Cook, Ashton and O'Leary to Attend PLC EGM
at 07:17:24

It's ironic to think that Marcus Evans still owns a greater percentage of shares in the club than any other individual. As I understand it, the "Three lions" collectively own 5% of Gamechanger, so ME's shareholding is greater than theirs is individually. And surely no individual in the 3500 supporters who hold 12.5% of PLC shares owns more Evans's 5%. The remaining 90% of shares of Gamechanger is held by a "corporate" body, so Evans has the greatest percentage of shares as an individual I believe.

However all this is totally irrelevant as he no longer has any executive power or involvement in running the club, but is still a rather weird situation.

As a final thought, when the takeover was announced I actually took comfort from ME's retained 5% shareholding as it showed he had confidence in the new management set up. If he felt the new owners were anything else than potentially excellent owners, surely he would have cut and run totally, rather than wantingto keep a significant link and investment into our future.
Co-Owner Johnson Cautiously Optimistic
at 10:39:42

RegencyBlue - You sum it up in ten simple words perfectly. If we cut through all the positive changes that are happening both on and off the field, we get to the bottom line - "hope when there was none before". How good does that feel?
Town Launch Away Kit
at 16:17:12

For me, I like our shirts (home or away) to be as plain and lacking in overt styling and frippery as possible. Anything that harps back to the 1970's plain style of shirt is good with me, especially as so much else seems to adorn the shirts of teams in today's game. Personally I really like this shirt, especially the plain shoulders.

Furthermore, I think the Ed Sheeran logo seems to go very well with both our shirts. Well done Town I say.
Blues Legend Mariner Dies
at 16:11:42

I am so saddened to hear this news. He is, and will surely remain, my all time favourite Town player. Rest in peace you special man.
Cook: Recruitment Drive Not Over and Door Ajar For Out-of-Favour Players
at 07:11:18

KernewekBlue - An excellent summation of our current position. I agree 100%.
Town Confirm Costin Appointment as Fitness Coach Ashton Joins and Bowman Departs
at 16:33:57

A few more pieces in the staffing jigsaw. Welcome both.

We are now well on the way to building a formally structured and wide ranging, professional coaching and player support network - just like other similar sized clubs have no doubt had for years but we have not, all of which has contributed massively to our demise.

With a new highly experienced executive management team shortly to be insitu and and ultra progressive and seemingly well funded ownership structure sitting above them, demanding the highest standards and aiming ultimately for a return to the prem, all is looking very good in my book.

This is literally a million miles away from where we were only a few months back.
Detmer: O'Leary and Ashton Key to Executing Our Vision For Town
at 16:51:58

This all sounds a million miles away from our previous ownership set up under Evans and the ragtag cutprice management structure that he had in place to support the club and the squads from first team downwards.

Our club was effectively being run on a pared down shoestring as far as I could tell with very few "executive" officers of any description in formal posts and Lee O'Neil (for whom I have much sympathy), being the chief factotum, which cleared would have stretched the most experienced person to the limit and beyond.

With every new appointment now being made - often to what appears to be a brand new role/post for ITFC - brings us once step closer to having a professional set up - just like the vast majority of our competitors have.

The Three Lions recognises this only too well and I think we fans can take an immense amout of comfort that our club appears now to be in very good hands and that success, the like of which we haven't seen for a two decades, may well be coming our way!!
Cook: Fans Will Be Allowed to Come and Watch Training
at 15:09:18

Well done Paul Cook for making this change and advertising it through the media.

It may be a small change in the whole scheme of things, but it is another example of what is needed to re-connect the Club with it's fans.

After all, isn't the lack of connection and the ever increasing distancing of the Club with fans, one of this principal concerns we have been voicing for many years now.

Positive collective change, which needs to happen so deperately, will come in various ways both large and small and this is another small positive step I feel.
Vincent-Young May Need Surgery But Will Be Back For Pre-Season
at 14:26:45

Marcus, I think you need to roll back another 14 years from Robocop and see what 6 million dollars, well spent, did for a certain Steve Austin in 1973. You need to be of a certain age...
Norwood Targeting Full Season After Two Frustrating Years
at 16:39:37

That's probably the most interesting player interview I have read for a long old while. He makes his points well and seems to acknowlege (some) of his weaknesses as well as his strengths.

The most positive thing for me however, is his intention to really concentrate on his fitness and re-hab in the close season. If he can do that, I believe he could well have his most successful season with us to date - if he can keep himself fit and injury free. The other crucial factor will of course be Cook's ability to sign the required players of quality, vision of attitude to supply him. We can only hope...
PLC to Continue to Own 12.5 Per Cent of Town
at 16:37:47

I think this is a fair response by all involved and one I am happy with as a minor shareholder. When I invested back in 2003, I knew in my heart that the small"investment" would effectively be more of a donation than anything else.

The emotional attachment is real to most shareholders I believe, and certainly it is for myself. Also the right to attend an annual AGM of the PLC is one that I mostly look forward to for the Q&A part of the meeting, even though the respective seasons' results and league positions are nearly always far from rosy!!
Judge: Not the Way I Wanted to End My Time at Town
at 15:55:58

This senario has happened before in football and will happen again whilst these appearance triggers are put into players' contracts. Both sides must have been happy with and therfore agreed the contract at the time the contract was signed.

Having said all of that, my personal view is that it still is not a nice way to end a career at a club and I have some sympathy with Judge's sentiment, as outlined in the story headline.
Cook: Vincent-Young to the Fore of What We're Thinking About Doing Tomorrow
at 15:08:07

I think it is fair to say that this morning's press conference is the most honest and brutal given by any Ipswich manager in the post-internet "modern era".

I must also say that I have agreed 100% with every word and sentiment he has uttered and believe that we have the best possible manager we could reasonably have hoped for, in charge of us right now to deliver what needs to be done with the backing of the new owners.

I can't wait for the changes to happen and look forward to the new ITFC news stories every day now, hoping to hear the latest positive changes and developments that will start happening to the squad and to the wider club in general from this point forward.

Cook: I Believe We Can Get in There, So Let’s Go and Try and Do It
at 15:36:26

My liking for Paul Cook grows with every interview he does. I feel and believe he is the real deal and will take us up at some point (hopefully soon).

We have been through so much as Town fans and surely very few, if any, league clubs have had a more depresssing two decades (almost) than us.

Every clubs finally emerges from the doldrums , but it seems like we have been waiting forever for ours, with renewed hope followed by tragedy (often self inflicted), time and time again. You've got to be 30 plus, to really remember and appreciate any feeling of success at our beloved club. That really in a damning reality.

Perhaps, just perhaps, our time is just around the corner with Paul Cook leading our club on the field and a takeover on the horizon. As an old pessimist, I am FINALLY really hopeful it is. Dare to dream...
Gill and Klug to Take Caretaker Charge as Cook in Talks
at 10:30:02

I have no problems with caretaker manager set up this if true and seems to be a sensible and pragmatic decision.

The Paul Cook connection is seemingly getting stronger and stronger which is more excellent news as he is the man the majority of Town fans have touted as their number one choice, of those available who might reasonly want to manage us in league 1.

Whoever come in must start the process of re-connecting the club with the fans first and foremost as well as the excellent local media, as they too are all part of the wider Town family that we all belong to. This includes getting TWTD and Phil back into the club press conferences. No delay.

On the pitch we have got a little bit of positive momentum going and it's clear that the play-offs are again a realistic prospect, with many fans, me included, having just about given up on them only a couple of weeks ago.

Exciting times hopefully lay ahead. When was the last time we could say that with any real belief and enthusiasm?
Town Takeover Close
at 15:34:02

If true this goes a long way to explaining both the inaction and silence of Evans in these turbulent few months.

Potentially exciting news, but as others above have already said, we need to see the detail before we can make any real and proper assesssment as supporters.
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