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Portsmouth 0-4 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 21:49:12

Wow what a game
Polar opposite of what we've seen for a good few years
Congratulations to all concerned
Anyone still rather have the Cowleys over Cook
Had our bit of luck with first and third goals but we earned that luck
Special mention for Connor Chaplin getting such a great reception from the remaining Pompy fans as he started there at 6 years old
Fear for Pompy
How the hell did they beat Sunderland 4-0
Evans: I've Had Worse Nights!
at 12:45:14

Was that the first hat-rick from our number 8 since Arnold Muhren?
Dobra Nets First Colchester Goal
at 12:33:51

We’ll done young man
I for one hope you come back to us a better fitter stronger and more confident player
I look forward to seeing you play for us again
Enjoy your time down the road
Cook: Delighted, Now Let's Make Sure We Follow It Up
at 20:30:52

Well it’s really very simple
If as you say we’ve got a team full of goals you need to keep the back door shut
Don’t concede and you’ll win more than you draw and only lose a few
That’s not to be negative but just facing facts
We needed that “though shall not pass” attitude around our goal that’s been lacking
The opposite to our last season in the championship where if the opposition scored first then it was game over it helps going forward that you don’t have to score at least three to win as you’re always likely to concede at least a couple
Now we need to build fortress Portman Rd
Cheltenham Town 2-1 Ipswich Town - Highlights
at 13:59:07

Having watched loads of games on I follow in last couple of years the first 55minutes were very encouraging as most of the new players are clearly an improvement on what have been replaced
Tactically no better than last few years
If opposition score we crumble
That’s down to PC to instill some steel and organisation into what is to be fair a bunch of decent footballers but strangers
I’m certain it can be done with this group but time will tell if Cook can do it
I’ll give him time as we’ve waited 20 years to see much improvement
The ingredients are there but is he a chef or pot washer?
Pillar Tribute to Legends
at 19:20:43

Proper legends all of them to a man
And it would not be hard to find another dozen from those teams
Sadly none from the last 18 years
But hears hoping for some to arrive if and when we turn the illusive corner
There's certainly an opportunity for this new batch to make a name for themselves where the last lot couldn't
Onwards and upwards
Blues Legend Mariner Dies
at 11:15:04

Devastating news to hear the premature passing of Paul Mariner
Thoughts are with his family and friends
Scored the only goal at my first live town match against the mighty Liverpool at PR if think in 1979 if memory serves
It was used on the start of match of the week for several years to follow and started my lifelong love affair with Ipswich Town FC
A true legend has passed RIP
Departing Skipper Chambers Truly Humbled
at 22:11:05

Cat you're spot on
I too have followed Town since the '70s and we remember albeit with blue tinted spectacles real legends when the term legend meant something different to now
Beatie Hunter Osman Butcher are legends
Even De Vos or Mowberry we better players
However Chambo has been our leader for 9 years of decline and for the younger generation he's their legend
Today I'd thank him for his efforts and leave it at that
Ipswich Town 0-0 MK Dons - Highlights
at 09:46:06

Very poor attacking display overall
Lack of intent for long spells
It's easy to see which ones aren't good enough or want away
Dobra unlucky not to score and at least he bust a gut to get into position to do so
Holy MOM a near faultless performance from him and nothing he can do at the other end
He deserves credit for performing well at his end
It's going to be a busy summer but lets hope this is rock bottom and the only way is up from here although false dawns have become our speciality!!!
Ipswich Town 0-0 MK Dons - Match Report
at 17:07:25

Worst attacking display I've seen in my 52 years following town
They look like condemned men who have lost the will to live
They should try watching it!!!
Rochdale 0-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:17:07

Thankfully that's 3 games running I've avoided watching saving £30!!!

No shots on target is frankly disgraceful

Listening to Brenner and Alex it sounded dire

The light at the end of the tunnel must be most players are out of contract soon

Here we go again!!!
Town to Take Data and Statistics-Led Approach to Recruitment
at 08:59:58

Or maybe LON found one when he cleared out the loft?
Town to Take Data and Statistics-Led Approach to Recruitment
at 08:58:45

We're buying a ZX84 to help with scouting
Cook: To Play For This Club, You Have to Carry a Little Bit More Weight on Your Shoulders
at 13:23:47

Of course everyone wants to make the playoffs etc etc and PC will not give up on that
However it is obvious that he sees the club needs a massive shake up
Players like Jackson who simply doesn't try or care enough can go
Luckily I believe 22 players are out of contract this summer so he isn't hamstrung by lengthy contracts
Those out of contract can either go or EARN a new one over the next few months
Too many on the gravy train
I reckon PC knew all this before he signed and will shape his own squad
That's where ME comes in...........
Hopefully PC will show he is worth backing unlike many of his predecessors
Gillingham 1-0 Ipswich Town - Half-Time
at 15:01:27

Owner Evans on Cook, Lambert and Takeover Talk
at 20:45:29

An open and honest assessment from the owner I feel
Hopefully he has finally made the right choice of manager
If PC gets it right and shows he is worth backing then it is up to ME not to make the same mistake he did years ago by not backing MM when we really needed it
I believe we've made too many average or poor signings for too long now
We have the makings of a good young Championship side here
Young players from the academy who are benefitting from the last two years experience
Ok some won't quite make it but some will and that's what most fans want to see
Add to that a little bit of quality not quantity and a manager who can get the best out of them and who knows what can be achieved....
Town Confirm Cook Appointment
at 17:39:22

welcome and good luck Paul
somebody please change the Ipswich Town poll on this page
He's only been here a few hours for Gods' sake
Who is Paul Cook?
at 22:01:36

I seem to remember he was Sky's pundit when we beat Wigan 2-0 at the start of this season
I remember his body language that day stood out to me as of a man who grew up in our glory days and would love a shot at managing us
We certainly need some fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the simple(not to be confused with easy) task ahead
I'd certainly welcome him
Lambert: We've Got the Momentum at the Minute
at 21:27:30

It's incredible how the tone and manner of both PL and most on here is so different depending on results which could go either way
They clearly dominated the ball today as we have done earlier in the season
But the whole thing swings in the balance of key moments
Both today and against Hull we could have scored 2 or 3 and so could the opposition
The footballing gods have got us on an emotional roller coaster right now!
Strap yourself in for the ride
Ipswich Town 2-1 Doncaster Rovers - Match Report
at 17:09:30

I'm speechless
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