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Six Changes as Blues Host Leaders Coventry
at 14:45:56

Obviously the undroppable Chambers who was solely
at fault for Fleetwoods goal is first name on the sheet
They'll be no improvement whilst that continues
I would make a good clubman for half his 20k a week if savings are needed
Warnock Linked Again But No Contact With Town
at 17:47:33

Couldn't make the game but just watched the highlights
Looks like we could of had three or four goals there but yet again got nought
Only one word to describe the defending one on one for they're goal PATHETIC
That was Sunday morning hangover defending nobody else to blame and not for the first time
He's the rock of our team (stationary)
I've seen better defending in the Suffolk Vets league and at least we admit to being over the hill!
Ipswich Town 4-1 Burton Albion - Match Report
at 19:48:12

On a slightly different note nearly 20000 town fans there today
despite recent form
Not comparable to the mood on here lately!
Ipswich Town 4-1 Burton Albion - Match Report
at 18:41:03

Just home and starting to thaw out!
Great result after a here we go again first 20 mins
Very difficult conditions obviously but to get promotion you have to adapt to all weathers
There were more incisive passes today than in all the games i've been to so far this season put together
We certainly wanted it more today and on another day we could and arguably should have scored 7 or 8
well done all and particularly pleased to see Freddy and Bish come on and get more minutes
Anyone moaning tonight should just do one!
Skuse: Talks On Future Under Way
at 18:56:00

MM bought him here as he's a great "anti-footballer"
By that I mean breaking up opposition attacks
He's offered little or nothing to us going forwards to be honest
Having said that his injury record and commitment to passing sideways
are top notch
Sears: Now We're Probably Looking at the Play-Offs
at 18:48:42

Looking at the remaining fixtures they are all winnable on paper
They all talk the talk
Can they walk the walk
Recent history would suggest they won't
We must have the worst possession to goals ratio of all time
I doubt they've got the bottle to even have a real go at it
I'd love to be proved wrong though
AFC Wimbledon 0-0 Ipswich Town - Highlights
at 18:29:40

Agree with above comments
Didn't go but I'd guess people get frustrated with so
much possession but no end product
Highlights suggest if first one goes in then we win comfortably
Last season when other teams dominated possession they laid siege
to our goal
Now we're dominating possession in most games we lay siege to the centre circle!
Donacien Looking Forward to Sunderland Trip
at 17:34:19

I think you're half right there
We do need to pass it better like we did against Lincoln
But we also need to be strong and fight when needed
The last two games we've hoofed it and been weak
Obviously a losing combination
I'd hope they can all see that!
Maybe I should have been a rocket scientist Instead of a plumber!?
Stand Pillars to Pay Tribute to Fans' Favourites
at 18:40:00

Well this is a tough but great job
I'm not old enough to have watched the boys of 61 but I'm sure they are deserving
The first goal I witnessed was Paul Mariner V Liverpool 79 so he's in
Then theres Cooper Burley Mills Hunter Butcher Osman and The Beat
Murhen Thijsen Wark of course
Gates Brazil
Winning was a given then
Then there's a bit of a gap before the likes of Fabian Vilnis Mathie Magic(the last thing he did was send Narrich down!!!) and co,Bent and Ambrose
I will always have fond memories of what Joe Royal did for us(although not obviously a player)
Stuart Hridersson and anyone who ever scored against that lot up the road!
I'm afraid the current crop don't make the cut on merit (although some of the younger ones have a great chance but not yet and if they're good enough to make my list sadly i fear they'll be sold off as commodities to service the debt long before they've had a chance to play enough games to reach legendary status)
God that last bit is depressing but that's the reality
Anyway good luck picking 12 from the many great players managers and staff we've had over the years
After Tuesday we need a diversion

Bialkowski's Permanent Millwall Move Confirmed
at 19:11:08

Good luck Bart and thanks
Apart from hopefully next season against us when Keane Norwood Sears and jackson all score against you!
Ipswich Town 1-0 Lincoln City - Match Report
at 21:56:29

Totally agree Cat
It's no coincidence either that Downes looks good playing alongside him IMO
I thought Keane had a very good game today (although the bloke sat next to me disagreed!)
Very encouraging day and happy train home
However a better team would of scored against us on the counter
We need to feed off Keanes hold up play and get more shots on target
But I shouldn't be so picky
On another note I watched last 10 mins of Sunderland last night on Sky and they were CRAP
We are top of the league and have more to offer
Lambert: One of the Top Three Performances This Season
at 21:06:43

Well done to Paul, the players and fans for todays result
and returning to the top of the league(despite
our prolonged two month blip)!
Agree with most of that summary Pl
We were particularly good in the middle third of the pitch today
Huws and Downes are forging a great partnership
I hope this isn't seen as negative but I thought we were fragile
at the back to be honest as better forwards would of
had a field day against our three centre backs who could and should
have been carved open a few times
Not enough help from wing backs IMO
Also despite controlling the game and possession we lost that
quality most times we entered the final third
Their keeper didn't work much at all
That said I'd give their defence credit for protecting him
Me and about 18000 others left today very happy bunnys
And the best thing is that I'm sure this crop of players can and will get better
Onwards and upwards

Lambert: Totally Deserved, We Dominated the Game
at 01:52:53

Well done all today
Especially those who were there
PL was right when he showed concern at the number of fixtures many months ago
Although deeply unpopular on here his rotation policy could yet proof wise
We now have many players who have had a fair chance to stake a claim to their shirt
Some have done that and others maybe not so much
We are third(despite a two month blip!)
We have players who have improved as the season has gone on
We also have players coming back in who know they have to perform
Look at Huws for example
Proper quality
Teddy, Flynn Jackson and others all learning and improving rapidly
We're in a good place
All the players worth their salt will want to be part of the next chapter for ITFC
Upwards and onwards
Tranmere Rovers 1-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:27:45

Agree 100% dirty
But in that run of tough looking fixtures other teams can worry more about us than we will about them
If we play our A game we can beat anyone in this division
Nice to read positivity on here
Lambert: If They Want to Go and Employ Another Manager, No Problem
at 19:57:39

I do feel for PL even though many on here don't
We all want to win (apart from those who will always want MM back) and some feel a divine right to success
It must be hard to be obliged to attend those inane press conferences with ridiculous questions that he gets every few days
He's wastes dozens of hours of his life on that and that comes through if you read between the lines

I feel that one of his problems is that his best team doesn't pick itself and thats down to the players
I,m not sure his best spine of the team even picks itself(on merit)
None of them stand out week in week out
Most of them flatter to deceive and although PL praises them every week I feel they all have a bit more to offer to help him and the team
Maybe it's a byproduct of searching for "gems" in the lower leagues and developing our own
I,m not sure

But one thing I am certain of is that if you can't make their keeper pull off a save or even throw his cap on one then you won't win a game and the good work done will be undone and gates will slide back to where they were

Please prove me wrong PL and ME and invest in a shot at goal!
Ipswich Town 0-0 Gillingham - Half-Time
at 17:00:58

zero shots on target............zzzzz
Holy: I Need to Do Much Better Than I Did on Sunday
at 20:01:19

I also had him down as the one who played ok!?
Dose not say much for the rest of them I'm afraid
Can't change that now so take it on the chin and move on
Important to make sure it was a blip not a reality check
Need a strong reaction Wednesday
Town Look to Bounce Back From First Defeat as Rotherham Visit
at 19:52:43

This will be a good test for us
Rotherham absolutely battered us in the second half last year (I was behind our goal in the front row and it was unbelievable how we kept a clean sheet)
I thought then this could be the turning point for our club
We'd finally showed some steel so hopefully that spirit will see us through this seasons challenges
It's all about how you deal with disappointment much like life
Wark: Just Like One of Mine!
at 08:19:29

What a player Walk was
Flynn has learnt a lot from playing alongside Skuse
But he could learn a lot more from a chat with the great man and that goal had his stamp on it
A nightmere to defend against and helps your strikers so much to have another angle of attack
I'm lucky enough to still remember "he's here he"s there he's every....."
Thanks PL for giving us our club back
Debutant Norwood Partnered By Jackson as Blues Start League One Season at Burton
at 15:27:17

We're off and running!!
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