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I'm sure Lambert and Evans
at 09:36 18 Mar 2020

Are spending their days on WhyScout looking for L1 and L2 players that could actually improve us.
I'm not convinced by the system as it seems to me to be little more than a highlight real.

I wonder how many of our more successful players (KVY for example) were scouted on WhyScout and or if it was largely by sending scouts to games.
Given that we postponed so many games
at 21:44 10 Mar 2020

How the hell did we start the week having played more than anyone else?
When you look at the squad Jim Magilton had
at 23:50 9 Mar 2020

to pick from ahead of the Nodge game in 2009, immediately before he was canned. Its horribly clear the scale of downgrading that has happened at the club over that last 10 years.

1. Richard Wright
2. David Wright
4. Gareth McAuley
5. Alex Bruce
7. Owen Garvan
8. Tommy Miller
9. Pablo Counago
10. David Norris
11. Kevin Lisbie
12. Jamie Peters
14. Jon Stead
15. Pim Balkestein
16. Chris Casement
17. Dean Bowditch
18. Danny Haynes
19. Jon Walters
20. Giovani Dos Santos (Loan)
21. Ivan Campo
22. Moritz Voltz (Loan)
22. Alan Quinn
26. Veliče Šumulikoski
27. Shane Supple
28. Bartosz Białkowski (Loan)
30. Matt Richards
33. Ben Thatcher
35. Tommy Smith
36. Liam Trotter
38. Jordan Rhodes
40. Connor Wickham
Scott Fraser - Burton
at 10:15 8 Mar 2020

A player I'd like to see us in for. Out of Contract in the summer, loads of assists and weighs in with a good amount of goals from midfield too.

This hat trick against Oxford as an example. Fraser is number 8 playing in white, getting Burtons 2nd, 3rd and 4th goals.
All those people who have reminded me constantly over 8 years that Evans
at 20:46 3 Mar 2020

could be the Oystons or SISU. Thanks for keeping me real.

In a couple of years, fans of other clubs will say of their owners, "At least they aren't a Marcus Evans"

We're headed for league two within 5 years, and we'll look back at our league one days with fondness.
Anyone else see the team and immediately think.
at 19:48 3 Mar 2020

What the flock?
Dream Team
at 22:05 29 Feb 2020

Remember when Harchester got relegated and thought that they would just walk it past players and run away with the league?

Thats exactly what we look like, even now.
Lambert isn't going to walk out on a 5 year contract
at 17:17 29 Feb 2020

And if there is a clause that would allow Evans to remove him, it will be when its its mathematically impossible to go up.

I'm afraid we've got this Shi tshow, (and by that I mean Paul Lambert), for a while yet. And as long as Evans is here, the next manager will have the same issues.
[Post edited 29 Feb 17:28]
4 Wins in 19
at 16:54 29 Feb 2020

But our away form is great, really great, and there's still a lot of football to be played, let's see where we are in May.
I don't want anyone to panic
at 15:47 29 Feb 2020

Theres still a lot of football to be played, a 'hullava' lot.
Let's see where we are in May.

If you have your holiday booked
at 17:20 28 Feb 2020

and haven't yet taken out insurance, I should do it now if I were you.
Just done mine for a trip to the USA and the price has risen by about £35 over the last month.
"In Africa, the player who does not lower his age cannot be professional"
at 16:36 28 Feb 2020


So how old was Finidi?
I've nothing against her
at 16:31 28 Feb 2020

Fair play to her I say, at least she's standing up for what she believes in.

But saying "The world is on fire", whist getting pissed down on in Bristol is not going to help her on Twitter.
Well this hasn't aged well from Evans has it?
at 08:32 28 Feb 2020

“They chucked some money at it for two years, it all went wrong and one got relegated to League One. So it’s probably a good thing we didn’t get involved with those people."
Next season
at 17:33 26 Feb 2020

Assuming we end up in this dogshi t league again, who from the first team do we bin off in the summer?

For me -
Chambo. Run his course, it the club want to keep him as a coach fine, but as a player he's done
Wilson. Started off well, and then he got a longer contract. Fringe player
Skuse. See Chambo
Judge. Tough one for me this as my favourite player last season, but not shown enough when needed
Edwards. Same as Judge, except the favourite player bit.

Sadly, I think we'll also lose Dozzell on a free to somewhere like Portsmouth, where he will flourish.
I don't know about anyone else
at 16:46 12 Feb 2020

but I for one am sick to death with hearing our management and players saying, "we go again on Saturday", or Tuesday, whichever applies.

It so meaningless and easy to say unless we see a change.

Well, look at it this way.
at 17:04 8 Feb 2020

With the exception of Holy and Norwood, the team that starts most games for us is the exact same team that got relegated by a long way, a very long way, and yet somehow, a lot of people seem to be under the impression that we were going to walk the league and return triumphantly to the Championship.

It was death by a thousand cuts at the hands of Evans in the Championship, and now get ready for death by a million cuts in League one.

Without real investment, we are going nowhere and Evans, who throughout his tenure has a track record of trying to do everything by only spending 50% of what it actually will cost to make it happen, will insist on freebies from L2 and trying to get the kids to be world beaters in a team.

I've given up, this isn't about Lambert, Hurst, McCarthy, Jewell, Keane or Magilton, this is all on Evans and no matter if you were a Lambert or a McCarthy inner or outer, whoever comes next will struggle too, and 50% of us will want him out.

Sorry, but sick of watching us doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result.
Are we finally realising that this squad isn't good enough to get promoted?
at 12:25 2 Feb 2020

Start again with KVY, Norwood, Downes and Wolfie, if I'm honest, thats probably about it.
The rest can go.

However, that would mean that Evans is going to have to find some money and thats not happening.

We'll never play in the Premier League again, we will likely never reach a competitive level with Nodge again, the best we can hope for is somehow getting back into the Championship, where I suspect we will become a Champ/L1 Yo-Yo club, like Rotherham.

All of this has happened under Evans, but somehow I'm told by many on here that I must be happy that we've sunk as low as we have, because he puts in £5m a year, offsets his funding of the club with player sales, isn't an Oyston or Sisu, and somehow has employed six managers, five of which have failed.

Thanks Marcus, god knows where we'd be without you.
If it meant ITFC owning their own ground.
at 16:32 31 Jan 2020

If it meant ITFC owning their own ground.

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Put very simply
at 21:51 28 Jan 2020

1. We don't have any method to beat teams effectively who put 9 or 10 men behind the ball.
2. Long ball never ever works for us, our passing isn't accurate enough.
3. We get bullied too easily.
4. If Evans thinks we can ever challenge for the Prem on the cheap, he's deluded.
5. This squad is nowhere near as good as a great deal of us lot think.
6. This team will 100% be relegated from the Championship if promoted unless big money is spent.
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