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ITFC On Cusp of Takeover, Cook to replace Lambert
at 14:23 26 Feb 2021

[Post edited 26 Feb 14:40]
A Leaking Ship is a Sinking Ship
at 14:16 20 Feb 2021

There’s no guessing that one. Over two hours early... https://mobile.twitter.com/ITKDobbo/status/1363090550614863876
Common Misconceptions
at 22:54 15 Feb 2021

1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quiet footpath or if you want to call it a protest. Damage or no damage, two metres or not, being out setting flares is a clear breach of current COVID regulations.

2. Despite the media attention, a small group of fans setting flares outside the ground does not make it more likely that PL will lose his job. It plays into the club narrative and into ME’s stubbornness not to bow to fan pressure, particularly those acting in this way.

That’s no comment on my view of the protest. There is anger, and a need to vent it. It’s ironic, and rather sad, that our club misses its fans as they’re needed in the stadium to express displeasure, not support, for the good of its future.
Bash Lambert for things he deserves
at 15:09 13 Feb 2021

There's plenty of material. Using the postponement and not playing tomorrow just dilutes and undermines the clear, legitimate reasons. We also don't need to rely on unsubstantiated nonsense fromTwitter either. Look how many games are off, and how few will be played tomorrow: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scores-fixtures

His time will come soon enough. Let's try stay sensible in the meantime.
Any Top Tips for iFollow?
at 14:16 23 Jan 2021

Apart from "don't do it to yourself".

Thanks. :)
The Club Finally Respond...
at 20:32 24 Dec 2020

TWTD Petition
Lauren Fellingham

Dear Chris,

We can only apologise for the late reply to your email. We thought we had responded to you before but clearly not.

We are continuing to work closely with Phil and the TWTD team as we have done for many years and there are no plans to change that policy. TWTD are getting access to all quotes from pre-match and post match press conferences and are able to continue to provide their excellent service. Phil has also interviewed Club training ground coaches exclusively recently for TWTD and that will also continue.

On a wider scale, we are planning to invite supporters to attend a number of forums at the Club in which the intention is to discuss a full range of topics. We can’t speak to every supporter but we will try and accommodate as many as we can and we’d like to give you the opportunity to come and have your say. At the moment, it’s not viable because of Covid restrictions but when we are back to some form of normality, we will be in touch with full details.

In the meantime, thanks for your comments and support of the Club and have a good Christmas.
The State of Our Club
at 17:36 15 Dec 2020

On 30th November, the Club were notified via their general email box and via their supporter liaison of a petition with over 1,000 signatures supporting the reinstatement of Phil Ham.

On 9th December, they were notified that over 2,000 people had now signed.

And today I have notified them again, on every occasion polite and civil.

Not a single word in response. Not even an acknowledgment.

It's cliche, but I don't know whether to be angry or saddened anymore.
#HamboIN... Phil, to answer an earlier question...
at 19:49 6 Dec 2020

2k have now signed, but the club have declined to reply to my incredibly civil email despite a week now having passed.

Needless to say they will happily welcome 2k Ipswich fans next Saturday, but the views of this 2k clearly haven't been deemed worthy of even acknowledging. I'll be following up.

For the few that may not have seen it:
PL: “We Don’t Have Anything Else”
at 07:26 2 Dec 2020

*checks bench* FIVE senior players. Three even came on and replaced the youngsters who supposedly “had” to play. More BS.
“ONLY Club in PL/EFL to Allow Fanzine Journo In”
at 07:19 2 Dec 2020

If LO’N has researched that, the level of paranoia and stubbornness at the club is HUGE. Or he’s just plain BSing.

In any other climate, you’d expect a club like ours to be PROUD of being the only club, not using it as a justification for the manager to ban a local journalist!

Whole thing stinks.
Petition Sent to The Club :)
at 17:54 30 Nov 2020

Please LIKE / RETWEET this tweet:

I will also email.

Thank you to everyone for your support. Let's hope this resolves things in time for this weekend.

[Post edited 30 Nov 2020 20:53]
The Petition
at 21:32 29 Nov 2020

Please SHARE.

Last post from me today. Thank you to everyone who has signed, and continues to.

My one request: Please SHARE this link with friends and online followers. This isn't just a TWTD thing. This is our football club silencing its fans, and is relevant to any fan of any club. Please share:


Thank you.
[Post edited 29 Nov 2020 21:33]
The Petition to Un-Ban Phil
at 19:00 29 Nov 2020

The link for those that haven't seen it / had the chance yet.

Not a lot to ask to sign it, given all Phil does for us.

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