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Pessimism and Optimism
at 08:27 5 Dec 2021

The squad is bloated again. It is younger and has more flair than the Lambert one but it is unbalanced with a ridiculous amount of number 10s whilst other positions look vulnerable to the odd injury. Were some of these signings Ashton making himself look good with the fans?
There is no guarantee the next manager will be any more successful and this might be a repeat of the Keane fiasco. Ashton is very much under the spotlight here - he needs to get it right.
The fans are more divided than ever and this might make life harder for a new manager coming in. I hope we don't get another few years of comparing the new manager to McCarthy, Lambert, Burley and now Cook in a derogatory manner.
The American owners might baulk at the atmosphere when coming over (travel restrictions permitting)
The new manager might find a system that suits players like Fraser and Piggot, players that had excellent records in this league before coming to us.
The American owners might avoid the appointment of a manager who has won promotions in the past but who has red flags (Lambert had not had much success since leaving Norwich; Cook had a habit of walking out on teams) bringing in a team that can genuinely improve players in all the ways needed to win games consistently.
Cook got a lot of hate for the way he dismantled the old squad. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this, the new manager won't have that to worry about. Hopefully they will get the backing to balance the squad as commented on above.
The new manager might be better at getting the team to defend, especially set pieces, and close down games when needed.
Extended Highlights
at 02:30 29 Nov 2021

For those that went to the bar/toilet early at half time:

A wonder goal, two sitters missed, could easily have been 4-2.
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Cook and Coleman
at 18:29 30 Sep 2021

On this week's EFL podcast. Its really quite a listen. Cook has been so brave over the last few weeks imho.
I think playing against your mates can be the hardest thing at times, like going up against them at interview but with thousands of people watching. One thing is for sure they will be both desperate to win.

The first half is Charlie Austin so skip forward to about 21 minutes if you just want the main men.
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Other fan bases
at 07:47 19 Aug 2021

There is a lot of mud being slung between different posters about our fan base at the moment - too critical, not critical enough blah blah so I did some research on the 5 championship teams that lost last night.

No surprises (1) - every team had at least one poster calling for the manager to go. Notts Forest was strongest but they are also doing the worst so far but even Middlesbrough were not immune.
No surprises (2) - every team had several posters criticising managerial decisions.
No surprises (3) - every team had posters asking for patience
No surprises (4) - every team had several posters criticising individual players
No surprises (5) - every team had posters calling for fans to get behind the team
No surprises (6) - Some teams also criticised the owners
No surprises (7) - every team had posters from other clubs taking delight at their loss

So ITFC is really no different to any other club. Football is a bit of a pantomime that provides a distraction for many and social media a platform for a few wannabe Piers Morgans. We win everything is good about the world, we lose and the blame game starts.

Some fans like the pantomime element, others seem to get upset by it. The trick with all social media and forums is to realise that you are in control of what you read: not every thread/post has to be read, mute/block/ignore buttons are available. If its analysis you want, wait at least 24 hours after the match and know the 4-5 accounts that can do this.
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Russell Osman retweeting critical comments
at 21:34 19 Feb 2021

Another legend fed up like the rest of us. Retweeting North Stander comments, those from Ian Marshall and this one.

The next 9. games
at 09:20 30 Jan 2021

With the current management set-up, I could see us losing 6 of the next 9 games. I know players are back from injury etc etc but losing against any type of decent side has become an ingrained habit, stretching back over 12 months. Occasionally we show a bit of fight but even that is not translating into wins. Can anyone see those green shoots?
Projected Points Total
at 08:55 5 Dec 2020

Below is a table of our current form, against the top, middle and bottom eight teams.

It shows the average points per game.

I have used this to calculate a projection to the end of the season. If we maintain this form until the end we will end up with 73 points i.e. scraping into the play-offs. If we lose today, that will come down to 70 points which would not be enough.

Actual Home Away Played
Top 8 0 0 4
Middle 8 3 1.5 4
Bottom 8 3 1.67 7

This is why, without any great joy, I am now definitely in the 90% that think we need a change of manager, one that can work out the tactics needed to beat the top teams. Having someone not being so temperamental, volatile and contradictory would also help both the fans and, I expect, the players.
This time next year....
at 08:55 25 Oct 2020

From Sunderland forum: And little has changed. I really thought that this type of result would be a thing of the past this season, we’ve had 3 seasons to get it right. Frankly we were never really in the game today we were all huff and puff but no end product at all. Some will say it’s just one defeat and a win on Tuesday all will be forgotten but that would be papering over the cracks of which there are lots. I said that after 10 games we should be top 2 and stay there but that won’t happen now. More ambitious clubs like Lincoln and Peterborough are there now and I just can’t see us ever being top 2 this season.

Any notion that things will turn around quickly are likely to be overoptimistic.
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