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Blues Host Imps Aiming to Return to Top Two
at 19:53:10

If we field the same team as against Tranmere then there are only three differences from the 5-3 humiliation, Dozzell, Donacien and the formation. Andre is a talented player and maybe in years to come he will get stronger, savvy and show his ability. In this league you have to win the battle.

Huws and Downes were everywhere against Tranmere, really impressive.

At PR teams like to sit back and let us play in front of them....and thats the difference in our home and away form. Thats where i like Teddy, he has the ability to break a line by taking a player on(like Gascoigne could do). But whether he starts or comes on, Judge has improved of late and gives us another asset along with Freddy.

Garbutt needs to stop arguing(as do all the team) with officials but is a quality player. Even Edwards has begun to show some form and i thought he did well last Saturday

The defence were rock solid (apart from the goal) and my hands were warm from applauding.

I hope we get at Lincoln, close them down and dominate from start to finish......because we have the players to win the game and to get promotion. Create chances for the front two and they will do the business. With a settled team.....its all about having the right attitude

Lambert: Stay Off the Pitch
at 17:34:43

Its a fair comment. I guess that sitting on a coach for 6 hours. Tranmere has numerous places to buy alcohol at the ground. The big Marquee, the Mersey Clipper pub and then inside the ground itself. The atmosphere buzzing and easy access to the could sense it was going to happen. As Lambert mentions, you dont want to go all that way and get arrested(i think i saw one lad being taken away), i think the stewards/police were quite lenient.

Nice that Lambert is praising the fans as oppose to a few sly digs he gave when we questioned the rotation policy.....because we wouldnt of taken 8 points from 12 keeping the same team.....oh wait.

More of the same please!

Nice that
Tranmere Rovers 1-2 Ipswich Town - Highlights
at 14:23:13

Ha! Jackson looked rather anxious :-)

Fantastic ball through and superb finish by Kayden
Lambert: Totally Deserved, We Dominated the Game
at 18:45:07

Yep def deserved the win. Some of our play was brilliant on a dodgy pitch. Agree the defence were superb.

Tranmere Rovers 1-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 18:27:51


Went to game. Fairly comfortable in first half on a dreadful pitch but players reluctant to get a shot off. Then Garbutt gives a needless free kick away and WALLOP we are 1-0 down. At sixes and sevens for 5 mins and nearly 2-0...which would have been wholly undeserved.

Second half we came out flying and deservedly equalised. They were then on top for 10 mins with a succession of corners and free kicks but without testing Norris. But once we made the two subs it all changed. SuperTed drove at their defence, causing mayhem and it look a matter of time until we scored. We should of had at least one penalty when Garbutt(i think) was pushed over, Teddy was also taken down...although id have to see it back. Then a sublime ball by Norwood over the top of their lumbering centre back set up Jackson who coolly lobbed the keeper..........Cue the pitch invasion by 50 or so supporters at front.

Only criticisms were Norris kicking and distribution, Keane worked hard and had some nice touches but won only 1 header, Garbutt(and rest of team) need to get back in position and stop arguing with officials.
The defence were rock solid and really impressed with Woolfie who looks so comfortable. Huws is class and really put a shift in. Downes was strong and reliable.Jackson work tirelessly and got his reward. Norwood came on and gave us more quality up top. But Teddy Bishop.......fantastic in his 20 mins or so on the pitch! Can pick a pass, tackle and take the ball past defenders. Would love to see him, Downes and Huws starting.

A good win on a difficult pitch.

Lastly, the Ipswich support was absolutely brilliant!!!!! Never stopped singing and encouraging the players. Take a bow one and all.
Town Aiming for First Double and Return to the Top at Tranmere
at 19:36:48

At home to Tranmere.........No, it wasnt one of our best performances. We were absolutely awful first half......although they werent much better. The second half Skuse was moved out of the centre back role(any of you claiming Skuse should play centre back clearly didnt see this game) and we improved. Norwood was relatively quiet. KVY was superb and urged us on. Once we went ahead the gaps appeared and we won comfortably.

This game (if it goes ahead) will be different. The pitch is not conducive to free flowing footy and we have no KVY. The lads need to out battle our opponents first and foremost, then make the most of the chances we create......step forward Norwood. COYB
Oxford United 0-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 22:12:41

Yep agree with the above and happy enough with this point away. Hopefully drier weather towards the w/e which will aid out cause to follow up with a win. COYB!!
Oxford United 0-0 Ipswich Town - Half-Time
at 21:09:14

Well done lads, giving it a good go considering the conditions. Concerned about the wind now in their favour the second half. Lets gets the win that the effort deserves. COYB
Town Visit Oxford Aiming to Build on Accrington Victory
at 09:40:43

Tough away game & conditions won't help. I wont gripe as long as we are making a game of it & create chances. For that to happen I just hope he doesn't revert to mass changes again! COYB
Portman Road to Be Given Makeover
at 20:19:12

Great news! A club to be proud of. So many grounds look bland/empty outside or within the concourse. Murals, artwork and statues provide an opportunity to educate and remind fans of the fantastic moments, managers, staff, teams and players we have had.

Climbing the divisions from the 50s through to the 60s, ultimately winning the big prize. To consistent top 6 finishes in the 70s. Texaco cup, Fa Cup, Uefa Cup, inaugural season in the premiership, play off winners, unbeaten at home in many to choose from!

Lets hope we have further success to add to the mural.
Lambert: I Know There are People Who Want Us to Fail
at 19:19:40

We all want to win every game, handsomely and playing stylish football. But i think the majority of us are sensible enough to realise that, in our current predicament, it isnt always possible. We accept there may be a poor performance here and there, we will incur losses. We are short on funds and find ourselves in the third tier.

But Lambert comments are unfair to fans and factually incorrect. Town were not creating plenty of chances, check the stats. We were devoid of confidence and cohesion and hadnt won in 12. Fans were expressing their frustration as a consequence and many felt is was directly down to the rotation policy.....because not all players are of the same ability....FACT.

We all want the best for Town. So whilst we may need to find a little more patience and a minority of fans more control over their emotional outbursts, Lambert needs to accept that the (mostly) well intended show of frustration from fans regarding his rotation policy......was actually warranted. A brilliant playing career does not automatically make you a brilliant manager yet.
Ipswich Town 4-1 Accrington Stanley - Match Report
at 17:13:31

A reasonable percentage of us on here were unhappy with the number of chances created…..that player performance was suffering due to a lack of cohesion and confidence……..and that this was mainly due to the rotation policy. It was felt that if these issues were resolved, we would be more of a threat, thus improving our chances of winning. A minority of bloggers lambasted us for having the cheek to question Lamberts philosophy………

Same team as Wycombe



All three forwards score

Have a good evening all. COYB!
Ipswich Town 3-0 Accrington Stanley - Half-Time
at 16:02:06

So lets see......a reasonable percentage of us on here felt one of the main reasons for Towns lacklustre performances were due to a lack of confidence and cohesion......caused by the awful rotation policy..........see where im going with this!??!

Evans: We Need to Be a Footballing Team
at 15:34:11

Bluewakaboy - Pot Calling........

Dear oh dear
Evans: We Need to Be a Footballing Team
at 11:19:13

'A cohesive unit of 22 players where everyone just slots into place'.....utter nonsense. In theory it all sounds tickety boo. But it is never going to happen. Players go in an out of form, get injured, are transferred etc. You will continuously have players who are not up to speed(returning from injury), unfamiliar(new signings/youth) and unable to 'slot into place'. I do agree that cup competitions give squad players the opportunity to play, gain confidence and stake a claim, as do substitute appearances. Unless Town field a strong side on a consistent basis then we are always going to struggle to be in the mix. Confidence and consistency are the main factors in a small squad being successful.

To cut through the rubbish that Evans is spouting, he would like all 22 to get similar game time so that everyone remains content. Nobody will want a transfer and he wont have to dip into his pockets. Once again it relies on the misguided belief that all the players are of a similar ability and can be swapped seamlessly........rubbish.

Talks on Nsiala's Bolton Move Ongoing
at 13:08:26

Totally agree that personal and continual abuse is not acceptable but fans/bloggers are entitled to their opinion relating to on field performances.

The rotation policy has not helped any of the players to build confidence, cohesion or partnerships. However, it has given Toto ample opportunity to show if he was capable of commanding a starting place. Irrespective of his previous form for Shrewsbury, his positioning, passing this season have been woeful and he has given countless fouls (inclusives of yellow/red cards and penalties) away. To say he just needed to be given a chance is nonsense. How many goals/points do you concede before saying enough is enough. If he goes to Bolton and performs well then good for him.

We are carrying players as it is. Edwards is poor defensively and provides little/no supply to the forwards. Chambers is really begin to creak having briefly arrested his disastrous form. Kenlock has no positioning or awareness at all. There seems to be too much sentiment for players as oppose to the actual contribution they are making ON the football pitch.

There need to be a couple of additions, KVY has been sorely missed and Lambert has played pegs n holes, since his injury, with little success. But i still feel that we have the players to be in the shake up. Sears, Teddy, Dobra, Garbutt, Woolfy, KVY, Downes, Norwood, Jackson are all good enough at this level. Judge hasnt performed to his ability, Dozzell needs to strengthen and contribute a lot more on the talent he has. Jury is out on Keane, There were a few signs of revival in the game versus Wycombe. But, for me, that depends largely on Lambert playing a more settled side...............
Downes Taking No Notice of Speculation
at 15:07:58

Yep, bigger teams will poach them eventually and cant really blame the players ambition. Although Its always nice when players(irrespective of age) stay on that bit longer through loyalty(Holland n Butcher are examples). Just hope we are successful with these youngsters during their stay.

On a side note, just reading Berra is out of the frame at Hearts (new manager). Will need to go out on loan...........
Wycombe Wanderers 1-1 Ipswich Town- Highlights
at 08:24:08

Spot on Algarvefan. With defenders around the forward, absolutely no need for Norris to come off his line. Gifted them a goal.
Wycombe Wanderers 1-1 Ipswich Town- Match Report
at 17:48:03

Didnt see all of the second half but that was better....not great......but better. A clearance off the line and their keeper made some good saves. The work ethic was higher.

we need to stick with roughly the same players for the next league game and give them the confidence and cohesion rather than second guessing the starting eleven all the time
Lincoln City 2-1 Ipswich Town - Half-Time
at 16:04:24

Cant see where our next win is going to come from. Very sad state of affairs
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