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Cook: Performance Against Rotherham Everything I Dislike About a Team
at 16:21:37

It is very disconcerting when the manager has no idea why the players are not following the "script."
Reading this interview it is not clear who is managing this team now.
Cook does seem to be a manager who wants to be everyone's friend and keep them all happy. For me that was Lambert's problem too.
Modern football needs a manager who is willing to swing the axe at times otherwise some players seem happy to put in as little effort as possible in the knowledge they will keep their place.
Not sure Cook can be Mr Nasty when he needs to be.

Ipswich Town 0-2 Rotherham United - Match Report
at 22:30:28

The reality is that we were beaten by a far better team. Smith is a class above any of our team and they were far better organised in all areas.
I agree that Cook needs to have a new plan to use in games like this, but I don't really think any formation or formula of the players we have available would have got much from this match.
We simply have to accept that the likes of Rotherham easily outclass us. Not easy to say but that is a fact.
We will probably have the same with Derby next season.
Cook needs to get these lads on the training ground trying some different formations.
If he is not willing to do that soon, then I cannot see him lasting long in the new year.
We have had a tough run, hoping that with some easier fixtures we can put a good run together and get back in play off contention.
Cook: We Fully Deserved Something Out of the Game
at 18:50:43

Sadly it is games like this when a manager needs to show his skill. With a team there for the taking the start of the 2nd half was the time for Cook to change things up. However there doesn't seem to be a plan B in Cook's play book.
The team also need work on set plays. We fail to capitalise on the corners/free kicks we get and often struggle to defend those against us.
There is still a lot of work to do and a priority must be to get the lads training on a plan B. Giving Bonne & Piggot 30 minutes together today in a 4 4 2 could have made the difference.
But we move on.
I hope Cook finds a winning team on Tuesday.
Ipswich Town 1-1 Oldham Athletic - Match Report
at 18:02:54

Bizarrely today it seems it would have been advantageous to let the likes of Pigott, Fraser & perhaps Barry to prove themselves.
Maybe they would have been more hungry.
But Cook gave us the team we wanted and it was them that didn't show up really.
Fortunately we didn't lose and hopefully the lads will turn up at Oldham as they did at Wycombe.
Cook: We Keep Giving Teams Legs Up
at 18:52:12

Bizarre comments.
Who were the players sick Thursday & Friday?
Was it Burns & JD?
For a player who hasn't trained, Chaplin played well but again was that the right call?
And as for no choice about Coulson on the right of midfield.
Wouldn't a fully fit El Mizouni or Harper had been better or as has already been said Celina on the left & Edwards on the right?
Cook is a worry at times.

However we could have and should have equalised in the last 20 minutes and that was down to bad football from Edwards & Bonne, as simple as that, not Cook's fault.
And in fairness a draw would have been a good result.

Hopefully we will have players fit again for Tuesday and maybe we can get the win against a side that dropped 2 points today from a winning position.
Injuries Force Town Changes at Plymouth
at 18:42:23

The central spine of the team have proved key in recent matches so I wouldn't like to see any of those affected, Walton, Toto, Edmundson, Morsy, Evans, Chaplin & Bonne and add JD to that, but even then Wolfy, Harper, Pigott could come in and make a name for themselves if there is a change needed in each area.
Whoever is out, we should be strong in every area to replace a couple of players for tomorrow.
Another win is on the cards.
Cook: As Complete a Performance as We've Had This Season
at 08:37:36

At the beginning of the season I, like others, were willing to give Cook 10 games after what happened last season. I admit to getting impatient with him and the team because of our start, which in reality will hamper our promotion chances.
I was over the moon watching last night that the team put in a cohesive display and that Cook made the right changes. We played well and put Pompey to the side. However they were very poor.
Like all Town fans I want Cook and the lads to succeed and a top 6 finish, even without promotion, will be a good season.
However I think the next few weeks will be telling, Plymouth, Oxford, Rotherham & Sunderland will be tough games and if we gain points against them then I think it will give us a better indication how we are really doing in this league.
But for now we'll done Cookie and the team.
Let's stuff Fleetwood on Saturday.
Portsmouth 0-4 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 22:00:47

Great win. Best £10 spent this season.
Looked much more cohesive. Not sure why Fraser didn't play but I think we looked better without him.
And the clean sheet was a real bonus.
Let's do it again Saturday.
Cook: Once the Sunshine Starts It Doesn’t Stop and We’ve Got to Make That Happen
at 16:25:51

Tomorrow night is a big game for both clubs.
Both managers have got on the wrong side of a lot of each club's supporters because of each team's current form.
Whoever Cook plays we have to get at Pompey early.
An early goal tomorrow is more likely to fracture their team rather than galvanise it as the home crowd have been venting their dissatisfaction there.
I agree that Cook talks some rubbish and he probably knows that his P45 is ready in a drawer but I hope that he can find a winning 11 for the next 2 games.
He has to change the goalkeeper tomorrow and I am fed up with Fraser just mooching about, but with Holy or Walton in and possibly Coulson back at left back and Burns or Edwards or even Barry in for Fraser we could do okay tomorrow especially if we get that ITFC trademark early goal.
Come on Cookie give us a team that can get 6 points this week.
Cook: From a Winning Position We Found a Way to Give It Up
at 08:10:43

It is clear Cook is not getting the best out of this bunch of players and I would like to see a new manager with a bit more tactical know how.
However I am very concerned about some of the players that we have signed. Sadly long gone are the days of playing for your club for many professionals. I can see a few doing that, Bonne, Edmondson, Donacien, Burns even but I am yet to be convinced by many of the others as yet. That means a new manager might also struggle with this squad. As I said previously Cook could have made the right subs but their first goal came because of inept defending and in the 2nd half, in reality our whole team was pretty useless. Whilst a more tactically aware manager would have seen what was coming and shored up the back line, I don't think Klopp could have have made the changes that would have seen us go on and get number 3. The drive just didn't seem to be there and that has been a big downfall. Yes Cook needs to go but I am concerned that some of these players hearts are not really in it and so would the likes of Wilder or Howe be able to change that? If Cook goes and a new manager decides that some of the current first team are happy to get a pay cheque without putting in the effort, are we going to have another "gelling" period in January if he wants to bring in new players using the Gamechanger piggy bank?
Cook: From a Winning Position We Found a Way to Give It Up
at 18:49:04

Like others I was totally surprised to see Aluko in the starting line up and wondered, again, what Cook was playing at.
But at 40 minutes it seemed like a masterstroke then Cookie lost the plot.
This is what I just don't get.
At half time he should have replaced Fraser at least to give the team a new impetus. Then when it was clear that 2-1 was going to be a good result, he should have brought on Toto for Chaplin to shore up the back line.
Whether Cook goes or stays, we need a new goalkeeper in January to have any chance of getting to the play offs
Cook: New Signing Yengi Has Really Good Qualities
at 01:56:21

Okay so where does Kenlock fit into that statement?
He does say some absurd stuff at times?
If his constant contradictions to the media are an example of his dealings with the players, no wonder we aren't seeing much consistency.
Edmundson: We've Sent Out a Signal to the Rest of the League
at 09:10:55

This sounds ridiculous as I write it, but Accrington will be a tougher test even though they have lost some form, so it will be interestingto see how the defence cope tomorrow.
We then have some easier games so in reality the big test will come in November when we face Oxford, Sunderland and Rotherham in succession.
But by then we should be in the top half of the table and bearing down in those clubs.
Ipswich Town 1-1 Sheffield Wednesday - Match Report
at 17:36:45

Glad we got a point and in reality we deserved it. Good work from Bonne for the equaliser, the lad deserves it for his hard work.
Cook still making bizarre decisions, Mizouni instead of Harper, didn't see that coming.
Bonne as captain? Surely Donacien would have been a better choice.
Hopefully the lads will take this performance and build on it Tuesday.
Lincoln City 0-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 18:00:40

That is the result we needed.
Better than 2-1 or even 3-2 for me in some ways.
Because we took the lead and kept them out.
Nerve racking for the fans and maybe the players but it showed the lads and us they could do it even with 7 minutes added time.
How many of us were expecting a 96th minute equaliser?
Push on now and beat Sheff Wed and move up this league.
Shout out to the 1700 fans who went to Lincoln, did the club proud and made plenty of noise with their support.
Extra man today no doubt!
Lincoln City v Ipswich Town - Predictions
at 14:11:47

😆😆 okay Aluko to come off the bench.
Didn't expect to see Celina in starting 11.
Lincoln City v Ipswich Town - Predictions
at 14:02:12

1-0 to Town.
Celina & Piggot on in 75th minute.
Celina goes on one of his trademark runs & slips it in for Piggot, who knocks it in, all in the last 15 minutes.
Cook: Until We Can Become a Strong Team, You'll Not See Our True Colours
at 16:06:48

I commented during the week, that I will be happy if we get to 60 minutes at 0-0 and I stick with that.
I think that will just give the lads some confidence.
We have gone out all guns blazing recently and it is always great to get an early goal, but that has not helped us.
So for me I'd rather see the defence holding their shape and Evans/Harper or Carroll sitting deep to help out for the first half.
Yes try to hit them on the counter but not push too high, that has been our downfall.
I think a confidence boost of holding Lincoln at bay will release the lads a bit more.
Then if, big if, Cook uses his subs right, I think we could pinch our first win.

Of course I'd like to see us stuff them 4-0 but in all honesty I just can't see that at present.
Morsy: Boss is as Focused as I've Ever Seen Him
at 11:44:57

I don't doubt we have some good players. The biggest issue at the moment has been our tactics. They might be working in training. I don't doubt that Saturday's team beat last night's team 3-0 in a training match last Thursday but against an opponent who knows what is coming and changes their tactics accordingly we look hopeless and lost.
For Cook to stay he has to have more than one style of play and has to be willing to give plan B, C or D a go if need be.
Away to Lincoln on Saturday we need a more solid defence and for our 2 holding midfield players to play a part in that and our full backs not to leave room in behind.
I will be happy if we play cautious and get to 60 minutes at 0-0. This will give those on the pitch some confidence. Then bring on Celina, if he is fit & a 2nd striker and try and get a simple 1-0 victory in the last 30 minutes.
Ipswich Town 1-2 West Ham U21s - Match Report
at 22:09:10

Rotherham had 26 shots tonight against Lincoln, 8 on target and only scored 1.
Work out our chances of a first win.
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