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at 23:55 23 Jan 2021

I like Mogwai. They do what they do. Is what it is. Did an excellent soundtrack for that French supernatural drama. Etc.

Any song writers here will get this. It's something we've all written ourselves. In some form. And totally formulaic, some would say boring and whatever, but I love this. And the video is excellent.

Never mind all that sh1t
at 21:47 23 Jan 2021

Saturday late night toonage

Dead Man Walking
at 20:25 23 Jan 2021

For goodness sake Marcus, put everyone out of their misery.

It's not too late to salvage this season.

What the actual hell is going on.
I feel better than I did when thinking we'd lose before a game :)
at 16:55 23 Jan 2021

We are so nervous and instinctive play is absent. They are always so hesitant all over the pitch, compared to everyone we play. Even the worse teams (and there aren’t many) play and fook it up with more purpose. I can’t be imagining this? Absolutely we have some average players and some passengers but there is surely a motivational and coaching problem here. I’m sorry Lambert is ill but he was an awful manager before COVID and I can't see what will change.

What is up here? Seriously Marcus. What are you doing? Totally out of order. A curse on you, as has been lain on ITFC. Take it with you.

at 10:35 23 Jan 2021

I've found my attitude changing this week, and bizarrely feel a little bit positive about our chances in the next two games. There's no logical reason for this. Just being a died in the wool supporter perhaps, i.e. an irrational twanny. While my overall opinion about Evans ownership and the current manager's abilities have not changed, my powder has dried recently. Not exactly a blank slate for me, but I think we can beat these two and get our season on track.

I'm not preparing myself for disappointment, so COYFB.

Obviously my brain hasn't been rewired though so won't be surprised! But...


Town 2 Posh 1
This is just ridiculous
at 12:13 11 Jan 2021

Evans can't be this incompetent accidentally.

Whether in business you're mainly a data person or rely largely on intuition, or as in most cases a mixture of the two, the only explanation for Lambert still managing our club is that Evans doesn't consider promotion is anywhere near as important as the fans do. Make of that what you will.

Why bother ffs.
2021... dreams can come true!
at 22:35 2 Jan 2021

Whatever they are, and whatever colours you wear innit, assuming you're not some weird racist in which case just crawl back under your rock.

Yeh I know I've posted it before ;)

at 22:32 24 Dec 2020

From us to you all innix :)

Feels appropriate...

Liam Rosenior
at 19:07 6 Dec 2020

Making presumably well intentioned interviewers, and certainly the herd of agitators, sound backward. Nice one Liam.
Town take advantage of silly sending off and score two quick goals
at 19:29 5 Dec 2020

Super stuff. Much needed three points. It may be my down trodden bias but I'm sure we never really turn the screw like this. Very pleasing.

Andre back next game as well

Marcus Evans' statement
at 22:11 3 Dec 2020

Where to begin...

Actually I can't be arsed to do a line by line riposte. Maybe in the morning, and send it to the MEG.

He is either completely delusional, or promotion is not the name of the game for MEG.

Total fooking canute. Fook off out of ITFC.

Clue to the troll/shill from earlier. That is I guess aggressive.
The "through the looking glass" news comment on Lambert nonsense
at 09:22 2 Dec 2020

Brilliant, made me smile.

Has Lambert forgotten the support he got while we were relegated. We are the most patient, forgiving fans in the fooking country. There is a reason 90% of the fans are negative NOW though, and it isn't because a "youngster" hits the odd sh1te pass. Or indeed if a "senior" player does. Enough, pleeeeease.

Evans is a scandalously bad owner overseeing the ever quickening destruction of this club. Make no mistake, while Lambert stays in charge this is an exponential curve. It may flatten for a brief period if he goes, but the spectral flat line itself remains with Evans' ownership. The bar just keeps getting lower. An absolute disgrace.
[Post edited 2 Dec 2020 9:23]
Adding to what I'm sure are a plethora of threads on the club's comments
at 16:03 1 Dec 2020

regarding our manager and where we are.

I understand there would be a significant payout due to remove Lambert, and I get MEG and/or Evans' funds are finite, and there may be liquidity concerns especially considering MEG's business and the pandemic restrictions. There seem to me two reasons why MEG would not remove Lambert and his team.

1) Evans is not concerned if we don't get promoted and become a L1/2 yoyo club. For whatever reasons, this is not such a bad scenario for him financially. It's all relative after all.

2) Evans does not believe point one is a likely scenario. Again, for whatever reasons. Bizarre incompetence, bad advice, divorced from reality, whatever.

Apologies for being reductionist, but I only feel one reaction to the MEG era at ITFC. My passion has largely dissipated. I can't change the ownership of the club. I guess I can, er, boycott MEG? Whatever.

Get the hell out of ITFC, MEG.
Hang on... only really catching up on the TWTD press ban
at 10:07 30 Nov 2020

Phil has been banned because someone posted the team news on this forum before it was announced...?

Who figured banning Phil from pressers was a suitable response? What difference does it make? Absolutely clueless, bizarre, and indicative of the shambles this club has become under Evans.

Apologies if I'm duplicating threads.
at 13:01 27 Nov 2020

Probably already posted, but Linekar puts is simply and succinctly. Although maybe playing in joke bingo getting "footballistically" in.

Imho... in any convo about the GOAT, you put Maradona to one side and then argue about the next best.

Talking of lols sh1t Town efforts
at 13:46 25 Nov 2020

Any other incidents spring to mind off the back of the TOTALFOOTBALL passage last night?

My recentish faves are that Douglas meme and the Toure corner when he kicked the flag and fell over.

I'm sure Chambers took a free kick 3 or 4 seasons back that nearly went out of the stadium.

I've cancelled my DD
at 08:59 25 Nov 2020

FOOK you Evans.

Sorry. I have not calmed down from last night.

FOOK paying this shower of sh1t. Evans can afford to get rid of Lambert if he chooses.
Norwood off
at 20:36 24 Nov 2020

Following on from the voter suppression post yesterday
at 14:45 18 Nov 2020

I pray he is on the right side of history.

iFollow ST code for Saturday
at 10:39 18 Nov 2020

Is it only me who's got their code but can't access "Buy Video pass" option yet?
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