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Ipswich Town 4-1 Accrington Stanley - Match Report
at 17:37:00

Praise today after ineffective performances against a side who never gave up but whose defence looked shaky throughout
Norwood excellent goal , but today had at least two chances to set up others..
We had pace and movement particularly in first half ..Downes accomplished, Huws improving and at last I saw enthusiasm and success from Judge
But despite scoring four I felt our most assured player was Luke Wolfenden
Now to make it the first of successive victories
Taylor: Massively Disappointing Because We Did Enough to Win
at 19:01:51

Precisely what has this man achieved in football?
Have studied his career..and the answer is ....well we all know the answer
Succeeded in being the ventriloquists dummy..that's about it
What is the length of his contract?
Lincoln City 5-3 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 18:01:34

Supporters are not just frustrated or disappointed or depressed we are HOODWINKED

HOODWINKED by the management team .

Boxing Day was abysmal to watch... By 3.00 pm today a good management team would have known Lincon City inside out, as we seem to be joined at the hip and to raise the sagging spirits should have managed a team not to lose ..let alone to lose and concede 5

For the last two months the Club , the squad, the team has become a joke ..only the supporters remain united,..United to follow a watchable entertaining team , who may not win every match but who at LEVEL THREE deserve so much more.
I ask many supporters and NONE can see any remedial action..its been change the team fingers crossed and hope by some miraculous intervention we achieve.
This management team of Lambert and Taylor have failed.
Is there any coaching done, any lessons learned, are ALL our players devoid of improvement, individually an d collectively?
Those are the paramount tasks of management to improve , cajole , kick a**
Where is that evidence?

The owner is certainly not going to " give away the club" away so cries of Evans Out on Facebook
Will not happen
So we are in an almost -- excuse the pun- unwinnable situation
Though I hate to say it but Evans only achievement in appointing a manager who found decent players ( not decent Spin) and Who I think would not have allowed Lincoln to score 5 against us was MM.
Faint praise ...
We are now where we are a Division Three club in need of salvation.
For we have been HOODWINKED
Lambert: If They Want to Go and Employ Another Manager, No Problem
at 19:59:38

Ipswich Town supporters have been as fair as any set of supporters with their managers.
But supporters fell into a huge slump in the dying days of MM and became almost comatose when PH took the reins ..
When PL arrived and through quite clever PR spin he restored the spirits because we wanted them restored
We forgave him relegation because we blamed his predecessors.
For first time in 60 years we slumped to Division Three.
We applauded the signing of KVY ( sadly though not a participant)
But with all his experience of having played for " big clubs" we thought he had the talent for lifting our wonderful club out of the quagmire.
His words have now become repetitive after every match , except to say " I Paul Lambert was at fault"
The entertainment factor was an important factor that we really cried out for.. The coming to the Stadium for the next match because the last one was so good..look at this seasons home results at PR..who now goes home relishing the next match except now out of blind loyalty.
Lambert decried Hursts abilities but played 5 of his signings today..none of whom played any better than under have we progressed , I think not..and we are in a lower League...
Second we maybe, but as supporters we did not go home today smiling and skipping in the streets.
Can PL make that happen , the next month very important to find the answer.

Ipswich Town 0-0 Gillingham - Match Report
at 17:42:23

Correction apologies appalling not appealing !!!
Ipswich Town 0-0 Gillingham - Match Report
at 17:41:14

The weather was atrocious but Gillingham seemed not to notice
Yes they were time wasters
Their throw in expert was allowed to dilly dally across the pitch by another inept referee
Yet truthfully they were more dangerous, had shots and dangerous corners and on points won.
We were appealing
Yet again Lambert with hands in pockets may have well have stayed at home ..firstin selecting awful the midfield can there ever ever have been a foursome of slow, backward passing forlorn individuals as we saw today and then showing nothing from the sidelines and only introducing a guy who hasn't played for 10 months as though he rather than any other substitute would have made the difference.
And as for our totally overrated In fact, nasty number 10 ..please ....someone teach him the rudiments of being a decent proper footballer.
For those o us who have seen beautiful football at Portman Road this decade ends abjectedly.
Lambert: First Challenge Set Tone of the Game
at 21:40:26

Blame the opposition, blame the media..any personal doubts PL?

PL win percentage as ITFC Manager 27%

Portsmouth 1-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 18:30:06

For some time Lambert has been surviving on his PR effectiveness
Or are we suckers here in Suffolk?
Disappointed , sad, angry about MM and then PH we were drawn into PL s ways of reinventing the core of the Club..the Supporters...
Then he struck lucky , we played in fits and starts, but due to some awful League one opposition and without ANY 90 minute performance we scrambled through with 1.0 victories
But now and indeed in last 6 weeks when those results have disappeared where is the " magic"?
Truthfully we do not have Premiership Players
We might have Championship players...maybe....
BUT goodness amongst this squad surely we have League One players???
There is no point arguing Evans out..even though that cry may be reshouted..whoever at this time would take it on unless gifted free!?
Will Lambert have real sufficient ability to make good the dreadfulness that now exists or to realise that supporters ( who have never of course played at the highest level!) might just might have sussed him out....
Ipswich Town 1-2 Bristol Rovers - Match Report
at 17:51:11

Here we are again
Disappointment, frustration and now anger..
Many say we have the best League One squad..have we?
Maybe if coached properly ..I have seen little evidence of that recently.
Today's first 20 minutes was woeful .
Maybe no other choice than to play Skuse at full back but oh dear not his position at all.
But apart from that who would have chosen a different eleven today from those fit and available?
Chambers has his critics but when on the field you do have a Captain...his absence and no one on field to take responsibility.
The team is slow...that's a fact..the midfield just does not move the ball quickly enough.
Individually Wolfenden stood out, Keane played well in patches, Garbutt drove forward but no one close enough to him on many occasions.
We did score a very good goal....we had lots of possession..BUT...
Some players are simply not consistent or productive enough for League One
The early season points are keeping us in contention
WE WERE NOT GOOD beat a team who we gave goals away too.
Ipswich Town 1-2 Coventry City - Match Report
at 22:38:08

The weather was shocking, but not for Coventry...they played with verve and will to win
They had realised over last two matches that we are ordinary...very ordinary, easy to stop easy to score against..the weather didn't stop their endeavour and desire and skill
We were shameful
Their manager worked us out
Ours didn't theirs
In fact sitting behind him he showed nothing in the first half
Resembling Paul Hurst as he stood in the swirling wet wind
Even us supporters , who he says . are amongst the most marvellous devoted supporters in the Whole Wide World, and maybe are that ..but the great majority are not stupid...and will not put up with his spin for too much longer.
Of course itfc won't win the FA Cup this year...but a home win with passion from the players would be quite nice....but boy oh boy what an ineffective team display.
Manager , coach and players apologise with a proper display this Saturday...
And if we are behind please do not leave it until the 88th minute to throw on two substitutes , when tonight many of the 6,000 home fans would have done so well before half time!
Taylor: First Half Fantastic in Game of Two Halves
at 19:53:38

The primary task of the manager and the coach is to ensure that in a match so dominated in the first half does not fall away after the break.
That is their major task on a match day.
Just too many matches where a 90 minute performance fails.
Lambert on Referee: That Wasn't Acceptable, That Was Incredible
at 13:14:54

Firstly we didnt play brilliantly, lots of room for improvement
In a game such as this where passions high and where we find within minutes one team is doing everything to waste time, argue, roll over etc etc..what do we as paying fans expect..
QUALITY officials..sadly very rarely have we seen any this season
Is this sour grapes?
I think not
In certain sporting contests officials are "wired" for the benefit of the spectators..and make their announcements clearly to the crowd ..they may still provoke argument but that decision is announced.
And so to Portman Road... an inexperienced referee , a less experienced linesman
A crossed ball, a blue shirted player makes a header goalward bound- between him and that goal a yellow shirted player whose "body" it hits..GOAL
Applause cheering jubilation
.ITFC players head back to half way line
Sitting opposite the linesman I look over , no flag raised, he is walking back to the half way line, I look at the referee who has shown no sign of disallowing the goal. , he is also looking at the linesman, and seeing as I do , no flag raised
Now the referee is fiddling with his earpiece and looking at the fourth official on ground level , 45 yards away (opposite the linesman)and suddenly on hearing SOMEONES voice and the pitiful pleading of certain Wycombe players he runs over to the dimInutive unflagging linesman,
And the goal is disallowed--not because either has seen the incident again--because if they had it would have been a goal..
Not because of VAR (or is there a secret VAR at PR?) why , who said those words in the referees ear, to take the action he did??
Are we supposed to guess?
Was it that diminutive linesman who initially was "too scared" to flag?
The paying public deserve to know!
Or shall we simply say , thats cool , well done officials , now go and book a few more players (11 in total)
Those players may suffer eventually
The officials will they appear before a panel?
What will the assessors report say?
Will that be private too?
Twenty first century...tell the fans.. easy, advise the decision.. the record playing man can announce it over Tannoy..( or will that create a riot!)
But nevertheless the sequence of events was appalling....
Ipswich Town 0-0 Wycombe Wanderers - Match Report
at 22:30:19

Easy to get very emotional about tonight
But here in my view some facts
Wycombe as a footballing side probsbly the worse to visit this season
Wycombe as a time wasting team 10/10
The referee is obviously a League one referee..we have seen so many who are poor
As for us...sadly despite having the ball for long times...we had little goal,threat
Bemused by Norwood, who seems to now be doing an impression of Joe Garner...arguing, committing fouls and simply stands in one spot..loses the ball , that's him out of it
Impressed by Wolfenden
Impressed again by Donacien who now looks to be in the team given Kane's now long injury absenc
To go up,,,which this crowd so deserves...needs new players ..Simple
Ipswich Town 2-2 Blackpool - Match Report
at 21:25:05

Happybeingblue..yes the spin is becoming tedious...we may not have played his matches or been managers but I do wish Mr Lambert showed a little more appreciation for fans who have watched hundreds and hundreds of games and do have a knowledge of the good , the bad and the ugly...and can actually see the wood from the trees ...he is s fantastic PR guy and immense congratulation for that , but now thatthecteam are one third into the season, the opposition are getting closer, and doubts of team selection being voiced now..I want him to not be just the PR guy but now to create a really good team a division which in fairness is not fantastic ....
Ipswich Town 2-2 Blackpool - Match Report
at 17:58:20

Paul Lambert has advised one target, promotion..not truthfully interested in Cup matches other than to give others a run out.
But this season we are not performing at home as a Promtotion seeking team..and although our away points are impressive so far, are we really going to get away with more 1.0 victories.?
Do we have the best squad in League, some say yes , ..? Is that really so?
We do have very many who have worn a first team shirt but we do now need to field the most experienced and in form players in ALL matches to maintain continuity AND I would say that if Mr Evans and Mr Lambert truly want promotion then new players have to be found in January.
For despite this " strength" in numbers ( and quality?) I am unconvinced.
Certainly a striker..and a proper driving forward strong " captain" like midfielder.
We cannot cannot play one up front...sympathy to Jackson ....
We had waited almost three weeks for today to arrive and only in spells we were on many saves did their keeper make?
On the plus side Donacien played his best match for Town, Downes showed grit ( but tired) and Woolfenden was today's Man of The Match.
Ipswich Town 1-1 Lincoln City - Match Report
at 17:55:31

Today a fiasco
Starting with Mr PR man deciding that Ipswich Town fans without a victory in the FACup for 10 years would put up with 11 players who have never played as an eleven before.
Irrespective of reduced prices that was very poor.
As for the team fielded I ask again are they coached?
No semblance of that in first half and had Lincolns finishing matched their nimble passing to each other on the floor we would have not recovered .
To the players, individually
Norris did OK, the penalty his highlight
Donacien has played worse
Wilson woeful passing
Nsiala seems a nice guy but not a footballer
Kenlock huffed and puffed and rescued a couple of his own mistakes
Huws off the pace for much of time , didn't give up , but so far little sign of the dominant player once we saw
Dozzell obviously improved when played in centre of field
Downes, individually best player
Georgiou threatens to be really good but can't really reach that level.
Dobra, why oh why was he asked to play up front in first half..skilful but not there
Keane...if this man is really our best back up striker then buy in January..hopeless .
So as team it improved toward the end but why play Norwood for 5 minutes?
And did Rowe touch the ball in his short time ?
If PL really thought about the FACup ( even if just to win one match) and not want another match ( for more rotational purposes) he could have engaged his ability to substitute earlier and in greater number.
And finally is it possible to have any decent referees in League One?

Ipswich Town 0-2 Rotherham United - Match Report
at 22:32:25

Yet again devoid of League One ability as we were on Sunday.
Rotherham, ( who knew much of their players? were in our faces after the first 120 seconds, giving us no room , sometimes through their combatative play, sometimes even more than that..but it worked for them, and having apparently no worries about collecting bookings they took total control of the match.
And for us, now yes 27 points some fortunate, but if possible watch the match again and see how many times we were able to play the ball on the ground, to be a team , the defenders forming a strong back line, encouraging a creative midfield to skilfully set up chances for a scoring blinked and missed that?
So yes we love skill , and breathtaking goals but we have to find greater physicality to compete against lesser able League One players and play as a team...tonight very simply we were not that.
Again flimsy in midfield, shapeless well before the final minute...devoid of everything,
our game plan has to alter, for that marvellous band of fans, otherwise we will sadly see more dreary outcomes as we have in last two matches.
Accrington Stanley 2-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 14:25:18

Every team will have a " bad day at the office" but worryingly today was that " all employees, management and staff " we're in efficient
Maybe today's result was needed for in this League where despite our 11 match unbeaten run there have been large amounts of games where we have underwhelmed.
This is League One and Accrington demonstrated a League One performance.. They were up for it, might have played above their usual performance but we're playing the League Leaders.
Quicker to the ball, dangerous when attacking and largely due to our impotence their defenders rarely were called into series action.
We are " flimsy in game situations such as today's , most notably in midfield..our challenges , our abilities to move the ball forward to a teammate embarrassing.
Yes on paper we have players who should not succumb to such woefulness as today.
But maybe some of those players do not have the " guts" for League One encounters, many of which will resemble today's match.
Very difficult to praise anyone today , although Dobra showed skill and endeavour and was " forced" into his one silly moment by players with obvious more experience of the rough and tumbles of League One
So hopefully many lessons learned today, play the players in their right positions, do not play one man up front( sympathy for Jackson) and never underestimate any opposition in this League
And PS when Sky suggest a televised live match , say NO...
Ipswich Town 4-1 Tranmere Rovers - Match Report
at 17:42:27

First half aside from Garbutt goal little comment other than to applaud Tranmere for making our progress difficult .
But let's hope that not all away goalkeeper try to play for time after about 15 minutes.
Fortunately this season we are not relying on one system or one player , but many eyes will now have to plan to stop the skill of our full backs...wonderful accuracy from Garbutt and the best piece of skill at PR by an individual from KVY.A tremondous signing.
Ipswich Town 3-0 Shrewsbury Town - Match Report
at 17:40:19

Steady comfortable team performance with stand out performances by Kane Vincent Young, Luke Chambers and Flynn Downes.
Shrewsbury huffed and puffed but probably akin to many League One sides which Paul Lamberts squad members should really be able to deal with...
Most positions are now well covered and with Championship experienced players and youngsters coming through the blend has promise for success...
The start to the season has been what we hoped for and with the crowd now in full voice our League One status should last only one season.....
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