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Ipswich Town 1-1 Lincoln City - Match Report
at 17:55:31

Today a fiasco
Starting with Mr PR man deciding that Ipswich Town fans without a victory in the FACup for 10 years would put up with 11 players who have never played as an eleven before.
Irrespective of reduced prices that was very poor.
As for the team fielded I ask again are they coached?
No semblance of that in first half and had Lincolns finishing matched their nimble passing to each other on the floor we would have not recovered .
To the players, individually
Norris did OK, the penalty his highlight
Donacien has played worse
Wilson woeful passing
Nsiala seems a nice guy but not a footballer
Kenlock huffed and puffed and rescued a couple of his own mistakes
Huws off the pace for much of time , didn't give up , but so far little sign of the dominant player once we saw
Dozzell obviously improved when played in centre of field
Downes, individually best player
Georgiou threatens to be really good but can't really reach that level.
Dobra, why oh why was he asked to play up front in first half..skilful but not there
Keane...if this man is really our best back up striker then buy in January..hopeless .
So as team it improved toward the end but why play Norwood for 5 minutes?
And did Rowe touch the ball in his short time ?
If PL really thought about the FACup ( even if just to win one match) and not want another match ( for more rotational purposes) he could have engaged his ability to substitute earlier and in greater number.
And finally is it possible to have any decent referees in League One?

Ipswich Town 0-2 Rotherham United - Match Report
at 22:32:25

Yet again devoid of League One ability as we were on Sunday.
Rotherham, ( who knew much of their players? were in our faces after the first 120 seconds, giving us no room , sometimes through their combatative play, sometimes even more than that..but it worked for them, and having apparently no worries about collecting bookings they took total control of the match.
And for us, now yes 27 points some fortunate, but if possible watch the match again and see how many times we were able to play the ball on the ground, to be a team , the defenders forming a strong back line, encouraging a creative midfield to skilfully set up chances for a scoring blinked and missed that?
So yes we love skill , and breathtaking goals but we have to find greater physicality to compete against lesser able League One players and play as a team...tonight very simply we were not that.
Again flimsy in midfield, shapeless well before the final minute...devoid of everything,
our game plan has to alter, for that marvellous band of fans, otherwise we will sadly see more dreary outcomes as we have in last two matches.
Accrington Stanley 2-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 14:25:18

Every team will have a " bad day at the office" but worryingly today was that " all employees, management and staff " we're in efficient
Maybe today's result was needed for in this League where despite our 11 match unbeaten run there have been large amounts of games where we have underwhelmed.
This is League One and Accrington demonstrated a League One performance.. They were up for it, might have played above their usual performance but we're playing the League Leaders.
Quicker to the ball, dangerous when attacking and largely due to our impotence their defenders rarely were called into series action.
We are " flimsy in game situations such as today's , most notably in midfield..our challenges , our abilities to move the ball forward to a teammate embarrassing.
Yes on paper we have players who should not succumb to such woefulness as today.
But maybe some of those players do not have the " guts" for League One encounters, many of which will resemble today's match.
Very difficult to praise anyone today , although Dobra showed skill and endeavour and was " forced" into his one silly moment by players with obvious more experience of the rough and tumbles of League One
So hopefully many lessons learned today, play the players in their right positions, do not play one man up front( sympathy for Jackson) and never underestimate any opposition in this League
And PS when Sky suggest a televised live match , say NO...
Ipswich Town 4-1 Tranmere Rovers - Match Report
at 17:42:27

First half aside from Garbutt goal little comment other than to applaud Tranmere for making our progress difficult .
But let's hope that not all away goalkeeper try to play for time after about 15 minutes.
Fortunately this season we are not relying on one system or one player , but many eyes will now have to plan to stop the skill of our full backs...wonderful accuracy from Garbutt and the best piece of skill at PR by an individual from KVY.A tremondous signing.
Ipswich Town 3-0 Shrewsbury Town - Match Report
at 17:40:19

Steady comfortable team performance with stand out performances by Kane Vincent Young, Luke Chambers and Flynn Downes.
Shrewsbury huffed and puffed but probably akin to many League One sides which Paul Lamberts squad members should really be able to deal with...
Most positions are now well covered and with Championship experienced players and youngsters coming through the blend has promise for success...
The start to the season has been what we hoped for and with the crowd now in full voice our League One status should last only one season.....
Ipswich Town 2-1 AFC Wimbledon - Match Report
at 22:32:28

First half ..bad..managers selection....players casual.....??
Second half..some class from Georgiou
Wolfenden steady
Kenlock huffed and puffed but did go forward after the break
Donacien , sorry, but no.....
Downes got about, covered ground
Jackson energetic when he came on
Maybe he got awful service but Norwood a question mark aside from his power header, better more probing passing should help him..
The crowd were " MOTM"
Yes 8 points unbeaten , but in truth this was AFCWimbeldon
If we can play with passion in last 10 minutes, why can we not do that for longer
With additional strength now purchased lets now do so.
Ipswich Town 1-1 Sunderland - Match Report
at 18:33:18

The strong wind arrived, the worse conditions for good football but we managed to play some decent stuff in the first half and Garbutt cleverly scored.
Norwood looked strong , Jackson ran tirelessly but no one really set either of them up with telling passes.if someone could they would be a dynamic front pair in this Division.
And that has been the continuing demise for so long...Downes looked impressive , comfortable when winning the ball but not a defence splitter...Skuse was Skuse good positioning intercepting but no final ball
Rowe, I think we all want him to do well, but today supply to him was limited and he faded and not surprisingly subbed.
Donacien headed the ball a lot, was never really taken to the cleaners but overall ordinary, as indeed was Kenlock who has strength but sometimes looks awkward and maybe doesn't believe in himself enough.
Neither full back supported the front men.
Wolfenden is a better player since being away on loan and did little wrong..he could impress this season.
Alan Judge as another scribe has said has not scored or made goal chances for others since being at PR
Is he as good as management and owner suggest...I await to be convinced, not fully fit some say, but please he does not have to take every free kick, particularly based on today's evidence
And so to Holy, well what a size and what a kick, largely untested today, we will need to see more of him to properly assess.
And the Captain, up until that awful moment he had done nothing wrong , he was organising and defending efficiently ..but when Luke makes a blunder , oh dear it does become catastrophic.
But to blame him alone for dropping two points is so easy to do but the team , yes the team failed to replicate its first half performance, although the Mackems were grateful for the howler as only in a few moments did they look like the Bookies favourites.
Two games , four points in new surroundings and before a crowd full of noise and fervour that resembled one that was welcoming League Champions.
With the addition of a creative midfielder ( oh how we have sung that song) that crowd may get the final outcome its support deserves.
There are possibilities and the crowds support is vital.
Ipswich Town 3-2 Leeds United - Match Report
at 15:50:41

Well it took 46 games to actually go home HAPPY
Yes Leeds were maybe playing less than 100% of their capacity but no way did they come to lose in front of their 3,963 travelling supporters
Today we battled, we had skilful moves, scored three including one excellent goal from Andre and provided reasons to be cheerful.
Have we had much luck this season...very little of it, but somehow the man who decides the ways of our beautiful game, gave the penalty takers feet snow shoes and the goalie flapping seal arms, as Collin rolled in that unlikeliest of winners.
A great effort on the field and in the stands.
But now the work really begins , ...roll on August.
Lambert: Huge Gap Between Sides But We Never Capitulated
at 21:11:40

Having watched tonight, please tell me which Ipswich player has been improved by Paul Lambert as an individual and a collective player ?

That's the concern for next year.?
How does he improve what we have?
How does he entice players with skill, pace, physique to join us?

Big big tests....
Ipswich Town 0-1 Swansea City - Match Report
at 17:55:41

Truthfully it was foolish to believe that there would be a resurrection today.
Indeed we were shot shy, put no pressure on Swansea players, Carter-Vickers could have played in his lounge suit... Under no threat whatsoever.
I do not rate Keane but poor man helpless up front , no decent passes, floundering least when Lambert found his first sense of the day and put two up front, Quanner, despite limitations bustled , got involved and had a shot!!!
Gerken did OK, Bree comfortable in first half looked mesmerised by Swanseas flying winger after the break, Elder, ran forward with pace in first ten minutes then did no more than other full backs
Chambers played sideways and lumped a few nondescript balls forwards
Nsiala sometimes look as though he is in a horrible dark lane with headlights in his eyes.
Oh dear Dozzell who I truly want to do well as he does have talent, was simply awful
Chalobah is/ was England Under 20 captain
Edwards is not a winger, he does not beat men going forward he does not cross the ball and I believe he is not strong enough to contend with challenges.
Downes, anonymous in first half actually improved and probably , if there was such a thing, would get Man of The Match, as he went forward as the match progressed does he try to do too much and actually achieves nothing?
He looks busy as he normally does, but he doesn't make goalscoring chances, he hasn't scored. But .did have a shot though..
What is his best position?
Are we being hoodwinked that he is not the player that once he used to be?
And on the question of hoodwinked..I wrote recently that I do want Lambert to succeed, but is he a FAB PR man..and not the one to pull us out of the football gutter, where sadly we have fallen into?
These words arefrom someone who actually watched his first Portman Road game in Easter 1960..
And I can honestly say that if all players left the club I wouldn't be sad, upset, angry...that is the first time I have ever thought that
Yes I will renew because I support Ipswich Town, the club, but I am not sure that supporters , the loyalty of which has seldom been so sorely tested can survive through another season such as this one, with remaining good heart and optimism.

Town Cut Season Ticket Prices But By How Much Depends on How Many Sold
at 14:52:53

Paul Lambert has reunited fanbase and management despite p laying performances sadly lacking this season
And of course there has to be changes in the playing personnel.
We would really love to win at home , to go to Portman Road smiling upon entry and upon on leaving.(.shades of the past)
ok the opposition may not not be great (on paper) but we have a "name" and opposition supporters will want to visit PR and house maybe their best crowds when we go there
We really need to get out of League One asap
It has to be an overall team effort, players , supporters
The pricing policy a real incentive.
The home supporters in last few games have been a minimum of 15,000 ..during this appalling season..some one dayers but many who could be season ticket holders and the targets could be met
We need those voices , emanating from all the Stands
The players need it
We need it
Get those direct debits signed...spread over 12.. and compare with what else in the "entertainment world " you get !!!
If it fails we wont be accused of turning our backs and not giving it a go !
Ipswich Town 1-1 Birmingham City - Match Report
at 17:50:43

From August if the players..whoever they are..can show as much enthusiasm as the truly faithful fans displayed , then maybe there will be smiles, success and a feeling of wanting to go each week.
After a hapless opening 45 minutes the introduction of Kayden Jackson suddenly brought excitement...yes didn't last for the whole of the next 45 minutes , but there was enjoyment
And that Mr Lambert is what you must aspire to bringing to Portman Road..ENJOYMENT...
You have succeeded in bring a " family" feeling to the terraces, but the real task for you is now build a real family feeling on to the pitch.
Yes some younger players making some good impressions..but look at this years dire statistics in the Goals Scored column... Goal scorers needed ....with your knowledge of the football world now is the test for you, make this your Ipswich blame henceforth on what has happened in the past..
Your talking has been first with firm backing of the supporters we look for you to deliver on the pitch.
Before next August
Ipswich Town 0-2 Hull City - Match Report
at 18:02:55

Today was really the doldrums
The good and noisy spirit generated recently went back mainly into quiet mode.
No game for last fortnight, yes we all know we are down , but today where on earth was anything to make spectators return again?
Just ( blind!) loyalty..???
Maybe an argument for not playing loan players but today 8 of starting line up OurPlayers.
And collectively not good enough , and potentially not good enough for next seasons rough and tumble which will meet the( historic) team everyone will want to beat.
Whichever division chances have to be created, goal poachers have to be found, and with some strength , some hold up ability...qualities that have been absent during this horrid season.
I do want Paul Lambert to succeed but despite his own enthusiasm can he property transfer that into the minds of those he's 90 minutes casts some doubts.
Ipswich Town 1-1 Nottingham Forest - Match Report
at 17:59:44

Given the abject manner in which we fell to the bottom of the League the performances in the last three matches have relatively been breathtaking.
Breathtaking because despite not winning there has been's second half easily the most watchable this season.
Nobody played badly , indeed most played well and some excellently.
I have criticised Chambers but I understand Lamberts desire to retsin him as an experienced footballer in League One.
He may not play every game but players have respect in him, Lambert holds him in height regard and if youngsters are significantly the force next season then they will still require older heads.
Those who criticise him at this time are being unfair and actually rather silly, if they are supporters.
Ipswich Town 1-1 Stoke City - Match Report
at 17:42:16

Main points today
Paul Lambert continues his enthusiasm and wherever we are next season he will be there, and hopefully will have the ability and finance to really make it his team...although I believe Pennington has been a stand out player recently, he is likely to leave us.
Please aside from an injury need , no loans next year.
Lambert does not really favour them.
Today two teams with little quality but we had endeavour which saw us gain that deserved point.
Glimpses of Bishops artistry, a 100% effort by Judge and Nolans improvement added to Penningtons consistency .
But Lamberts scouts advisors etc must be seeking at least one forward with a real goal threat, because today although Keane made the scoresheet that was the only effort that either he or the underwhelming Quanner had.
Ipswich Town 0-1 Sheffield Wednesday - Match Report
at 17:53:02

Paul Lambert talks the talk ...but...are his decisions any better than Paul Hursts?
Lambert may have had his abilities to strengthen the squad hindered by The Owner but are his purchases/ loans really making Ipswich a team to get excited by?
Today it was Hursts Nsiala who was as " good" as anyone..he and the slightly ungainly Pennington saw off most of Wednesday's thrusts and those they didn't were poorly missed by the visitors.
Yes the referee got himself into a tangle toward the end but it was not why we lost
We lost because today we were powder we have been all season....
No back four player really has the ability , the intelligence to play out from the back....eventually after meaningless cross field passes the ball almost inevitably gets " booted"... But that is also because no midfielder can take the ball from the back four and INSPIRE....
Bishop showed some glimpses , Judge looked busy...but neither created a clear chance, split the defence, made a shot..
And up front the weight and thus apparent strength of Quaner is sadly compensated for by his lack of jumping, his shortage of pace and awful first touch.... Come back Frank Nouble and Keiffer Moore.....
The cheering and singing from the North Stand in particular gives evidence that there is support but how long that can be sustained is now very questionable...when yet again the visitors goalkeeper may have come on in his lounge suit, so little did he have to do.
The Circle of Football-Supporting Life
at 22:26:16

Eye watering article based on the good old days which have long left us.
You are remarkably right about your assessment of Danny Hegan
I recall being in " Churchmans" .. I cannot recall the match..I think it was against one of the" high flyers "..Hegan would drop his shoulders one way, then move to the other side , leaving the defender bewitched by that move.
I would willingly pay the match fee just to watch him..
Oh for a midfielder such as he
Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 18:04:22

The regular away supporters deserve even greater reward than the 50 on board coach one today .
To travel and see no goals for how many minutes is a wonder beyond belief.
Just seen the Sky app highlights.....oh dear...
Paul Lamberts repair kit I fear will not make good the literally toothless fight we actually show
To lose 4.3 or 3.2 would at least demonstrate some attacking proficiency, but to do that would require having men in midfield with vision and artistry and creativity...sadly we have none...that lack has been the real demise of Ipswich Town FC for too long a time.

Judge Undergoing Medical at Town
at 19:36:36

Paul Lambert has the crowd behind him with his honesty ,
his desire to involve ex players , even if as behind the scene advisors
He obviously has his budget curtailed so some reliance on those with medical worries
..a warrior as James Collins IF he can retain fitness is ideal for next 4 months
Bringing in hunkier guys upfront are also necessities
Judge also has skills but again with some medical doubts
All are to be commended BUT is there too much reliance on our current midfield, those recently playing plus the " please be fit" Huws to all up their games , to take control of matches which has been painfully absent for seasons.
In Robson and Burleys days of excitement skill and bringing us great pleasure were Wark, Muhren Thijssen Dyer Holland and the mercurial Magilton
Warhorses are being put together, but an iota of those guys abilities may be what is missed the survive midfield takeovers for the next 19 matches will be really heroic .
QPR 3-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:44:14

Paul Lambert has tried to encourage our supporters feelings that miracles might happen , but on the evidence of today he will to be the most successful manager ever in the Clubs history during the last 20 matches, firstly to attract the January 2019 " new staff" and then pull the rabbit out of the hat to lift ourselves over three clubs
The individual and collective performance today was woeful throughout ... Mick Mills loyal as he might be to the Clubs pedigree, as indeed are the majority of supporters, needs to be honest as supporters are....we were woeful and embarrassing ..we hate those feelings but they are sadly the truth.
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