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Perfect game for Earl to make his debut Saturday
at 09:58 16 Jan 2020

I liked reading how lambert has talked to him about the LCB role and what he expects from him. That should mean Woolfie switch to the right and Chambers SW. Balance.
Cash in on Flynn Downes. Hear me out
at 12:13 10 Jan 2020

He’s not quite as good as everyone thinks.
Yes I will say he’s been our best and most consistent midfielder this season. But I question where how big his potential really is.
Look I’d love us to build a team round him, future captain and all that but that just doesn’t happen in football anymore.
You have to look at where we are at as a club. If we go up we will be deemed a lower end championship club in which Flynn will instantly go from a side as a big fish to a little fish scenario.
In his championship appearances he’s looked competent. But unlike Dozzell I don’t think I’ve ever though he could seriously play in the premier league.
I’m not sure he has the technical ability. You can’t just be an all action midfielder in the prem. You’ve got to also have either an eye for a pass or basically be a defensive machine in the CDM role. I’m not sure he’s got either attributes.

If we were offered silly money I’d take it. Because if we were promoted, I can’t see us being above 14th come this stage next season. Where his value may decrease by being in a weaker team and not being as effective.

But only sell if it’s a Keiron Dyer scenario where we re-invest. Heavily
Give it Keiron Dyer and Burley to assist til the end of the season (n/t)
at 13:55 27 Dec 2019

Surely the number 1 obvious tactic would be...
at 10:31 27 Dec 2019

Play it into the channels for Jackson’s pace. Anytime we’ve done that I’m pretty sure it’s led to a goalscoring opportunity.
Instead of lumping it to Norwood who isn’t a target man. Use Jackson’s pace. He’s being wasted
Right now Sears is back
at 08:31 27 Dec 2019


JD———Chambers————Woolf———— Garbutt
—————Downes————— Skuse ———————-
Jackson —————Norwood ———————Sears

Stick with it and score some fecking goals.
Fully expect wingbacks Saturday
at 22:38 19 Dec 2019

Expect lambert to try and keep it tight. Probably a goalkeeper switch again and hopefully chambers back. Would only play it if he’s back


So how’s about we go all out attack with a front 4?
at 23:22 16 Dec 2019




The back 6 providing a solid base. The front 4 do as you like and score us some bloody goals
Think it’s time to put Garbutt back to Left midfield
at 12:29 25 Nov 2019

Had a great start to the season there, is a goal threat as well. I’d even say put KVY to right midfield as the pair of them are better going forward than any of our wingers.
People say about a striker being the must signing in January. I’d say a tricky winger would be top of my list.
A return to the diamond?
at 16:49 24 Nov 2019

With our wingers contributing little in the season overall. Is it time to move back to the diamond. With Judge and Dozzell both returning to form too. I’d rather a diamond over wingbacks as we don’t have the centre half’s to play 3-5-2 effectively.
I’d like to see this soon.



Not Tuesday though. 4-4 effing 2 Tuesday to give the best defence in the league something to think about. Plus their main threat is from wide
Finding the right formation
at 05:11 25 Oct 2019

Garbutt and KVY are clearly very good wingbacks. But when a side can create a 2V1 against them on the flanks it deems them pretty useless.
I’d love to see us return to a back 4 with wingers. Imagine how good they will both be at overlapping the winger. Garbutts first time cross... KVY’s speed and dribbling. They pretty much are our biggest threat anyway and playing in a different system will make so much more of them
Diamond/3-5-2 famously doesn’t work against a 4-3-3
at 07:28 5 Oct 2019

Fleetwood attack down the flanks, creating a 2V1 against our fullback. Wonder if Lambert will change shape to match them
When are we allowed to be fed up with Lambert constantly
at 17:13 3 Oct 2019

Going on about his playing days at Dortmund and Celtic?
One plaudit/stat that I don’t think has been mentioned about KVY
at 16:29 24 Sep 2019

We haven’t conceded a single goal he came into the side. Take us on your shoulders Kane and let’s get back to the premier league

Helluva player
Our biggest loss to injury this season
at 11:09 22 Sep 2019

Would be Vincent Young. Most of what we create starts with him. Also his replacement would be nowhere near capable of doing what he does. Class apart
Last time I saw us play Gillingham
at 20:36 20 Sep 2019

Andy Hessenthaler was manager and subbed himself on in the second half. Think he was 40. Odds for Steve Evans to do the same tomorrow?
Team selection a dilemma for Saturday
at 07:55 19 Sep 2019

The diamond served us well Tuesday due to the fact MK played a 3-5-2 so it was simply our fullbacks up against there’s. Gillingham play a 4-3-3. Their front 3 are all pacy strikers whose fullbacks overlap which makes the diamond pretty useless. Norwood is a big loss for Saturday as he is made for the lone striker role if we were to go 4-3-3. Jackson isn’t a lone striker. It could possibly work if we play a 4-4-1-1 and push Nolan right up there with Jackson. By Lamberts comments I don’t see Will Keane starting. Dobra played up top against Spurs U21’s but can’t see him starting. Neither can I see Roberts.

Early team guess

KVY Chambo Woolf Garbutt
Judge Downes Skuse Tony

Think he may just start young Tony. Give him a go. Judge has been more effective when he’s switched to the right in games than when he starts on the left. He didn’t get a single minute Tuesday, I think he starts Saturday.
Anyone know if you can cast iFollow to your tele? (n/t)
at 13:52 17 Sep 2019

Sat in a different seat yesterday. Easy to see what wasn’t working
at 09:48 15 Sep 2019

I sat South Stand upper where as I normally sit in the cobbold it was much easier to see the shape of the team. Doncaster had done their homework quite simply. They never let their defence get too high so they weren’t susceptible to our counter attacks. When they attacked their wingers were tucked in outnumbering us 5 to 2 in midfield at times with Judge and Edwards told to stay wide it seemed. Downes and Skuse didn’t work well as a pair yesterday. They were either both marking Coppinger or marking Sheaf (who I thought was their best player) or Whiteman which then allowed Coppinger space. If they had kept Marquis they would’ve won yesterday pretty simply.
Jackson and Norwood aren’t going to work as a pair long term. Against the lesser teams they will get goals but getting goals doesn’t mean they’re working well as a partnership. Both want to run in behind. Norwood is capable of dropping in and receiving the ball to feet but he wants to play on the last defender. I actually feel sorry for Judge at the moment. He keeps coming in field to look for the ball but rarely gets it. The times he does he creates something. The ball to Norwood in the last minute showed that.

Other thoughts. We’re strong enough in this league to sacrifice Kenlock for Garbutt to have a left back whose better going forward than one whose better defensively. Also it hurt us so many times yesterday how one footed myles is. So many times who could’ve played a right foot pass square over to Woolfenden to start an attack on the right but just doesn’t have a right foot of any sort.

Georgiou can beat a man. Something our other wingers can’t. I’d start him Tuesday on the left as it allowed Kenlock so much space to deliver a cross once AG committed his fullback.

In 3/4 games time when Garbutts fit id like to see this





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