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MK Dons at home
at 12:05 16 Feb 2020

Last game of the season. We need three points to guarantee a top two finish.

Pick your starting eleven (all players are fit)


Wolf. Chambers. Earl.

KVY. Garbutt.

Downes. Huws.


Sears. Keane.
Lisa Nandy endorsed by the JLM
at 17:43 14 Feb 2020

Lisa Nandy, Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine has been nominated as leader by the Jewish Labour Movement.

All those cult followers who claimed the antisemitism crisis was just about Israel have nowhere to hide.

Lisa Nandy nails it in this speech.

Be under no illusion
at 08:08 13 Feb 2020

If we fail to go up this season we will not be signing Garbutt and will most likely cash in on KVY, Dozzell, Wolfenden, Drogba & Downes.

A top six league one team may also believe that they could do a better job with either Norwood or Jackson than we have. And Marcus will take their money.

Which begs the question: Is Evans happy with us being a mid table League One team?

Under Mick’s management, he showed that he didn’t have the appetite or ambition to fund a promotion push to the Premier League and if we were promoted back to the championship, it’s fairly obvious that this team needs serious investment just to stay up next season.

So is making up the numbers in League one where Evans feels most comfortable?
[Post edited 13 Feb 8:14]
Just back -some thoughts
at 20:26 8 Feb 2020

When I saw the Line up I suspected that Lambert had set us up for a draw and I wasn’t expecting much in terms of football.

The first half was one of the best I’ve seen this season. We did everything right except put the ball in the back of the net. Our performance could have only been improved by better crossing and attacking play from KVY/Edwards and Garbutt but the midfield of a Nolan, Skuse and Downes really clicked and we looked solid at the back.

Our determination and desire was typified by Chambers chasing a lost cause by their corner flag, which he had absolutely no chance of keeping in play yet not only did he get the ball but he forced the Sunderland defender to concede a throw in.

I said to Mach at half time that I feared we would rue the lack of an end product but we would win this game if we carried on the second half as we had the first.

Talk about a game of two halves.

We knew Sunderland would have had a rollicking at half time and they couldn’t have played as badly in the second half, but I didn’t believe we could also play the exact opposite in the final 45 as we did in the first.

Gone was the desire. Passes constantly went astray. Long balls to nobody in particular became the norm, we were second to every loose ball and made half hearted challenges as Sunderland players ran past our midfield and defence.

The defence looked in panic and it was real Keystone cops stuff as we couldn’t get the ball out of our own penalty area despite having numerous opportunities to do so. In this period we could have quite easily conceded two or three goals.

When Sunderland did score there was little urgency in our play. Far too many sideways and backwards passes. Nobody driving forwards trying to create an opportunity. We only had ten minutes to get an equaliser but we played like we had another 90.

I really don’t understand how we could be so good in the first half and so bloody awful in the second. It’s as if a lambert had expected a reaction from the home team and told our players to sit deeper and keep hold of the point.

We now need a reaction on a Tuesday night and out in a run if form against the “lesser sides” to get our season back on track.
[Post edited 8 Feb 20:35]
Sunderland Roll Call
at 07:45 7 Feb 2020

Driving the short trip down with GB Jnr and one of his Celtic supporting uni pals. 2-1 Ipswich.

Recommended away pub?
Apparently you can't be the victim of bullying
at 12:58 5 Feb 2020

If you are a male who has served in HM forces.

Isn't that gender stereotyping? And if people hold such regressive attitudes it can only stop men from speaking out for fear of being labelled weak?
Great soulful cover of Bowie’s Young Americans
at 11:20 5 Feb 2020


What’ve actual fcuk?
at 08:10 5 Feb 2020

Tory MP sharing a platform with far right homophobes, racists and antisemites.

No place for this bloke in a party of government.

Sign this petition calling for the Tories to remove the whip

Edit. Just seen that badger started a thread on this yesterday. Which comes as no surprise as for as long as I can remember badger has always been consistent in condemning all racism no matter where it stems from.

Edit 2. Odd downvote from my stalker.
[Post edited 5 Feb 12:54]
Rich on the radio passing the buck onto Evans
at 17:36 1 Feb 2020

Evans has to share the blame but It started with you and your bed sheets Rich in 2009.
[Post edited 1 Feb 17:37]
Our season depended on us not losing these three games
at 15:57 1 Feb 2020

Seriously worried now.
Have we discussed Alastair Stewart?
at 11:35 30 Jan 2020

Apparently sacked by ITN for quoting Shakespeare at somebody on twitter who he disagreed with.

Trouble was the quote mentioned an ape and the person he quoted it to was black.

Apparently it's a quote he directs at everyone he believes has said something ignorant and I'm unsure whether he knew the recipient was black.

Don't think it's as black and white (excuse the pun) as the case of Danny Baker. What does TWTD think?
An awful lot of flouncing on here last night
at 07:46 29 Jan 2020

Yes we were appalling against Rotherham. Probably the worst performance I’ve seen since the away game at Accrington. The team didn’t work as a unit and there wasn’t one outstanding performance from a player in blue.

But the way people are posting you would think we would we were bottom three rather tan top three. We went into last night’s game top of the league and unbeaten in five.

I also see that both Judge and Edwards are being scapegoated, despite them showing very good form during our recent revival. Not one player player came out of last night’s game with any credit yet it’s the same people moaning about the same two players.

Oh and apparently it was Lambert’s fault we lost despite playing a winning, settled and unchanged team which is what our fans have calling for.

Get a grip lads and lasses. We go again on Saturday.
One game too many for Huws?
at 20:33 28 Jan 2020

Looks a bit leggy tonight.

He’s been brilliant over the last month or so but maybe he needs a rest.

I await the screamer from Huws hitting the back of the nett after I hit the post button.
Oops! (n/t)
at 20:30 28 Jan 2020

Why do the scores always say 2-1
at 19:42 28 Jan 2020

At the top right of the screen in ifollow?
We’ve worked hard to get back to the top of the table
at 16:58 25 Jan 2020

I think that both the players and the fans took our early season success for granted. Now that we’ve clawed our way back to the top I think we’ll work a lot harder to stay there.

The next three games are massive.

[Post edited 25 Jan 17:02]
This is an interesting story that I wasn’t aware of
at 08:41 24 Jan 2020

Witold Pilecki was a Polish cavalry officer, intelligence agent, and resistance leader who deliberately got himself sent to Auschwitz so as to be able to document the atrocities carried out in the camp tell the world what was going on.

Managed to smuggle reports out, eventually escaped, fought in the Warsaw Uprising only to be tortured and shot by the Communists in 1948 on the charges of working for "foreign imperialism" due to him working with british intelligence during the war.

With the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation taking place next week there are many inspiring stories such as this one being published and well worth reading.
[Post edited 24 Jan 8:42]
Which of these meats have you eaten?
at 08:39 22 Jan 2020

I only scored 8/28. Poultry, Pork, Cattle, Rabbit, Deer, Kangaroo, Duck, Wild Boar.
[Post edited 22 Jan 8:50]
Labour would be crazy not to elect Lisa Nandy as their leader
at 12:49 16 Jan 2020


For me she ticks all of the right boxes to cover all wings of the party.

Not Blairite whilst but soft left so no Corbyn connection.

No tolerance of antisemitism in the Labour Party whilst at the same time is the Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine.

Good with the media. Actually got the better of Andrew Neil last night.

Very honest. Would eat Boris for dinner at PMQ’s.

Oh and she could be the first female elected as Labour leader.
Give it until half time FFS (n/t)
at 20:09 14 Jan 2020

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