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Teddy Bishop
at 15:05 26 Jun 2017

Forgot he even played for us. Massive year for him this year.
What do you think we paid for Huws?
at 14:55 26 Jun 2017

I think he is a top notch player. International and someone we wanted.

So I reckon £1.5 million. Am I barking up the wrong tree? What say the soothsayers of TWTD?

Heath Heath Heathlander
England reach U20 World Cup Final
at 14:04 8 Jun 2017

Get in there 3-1 v Italy.

Maitland-Niles was playing.

Final is Sunday at 11:00 am
ITFC's most famous fan
at 17:10 7 Jun 2017

good interview here from Mr Sheeran if anyone is interested.
Today is the EADT's 45,000th edition
at 12:09 7 Jun 2017

Blimey that's an incredible number. That's over 125 years worth of newspapers.

Fair play to them.
I like Jeremy Corbyn
at 11:27 7 Jun 2017

He seems a nice man who sticks by his principles rather than say whatever will win votes and popularity. It's a shame most politicians aren't more like him.

I think the Tories should try and buy him during the transfer window.
Marc Almond - Anyone going?
at 11:05 7 Jun 2017

Marc Almond in coming to Ipswich in October with a full orchestra. Playing all his hits and new 60's soul stuff off his up coming album.

Anyone partaking? I am.
at 13:10 31 May 2017

Answered a cold call on a whim, was bored so went with it. said I didn't want to fill in any forms or anything, they said they would do it all for me.

Letter from the bank today. £3K coming my way. BOOM

How rich do you need to be to own a football club in the Championship?
at 10:28 9 May 2017

ME is on paper worth £750 million. But realistically he doesn't have that money in the bank to throw at ITFC. He also runs a multi-million pound business empire so he probably doesn't even give much time or thought to us.

Someone like Jack Walker at Blackburn sold his business and put millions into his team to allow them to win the premier league. At the time it was his sole focus unlike ME.

So for example, Ed Sheeran is worth £60 million. Now this is not enough to make us a force if he were to say buy the club off Evans for a £1. Not that this has even crossed his mind.

My question is how much spare cash not tied up in business would someone need to make us a premiership team again. And also do we think that they would need to have ITFC as their sole focus rather then another part of their empire?

I doubt there is anyone out there with that much spare cash and inclination to make us that force again. It's an expensive old business the championship football malarkey.
Jake Issac signs
at 09:05 9 May 2017

Will be good to see him at Portman Road. Always rated him.
Any of you lot stuck for an adventure this Summer?
at 09:10 5 May 2017

I went to Moldova last year on a Charity mission that a few of you good people helped me with donations. The charity TEECH are 3 volunteers short for this years trip. If any of you fancy it, two weeks at end of August then I would really recommend you go for it. You will have two of the most amazing weeks of your life. Here's the details.

Volunteers needed for Moldova charity mission

Would you like to spend two weeks this summer helping to provide warm and clean bathrooms for some of the poorest children in Europe? Do you have a skill such as plumbing or carpentry? Or can you provide hard work as your skill?

If you can, then a charity started in BT, would like to hear from you. TEECH visit Moldova in Eastern Europe every year, with many BT volunteers, to help improve the lives of the people there.

This year the team of volunteers are off to the village of Sturzeni in August. The aim is to convert one room in the school into two, so that there will be a bathroom for the boys and one for the girls. In the boys bathroom the volunteers will install 2 toilets, 3 urinals and 4 basins. In the girls there will be 5 toilets, 4 basins, with both rooms also having hand driers, tiled splash backs and new lino flooring.

TEECH still need 3 more volunteers for the trip. Full details are available on their website if you are interested in going or PM me to find out more.


Make friends and influence people
at 09:54 2 May 2017

When was the last time you thought about how you influence others — how you change minds, shape opinions, move others to act?

In today’s flat organisational structures it is becoming increasingly difficult to influence others especially those who you have no direct authority over. It is therefore more important than ever to be able to influence people at all levels - up, down and across your organisation.

Just imagine if you could influence others in the right way?
House Clearance - Ipswich
at 12:16 20 Apr 2017

Hi fellow blues.

anyone got any experience of house clearance companies in Ipswich? What does it cost? What will they take?

Any experiences welcomed and recommendations.


The Trip to Spain
at 14:56 11 Apr 2017

Anyone been watching this? Thought it was brilliant.
Make Bart our new scapegoat
at 16:11 5 Apr 2017

Then all the scouts who come to watch him will think he's rubbish and we get to keep him.

I know, genius.
What are the chances of us signing Huws?
at 11:17 20 Feb 2017

He's a smashing little player. As Nessa would say, 'He's cracking'.
I love football again
at 10:03 13 Feb 2017

What a day Saturday was. Breakfast in Felixstowe at 8:30. 32 seater full of mates taking the road to follow the blue army. Little Heathlander (not so little anymore as he's 19) and his mates joining Dad on his first jolly boys outing.

Stopped off in Sutton Coldfield for a few beers pre match. Getting to Villa Park with 1 minute on the clock. Hearding cats is easier than getting middle age men out of a boozer.

A decent game of footy, we'll take the draw. Nice pint at half time. friendly stewards. Good banter with the Villa fans in the lower tier. Great stadium and atmosphere.

Then one of those magical moments. A late late winner in front of our own fans. Pandemonium breaks out. I bloody well love football again. That's why we still go, that's why we put up with the rubbish. It's for those few and far between moments of magic.

Celebrating that goal and win with my lad. Chambo's fist pump back with a vengeance.
Journey home was so much more pleasurable for that single moment. Young Heathy and his mates stayed over in Brum. We ended up back in Ipswich for a few more liveners.

We love you Ipswich we do.,

Happy days.
Warburton to Ipswich
at 21:08 10 Feb 2017

Diet Terry Butcher
What's the cost of living like in Thailand?
at 11:14 7 Feb 2017

Thinking of going there in September for a two centre holiday. It's B&B, I am assuming its really cheap for food and beer?
Johhny Cash and Springsteen
at 09:34 6 Feb 2017

Walk the line and born to run. What a couple of classics on Radio 2 just now. Put a spring in my step.
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