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UPDATED*So I’ve been counting all the empty seats for the upcoming derby game.
at 16:50 17 Oct 2017

I’ve been looking at threads of people guessing the gate for the upcoming Norwich game so I decided to become a bit of a myth buster and for the last hour I’ve been counting all the empty seats for the upcoming derby game, except the Sir Alf Ramsey stand as I didn’t have enough time.

Here’s the results so far (I’ll update the thread once I’ve finished counting the SAR seats):

Cobbold Lower - Section T - 31 Seats
Cobbold Lower - Section T2 - 13 Seats
Cobbold Lower - Section U - 15 Seats
=59 Seats

Cobbold Upper - Section C - 52 Seats
Cobbold Upper - Section B - 118 Seats
Cobbold Upper - Section A - 375 Seats
=545 Seats

Sir Bobby Robson Upper - Section 3 - 152 Seats
Sir Bobby Robson Upper - Section 2 - 9 Seats
Sir Bobby Robson Upper - Section 1 - 192 Seats
=352 Seats

Co-op Lower - Section JJ - 53 Seats
Co-op Lower - Section I2 - 36 Seats
Co-op Lower - Section I1 - 4 Seats
Co-op Lower - Section GG - 14 Seats
Co-op Lower - Section FF - 12 Seats
=119 Seats

Co-op Middle - Section F - 22 Seats
Co-op Middle - Section J - 10 Seats
=32 Seats

Co-op Upper - Section K - 158 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section L - 159 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section M - 28 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section N - 66 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section Y - 15 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section O - 83 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section P - 36 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section Q - 153 Seats
Co-op Upper - Section R - 112 Seats
=810 Seats

Overall = 1,917 empty seats (Excluding the Sir Alf Ramsey Stands)

EDIT - Finished counting the Sir Alf Ramsey seats. These are as follows:

Sir Alf Ramsey Lower - Section 4 - 39 Seats
Sir Alf Ramsey Lower - Section 5 - 8 Seats
Sir Alf Ramsey Lower - Section 6 - 3 Seats
=50 Seats

Sir Alf Ramsey Upper - Section 1 - 349 Seats
Sir Alf Ramsey Upper - Section 2 - 317 Seats
Sir Alf Ramsey Upper - Section 3 - 780 Seats
Sir Alf Ramsey Upper - Section X - 5 Seats
=1,451 Seats

Overall amount of seats which are unused at the moment are 3,418.
30,000 - 3,418 = 26,582 potential attendance on Sunday.
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at 18:16 10 Oct 2017

We've finally sold out the entire bottom tier of the Sir Bobby Robson stand for the scum game.
Football on 5...
at 10:35 17 Sep 2017

It's just a BTEC version of the Football League Show isn't it?

Anyway, I was watching it, hoping for Ipswich to be one of the first games, and near the beginning of show the presenter said 'right now we'll round up the action from all of the teams currently in the playoffs'

So obviously that means Ipswich would be one of the games right? Well obviously not.

I had to wait and watch through all of the adverts and games to find out Ipswich was the second from last game on the show. Wasted an hour of my life.

God I miss Manish
How flattering from the BBC
at 13:07 8 Sep 2017

The fact that we've won our first 4 games with all these injuries...
at 10:46 18 Aug 2017

Surely means that when all our players come back from injury we will have a really good squad with lots of depth.
UPDATE on the 6 month Barcelona contract...
at 13:01 15 Aug 2017

Spoke to my boss again today. He wants me to go there asap (like, within next week). Not sure if that's too short of a notice as I've got holiday booked for 2 weeks time .

Plus, he just told me that my expenses won't be payed for by the company so I'll have to pay for rent/travel myself (I'm currently on a 20,000 - 30,000 salary so not sure if that'll be enough).

Any advice?
I've just been offered a job in Barcelona on a 6 month contract...
at 13:04 14 Aug 2017

Should I take it? My boss came up to me today and said they need someone to move from our London office to our Barcelona office on a 6 month contract. They said I am their number one choice and I'm just wondering if any of my fellow TWTDers have any advice, e.g, if any of you have been there (or lived there) before?

I'm only 20 years old so it's not like I have a wife and kids to leave behind haha

UPDATE: I've spoken to my boss and have accepted the offer. They're still considering other options at the mo but they will get back to me tomorrow.
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Petition to save Braintree Town FC from closure
at 18:22 3 Aug 2017

Although I'm a die-hard Ipswich fan it is sad to see this happening to my local team. Please sign this petition and prevent the club from closing :)

Why is this important?

Braintree Town FC has been in dialogue with Braintree District Council for nearly 10 years on relocating to a new stadium. With planning applications refused and a new community stadium removed from the local plan, the club has so far been unable to garner support from the local authority for relocation.

Recently the council have released the proposals for the next local plan for housing developments this includes land owned by the council adjacent to the Ironmongery Direct Stadium. This land is currently leased to the football club by the council with the lease due to expire in 2030 The land is currently used as a training pitch used by the first and reserve teams, and also the car park for users of the stadium and social club.

If the land is developed for housing not only will the club lose its training ground and car park but also access to the turnstile block used for away fans when the ground is segregated. The club will have to find alternative arrangements for training, and users of the stadium will be forced to park in neighbouring residential streets.

This would all mean that there is a very real chance that the club wouldn't be unable to continue to operate at their current home, and with no support for relocation the very existence of the club is under threat.

Please sign this petition so that a football club that has been in existence since 1889 can continue.
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Harry Bunn not in Huddersfield squad tonight...
at 16:37 1 Aug 2017

I see scum have signed another unproven player
at 15:03 14 Jul 2017

From the Bundesliga 2. Wouldn't it be fecking hilarious if all these players they're getting turn out sh!te?
[Post edited 14 Jul 15:03]
Can someone please explain to me...
at 19:20 12 Jul 2017

Why Colchester United fans hate us so much? I always see posts by them on twitter and other social media sites about how much they despise us etc. Aren't their rivals supposed to be Southend?

I actually don't mind Colchester as as team and I'm happy when they gain promotion and survive relegation etc.
John Marquis has agreed personal terms apparently...
at 17:49 12 Jul 2017

Don't shoot the messenger.

Same page that just announced Blackburn are about to sign Dominic Samuel
[Post edited 12 Jul 17:52]
Wouldn't be surprised if we signed Bodvarsson permanently...
at 13:24 11 Jul 2017

He's been told he can leave the club
Lewis McGugan
at 09:57 7 Jul 2017

Is on trial at Cardiff. Sort of player I wouldn't have minded here at Ipswich.

And he scored that absolute beauty against us a few seasons back...
Kevin Bru to Norwich for £4million
at 17:40 4 Jul 2017

100% legit def info

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