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Team for Rotherham....
at 17:45 10 Jan 2019

Mine is...

Pennington Collins Chambers Elder
Lankester Skuse Dawkins Sears
Keane Quaner

Huddersfield ST holder view on Quaner
at 17:15 9 Jan 2019

If anyones intrested. My mate text me been a Terriers ST holder for some seasons:

“Hey up Johnny. BTW saw you signed Quaner from us. Prepare for a love him/hate him cult hero type. Awkward as f*ck and all over the place but shakes defences up, runs straight at them (terrorised Arsenal last year), never scores but makes a lot of assists - he's a decent loan!”
Generally... is there any point in loans...
at 19:55 6 Jan 2019

Unless there’s a possibly and definite option to buy at the end of the loan?

PL has rightly stated, long term no, they are not your playes, and your back to square one when they go back. You have no team of your own.

Situation 1.. You have loans to improve your team/squad and you survive relegation. This has been our way of doing things for a few years and proves the point of no progression - and also in our case, stops the youngsters developing in numbers and getting their chance to progress with ITFC.

Situation 2.. You get promoted, and your team is immediately weakened when the players go back.. could end up in relegation. (Would suit ME as he’d get to pocket parachute payments and make money from the club that way.)

Situation 3.. You get loans and sell your best academy produce to make money. Get relegated and start all over again even weaker. Result, demise of a club.

For me loans should only used to bolster numbers for cover, not 1st team. But again, who would loan out players to sit on the bench?..... oh...... we do.

Any other thoughts?

Right... we all know this is the WORST it’s ever been.
at 20:39 5 Jan 2019

It’s been coming, you don’t have a good team when your ‘keeper gets player of the season consecutively - he has a poor team in front of him, end of. MM kept us afloat with old wise heads and non ‘dangerous’ drivel boring football.

It’s hard to see any positives. Maybe perhaps it had to get this bad for Evans to wake up and change his way of running the club?... be serious, we can’t compete financially with lots of clubs in this league.. not just one or two. We are a big club, but are now gonna do a “Sunderland / Wigan / Norwich... etc.

I do hope PL stays and Evans supports him to a higher level than he currently is - cause let’s face it, he’ll need to invest quite a bit to get us out of League 1 even
Some clubs down there have bigger budgets than us.

What’s the best we can hope for now?

Over to you Marcus....
at 18:33 29 Dec 2018

You have your bloody excuse now not to spend as you can’t commit to spend lots as looking likely we’ll be in league one.... farken cancer for our club. I believe Mathie... we can’t now attract players here perm signings - and that’ll suit you.

Prove me wrong in the next 4 weeks.

I won’t hold my breath.

Wish list - invention in mid, killer up front.

iifollow login problems
at 11:37 27 Oct 2018

Anyone else just being redirected to “login” once putting in your login details?

Started last week for me.
My team for Swansea.
at 11:52 3 Oct 2018


Donacien Pennington Nsiala *Knudsen (*unfortunately)

Edwards Dozzell Skuse Ward

Jackson Sears


Possibly give Chalobah a nod over Skuse but I think he get caught upfield too much and that would be Dozzells perk.

[Post edited 3 Oct 2018 15:44]
Can’t beleive Nicky Maynard is still only 31... and Leroy Lita 33
at 14:55 1 Oct 2018

Paul Hurst was the majority choice with fans.
at 09:47 27 Sep 2018

Let’s roll the clock back. Some people bleating about Derby being better off than us. If I recall, PH was the fans No1 choice in the “shortlist”, Ross was a close 2nd. Nobody was overly keen on an “untried” Lampard back then, so all the back peddlers and whingers need to wind their necks in.

We will turn this around, I don’t believe Rowe and Dozzell etc are too far off beimg put in. We will turn it around, we may have a boring mid table season finish again, but I have much more interest than before. Yes, I would like to see some of our own youngsters in - one thing I like about Hurst - which all and sundry moaned about MM, he does make subs, isn’t scared to tactically change things earlier in the game... I think somebody, hopefully Birmingham, are going to be on the end of a tonking.
I have seen every game this season btw.

Up the Town! COYB.
Tilt - to the people that are hung up about this....
at 17:37 31 Aug 2018

People must realise that Blackpool are making it VERY difficult for a player - under contract - to throw his weight around and try and orchestrate a move. Part of me says “good on them”... you know Blackpool don’t wanna sell, why would they give in if he is their best CB?

Move on, if his desire to come to Ipswich and work for PH is that strong we’ll see him when his contract expires...that’s if we haven’t fell out of love with the idea and started squirting over another CB.
Woolfy and Nsiala would be tight as knats chuff by then no doubt.
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