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Palace Eyeing Downes
at 07:22:09

I think Huws could do a job in the middle in the part as he was starting to show some of the form of when he first came here. If he is truly over his injury problems.
Huws and Nolan as the middle two as I feel that Nolan given a run would do well as he is a proven League 1 player, or give McGiven or Bishop the spot.
There is potencal there.
League One Clubs Meeting to Discuss Season Start and Salary Cap
at 11:19:09

If a wage cap comes in then the likes of Woolfenden and Downs would be on their way as Town would only be able to offer limited wages to players.
What players are going to take a huge wage drop to play in Div 1 when they can sit on the bench in the Championship for 3 times more money.

This will cause the same effect as Prem and the Championship, were sides coming down would be allowed time to reduce their wage bill, so would be able to keep most of the players they have got and have bigger squads.

The salary cap needs to be across all divisions.
Some Fans Could Return for Start of New Season
at 15:09:52

I really don't care. Covid has just highlighted the greed of Prem.

If teams in Div 1 need to play in front of crowds to be able to keep operating yet the Prem get £340 Million to play in empty grounds.
If the wage cap comes in Town have a wage bill of £18 million how will town ever be able to attract players (ie Garbutt) when the Championship and Prem can offer them whatever they want.
Town would only be able to offer Downes Dobra etc so much and the prem can just offer 3 or 4 times more money.
So it wont matter if Chambers makes mistakes week in week out as we are in this league for a long time, Best Town can hope for is flirting with the Play off in the Championship in 5 or so years time.

RIP Football
Lambert: You've Got to Look at Yourself
at 16:25:54

I watched the interview with Harry Reddnapp. He said that his son in law was offered the job at Ipswich (Lampard).
Lampard said to Harry “there is no money to spend” we all know what happened he went to Derby and brought Waghorn for £8 million.

Lambert will have to work with what we have and the only way to get money is to sell Downes Wolfenden.

Did not like McCarthy style of play but goes to show he did well on no money. Hurst turns up and spends a fortune on poor players.

Lambert did well to get Norwood and KVY so I think he will do ok in getting players who are better than we have it’s only if he can keep the good ones.
O'Neill: Lambert a Part of the Club's Plans Going Forward
at 19:25:18

Have to say I don’t really care anymore.........they are talking of £30 million to compleat 2 divisions and yet the Prem get £340:million if they complete.

Football is dead outside of the Prem......... Ipswich will never have the money to match the prem...any team could buy Downes in the prem £7 million is nothing to them but it’s enough to keep Town going to the wall.......there will be loads of team fold because of this.
Burley’s Barmy Army Wembley 2000 - Play-Off Final Special This Afternoon
at 17:42:01

Still think we got rid of Burley to soon should of waited till the end of the season
MacAnthony: Fight to Play Season to Conclusion Goes On
at 22:00:13

It’s about money. Teams who have no chance of going up know it will cost them money with no reward. Teams at the bottom and going down will lose money. The same as Ipswich lost £9 million from relegation,

This is never about player Safety.

When it’s safe to play just restart the season. The only thing will be players contracts.either extended them or just let the transfer window open. If Downes or Woolfenden get sold so be it. The transfer fees and wages will never be the same anyway.
Leagues One and Two May Not Be Completed
at 11:32:07

Only problem I see is the players contracts and the transfer window.

I think they should cancel next season and finish this one off whenever possible. that way you will have your who is up and who is down.

However what happens to the players who are out of contract or loaned to another club.

Town would have to carry on without Garbutt or if they extended the loan period would Ipswich be able to pay his wages with no supporters.

Fifty-Eight Years Ago Today Town Were Champions
at 18:16:12

To those of you who were there (PJH,therein61 etc)

How lucky you have been to see two great side in Ipswich 61 and Ipswich 81 sadly I only saw the Ipswich 81 side but my mum who is 87 has told me many stories of those great days in 61.

You have seen football change so much in those 60 odd years and I expect your wages were not far off a footballers then.

I see any chance to knock Evans no matter what the story is are taken. Yet the real problem with the game as is evident in these Covid 19 days is money.

Then nobody needed a Evans to put £6 million in each year just to stay afloat, I am afraid greed has spoilt football.

I say you are lucky only in the fact that I can never see those days coming back to Town.
Garbutt: Players Were Always Going to Do the Right Thing
at 19:56:49

I think it was wrong to single out top flight should have been amid at top sports players ie formula 1 golf etc then what about pop stars Bankers who get a couple of million for a bonus..... CEO of companies or people like TV presenters or Billionaires.
Six Changes as Blues Host Leaders Coventry
at 15:36:32

Really don’t care if he makes 15 changes and plays the girl who sells the pie’s
We will never win this game and we are stuck with the same side next season except the best players who are sold to balance the books
Rowe Back in Full Training, Vincent-Young Making Progress
at 18:09:54


I agree

If by a miracle Town do go up 80% of the team have to go as they were the ones who got the team relegated in the first place.
Money will need to be spent and hope the Downs Woolfenden and KVY can make the grade in the Championship (if still with the Town)
Rowe Back in Full Training, Vincent-Young Making Progress
at 18:05:29


Agree but a lot of them have got to play each other Peterborough have still got Coventry and Portsmouth to play for example.
Us against Coventry and Portsmouth nope can see a result Bristol Rover yes and then 6 of the bottom 8 to play Southend and Bolton. If and I mean If we win that will give the Town 74 points which may and I mean may be enough for play offs.


We have to play like we did against Burton.

So lots of if buts and maybe and I might put 50 pence on us getting a play off place.
Rowe Back in Full Training, Vincent-Young Making Progress
at 15:04:29

Funny how at the beginning of the season Lambert was a god..... Yet now its Lambert out.
Cant see us beating Coventry but 7 out the last 8 are winnable, That will put the team in a possible play off, However they have to win them and If that happens Town will have a real chance of promotion, But they have to play like they did against Burton. (Not placing my House on this) Guess he will be a god again if this happens

I agree with the idea of stability in the club hence the 5 year contract but I feel the timing was wrong.... A bonus for getting the club up then a new contract.

Feel if Lambert had been given some money to spend we would be fighting this out with Coventry and Rotherham. The players that he signed for very little money have been quite good.
Garbutt KVY Norwood (When fit) Wilson Holy...... With Money to spend I would say Chambers and Skuse would have been replaced and Wilson would not have been sign and maybe a tried and tested keeper.
But that I will never know.
Lambert: Everybody at the Club is Suffering
at 05:33:55

McCarthy was a manager who kept the team in the Championship. He had to go as it became very toxic between him and the fans, plus terrible football and the club was going no where.

We get a manager who had no experience in the Championship and gave him money to build a team He then sold our whole strike force and replaced the team with Div 2 players. We then get rid of him and put in a manager who has tried to get the club back to the good old days with a team of div 2 players

The team we have now is a side bar a few who got relegated and play with no sole so why do we expect the club to go back up. Most of the younger players are playing their first season really.
Money needs to be spent on players like KVY and Norwood type players and let the rest go.
Keane Jackson Chambers Skuse Judge Kenlock Doiceian.

The club need to start again.
Ipswich Town 0-1 Fleetwood Town - Match Report
at 22:28:14

Essex tractor

I walked out 5 years ago and have only seen them once. The reason was £38 pound ticket £40 in petrol £5 parking for 2 hours and £10 on a pie and programme, just short of £100 and the poor football. I thought to myself why am I lining these footballers pocket who really don’t care.

The price of 5 seasons of not watching Ipswich was put in a Saving account and that has just paid for 4 weeks in Las Vegas and San Francisco in 5 star hotels.

Maybe if that was put in front of the players they might realise that what they earn in a week takes most of us 5 years to save.
McGavin and Dozzell Start Against Fleetwood
at 19:43:27

O well season over........never going to win this. Hope he makes 6 changes for Coventry and play the youngsters because we don’t need to win either.

On the other hand is he resting our best players for Coventry and hoping this side is strong enough to beat Fleetwood
Blackpool 2-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:28:38

What does anyone expect as we have the same players we got relegated with. Hurst brought a load of Di.vison 2 players who were out of their depth in the Championship and yet we expect Town to walk this division.
Blackpool 1-0 Ipswich Town - Half-Time
at 16:04:23

Don’t worry guy the season is still on only Fleetwood Coventry and Portsmouth next.

Put those rose tinted glasses back on and all is well again
Sears and Bishop Start at Blackpool
at 14:49:37

Who really cares the season is over.....the teams above us are far better and we are never going to beat them in the play off.
If Town do win it's just a false dawn as we will get put to the award against Portsmouth and Coventry
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