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Ferguson: We Might Be Top Had Town and Wycombe Not Played Bolton's Youth Team
at 09:45:09

I think what he's saying is, if his auntie had testicles, she'd have been his uncle!
Lambert: There Was No Respect for the Place
at 15:21:34

I am heartened that we now have a manager in place who wants to bring some much needed pride back to the club.

It is also pleasant to note that so many contributors here are backing our manager, realising he has the supporter's and the club's welfare, in all areas, at the top of his list. It wasn't long ago that many people were underwhelmed or appalled by the appointment of an "ex-budgie" as the new manager but, even they can now surely see he is a complete breath of fresh air... something we all craved, after years of apathetic dross.

Now, all we need to complete the puzzle is an owner who REALLY cares as much as Lambert does!
Evans on Relegation, New Arrivals and the Promotion Challenge
at 16:16:35

How easy it is to talk the talk, Marcus, when giving yourself a good deal of wriggle room to not actually walk the walk... yet again. Year on year the same old drivel comes out to appease the deep unrest within the fan base at the sure and steady decline of our club.

If... IF... he actually means what he says and that 3 new additions are being sought to shore up the squad, then, as Head of Player Recruitment and Chief Contract Negotiator, he has some really urgent work to do.

I hope I'm wrong but, judging by recent seasons and the blurb that was trotted out then to get the fans back on board with him, I remain sceptical.

I DO understand that running a football club isn't financially or contractually as simple as "identify the players, sign the players, pay the players"... the infrastructure of the club, the material properties of the club and all the other staff attract a cost too... I appreciate that, but citing the loss of £9 Million in revenue due to relegation, as a factor for not strengthening the playing staff in order to facilitate a challenge in this division, is tantamount to a declaration of his own failings over the last few seasons and the culmination of a woeful lack of investment. No-one wants to pay good money to go and see their beloved club get their arses whipped every week by playing the complete dross served up by Evans & McCarthy for years on end. The fans ebbed away from paying to watch the footballing equivalent of a sleeping draught. No ambition = complete apathy!

It is all very well listing the myriad ways in which he "supports" the club financially... a buzzword he chose to remind us of often in his lyrical prose... but without a team capable of challenging to win games to give us a chance of promotion, we will be going nowhere fast... stagnating, while we have to watch teams around us flourish.

And, by the way, has it not been said, more than once, that any money he "invests" in the club boosts the amount of debt owed by the club... to Marcus Evans? If that is the case then he is not "investing" anything at all... he's simply making us a long list of loan payments, which he'll want repaid at some point down the line?

Is anyone in a position to clarify that beyond doubt???

I know some on here will savour every syllable of that column piece, swallowing every line he dishes out, but I am of the opinion that believing every word that comes out of his mouth or from the nib of his pen, is a surefire way to very soon becoming disappointed by it's lack of accuracy and real intent.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me, it is purely my opinion, based on previous observation, to which I am entitled.

I await, with bated breath, the announcement of our 3 new permanent signings!

I remain full of support for Paul Lambert and all the honest, hardworking lads that pull the shirt on every week.

20,000 Expected as Blues Face Black Cats in Home Opener
at 19:59:23

Gcon has a point... not about McCarthy but about Evans!

They both deserved to be drummed out of PR with their heads hung in shame. McCarthy for his demeanour towards the fans who paid his wages and his (lack of) style of play and Evans for failing to back the team when we've obviously needed it.

The M word has departed, thankfully, but Evans, sadly, is still wringing the neck of his wallet to prevent any funds escaping in exchange for some badly needed quality players to bolster our chances.

At least we can all rest assured that he has spoken to that puffy-faced football encyclopedia, geezer and all-round wideboy, Barry Fry, about our intentions, or lack of, in the transfer market. Barry Fry always strikes me as the kind of bloke who should be sitting on a stool at the corner of a bar, with a bag of dry roasted peanuts, sipping half a pint of milk stout and telling everyone he knows all the answers on the pub quiz machine. This is who Evans has regular chats with? Christ on a bike!

Why doesn't Evans put his faith in the management team he's employed to rescue our honour instead of spilling the beans to rivals? What thought process has he gone through where that, he thinks, is his best option?

Just where do Evans' loyalties lie... I do wonder???
Lambert: Evans Should Tell the Fans What’s Going On
at 11:39:45

This current situation of non-investment in the playing staff is the fault of only one person... and it's not Lambert!

The failure of boosting the squad lies squarely with Evans and Evans alone.

While he's the owner, he'll bleed the club dry to claw back the money he's lost having made such poor business decisions during his woeful tenure. He's a disaster not waiting to happen.

It is time he cleared his desk. Get out of our club!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Blues Edge Closer to Webster and Moore Sell-On Windfalls
at 00:31:12

Grinch... let's not be fooled again that it is the manager who is at fault for our precarious league position.

The main protagonist in all our woes is Evans... the buck begins, ends and stops with him!

He is a parasite who deserves to be nowhere near our beloved football club. The sooner he gets the message that he is not wanted at this club and puts it up for sale, the happier we can all be.

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Blues Edge Closer to Webster and Moore Sell-On Windfalls
at 17:20:12

What a debacle our transfer policy is!

Anyone shows a remote interest in our talented performers and Evans negotiates for them to leave our club for a tenner, a bag of peanuts and a curly-wurly. One year later and they get sold on for £Millions... but at least he negotiated a top drawer sell-on clause didn't he... didn't he??? Ah, no, my mistake, it was the club we BOUGHT a mediocre player from that managed to negotiate an unbelievable sell-on percentage where, when we sell that player, all the money goes to his previous club... GENIUS!

That clown, Evans, being in charge of transfer dealings is like putting Donald Trump in charge of the USA. Nothing good can come of it.

Evans should man-up and leave the transfer dealings to someone who knows what they're doing... the football club's manager, who has much more experience and knowledge within the game, for instance? A novel idea I know, Marcus, but hey, it might just work.

Marcus Evans, if you or your underlings read this, I implore you... Please, get the hell OUT of OUR club!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Lambert: We Have to Aim to Be Up There But We've No Divine Right
at 16:55:43

With hindsight, we can't JUST blame Hurst for the position we find ourselves in.

It has become most apparent that the most culpable culprit in our demise is, undoubtedly, Marcus Evans!

Just look at the way he's treating the current manager... no funds, no real interest in listening to the one footballing asset he surely has to take notice of... his own club's manager.

Evans is a shambles of a football club owner... a travesty, a bloodsucking parasite of an owner who has bled ITFC dry and tossed the desiccated husk of our once great club into the wilderness of League One.

It's EVANS who now needs to transfer HIMSELF out of Portman Road and give us our club back!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Rowe: A Season of Real Ups and Downs
at 16:36:46

Mr Grumpy Lambert?

If you worked for an individual like Evans, who seems content to not back his number one employee with badly needed transfer funds and to throw his managers under a bus to save his own hide, wouldn't you be a little discontented and disillusioned?

I just hope we can hang onto Lambert as I think he's a decent bloke who is trying his best to make a silk purse out of very small, withered, diseased pigs ear.

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Lambert: Flynn Can't React Like That and He Knows It
at 16:22:26

Unfortunately Bluey, doom and gloom is what we're being fed on a season by season basis by our esteemed owner, Marcus Evans.

I would like to see our homegrown talent take to the pitch in a blues shirt too, but on merit, rather than due to the lack of commitment and investment in the transfer market by Evans.

The only surefire way to get that lasting feelgood factor back at Portman Road is for Evans to sell up and disappear up his own, so we never have to look at his inane features or listen to his copious bulldust ever again.

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Town Topic: How Will the Blues Fare in 2019/20?
at 16:12:52

I just pray that we have enough to stay up in League One... but with Evans at the rudder, we could possibly sink through the League Two trapdoor due to his penny pinching, asset stripping, investment free financial policy.

Evans is not the Messiah... he's a very naughty boy!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Lambert Expresses Transfer Frustrations: It's the Way the Club's Run
at 15:59:03

If you or your cronies scan through this forum Evans, let me ask you a direct question?

Why, in God's name, did you purchase this football club simply to drive it into the ground?

Be honest, no spin, no waxing lyrical or meaningless rhetoric... just give us all a straight and honest answer as to what your intentions were.

I and thousands of others who love this club would dearly like to know, right now!

Be a man and tell it like it is.

If this game is too rich for you, get the hell out of our club!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Lambert Expresses Transfer Frustrations: It's the Way the Club's Run
at 15:47:37

So there it is folks, right from the horse's mouth! Did PL need to be any clearer on where the problem with our beloved club lies? Evans has drained any optimism I had for going forward this coming season.

Marcus Evans seems content to throw ITFC to the wall. All hope is lost if Evans stays at the helm. All he's accomplished in his time here is to strip away the assets we once enjoyed and replace them (or not) with sub standard freebies and no hopers.

His complete mismanagement of every situation he's faced since he slithered through the gates at Portman Road has seen us turn from Championship title contenders to League One canon fodder.

We need to get that misfit out of our club NOW!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
Garbutt: We're Itching to Get the Season Started
at 18:27:02

I know it's early doors but hey... 0-0 with Cambridge Utd hardly seems to set the world on fire.

Buy some real talent Marcus and give PL the tools to get us back to the Championship!
Garbutt: We're Itching to Get the Season Started
at 18:23:46

I'm always optimistic prior to the season's kick-off, which will remain the same for this coming season.


I do hope that Evans gets his cheque book out NOW to fund the additions identified by the management as being necessary to compete for promotion. We've seen where his lack of speculation financially has left this club... he must have to concede that his dealings in the past few years, or lack of, has seen us get to where we are now, plummeting through the Championship trapdoor into league one.

Unless Evans is using our beloved club merely as a tax write-off, he can't be happy with the way his handling of transfers in and out has left him haemorrhaging money, as the net worth of ITFC falls around his ears. Selling decent playing assets and not reinvesting in talent of a similar standard will obviously harm our prospects... as we and he (surely) must know! It isn't rocket science.

The time has definitely arrived to nail your colours to the mast Marcus. You're in the last chance saloon matey... you and your investment policy have got us in this mess so stump up or sell on.

I remain hopefully optimistic for the new season though... COYB!
Lambert: Three Wanted and Targets Identified But Things Not Moving Quickly Enough
at 19:54:57

Unfortunately, I believe PL is now really finding out what life is like as a manager of Ipswich Town Football Club under the ownership of Marcus Evans.

We all knew there wasn't going to be a huge transfer budget just sitting there, waiting to be utilised on quality players to enable us to rise back to The Championship unchallenged. We will, once again, be left bemused and bewildered by the transfer dealings of our beloved club and will no doubt rue the frugality of our owner, unless he changes tack and puts his money where his mouth is. Unless he shows some ambition to repair the damage he's done since he took the helm, we'll continue to steam full-tilt towards the iceberg of lower league obscurity.

I would hope some lessons have been learnt from the past mistakes Evans has made by underdoing the work needed to compete, survive and progress. If Evans trusts him as manager of this club, Lambert needs some financial backing to achieve the goal of promotion... Evans needs to stop prevaricating and get some deals done NOW!

Give PL the tools to win, Marcus!
Rotherham Eyeing Former Loanees Ward and Adeyemi
at 11:25:46

McCarthy certainly ruined Grant Ward... his "style" of play would ruin most players.
Released West Brom Keeper at Town to Complete Move
at 11:17:35

I dislike David Nugent intensely!

Just saying.

Chambers: Big Pre-Season
at 14:58:54

I'd like to echo TractorRoyNo1's sentiment concerning Johnny Williams...

Get Him In!

McGoldrick was said to be "accident prone" when he was with us but, just look at how he's flourished at Sheffield United playing a lot more games for them and making a real contribution to their promotion push.

Johnny Williams is a good player and would be a play-making asset for us... on the right terms, obviously.

Alas, if Swansea are linked, he's probably bound back to Wales.

Chalobah: I Now See Myself as a Midfielder
at 23:29:41

As I said LancsBlue... it is just my opinion.

Just because I think we would have fared better with a different player in midfield, doesn't make it the irrefutable truth.

Everyone has an opinion... I happen to think mine is the correct one.

Just because he's played for the England youth sides, it doesn't make him the next Lionel Messi. I rarely believe all the hype that comes associated with certain players who are tipped to light up the world with their footballing prowess... a lot of them come and go without leaving any real mark in the sport. My feeling is that Chalobah is one such player. I suspect his England call-ups have had something to do with him being part of Chelsea's youth set up. Maybe you think that's a bit of a cynical viewpoint, you're welcome to make your own mind up, obviously. He certainly hasn't performed well enough in my mind to label him as a future England stalwart. I hope I'm very wrong... only time will tell for sure.

I will agree that he got ever so slightly better after the first few months of the season but, on what I've witnessed with my own eyes, I'd much rather have seen players promoted from our own youth ranks ( as we've been promised will now happen ).

Anyway, as I previously stated, I wish him all the best in whatever he does next as he seems like a very nice lad.
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