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Blues Again Linked With Ex-Northampton Keeper Cornell
at 16:04:15

Playing as poorly as we have done for the last two (and more) seasons, the drop into League one and now this salary cap creates a perfect storm. When it comes to recruiting talent decent enough to push us on for promotion, I'm afraid we're not a very attractive prospect.

Ex-Northampton goalkeepers, lower-league journeymen and non-league never-will-be's are our targets... God help us all!

What have we come to?

Stewart on Life's a Pitch
at 14:58:00

Can't we get him back at PR to coach our goal-shy strikeforce?

Let Terry Butcher coach the defence and get Matty Holland to oversee our midfield.

Can't do any worse than we have up to now!
Lambert: Marcus Will Do What He Wants to Do, I Don’t Sit and Worry
at 09:22:10

The REAL secret agent of destruction is Marcus Evans - 0013 - unlucky for us!
Lambert: Marcus Will Do What He Wants to Do, I Don’t Sit and Worry
at 18:36:50

Reading between the lines, I feel what he might have really wanted to say goes something like this...

“I think Pep came out and said it, and he said the other week there if you have great players the game becomes a bit easier. If he went to another team where he couldn’t really work or invest, he would struggle."

* This game is very difficult at the moment because most of our players are sh*te! Anyone can see for themselves with half an eye that the players I inheritied aren't anywhere near good enough, but Evans won't back me with enough funds when it comes to getting in the players I need and have asked for! *

“Without the resources, without the infrastructure and the finance to back it, (it) becomes very difficult, you ask any manager that, you’ve got to have the tools to do it."

* On the face of it, I've been tasked with getting us promoted but I'm afraid it's merely pie-in-the-sky. Evans' real agenda is very different... try to keep us mid-table/avoid relegation to League 2! He then simply wants me to appease the fans with the same empty rhetoric, after each disastrous result, just like he himself trots out at the start of each season. Promotion? Don't make me laugh!! I don't have the right tools I need to achieve that! *

“But this club is different because it’s a big club and people portray it as a big club, but if you look at it over the piece it doesn’t really buy anybody, it doesn’t really get that level that the club should [be].”

* Big club? It might have been, once upon a time. Unfortunately, Marcus Evans has taken this club and set it back years, reduced it's fan base, reduced it's investment, decimated it's capability to compete on all levels and turned it into a laughing stock! He will not invest the funds needed to make a serious assault on the promotion places. This club doesn't have a hope in hell of doing anything progressive with him as owner! *

“If it (the club) fails and doesn’t go up then you have to look at other things. The guys need a bit of help, the guys give you everything, but they need a little bit of help.”

* For God's sake Marcus, you've shot down in flames yet another season with your lack of investment and football knowledge. Please back me, your manager, with sufficient funds to build a squad capable of challenging for promotion back to The Championship. I need to be able to cut out all the dead wood floating around here to have any chance of success and buy in the players who are capable of playing to a system and are up for the fight. If you won't invest, we'll be screwed again next season! *

Or something like that.
Lambert Hopeful on Skuse and Huws
at 17:19:50

Those contributors absolving Evans of blame for where we find ourselves are fooling no-one.

Think about it for a moment.

Who decides on the managerial appointments?

Who has his hands on the purse strings when we need to invest to push on from a position of strength or avoid relegation?

Who takes it on himself to handle all the transfer business?

Who comes out and apologises to the fans, year after year after year and promises it'll get better, just to sell season tickets?

Under who's tenure have we consistently struggled season after season, under a succession of uninspiring managers, with poor and unattractive football the only offering?

Under who's ownership did ticket sales dwindle at PR?

Under who's ownership did we eventually get what we knew was coming to us... relegation?

Evans is the ONLY one to blame for this mess!

Lambert Hopeful on Skuse and Huws
at 11:21:24

If we can get beaten by Fleetwood, what hope do we have against Coventry?

It doesn't seem to matter who plays, there is a very toxic atmosphere around the club which has been building over the last few years.

There is a sickness here (and I don't mean the Corona Virus), a constant ill wind circling Portman Road. A pervasive disease that starts at the very top of our hierarchy and filters down through the management and into the playing staff.

That disease is called Marcus Evans. It's a bit like a tumour. It sits in the heart of our club, eating away at us from the inside, draining all hope and ambition until a once vibrant and mighty force has been left withered, broken and lifeless.

There is only one hope... one cure...

Player of the Year Awards Tickets on Sale
at 10:05:51

Are they taking the p*ss?
Warnock Linked Again But No Contact With Town
at 16:08:20

I am not Warnock's biggest fan by any means... I dislike the bloke quite intensely. He's another McCarthy waiting in the wings to "steady the ship" and guide us to mid-table safety with no investment. Add to that the fact he's stated he's retiring at the end of this season and he'd simply be here to line his pocket and have a jolly.

He is not the answer. Even with his record of getting teams promoted, this season is another we all have to just chalk off to (a bad) experience.

I fear, with Evans' involvement at the club seemingly set to continue, it doesn't matter who we have as manager, our club is dying a slow and painful death.

I know there's no buyer rushing to put his hand into his pocket to release Evans from his tenure as owner and I've seen, like everyone else here, how Bury and others have withered away to nothing or have struggled to survive but dear Jesus, surely Evans' time is now up?

Surely he has come across some wealthy folks during his other business dealings who he could do a deal with to buy this club? PLEASE!!!
Barton: Sad to Hear Some of the Noises Circling Around Here
at 15:43:53

I care very little what that dolt Barton has to say but I care deeply that they came to our home and rolled us over.

It's a cruel indictment of just how fragile we are and how far we've fallen, getting our rear-end spanked by a thug and lowly little Fleetwood Town... how embarrasing... how bloody embarrasing!

Where do we go from here?

Dear God, Coventry to come on Saturday fills me with dread!
Ipswich Town 0-1 Fleetwood Town - Match Report
at 15:19:18

Anyone who says this predicament is not Evans' fault can't see the wood for the trees!

EVERYTHING we have suffered since he took over is HIS fault. HE is the man with the money, HE involves himself in the transfers in/out, HE appoints the managers, HE clearly knows nothing about football.

Why then bother having a manager at all if you don't listen and take on board what's needed and being asked for... investment in some decent players?

The buck stops firmly and surely with HIM!

Ipswich Town 0-1 Fleetwood Town - Match Report
at 10:11:52

The main problem we have is that, whoever is manager of this great club, he has to work for and under our clueless, shambolic owner, Marcus Evans.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, Evans is the disease, Lambert is just another symptom of the Evans regime.

Hypothetically, even if we could attract a manager with the Midas Touch like Klopp or Guardiola, they would undoubtedly fail here too due to the lack of investment, ambition and football knowledge shown by the owner.

I'm not defending what Lambert does, how he's got us performing or how the results have gone (and will continue to go) but I think it's fair to say he (and we) would have fared much better with some timely investment in January to enable a big push for promotion. No decent footballing assets were drafted in because Evans wouldn't have it. Evans is too frugal and too short sighted to see the nose on his own face. Everything Evans does and doesn't do is a catalyst for our demise.

It may only be a rumour but, I hear Marcus Evans' record of not parting with cash to make us competitive in League football has prompted the producers of "A Christmas Carol", which is to be performed in January 2021 in The Playhouse Theatre, Kidderminster, to offer him the part of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Like it or not, under this ownership, we are screwed!

Blackpool 2-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 19:35:44

The answer is a very simple one HackneyBlue... Marcus Evans.

When it comes to the ruination of this club, the buck stops with him 100%

Time he wasn't here!
Blackpool 2-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 19:29:24

There is trouble afoot!

There is a cancer eating away at our once glorious club from the inside... that parasitic tumour is Marcus Evans.

Since he arrived, he has done nothing to improve or halt the slide into oblivion. His empty words backed by that creepy smile he wears in front of a camera makes my skin crawl.

His managerial appointments, his less than frugal investment policy, the growing debt owed to him by the club, his sales of players for relative pennies (to go some way to balance his meagre outlay), his ignorance of how to turn the tide of poor performances and provide the tools for a promotion push... everything he does or doesn't do leaves us flat, game on game, season after season.

More than 80% of people who voted whether or not he was good for our club said "NO". If that kind of percentage of the fan base want you out, it's time to go. If you're that disliked, why stay? If you're losing money year after year, why stay? If you're not going to make a significant investment to change things, WHY STAY??? Just what is keeping you at this club?????

Put the club on the market Marcus, put it up for sale, sell up and slither out of our club never to return!
Town Down to Ninth
at 15:12:33

Oh dear, what a state we find ourselves in!

A lot of fans are very quick to blame our current woes and dreadful league position on the manager, which I feel is a bit unfair. His position is a little like a road worker who is tasked with moving 10 tons of gravel and then handed a fork!

When it comes to dishing out blame for our slide down the leagues, the ball lands fairly and squarely in the court of one Mr M Evans... our increasingly wealthy, short-sighted, frugal owner.

He has asked our manager to juggle several balls with both hands tied behind his back... not an easy task!

Anyway, as is expected of us fans, let's back our wonderful saviour, Mr Evans, his investment policy and his multi-point plan to be top of the league... National League South!
Lambert: We Targeted Wickham
at 10:44:17

Pennblue is totally correct when he says let's not be too quick blame the manager this time around.

Too many people are far too quick to heap the majority of the blame for our current malaise on a manager who has his staffing options cut to the bone by an owner with no ambition, despite what he says on his rare forays in front of a video camera.

Sure, Evans can wax lyrical and hide behind the FFP and that same old boring story about running the club on a stable financial footing year after year after year, ad infinitum. The reality of this business is that, if you don't make a solid investment, you get nowhere for a couple of seasons before slipping into reverse gear and disappearing down the leagues. That scenario became all too apparent last season.

One of the major problems for the last several years seems to be Evans' willingness to sell our capable playing staff and our upcoming, hungry young talent for a small handful of magic beans, which he then (on the odd occasion) plants in the poisoned soil of over-the-hill journeymen and lower league no-hopers. Just look at the very capable players who've left the club for pocket money since Evans took charge and marvel at the amounts they've then been sold on for after one or two more seasons... that doesn't look or smell like good business to me. Conversely, look at what has been drafted in on a shoestring as replacements and how successful that policy has proven to be. Disastrous!

The trotting out of phrases like "stable financial footing" and "financial fair play", among others of the same ilk, is always used as a justification for not investing in talent which could get us flying up the league table. The threat of financial instability is used as a cudgel to beat down the support who are frustrated at watching the tasteless fayre being served up by the team on a weekly basis.

"Do you want this club to go out of business by spending money on players?" Obviously not! No-one who supports this club wants that!! That threat is a well used tool to quieten the unrest in the ranks at the complete dearth of desire shown by Evans. If I hear that poor excuse, that shonky snake oil salesman's technique one more time by the ownership or his cronies, I think I'll scream.

Other clubs seem to show much more determination to better their lot each transfer window by speculating funds on players who can help them push on in the league, where we languish in the knowledge that our owner would rather sell to balance his own pot. Furthermore, many of those clubs are poorer than we are. Do they operate without fear of losing their league status? Are they ALL on the brink of going out of business? How do they do it???

I'm afraid it doesn't really matter who sits as the manager of this club, their hands are tied when it comes to how the club operates on the pitch due to a complete lack of aspiration from the ownership

You can say what you like, however, it still remains undeniable that Evans is the be all and end all when it comes to the ruination of this once great club.

Rant over... for now.

Ferguson: We Might Be Top Had Town and Wycombe Not Played Bolton's Youth Team
at 09:45:09

I think what he's saying is, if his auntie had testicles, she'd have been his uncle!
Lambert: There Was No Respect for the Place
at 15:21:34

I am heartened that we now have a manager in place who wants to bring some much needed pride back to the club.

It is also pleasant to note that so many contributors here are backing our manager, realising he has the supporter's and the club's welfare, in all areas, at the top of his list. It wasn't long ago that many people were underwhelmed or appalled by the appointment of an "ex-budgie" as the new manager but, even they can now surely see he is a complete breath of fresh air... something we all craved, after years of apathetic dross.

Now, all we need to complete the puzzle is an owner who REALLY cares as much as Lambert does!
Evans on Relegation, New Arrivals and the Promotion Challenge
at 16:16:35

How easy it is to talk the talk, Marcus, when giving yourself a good deal of wriggle room to not actually walk the walk... yet again. Year on year the same old drivel comes out to appease the deep unrest within the fan base at the sure and steady decline of our club.

If... IF... he actually means what he says and that 3 new additions are being sought to shore up the squad, then, as Head of Player Recruitment and Chief Contract Negotiator, he has some really urgent work to do.

I hope I'm wrong but, judging by recent seasons and the blurb that was trotted out then to get the fans back on board with him, I remain sceptical.

I DO understand that running a football club isn't financially or contractually as simple as "identify the players, sign the players, pay the players"... the infrastructure of the club, the material properties of the club and all the other staff attract a cost too... I appreciate that, but citing the loss of £9 Million in revenue due to relegation, as a factor for not strengthening the playing staff in order to facilitate a challenge in this division, is tantamount to a declaration of his own failings over the last few seasons and the culmination of a woeful lack of investment. No-one wants to pay good money to go and see their beloved club get their arses whipped every week by playing the complete dross served up by Evans & McCarthy for years on end. The fans ebbed away from paying to watch the footballing equivalent of a sleeping draught. No ambition = complete apathy!

It is all very well listing the myriad ways in which he "supports" the club financially... a buzzword he chose to remind us of often in his lyrical prose... but without a team capable of challenging to win games to give us a chance of promotion, we will be going nowhere fast... stagnating, while we have to watch teams around us flourish.

And, by the way, has it not been said, more than once, that any money he "invests" in the club boosts the amount of debt owed by the club... to Marcus Evans? If that is the case then he is not "investing" anything at all... he's simply making us a long list of loan payments, which he'll want repaid at some point down the line?

Is anyone in a position to clarify that beyond doubt???

I know some on here will savour every syllable of that column piece, swallowing every line he dishes out, but I am of the opinion that believing every word that comes out of his mouth or from the nib of his pen, is a surefire way to very soon becoming disappointed by it's lack of accuracy and real intent.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me, it is purely my opinion, based on previous observation, to which I am entitled.

I await, with bated breath, the announcement of our 3 new permanent signings!

I remain full of support for Paul Lambert and all the honest, hardworking lads that pull the shirt on every week.

20,000 Expected as Blues Face Black Cats in Home Opener
at 19:59:23

Gcon has a point... not about McCarthy but about Evans!

They both deserved to be drummed out of PR with their heads hung in shame. McCarthy for his demeanour towards the fans who paid his wages and his (lack of) style of play and Evans for failing to back the team when we've obviously needed it.

The M word has departed, thankfully, but Evans, sadly, is still wringing the neck of his wallet to prevent any funds escaping in exchange for some badly needed quality players to bolster our chances.

At least we can all rest assured that he has spoken to that puffy-faced football encyclopedia, geezer and all-round wideboy, Barry Fry, about our intentions, or lack of, in the transfer market. Barry Fry always strikes me as the kind of bloke who should be sitting on a stool at the corner of a bar, with a bag of dry roasted peanuts, sipping half a pint of milk stout and telling everyone he knows all the answers on the pub quiz machine. This is who Evans has regular chats with? Christ on a bike!

Why doesn't Evans put his faith in the management team he's employed to rescue our honour instead of spilling the beans to rivals? What thought process has he gone through where that, he thinks, is his best option?

Just where do Evans' loyalties lie... I do wonder???
Lambert: Evans Should Tell the Fans What’s Going On
at 11:39:45

This current situation of non-investment in the playing staff is the fault of only one person... and it's not Lambert!

The failure of boosting the squad lies squarely with Evans and Evans alone.

While he's the owner, he'll bleed the club dry to claw back the money he's lost having made such poor business decisions during his woeful tenure. He's a disaster not waiting to happen.

It is time he cleared his desk. Get out of our club!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale
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