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Owner Evans Issues Statement
at 14:06:15

Airing a topic for healthy debate here is always productive... having heated arguments with other, fellow supporters is not.

We all want the same things for our club, don't we?

Passion, ambition, a winning mentality, good football on the pitch and a concerted drive for promotion back up the leagues.

We all have opinions about our club, that's part and parcel of supporting our team and it is that very fact that should be binding us all together, not creating hatred and division.

That being said, I will go on to the point I want to make here today.

BigBlueJim posted a link to The Guardian's take on the situation at our beloved ITFC, which is a very interesting read.


I don't think there is any reason for The Guardian or it's journos to be biased in this article, it just about sums up our ongoing situation perfectly, written by someone from the outside looking in.

Our decline over the last decade plus isn't due to just one thing. There are many factors which have contributed to this slow death but all have one thing in common... Marcus Evans' tenure as owner.

Marcus Evans doesn't appear to be football man, at least, not from what I've seen and heard... he is a businessman and a very successful one by all accounts. The trouble is, football isn't JUST a business, it is much, much more than that. It is that extra dimension that he seems incapable of understanding or addressing (or perhaps he just tries to ignore it). He is a numbers man not an emotions man.

You cannot apply the same rules to running a football club as you do to running any other business. You don't see the fanatical supporters of Barclays Bank taunting those who prefer The Royal Bank of Scotland or shoppers who prefer Tesco making up a funny chant about ASDA. These businesses don't generate that level of personal involvement and fervent passion from an emotionally invested, paying public.

Since Mr Evans took over as owner, we have slipped and slid our way into a catastrophic loss of playing and management talent, plummeted down the league structure, a huge loss of form and playing style, much reduced investment in good players, fanbase alienation, dwindling crowd sizes, increased injury lists and general bad feeling all around.

Quite frankly, I don't think Paul Lambert or anyone else has a snowball in Hell's chance of getting us back up the leagues under Marcus Evans. Paul Lambert is always going to be the scapegoat for our lack of form, lack of wins, lack of points, lack of good players etc. ad infinitum. What has to be realised by each and every Ipswich Town fan is that ANY manager will fare the same and share the same fate as Lambert and all his predecessors whilst Marcus Evans is in charge.

I genuinely feel sorry for Lambert and to some extent those who came before him... they were all sent into a major battle zone with depleted stocks of ammunition, very little body armour and with no chance of reinforcements.

Whilst the managers take ALL the blame and deserve some of it, the owner is accused of very little in comparison but in reality, he's by far and away the main protagonist.

The best thing that could happen to our club now, in my opinion, is for Marcus Evans to sell up and ship out.
Blue Action Call For Lambert Exit
at 15:19:33

There are a lot of varying views concerning our current plight, who is to blame and the possible changes needed in attempting to address the situation we find ourselves in... yet again!

As I see it, and it is only my opinion based on what I see and hear, our beloved club has become a bit of a circus akin to the US Presidency of Donald Trump.

Trump, the Commander In Chief (or The Supreme Leader) and his sidekick, VP Mike Pence (read: any manager employed by The Supreme Leader).

Firstly, Trump is certainly no politician (or Club Owner), who sows the seeds of division (Division One?) and malcontent through the constant repetition of bold-faced inaccuracies (the 5 year plan), stating something over and over and over until it becomes a virtual truth in the eyes of those who know no better. Mike Pence, the VP, quietly smiles in the background, trying not to let anything fluster him and toes the President's line, even though he must be embarrassed to do so.

Next season is going to be great... truly great... really... it'll be the greatest season ever... so great... we're going to do things... lots of things... and it'll be great!

The majority of people are tired of this trash and would like someone else in charge but Trump is stubbornly determined to hold onto power. VP Mike Pence quietly smiles (perhaps more of a wince) in the background, still toeing that Presidential line, trying to look unruffled, even though he must be sorely embarrassed to do so.

Perhaps the cure for all our club's ills might be an intravenous shot of some sort of strong isotonic sports drink? Maybe that's possible... I don't know... is that possible? Perhaps you could look into that... It would be so great... truly... so great! (Only joking... no really... it was a joke, honest!).


Under Trump's tenure as (fake) President, at least the stock markets have rallied to an all time high, just like ITFC's current net worth... uh... ah... oh yeah... ummmm... I mean ummm... no. Damn... and it was all fitting into place.

All joking aside, someone here posted that the buck stops with Lambert. It doesn't!

The buck stops with one Mr M Evans.

I agree change is needed but just how much change dare we hope for?

As I said, just my opinion.
Blue Action Call For Lambert Exit
at 16:54:42


I could less what you think.

Dragging up McCarthy at every opportunity is a pathetic waste of your time and ours.

Wake up and smell the coffee mate.
Blue Action Call For Lambert Exit
at 16:49:48

Oh God!

Not the MM argument AGAIN!!!

He's gone, he's curled up his toes, he's singing with the choir invisibule, he is an ex-manager!

Get the hell over it.

He was a footballing dinosaur who turned on the fans when they demanded more and were getting less.

Good bleeding riddance to him.

End of story!
Blue Action Call For Lambert Exit
at 16:46:46

Personally, I feel sorry for any manager tasked with the job of getting us promoted.

Paul Lambert doesn't seem able to get the team firing at a level needed to win promotion but let us not forget, he is not the WHOLE problem here, merely a symptom of Evan's tenure as owner.

Yes, the financial fair play rules can be cited for Evan's lack of willingness to invest at a level to guarantee having a really good go at the league, but, the reality of where we once were to where we are now speaks for itself. History doesn't lie. Since Sheepy and the board sold out to Evans, it has been one disastrous move after another... a slow and painful demise into the depths of League One and I fear it doesn't stop there.

Unless we can find a genuine miracle worker who can generate the spirit, togetherness, that overwhelming desire to win at all costs and a great footballing ethos on the pitch, we are dead in the water.

I don't see any light at the end of the Evans tunnel.

Blackpool 1-4 Ipswich Town - Highlights
at 12:48:04

A great result. Playing nicely balanced, front foot, attractive football and scoring goals from all positions. What's not to like?

This is much more like the Town team we ought to be.

Come on you blues!
Ipswich Town 2-0 Wigan Athletic - Match Report
at 16:36:11

Firstly, with rose-tinted glasses firmly on, it was an opening day victory and three points to kick off the new campaign.

A few of our boys looked good in the game and we just about controlled things in the middle of the park and broke up Wigan's game fairly well.

Taking those spectacles off...

We looked as ragged at the back as we have done for the last few seasons. We were lucky not to be behind at the break. A few headless chicken moments could and should have cost us dear and it was only by the grace of god that Wigan were as sloppy in front of our goal as we were.

One or two of the Wigan lads looked quite handy and might have caught the eye of several League One outfits... might be worth bearing in mind Mr Lambert?

Yes, we managed to win the game by two clear goals but it was against a makeshift side in supposed disarray. What might have happened if we were playing more settled opposition, making those kinds of mistakes at the back from set-pieces, is anybody's guess.

We rode our luck today but played well enough in enough of the game to eek out the result.

Early doors I know but I hope we start the next game a lot sharper and with more cohesion and awareness, especially at the back.

O'Neill: Downes Offers Nowhere Near Our Valuation
at 16:42:29

There's no smoke without fire and there's no way he'll be staying if the Prem clubs come-a-knockin' with their bottomless yet still barely open wallets.

ArnieM is right I fear... If Palace or another Prem (or Championship) side come back in with an extra fiver, a packet of scratchings and a boiled egg, he'll be off up the road... Oh... and Marcus will negotiate the deal so that the scratchings and boiled egg will be deferred for ONLY 4 years.
Young Quintet Left Out of Photo Call
at 11:42:42

The same old scene from the inept owner/management structure at PR.

Have those with the power to hire and fire learnt nothing from our recent history?

If we don't nurture and keep the promising talent emerging from the youth teams, what hope is there? Getting rid of our up and coming talent and replacing them with journeymen has-beens and never-weres (or not replacing them at all in a lot of cases) is counter productive.

When will this nightmare end?

Give the kids a chance, throw them in to competitive action in the league and see how they blossom... they can't be any worse than those underperformers in the senior squad!
Town in Talks With Ward
at 15:31:43

A decent addition. certainly at League 1 level.

The problem going forward will be attracting enough worthy talent to get promoted given the new salary cap.

This salary cap will see an even bigger gulf emerge between this division and the top two.

A sad state of affairs for Town and all the other clubs involved in League 1.
Palace Again Linked With ÂŁ4m Downes
at 10:57:30

Here we go again!

ME will no doubt part company with our best, homegrown talent for a small bag of peanuts. He'll quite happily sell our club and the fans down the river to offset a little of the previous losses which were accrued due to his lack of football acumen and investment in playing staff when it was sorely needed.

I hope I'm wrong but, unfortunately, this is an owner who continues to grind his dirty heel full in the face of this once great and proud club, dragging us down the league and into div.1 and who has sullied what was a fine and glorious history through his poor tenure.

Is there any light at the end of this dark and dreary ME tunnel?

Blues Again Linked With Ex-Northampton Keeper Cornell
at 16:04:15

Playing as poorly as we have done for the last two (and more) seasons, the drop into League one and now this salary cap creates a perfect storm. When it comes to recruiting talent decent enough to push us on for promotion, I'm afraid we're not a very attractive prospect.

Ex-Northampton goalkeepers, lower-league journeymen and non-league never-will-be's are our targets... God help us all!

What have we come to?

Stewart on Life's a Pitch
at 14:58:00

Can't we get him back at PR to coach our goal-shy strikeforce?

Let Terry Butcher coach the defence and get Matty Holland to oversee our midfield.

Can't do any worse than we have up to now!
Lambert: Marcus Will Do What He Wants to Do, I Don’t Sit and Worry
at 09:22:10

The REAL secret agent of destruction is Marcus Evans - 0013 - unlucky for us!
Lambert: Marcus Will Do What He Wants to Do, I Don’t Sit and Worry
at 18:36:50

Reading between the lines, I feel what he might have really wanted to say goes something like this...

“I think Pep came out and said it, and he said the other week there if you have great players the game becomes a bit easier. If he went to another team where he couldn’t really work or invest, he would struggle."

* This game is very difficult at the moment because most of our players are sh*te! Anyone can see for themselves with half an eye that the players I inheritied aren't anywhere near good enough, but Evans won't back me with enough funds when it comes to getting in the players I need and have asked for! *

“Without the resources, without the infrastructure and the finance to back it, (it) becomes very difficult, you ask any manager that, you’ve got to have the tools to do it."

* On the face of it, I've been tasked with getting us promoted but I'm afraid it's merely pie-in-the-sky. Evans' real agenda is very different... try to keep us mid-table/avoid relegation to League 2! He then simply wants me to appease the fans with the same empty rhetoric, after each disastrous result, just like he himself trots out at the start of each season. Promotion? Don't make me laugh!! I don't have the right tools I need to achieve that! *

“But this club is different because it’s a big club and people portray it as a big club, but if you look at it over the piece it doesn’t really buy anybody, it doesn’t really get that level that the club should [be].”

* Big club? It might have been, once upon a time. Unfortunately, Marcus Evans has taken this club and set it back years, reduced it's fan base, reduced it's investment, decimated it's capability to compete on all levels and turned it into a laughing stock! He will not invest the funds needed to make a serious assault on the promotion places. This club doesn't have a hope in hell of doing anything progressive with him as owner! *

“If it (the club) fails and doesn’t go up then you have to look at other things. The guys need a bit of help, the guys give you everything, but they need a little bit of help.”

* For God's sake Marcus, you've shot down in flames yet another season with your lack of investment and football knowledge. Please back me, your manager, with sufficient funds to build a squad capable of challenging for promotion back to The Championship. I need to be able to cut out all the dead wood floating around here to have any chance of success and buy in the players who are capable of playing to a system and are up for the fight. If you won't invest, we'll be screwed again next season! *

Or something like that.
Lambert Hopeful on Skuse and Huws
at 17:19:50

Those contributors absolving Evans of blame for where we find ourselves are fooling no-one.

Think about it for a moment.

Who decides on the managerial appointments?

Who has his hands on the purse strings when we need to invest to push on from a position of strength or avoid relegation?

Who takes it on himself to handle all the transfer business?

Who comes out and apologises to the fans, year after year after year and promises it'll get better, just to sell season tickets?

Under who's tenure have we consistently struggled season after season, under a succession of uninspiring managers, with poor and unattractive football the only offering?

Under who's ownership did ticket sales dwindle at PR?

Under who's ownership did we eventually get what we knew was coming to us... relegation?

Evans is the ONLY one to blame for this mess!

Lambert Hopeful on Skuse and Huws
at 11:21:24

If we can get beaten by Fleetwood, what hope do we have against Coventry?

It doesn't seem to matter who plays, there is a very toxic atmosphere around the club which has been building over the last few years.

There is a sickness here (and I don't mean the Corona Virus), a constant ill wind circling Portman Road. A pervasive disease that starts at the very top of our hierarchy and filters down through the management and into the playing staff.

That disease is called Marcus Evans. It's a bit like a tumour. It sits in the heart of our club, eating away at us from the inside, draining all hope and ambition until a once vibrant and mighty force has been left withered, broken and lifeless.

There is only one hope... one cure...

Player of the Year Awards Tickets on Sale
at 10:05:51

Are they taking the p*ss?
Warnock Linked Again But No Contact With Town
at 16:08:20

I am not Warnock's biggest fan by any means... I dislike the bloke quite intensely. He's another McCarthy waiting in the wings to "steady the ship" and guide us to mid-table safety with no investment. Add to that the fact he's stated he's retiring at the end of this season and he'd simply be here to line his pocket and have a jolly.

He is not the answer. Even with his record of getting teams promoted, this season is another we all have to just chalk off to (a bad) experience.

I fear, with Evans' involvement at the club seemingly set to continue, it doesn't matter who we have as manager, our club is dying a slow and painful death.

I know there's no buyer rushing to put his hand into his pocket to release Evans from his tenure as owner and I've seen, like everyone else here, how Bury and others have withered away to nothing or have struggled to survive but dear Jesus, surely Evans' time is now up?

Surely he has come across some wealthy folks during his other business dealings who he could do a deal with to buy this club? PLEASE!!!
Barton: Sad to Hear Some of the Noises Circling Around Here
at 15:43:53

I care very little what that dolt Barton has to say but I care deeply that they came to our home and rolled us over.

It's a cruel indictment of just how fragile we are and how far we've fallen, getting our rear-end spanked by a thug and lowly little Fleetwood Town... how embarrasing... how bloody embarrasing!

Where do we go from here?

Dear God, Coventry to come on Saturday fills me with dread!
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