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Phil/Gav - please feel free to delete
at 10:46 30 Apr 2021

I missed that Paul Knows has already posted on this
[Post edited 30 Apr 10:49]
Hmm, I am changing my mind a bit about this refund business
at 18:01 28 Apr 2021

I've just reread the letter from Marcus Evans to convince us to renew our season ticket from 2019/20 to 2020/21. I'm happy to swallow it personally but completely understand the negative comments.

I am therefore giving our existing season ticket holders a chance to renew now, pre-early bird, at the same price as last season with some special additional benefits and also so that they can continue to use the very popular 12-month interest free Direct Debit scheme.

To allay any concerns you may have if any matches next season are played behind closed doors, please note that we are adding four major benefits for all season ticket holders renewing by May 7th.

Subject to the technology being in place you will receive free Internet viewing of any behind closed doors home match for next season and in addition for any behind closed doors match.

As additional compensation you will also receive a complimentary ticket to a home cup match, so long as there are still cup matches in the season and also two free tickets for guests to join you at the next available league home game in season 2020/21 as an additional make good for the loss of a game behind closed doors.

In addition if we play in League One next season and are promoted to the Championship for season 2021/22, then all those purchases made by May 7th will have a guaranteed price freeze for season 2021/22.

The iFollow is referenced here as free and a 'special additional benefit' which is at best very poorly worded. We also seem to have lost our 2 free tickets and complimentary cup game.
Cook Out
at 21:05 20 Apr 2021

I know I’ve gone early, but I think the owners should make the call and give a fresh start to whoever their man would really have been.

The basics are getting worse and the coaching isn’t helping. I dislike lambert a lot but the last 12 games has made me miss him. That alone is a sackable offence.

I’m not saying this is fair on Cook, but I just don’t see him as critical to the new ownership. Get someone in who wants to work in this new environment rather than one who has fallen into it.
We are giving Cook an incredibly easy ride
at 19:19 13 Apr 2021

I genuinely don't think we'd be in a worse position if we'd just stuck with Lambert for the rest of the season.

So much talk of not seeing a new manager bounce, it's worse than that. We're seeing a new manager drop as this is worse than before.

I'm not against Cook's appointment, I just think we had a better chance this year if we'd have kept things as they were and make the change in the summer.
Any recommendations for a conveyancer?
at 10:52 16 Mar 2021

I've just had an offer accepted on a house in Stowmarket, and so need to find a solicitor.

Before I delve into the world of online comparisons etc - wondered if anyone here had any positive recommendations in recent times? Seems to be loads of options - but varied reviews. Of course if there's anyone here who happens to work in that field - that'd be good too!

Any advice to help on my journey from MKChris88 to IP14Chris88 would be most appreciated :)
Direct/Indirect Flights quarantine
at 09:23 16 Feb 2021

I really don't understand this, does it make sense to anyone else?

It's one thing not seeming to understand that connecting flights exist, but to know that someone has come from a red list area via Dublin and call it a 'mistake' that they've been included in the quarantine seems barmy to me.


I trust the government on the vaccine delivery and they should be applauded, but I don't trust them at all not to undermine it completely by allowing new variants to come in and mutate.
We need to influence as many of the influencers as possible
at 09:26 10 Jan 2021

There’s a lot happening in different places to make our views heard to ME but it doesn’t seem to be getting through at the moment. Stuart Watson on Twitter mentions that him and his editor are constantly discussing when a Magilton style position is taken. I remember when we all emailed Lee ON but maybe it’s time to dust those down, amend them and send to the EADT to make it 1000% clear what our position is. Hopefully we can encourage them to take a stand and also reassure them they won’t be alienating us

The editor in chief is Brad Jones - email below

Appreciate some might not agree, but I think it’s worth a try?
delete please...
at 17:16 9 Jan 2021

Ignore me - didn't read it was email only :( Sorry
[Post edited 9 Jan 17:18]
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