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PDP Free Trial for U7s at Portman Road
at 12:35:59

FlimFlam Ipswich Town used to do far more in terms of football coaching in the community however ME closed down the programme years ago. Since then Norwich have obviously spotted a big gap and have spread their net to scoop up those youngsters in Suffolk.

I believe many of the old ITFC coaches now work at the charity Inspire Suffolk which offer the same courses and coaching but without the ITFC attachment.
Kids for a Quid Boosts Crowd for Villa Match
at 12:35:34

Cavendish Blue - the attendance is based on 'tickets sold' so they do include all season ticket holders in that figure regardless of if they attend or not. This is why there is always the drama when they announce 13k each week this season when everyone can see that in reality there are nearer 9k in the ground.
The club obviously know the real figure based on the barcode scanning but this is kept in house.
This Might Rub You Up the Wrong Way, it Might Not!
at 12:57:54

I love that Bobby Robson quote and as a father of two young boys I cannot wait for the day that I get to walk one of them into the ground and share that first moment with them.

Like you, I had my first as a Non Ipswich Town supporter having been raised as a West Ham fan by my Hammers mad Dad. It was a Tuesday night under the floodlights in 1993 vs QPR and finished 1-1. From that moment I was hooked! I broke the news to my Dad the following day that I was to become an Ipswich Town supporter. He barely spoke to me for 24 hours but eventually came round to the idea and we went to many games together (i'd even join him at Upton Park occasionally to return the favour)

I am fortunate enough to have experienced the George Burley years and that incredible first season in the Premiership where I travelled to the majority of the away games too. I now however find myself stood in the Lower SPR bored and wondering why I am not somewhere else. Even a goal these days is met with a half hearted celebration. I wonder if my boys will even want to watch Ipswich Town and I cant say i'd blame them if they chose another team. We face a lost generation of future supporters if nothing changes. The stadium is as lifeless as the performance the majority of the time.

Good read! and agree... great name and profile pic
Lankester Nets Twice as U18s Beat Daggers in Youth Cup
at 14:01:02

trncbluearmy... you could be onto something there! imagine the message it would send if somehow we could get more supporters in the stadium for a youth FA cup tie than the average Championship fixture!
Cardiff City Game Switches Date
at 13:31:33

so annoying!! another game I cant now go to because of a fixture change
Derby County 0-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 13:33:18

logged on to read everyone's thoughts on the performance etc. Instead i am on page two of people squabbling about who is the better supporter!

Mick in or Mick out (i'm personally looking forward to seeing the back of him) we all support the same club. Football is all about opinions. We are all entitled to our own and dont have to agree on everything.

Any chance of focusing on the great result last night? The boys did good.
McCarthy: Number of Goals Conceded a Concern
at 13:27:12

have any fans actually moaned about the formation being too attacking??! - i certainly haven't heard this. We dont always moan Mick!
Dyer Handed New Role at Academy
at 12:34:41

Arnie M : I've seen / read several interviews in recent years where Dyer has admitted that he was a bit of a tool when younger and made many mistakes. He mentioned the Sir Bobby incident again fairly recently as one of his biggest regrets.
I'd say he could be a very positive role model if he reminds the kids not to get carried away and become "big time" too soon which so many seem to do. First contract, think they have made it, drop out of the squad and never pull on the shirt again.

Time will tell i guess. Money has ruined the game and i can see why a lad in his late teens with thousands of pounds at his disposal could take the wrong path. If Dyer can be a positive influence on some of ours then great!
Dozzell Unused Sub as Late Goal Sees England U19s to Euros Final
at 12:30:16

Exciting times for English football. Under 19's in Euro Final, Under 20's won the World Cup!, under 21's knocked out on pens in Semi Finals.

Lets just hope these young players are given a chance at their clubs! unfortunately the likelihood is that their route to the first team will be blocked by expensive overseas signings and many will drift away. Lets hope not!
U23s End Season By Hitting Coventry for Six
at 12:39:29

oh to read this on a first team match report:

"The Blues immediately went looking for a second, passing the ball around slickly in the visitors’ half "
Sheffield Wednesday Game All-Ticket
at 12:34:54

never understand this. Same as Newcastle game. Let them have the other end of the upper Cobbold which is always empty anyway. Make the club some cash and improve the atmosphere. I guess as others have said it must be governed by the Police?
McCarthy: We've Got to Play Better Than That
at 12:24:11

terrible game of football. The 12000 or so fans in the stadium (i'm not buying that there were 15700!) could see it wasn't working and yet the minutes ticked by with no changes in system or personnel!

Lawrence is best player on pitch yet running around with no service. Drop him back into the midfield where he can get on the ball and influence play running at people. You had 3 strikers on the bench Mick.... use one of them before the 85th minute and change it!

As others have said, starting with 7 (SEVEN) defensive players against a team who had lost the last 5 is woeful. Mick stated last week that the new system suits players like Dozzel and Bishop... so... Huyws out... and neither are even on the bench???

Mick.. you hurt my brain sometimes!
McCarthy Happy With a Point
at 12:41:11

not a massive fan of MM and have grown frustrated this season at the style of play, negative changes, round pegs in square holes etc etc.

However... looking at the squad that he has assembled this season with no backing from ME and IF everyone had been available all season (injuries) then the squad would have been more than good enough to compete top half of the table. Imagine yesterdays game with Lawrence and a fully fit Williams available for example! would have made the difference?

Annoying not to beat them yesterday but if you ignore the hatred and look at it as an away point against a team who on paper should have beaten us comfortably then its a great point!
Knudsen: I Know When It's My Moment to Score!
at 12:27:55

Interesting comment from Murphy on Barts weakness at his near post! - Bart has been outstanding for us for some time now and pulled off some great stops again winning MOTM however i'd like to think our goalkeeper coach would spot areas of weakness and work on them if opposition players have noted them?
Sears Hoping to Give Fans Something to Sing About at Carrow Road
at 12:59:52

Wickwar_Blue - Our pitch was award winning when Alan Ferguson was groundsman however he was poached (by Sheepshanks) to join the team at St Georges Park to look after the England team training ground. We replaced him with some guy from a local school i believe?
Lawrence: New Signings Have Given Us a Boost
at 12:40:34

Tom is another Gio Dos Santos. Enjoy him while he is here! - no chance of signing him (unless we go on a crazy run and win promotion which is highly unlikely)
Smith and New Boys in U23s Facing Watford at Portman Road
at 12:24:09

for me the back 3 would work far more effectively with Smith instead of Berra. As good a defender as Berra has been for us he is not the best "footballer" so gets caught out too often in a back 3.
Ipswich Town 0-3 Derby County - Match Report
at 13:23:39

to those saying that we more than held our own second half and were unlucky... Derby clearly took their foot off the gas at 3-0. It was game over for them! they could have and probably should have won 4 or 5 nil and it wouldnt have flattered them.

We were awful! Berra again terrible, Bru didnt touch the ball for the first half an hour yet Digby pulled off who at least tried to get on the ball once moved into midfield. Berra seems untouchable yet has been woeful for 18 months

MM has lost his way. He used to set out 442 with a team who battled and ran and pressed and were difficult to beat. He now has as look at opposition and matches their system each week regardless of who they are. Players dont look like they know what they are doing! no one works hard anymore, no longer a threat from set pieces

oh and to top it all off another wasted opportunity to put things right in the transfer window. Club stuck a bid in for a player who wasnt for sale so they can say "we tried" Its not good enough!! the fans deserve more. Its time for Evans to come out and actually speak to local press and be honest about his plans for the club. If he continues as it is we will be playing in League 1 in front of crowds of 10k each week. See how much interest he has in having MARCUS EVANS on the shirts then!
McCarthy: Beaten By the Champions
at 12:28:48

i think some of the "pro Mick" camp are confused. People are not angry/annoyed at the fact we lost to Newcastle. They are a big team with a very good squad and probably will bounce back up in the top two. They sent a £14m sub on in the second half! we are a long way behind teams like that.
Its losing to Newcastle without ever trying to actually compete and have a go that irks people! Mick said himself pre-game that he wasnt going to take a risk at Toon. Well, we set up not to concede and keep it tight and lost 3-0!

I'm sure if we had a real go at them and tried to win the game but lost 3-0 there would be very few complaints on here! The better team may have won but they were the only team that tried to and in reality probably never got out of 1st gear.

it depresses me how low our expectations are these days as a club!
Sears: I'm a Centre-Forward But I'll Play Wherever I'm Asked
at 12:33:10

the Sears situation is actually my biggest problem with MM. He signed a pacy striker who burst into the team scoring goals and looking a real threat and then played him out of position for so long that his confidence in front of goal looks shot to bits.

Really hope his goal Tuesday is a turning point
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