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How the feck was that not a red
at 11:12 23 Nov 2017

Missed last nights game, but just saw the McG tackle, no effort for the ball imo
Android friendly links for f1... anyone know any? (n/t)
at 14:44 12 Nov 2017

Calling all ipswich fans
at 11:49 9 Nov 2017

As chair of a non league club it pained me to see on twitter that Ipswich wanderers are struggling financially.

As much as im not involved at all with them. I ask all itfc fans to get together and attend one of their home fixtures to boost their coffers.

Granted not my place to ask such a thing.. but maybe someone on here to oversee it? Make a twtd day out of it?
Boxing Day
at 14:35 3 Nov 2017

Just seen a game moved to 7.30 kickoff for Sky.

WTF. that is horrid
Dos Santos signs for Frimley :)
at 11:06 3 Nov 2017

What a signing...............................

Roberto :)
I reckon Mick has 5 games. (n/t)
at 13:22 27 Oct 2017

Random Post - Chantry Junior students, early 90's
at 15:36 26 Oct 2017

Im trying to remember a nature park which me and 3 other students designed and won. I partly remember Green Triangle cement works, but can't find anything on the web

just wandered if anyone on here may have been around at the time and remembers it.

We entered a competition to design a whole nature park and our design won and it was transformed to match out design.
This seasons biggest problem
at 12:33 23 Oct 2017

We don't have a 'star'

Look back over past seasons. whether it was Williams, Cresswell, Murphy Fraser, Lawrence

This season, we just don't have one. Now i'm not saying Murphy etc was a star player, BUT that season alone he was as were all others for a particular season.

What we have is a squad of 20 average players being run by a manager who doesn't know how best to use them.

There's no style, no real set up for me and It feels as players walk out, they themselves are going to try and play football without really knowing how they are actually playing football.

Our squad
at 16:40 22 Oct 2017

No its not a fantastic squad.

But its good enough to at least be competitive when used the right way.

The current run of losses. Ontop of last season and the previous 6 months before its been an awful period under Mick.

There is no benefit in keeping him here.

I firmly believe we could achieve something with fresh ideas.

I dont know exactly what it would take for ME to make a decision but maybe its time Mick does the right thing for ITFC and not himself and say I helped keep you up. I tried my best. Got close but now its time for someone else to give it a go.

The answer to the meaning of life!!!!
at 14:00 20 Oct 2017

Sat 21st October
at 08:59 9 Oct 2017

Hi all

Anyone not following the blues... if you fancy a bit of grass roots come on down.

Blackfield are a league above. Unbeaten in 13 games and won their first 10 so a tough challenge awaits. The more support we can get we have a chance.

Our Frimley faithful should be along too :)

A name for the future
at 12:21 6 Oct 2017

Sam Argent

Just moved on fulltime contract to Basingstoke

I see in 3 years he will be playing alot higher.

Mick... keep a note 😉😉
relegation 01
at 12:45 5 Oct 2017

Who do you feel was mostly to blame

sheepy - ruining atmosphere with unrequired stand upgrades
burley, as manager buck stops with him
players, let manager down
counago.. took stewart out for months
fans - expected to much
wright, for some reason going to Arsenal
Eufa Cup qualification - to many games?

Ok, it's doing my nut in
at 13:38 29 Sep 2017

Can that guy stop waving that bloody mic in front of Micks face.

There's 2 great big fken mics on the desk. sit back, ask questions and let him speak.

I don't know why but when I watch that video I want to grab the mic and smack him with it.
We want 6 (n/t)
at 21:35 26 Sep 2017

This game
at 20:47 26 Sep 2017

Everything alot of fans have been asking for.

So even if we dont win it.. surely youve been entertained???
April 2018
at 22:03 2 Sep 2017

Evening all

April 2018.

We are planning for the last sat in april a Frimley Green 11 v Ipswich supporters 11 in aid of Cancer Research.

We are also hoping to schedule in a celebrity match after too.

Im hoping James Cundy will be managing the ipswich supporters team

Please let me know if any of you fancy it

Sos... wolf norwich
at 19:05 2 Sep 2017

Need the gif clip of his mis placed pass... anyone
I love these Joe Royal matches
at 14:43 18 Aug 2017

concede 3 but score 4,

may it continue :)

p.s I miss gardsoe
Philip, is it you shoving your hand in Micks face?
at 13:40 18 Aug 2017

Don't know why, but found it rediculously hilarious.

honestly, no, no idea why I found it funny.

any how, someone saying about Mick looking unwell, I don't think he is, I just think it's age catching up with him, he's looked quite spritely for his age over past seasons, but there's no doubt last season would have taking it's toll on him.
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