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Surrey Based football fans
at 09:49 26 Jul 2017

Saturday. Frimley Green host local rivals Camberley FC in a pre season Hospital Cup friendly.

Its a 3pm kickoff. Pay by donation on gate with all proceeds going to Frimley Park Childrens Ward.

Anyone local who fancies watching a game come on over.

All day BBQ and bar open from 12pm until midnight

Sat help
at 17:10 19 Jul 2017

Hi all

Saturday we have an away friendly against Peterborough North Star.

Anyone able to tell me whats nearby for after the game... whats the nearest coastal area if one. Somewhere to take the little man for the evening before travelling back

What might have been......
at 14:23 20 Jun 2017

Just re watched the 2nd leg v milan. What the hell was naylor doing when through...

I wonder how different things may have played out had he scored
Deja Vu
at 22:48 16 Jun 2017

Now dont jump on me for being mr negative.

But.... are our first 2 signings any different to previous years recruitment?

1 a flying winger/10/goalscorer/assister - loan
2 a striker. Not really prolific but could be useful.

Am i wanting moon on a stick. Or am i right in thinking we havent learnt a thing.
Help please - work related
at 12:55 14 Jun 2017

So my manager is on holiday this week leaving me and my colleague in the office.

We needed a figure for something so knew the manager would have an email about it ( she allowed us access to her inbox for the week)

anyway, going through the emails, i found one about me.

On it, it shows that she saw that my linked in was saved on my computer and that she went through my messages and found that inbetween me leaving my last role and joining this one, i tried something at home which tbh after a week realised it was a no goer, anyway, she's emailed the big boss saying she went through my messages and saw that i did this.

No idea why, and feel really violated that she's gone onto my computer, clicked on messages and then scrolled down to even see these messages.

how to raise this next week............ am i know different because i've come across her email by looking at her emails??
Soooooo confused
at 00:02 9 Jun 2017

Exit polls say conv win.

Yet sky news saying conv run risk of losing.

Help me understand please
Ok so im thick. But help me out
at 17:56 4 Jun 2017

Government saying no money to increase police numbers.

I really dont get this. We print our own money ffs. Its a machine.... how can the government itself not have he money.

Yes im thick and theyres prob a good answer to this. But ive never understood this

I appreciate the above sounds rediculous but its something I just dont get.
[Post edited 4 Jun 18:02]
Club Shirts. I too have adidas
at 18:24 31 May 2017

Wonder if town would like our template next year lol
Monico gp
at 13:04 28 May 2017

Such a pointless race imo.
"Got to get tougher. Time for Attack"
at 11:32 28 May 2017

Ive seen a lot of news comments on social media saying that the UK have got to get tougher. Got to start Bombing islamic state etc.

Now sorry if im being thick here but some of the recent attackes have been from UK living people so how is bombing an area abroad going to stop anything happening?
Right big sams available. ;) (n/t)
at 17:23 23 May 2017

Last night
at 16:52 23 May 2017

I'll be honest.

Ever since London bombings. Ive kept away ever since.

I know. Gotta carry on. But i genuinely have a fear of the place.

Then france attacks. Cafes etc. Makes me feel majorly insecure when i visit cafes in france. ( i love france) but i know visit the small villages.

Yes im a grown man with increasing fears and probably will get told to find it within myself to i guess man up.

But one thing, i had this mindset of. 'They wont target kids' so never really thought any ill feelings of going Disney. Or taking my boy on day trips or concerts etc.

Im now at a point thinking sht. Even my kid could be at risk.

Now dont really know why im posting this or what im expecting. But how the fk do you get the mindset back of how life used to be before these attacks begun.

Grown man. Fed up of fear
at 08:50 20 May 2017

Now. Im a caring smoker. I.E i wont smoke where I shouldnt.

So why should I be forced into buying more than I need?
And paying over the odds for the previlage for something which is my choice?

Are they going to make all beers the same. Only come in 2 litre bottles at £30 each.

Or mars bars twice the lengh with no singles available to buy.

If kids wanna smoke. They will smoke. Changing it to 20 makes no difference theyll just club togethee and get s pack so your actually making the kids buy more than they normally would.

I just dont get how the government can decide what a 31 year old man wants to buy.

can anyone send me a stream link for f1 please (n/t)
at 13:06 14 May 2017

Pre season
at 19:59 7 May 2017

Is it budget which seems to restrict us to local lower league opponents?

I do find it strange in the professional game that we are facing 'lesser' teams.

You win by 4 or 5... meh its a friendly.
Win by 1 or 2... we are struggling
Lose or draw... here we go again another year of rubbish ahead.

It may be purely financial. But do others think we need to start having harder pre seasons?
Season Tickets Now Available.
at 19:44 5 May 2017

Surrey based fans unable to travel to ipswich but fancy some local footy

When did johnny go back to palace? (n/t)
at 17:26 5 May 2017

Twtd'ers need your help
at 09:58 30 Apr 2017

Ive made the shortlist on Absolute Radio to hold a Kasabian concert at the club and a refurb of our public toilets.

I believe the final 2 comes down to a vote. If we get there.

Please can i ask all blues to help me and vote for Frimley Green to host Absolute Radios Brekfest at the club. It would be massive for us.
at 17:40 21 Apr 2017

What dopey twt. Made an FA Cup Semi Final to take place the same day as the London Marathon. Seriously inept imo.
Ok Mick. Ill bite
at 21:04 12 Apr 2017

I honestly dont give 2 flying fks what you did in the past.

Football is a results business and also the club is dieing a slow painful death. Not 100% just your fault but you are a massive part of it.

18 months of pain. 3 wins in 2017. Yet you cant understand why you are getting so much abuse. Are you fu ken kidding me.

It showing even more of how much of a money grabbing git you really are when you cant even do the right thing and leave. Oh no. Not without your payment.

You said you couldnt manage if season tickets were that bad... well its going that way yet you now say you wont walk. Again killing the club.

Fk evens. Fk milne. Fk you.

Itfc is rotten to the core. And we will be playing in front of 9000 season ticket holders at this rate. But its ok. You once saved us and had a good few years. Dont worry. This gives you free reign to do what you like.

What a fken knob.
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