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Just had to switch off the Arsenal match...
at 21:41 14 Sep 2017

...John Hartson must be the worst co-commentator I've ever heard. Talking absolute sh!te, ALL the time.
You know, I was quite happy before ME took over
at 09:33 1 Feb 2017

The green shoots of recovery were showing having exited administration. We'd paid our first fee for a player for goodness how long! (Darren Curry I believe, £250k?). Royle, then Magic were in charge and we were playing half decent football.

But the main thing for me, was there was a sense of everyone being in it together. From the top of the club to the bottom along with the fans. Yes Sheepy had made big mistakes, but I always believed he was the best man to turn things around (not making the same mistakes twice and all that).

The club now is a shadow of what it once was and that's what upsets me most.
He's actually going to do it...
at 10:03 25 Jan 2017

Just heard on the news that Trump is going to force though documents to make it government policy to build the wall along the American/Mexican border to keep out illegal immigrants!

When I first heard about this during the presidential campaign I thought "naaah, surely not".
Just watched the highlights ...
at 21:53 18 Jan 2017

... Yeah I know, glutton for punishment and all that.

Couple of things that struck me...

1: The movement of the Lincoln players was infinitely better than ours, especially down the wings.
2: They created more chaos from one long throw, in one game, than Knudsen has the whole time he's been here.

Ok, three things...

3: The little balls into the box that they put in were excellent. Nice little angled crosses, and they caused all sorts of problems.

And this was just from the highlights. I'd probably have a list as long as my arm if I watched back the whole match (which, incidentally, I hope the players did today).
One bit of the game did stand out for me...
at 17:43 1 Oct 2016

...When Douglas kicked the ball into his own face in the second half.

Pretty much sums us up.
[Post edited 1 Oct 2016 17:44]
Minutes silence on Sunday
at 00:54 19 Aug 2016

For Dalian god rest his soul.

Assuming there is one, I really hope those tossers from up the road don't fack it up. Won't go down well at all.

Might be better to have a minutes applause in the 10th minute?
Surprised Scuse hasn't had more mentions...
at 08:43 7 Aug 2016

Thought he was very good yesterday. Made several important tackles and did the simple things well. Couple of misplaced passes, but several were guilty of that (early season rustyness?) My motm.

Knudsen also had one of his better games, defensively at least.

Bart solid again, and a save out of the top draw. Our number one keeper by quite a way.

Thought Murph had a very good game as well. Contributed a lot with his strong running. Really looked up for it.

Dids needs a few more games to get back to 100% fitness but showed the odd flash of the Dids of old.

The two new men were very good. I know he scored a hat trick and hats off to him for that, but I feel there is a lot more to come from Ward once he settles in and finds his feet. Same with Grant. Looked comfortable on the ball and played a couple of great passes.

Everyone else were much of a muchness without being noticeable for anything good or bad.
Cash on the turnstile?
at 20:24 20 Dec 2013


My Uncle is visiting from Perth at the moment and wants to go to the game tomorrow.

Are home games all ticket these days or can he pay cash at the turnstile? I must confess I have no idea as I always get a ticket.
This is a bit of a chuckle!
at 09:53 11 Sep 2013

Physio makes a crafty double save during a match and gets chased off the pitch!
Notts County on Saturday
at 23:01 23 Jul 2013

Just dawned on me that we're playing Notts County on Saturday and I'm visiting a mate who lives in Nottingham!

Does anyone know how much tickets are? Home areas will do.

I don't think it'll take too much convincing to get my mate to go as he loves his footy even though he's a Wednesday fan.
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