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Genuine question...
at 18:43 18 Oct 2021

This is a point i've made before. We have 4 defenders and 2 CM but the rest are all attack minded as a result any width from opposition and we're exposed There's not enough partnerships being developed (Millsy point) such as FBs getting help if we played 442. The two wide mids would see it as part of their job and the FBs wouldbe more inclined to link up rather than pass infiled most times.
This would then take some pressure off our CBs who wouldn't have to help the FBs and vise versa.
On top of that we have lone striker with three in support supposedly! Earlier on Chaplin looked lost and made very little impact. But now he seems to be getting about more and has played bigger part. But I'm not sure what the other two are doing. They havent been tracking back much and don't seem to have a role as I'm very disappointed with Fraser. Thankfully Aluko got going and looked like a 2nd striker which to me has been missing. If that continued then perhaps if Cook subbed earlier and Piggot could get on and use his height and maybe upset the opposition.
No surprise that I don't like 4231 but prefer 442 where we have 8 defending and 6 attacking!!
If Holy had been in goal probably would have won at least 2 games
at 09:39 23 Aug 2021

I'm just not sure about our keepers. This is a key position so really do not understand why we took on one from Salford when there's so much choice out there.

I'm not sure why we need such tall keepers who may not be so agile or too slow to get down. We never needed them before!

Must get in loan keeper asap from higher league
Left footed players should not take penalties…..end of. (n/t)
at 09:49 16 Aug 2021

Hopefully he will have learnt from it and give the keepers no chance in the future.
Flynn opens up a bit here about Ipswich exit
at 09:44 16 Aug 2021

Perhaps but after MM left I feel that Flynn lost his way. The head butt at Cambridge and his general attitude on the pitch where he was on verge of getting a red card every game, showed that he wasn't 100% behind the team.
He put in transfer so wanted out, whereas I felt he should have been rolling up his sleeves and showing what he could do. Maybe then the bigger clubs would have come looking and his agent could have found a buyer. I don't think he went about his exit in the right way and shouldn't be blaming Town for all of it!
at 12:52 9 Aug 2021

I met Flynn in hairdressers and he was quite cleat that after Mick left he had lost his desire. He wasn't keen on Cook but bearing mind he wanted to go before he arrived it's hardly surprising.
I agree with you that clear out was absolutely needed after 2 very poor years. New players will bring fresh enthusiasm and ideas. Having so many signings will mean slow start while Cook and players find out best 11. Plus there appears to be some exciting youngsters coming through like Baggott Chirewa and Siziba.
Who is going to start central midfield against Newport?
at 12:37 9 Aug 2021

I too would like to see Chirewa given a seat on bench at very least. Plus Sizizba who may scare any defence with his pace and goal threat.
I feel its too early to give first teamers extra games and lhope that Cook gives others a chance to show like El Miz and McGavin
Greyhound pub
at 10:47 9 Aug 2021

Is there any car parking nearby and how much for 3 hours to watch games? Ta
1-24 Predictions competition
at 10:22 6 Aug 2021

Here's mine

1 Sheff Wed
2 Ips
3 Sunderland
4 Lincoln
5 Portsmouth
6 Wycombe
7 Bolton
8 Wigan
9 Charlton
10 Doncaster
11 Rotherham
12 Oxford
13 Crewe
14 Acc Stanley
15 MK Dons
17 Plymouth
18 Shrewsbury
19 Cheltenham
20 Burton
21 Gillingham
22 AFC Wimbledon
23 Cambridge
24 Morecombe

Good luck all
at 10:32 28 Jul 2021

After speaking to him I would say that it's very unlikely he'll play again. However, if no offers come in then maybe PC will have rethink and Downes will knuckle down.
at 10:27 28 Jul 2021

I thought he had a decent game and linked up well with Dobra. We need good pairings to back each other up. Not sure about left side or central so still work to do for Cook.
at 13:00 13 Jul 2021

He's an idiot and I don't think he's learnt his lessen so would agree that he should be moved on. As has been said can't see him coping with all the travelling to PR.
Why on earth he didn't just accept the charge day one escapes me. He probably would have got less ban etc. Courts don't like wasting their time on unmerited appeals.
Trouble is that he thinks he's better than he really is so we'll see how he goes this season but not expecting he'll do any better so time to go!
If Norwood is here next season...
at 21:12 2 May 2021

If any Club wants to pay say £2m then fine otherwise I hope he'll have some better partners that he's had in last 12 months. So many have had very poor records (Drinan Parrot Hawkins) so its easy to see why so few chances come his way!
On top of that he isn't suited to loan striker role but who knows what Cook is planning to secure a 20+ striker in the break.
Penalty taker
at 21:00 2 May 2021


Last decent taker was Veno but trouble now is that we don't get into the penalty area that often to win any!
Penalty takers should give the keeper no chance so hard down the middle should work every time so maybe Bishop would be good.
Radio Suffolk - Where do they find these callers??? (n/t)
at 20:52 2 May 2021

I can't get radio Suffolk but what used to get me were the callers that hadn't seen the game or the others who went droning on and on every week. Still sometimes it was quite amusing on the way home.
Happy days hopefully will return
Positives from this Season
at 21:59 29 Apr 2021

Good maybe but not excellent.

With a decent set of forwards and attacking mids his mistakes wouldn't have hurt us. If he stays then some coaching may make more of him. He should be dominating all our set pieces at 6 3 and scoring plenty of goals/
It's up to him to step up!
I can only think some of the players haven't taken to Cook
at 18:06 5 Apr 2021

Cook should never have replaced PL. It was too late to make a change and instead should have left Gill in charge for rest of season. Or at given Butcher and Dyer the reins.
But I guess ME has never made a good choice or decision in his entire time at Town. Not even MM could make anything from this bunch of wasters. We've got L2 players at best so no surprise that they're lost for ideas at a level beyond them! Just think for a moment, we've loaned out players to L2 and below but none have excelled so its about time we realised that.
I'm not sure what the answer is! Maybe we need the takeover with complete clearout of players and management. Only good appointment made by ME was MM to get us out of trouble that ME had created. ME must sell without any more delay as his tenure is dragging us down.
Team for today
at 14:13 27 Mar 2021

Doubt it, more like his age. No pace and too backwards, he can only get worse!
TEAM: KVY starts!! Chambers CB. Sears must’ve impressed in training.
at 14:08 27 Mar 2021

And Hawkins on the bench! No excuses PC for not scoring
at 10:23 20 Mar 2021

Thats' a good shout as his absense has cost us, if he'd been fit and playing like he started then we'd have a solution.
But for now i'd definitely go for 532 and put Woolfy in the central role, he likes to get forward can tackle etc. Its' essential we have two up front as forwards aren't good enough on their own. Get back to Jackson/Norwood as it worked before.
I know its sad news about the takeover but...
at 10:55 16 Mar 2021

Yes just imagine, we'd be a well run football club with proper funding. ME has without doubt been a disaster (couldn't be any worse!) with all his appointments except perhaps MM who was only taken on to clear up the mess left by the previous idiots.
Can't believe we could get any worse but if takeover doesn't go ahead then just hope that with Cook he has at last got it right.
Trouble is Cook has taken over a poor squad that have been playing poor football so if we don't get up this season (which I doubt) then ME needs to make sure Cook has the funds to build a team and style capable of winning L1.
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