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Ipswich Town v AFC Wimbledon Your Report added at 11:16:48
Talk about a game of two halves. First was dreadful with little pressing, no real intent to get forward with both fullbacks lacking ideas. Rowe eventually drifted inside to get into the game as he looked to make impact but got no help from Donacian. Shame really as Rowe could have made a difference.
Georgiou wow! he looks every bit a proper left winger and could make huge difference to the team. Well done whoever spotted/recommended him and arranged his loan. Maybe better than previous loans over last few seasons!
Anyway thank goodness PL realised that 442 is only way forward and while I take his point that Jackson needed a rest, it just showed that we need TWO up front. Norwood must have partner so hope other strikers will get back soon. I guess that Keane will need a few games but he could be great addition.
Peterborough United v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 12:16:28
I agree about Judge. Busy but what does he achieve plus I don't think PL knows what to do with him. Shame we didn't sell to QPR.
I agree that Huws is needed now and maybe play 433 otheriwse how do you fit in Skuse and Downes.
Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 21:22:38
On that performance I'd get rid of Chambers and Judge. Maybe Chanbers has an influence on the younger players but we can do without his mistakes! As for Judge, what on earth is he about ? he replaces Garbutt who provided width and attacking options but when he came on all he did was interfere . he was on the right, the left and generally stopping the flow. He over kicked and despite his experience only delivered a couple of decent passes/crosses! I wish QPR had taken him and given our younger players a chance.
Ipswich Town v Leeds United Your Report added at 23:50:27
What a great way to end the season.
Bristol City v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 22:07:02
Bit late for Bish to make an impact but still PL gave El Miz a chance so it looks like he's trying to blood younsters in the last few games. Still lack striker to put away half chances so not expecting much more in the last few games
Ipswich Town v Stoke City Your Report added at 08:48:38
The trouble is we've not got a natural goal scorer to partner Keane. Thought Edwards made a difference and would now pick him to start in say 5 man midfield. It does look like the new defensive line up works so just need to find a way to score more than two goals and keep the ball. Thought Chalobah made too many mistakes and may now need a rest.
Norwich City v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 16:43:25
The big problem fro Lambert is finding how his team can score. Neither Keane nor Quaner have a history of scoring many so after losing Morris Folami Lankaster we're really only left with Freddie. But he needs a big guy alongside so unless Quaner can fill the role there isn't anyone.
Thought our midfield did well but Skuse days are numbered, too often he just punted upfield in hope! Would love to have Chalobar next season but that's unlikely.. However Bish now has chance to grab role of play-maker with Nolan and would like to keep Judge as he could be big player in L1.
Ipswich Town v Rotherham United Your Report added at 19:05:23
Collins will be so imortant to or tenure. Apart from Dawkins thought all newbys made good start
Ipswich Town v Sheffield United Your Report added at 20:37:58
encouraging performance against a good side. Super goal from EH and very solid from our CBs but still would like to see MP at RB with new left CB signed/loaned. Once again our full backs lacked quality as there was so much space for them.
Thought Nolan worked very hard and was always available but while Dozzy tried he needs more time so hope PL finds someone to strengthen midfield.
Ipswich Town v Wigan Athletic Your Report added at 20:50:20
the horrendous weather was as much to blame for the poor game. It was bad enough in SBR stand!
Some players deserved praise namely Chambo/Pennington for holding out under pressure, Freddie for his goal and efforts in chasing lost causes and Gerks for keeping the sheet clean.
I hope Pl doesn't perservere with Roberts at CF as looked completely out of touch and missed so many chances that could have made a difference.
Trouble with playing a poor side like Wigan is that the the game doesn't flow so hoping next week we'll up our game and surprise the Blades.
Ipswich Town v West Bromwich Albion Your Report added at 23:33:18
Thought Chambers was immense both as captain and has become a better player than under previous managers.
Bart - still not happy with his distribution otherwise did all he could
Spence - had his good moments but sadly lacking in ball skills/passing
Knudsen - had his work cut out and some good bits
Pennington - good all round but for me not imposing enough at CB, would be better at RB
Skuse - ok but lacks drive and energy
Downes - getting better every game but needs more attacking mids around him
Shalobah - he's very determined and while some mistakes he makes up with energy and skill
Edwards - has gone backwards and was marked out of the game
Roberts - disappointing but has proved he can't be lone striker, better on left wing as provider
Sears - whole-hearted again but needs ball on pitch or part of 442
Bishop - muddle with Edwards led to their second but hope he can start soon as we need his skills
Lancaster - very nearly scored in last seconds with super delivery so expect him to be given more time
Jackson - took goal well and would work well as part of two up front
Ipswich Town v Preston North End Your Report added at 13:02:07
Much better all round and thought some players took the opportunity to show they want to play for PL.
Pluses were definitely Roberts Sears Pennington Chambo and Rowe looked ready for 1st team. The rest played their part and looked to take new orders very well.
However, we need a forward who can score as I have no confidence in
Jackson. Maybe one of the youngsters will step up.
Millwall v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 20:34:04
It as a game that we should be winning but it showed what a v poor squad Hurst had put together.
It would be difficult to find any pluses apart from the fans. For me Downes stood out but so young to take on so much!
Bart - did ok but very exposed by poor defending
Ward - very poor, bad crosses
Chambers - badly needs tall left CB but did his best to rally side
Pennington - tired very hard but gets out -jumped
Knudsen - just rubbish, apart from throws
Skuse - he's too slow and cannot create, should have taken control but passed backwards or nowhere
Dozzel - tried but found it difficult
Downes - MOM was everywhere and showed quality
Chalobah - not a CB but at least tried to open them up and showed that he's a midfeilder with attacking skills
Sears - whole hearted but poor support, needs a Murphy type with him
Jackson - out of his depth, just runs and runs but not much else
Spence - less said the better
Edwards - too late to make a difference
Antone who thinks that Hurst should have stayed would've thought differently after this. Millwall were nothing special but once they realised we were no threat they played with more confidence and goals would come and they did.
Lambert has a huge task but glad he saw with his own eyes what he's up against . Maybe some non contract signings will give temporary relief but he's going to do well in January to avoid the drop,

Ipswich Town v Middlesbrough Your Report added at 08:47:34
Hurst still doesn't realise that his signings are worse than the players that have benn loaned out. He persists with one striker when it's clear that two are best. In the post match interview he was never challenged about his constant changes and why he loaned out better players than he's using. It's no wonder that Garner etc wanted to go faced with the prospect of playing for him.
We need Warburton to sort it out or even Burley but somehow I doubt anything will change until it's too late!
Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers Your Report added at 22:40:45
Very poor with team looking like EFL 1/2 level. I feel sorry for Chambers trying to pull the team together only to see them giving the ball away. I bet he wished he was elsewhere!

I don't understand why having sold our best PH thought he could replace them with League 1/2 players. Plus he's got shot of youth when in reality they probably would do better. And then he signs loans that are well below the standard that are needed. To think we had Fraser Townsend Laurence bringing mush needed quality but PH has resorted to last minute loans that add nothing.

Bring back Wolfy Morris Emmanual Nydam et al so at least we'll be cheering our own. They can't do any worse!!

Ipswich Town v Norwich City Your Report added at 12:58:09
Too many passes went astray at critical times. Plus crosses/corners were too high with attackers little chance of converting.
Walters was great as was Chambo and Pennington. Hope Huws and Bish are back soon as PHs recent recruits look below par.
Cant understand why Rowe wasn't given a run as Graham well short of match fitness and ward offers no threat. Hope he plays well for U23s as do others to add more competition for places.
Derby County v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 22:52:26
Still don't think that playing one up front works. Harrison isn't good enough so time for Morris to step up. Plus we only need one holding mid so if neither Huws nor Bish is ready we definitely need an attacking mid to help Nolan
Ipswich Town v Aston Villa Your Report added at 10:18:27
fantastic atmosphere and great performance by the Team. Although thought Skuse did well harrying their players and got in some good tackles, his passing was poor with quick flicks giving the ball away when a more measured pass was needed to keep possession.
Ipswich Town v Aston Villa Your Report added at 19:50:59
We've got some very average players that will need to be weeded out out by new manager. Thought jk was mom for us and showed that he's better at centre half. Celina very poor so shan't miss him and doubt he'll have many takers in UK.
Ipswich Town v Aston Villa Your Report added at 20:39:57
I've been promoting Ben for months so pleased he got his chance today. Thank goodness Mick picked a more attacking formation (at Last) but that was his trouble playing for draws! Millwall showed what can be done with no money but the right Manager.
But why can't our players hold the ball instead of kicking it anywhere or giving it away? I liked that we tried to pass out from the back but you could tell that players weren't comfortable at times. looking forward to new manager who I hope will change it all for the better.
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