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I accept that tonight...
at 21:45 24 Nov 2020

Because it was so glaringly obvious that we would lose, in the same respect that it was so glaringly obvious that:

We were going to line up in the same turgid 4-3-3 formation which we have done for the whole 90 minutes of every previous 18 games this season,

That Judge was going to start,

That Judge was not going to be subbed, despite now having access to 5 subs,

That we persist in playing players out of position for this repetitive god awful formation,

That 80% of the position we had was in the first third of our half,

That our 6’8” keeper continues to play it ‘out from the back’ when really his only tangible quality as a goal keeper is to kick it 8/10ths of the pitch for a route 1 goal,

The subs we made fell straight back into that turgid formation - despite score line or timing,

That we never ever have a plan b in our tactical locker,

That when the camera focuses on Lambert and his coaching team - you can’t help but instantly think ‘clueless bunch of charlatans’

.....And - that we were playing one of the top half of the divisions ‘best’ teams...

So all in all - it really, really is no shock. It’s so predictable...
at 12:22 20 Nov 2020

So when asked about KVY - Lambert gives us this...

Asked whether he expects Vincent-Young to play at some point this season, Lambert said: “I hope so. I’d like to think so.”

Jeez - so would I....! In what other club - anywhere in the world would anyone be out for Sooooooo long??? People who lose legs are back up and walking again before our players who suffer from alleged Groin strains' are back and playing....!

How can we possibly, possibly sustain this inability to diagnose, and subsequently bring people from injury to fitness?????
Bonus losing tonight...
at 20:51 10 Nov 2020

That's the way I see it. I never like to see us lose - but s it's panning out Shambert has NOWEHRE to hide at the end of the season when we finish 10th... All this Leagues the priority focus.

Out the FA Cup traditionally at the first hurdle,, out the Papa Johns, and still finish mid table. Then - and justifiably then - we can kiss goodbye to this charlatan hopefully... Counting down the days till you go Shambert...
Plain Poor
at 15:39 7 Nov 2020

I’m actually reaching the point that I feel little emotion when watching us play. We are just so poor. I think I’ll only regain any passion when this fraud is ousted.
at 16:32 31 Oct 2020

So it looks like Shambert really hasn’t learnt a thing since lat season. Jackson is the most awkward lone striker to ever wear our kit.
1st half
at 15:50 31 Oct 2020

I thought we were brilliant. The lads were really, really good..
Up for our next game..!
at 16:59 24 Oct 2020

Shambert and best mate sideways and backwards Nolan can’t be there, and hopefully Nsialla will now get dropped..
John Wark Autobiography
at 11:33 24 Sep 2020

I have a copy going if anyone wants it. For £3 postage - I'm happy to send it on to any other fan.

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