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1 free u23 ticket for Sunderland available
at 08:20 17 Dec 2021

Friend can’t make it due to non-covid related reasons.

Seat is in the I block of the ‘Magnus Group West Stand‘.

Can meet any time from 2pm onwards tomorrow at the turnstiles.

Message me on here and it’s yours. First come first served basis.
Considering we are on a decent run and moving up the table
at 20:31 23 Oct 2021

The amount of abuse Cook and the players got today from those around me was ridiculous, constant calls for 442 and berating our players all game. “FORRWAARRRDDD YOU IDIOTS!!!”. Today we just had to be patient against a decent Fleetwood side, who sat back, kept their shape and had impressive passing too- both completion and speed.

Really feel we are starting to bring everything together now and that having a consistent system and personnel is benefitting us. The next few games will, one way or another, show where we are at as a team. Will be exciting thats for sure.

Also, anyone who uses their phone torch on a 3pm Saturday game when it’s light outside needs to give their head a wobble.
Although we are still yet to register a win
at 20:10 21 Aug 2021

I have never been so entertained watching football, which makes it all the more frustrating how we only have 2 points. First win will come vs Wimbledon, we will blow them away.
Chalobah starts for Chelsea
at 14:49 14 Aug 2021

Unbelievable. Sure he started in the Super Cup, but never thought he would start in the league. I understand he was young when he was on loan with us, but would genuinely put him in the worst 5 players to wear a Ipswich shirt in the last 10 years.

Over Silva, Zouma and Reece James
[Post edited 14 Aug 2021 14:53]
Arsenal vs Brentford
at 21:43 13 Aug 2021

Unless Aubameyang is fit asap, I can see them finishing bottom half. They are very average.

Brentford have been very impressive and enjoyable to watch. Their fans have been superb too, although granted that they would be for their first prem game in decades.
[Post edited 13 Aug 2021 21:45]
Ipswich Women vs Wolves
at 09:07 9 Aug 2021

Anyone know the score?
Not to worry
at 18:44 31 Jul 2021

First half we more than matched them- if anything we were the better team. Two tap in goals either side of half time, one from a rebound, the other from a low cross across the box. The third from a shot they wouldn't have taken had it not been pre-season or that they were 2-0 up. The 2 quick goals in the second half killed the game off. Apart from Bart, who we all know how good he can be and them being clinical in our box, they were very average.

Will Morcambe on Saturday take 3/4 of their chances, no. Will Morcambe save all of ours. Nope. Nothing to worry about yet. Remember how many clean sheets we had last season with Holy, Chambo RB and Ward/Kenlock. We are light and day away from that. On a side note, Chaplin looks a pain. Like how I imagine Dobra could be in the next 4/5 years.

2-0 Saturday.
Super League update- sounds like it’s still going ahead
at 17:04 30 Jul 2021

Translated from Spanish to English from Real Madrid Website

“FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid CF express their satisfaction with the judicial decision adopted today, ordering UEFA to revoke, with immediate effect, all its actions against the founding clubs of the European Super League, including the definitive filing of the file disciplinary proceedings open to the aforementioned three clubs and to nullify the fines and other restrictions that were imposed on the remaining nine founding clubs, as a condition for them not to be subject to disciplinary proceedings by UEFA.

In this way, the courts once again support the position of the promoters of the European Super League and dismiss the appeal raised by UEFA, confirming its warning that failure to comply with this resolution could lead to financial sanctions and criminal liability. The case will be analyzed by the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg, which will review the monopoly position that UEFA holds over European football.

We have a duty to address the challenges facing football. UEFA has claimed the position, exclusively, of regulator, operator and sole owner and manager of European football competitions. This monopoly position, in conflict of interest, seriously damages football and its competitive balance. As has been shown on multiple occasions, financial controls are inadequate and have not been applied objectively. Clubs participating in European competitions have the right to govern their own competitions.

We are pleased to know that from now on we will not be subjected to constant threats from UEFA. We remain committed to the objective of developing the European Super League project in a constructive and supportive way, taking into account fans, players, coaches, clubs, leagues and national and international associations and federations. We are aware that there are elements of our proposal that must be reviewed and, of course, improved through dialogue and consensus. We continue to trust the success of a project that will always be respectful of European Union regulations.”

Please God no.
[Post edited 30 Jul 2021 17:17]
Chaplin loves a goal at PR
at 13:16 29 Jul 2021

Home shirt has been changed?
at 17:18 28 Jul 2021

Looks from the pictures of Chaplin holding the shirt and Anna Grey holding the shirt after signing her pro deal that the lines down the shirt have been adjusted to now be of equal distance either side of the badge. Anyone know if this is true? If so it improves the shirt 10x for me, especially for people like me with OCD.
Vote KOA for the Football Content Award- Podcast
at 20:58 23 Jul 2021

Fellow TWTDers, make sure to vote for the Kings of Anglia podcast by Tweeting-
I am voting for @KingsofAnglia in @The_FCAs for #BestPodcast
Feel free to copy and paste

Note: I have no affiliation with the podcast, anyone involved or have appeared myself, just think they deserve to have some recognition for the quality content they provide.
[Post edited 23 Jul 2021 21:08]
Jack Hunt
at 19:38 22 Jul 2021

Signed for Sheff Wed, a championship regular for Bristol City. Arguably one of the best signings so far by our 'rivals'
The new kits are poor
at 16:27 16 Jul 2021

I think it’s a really big shame how poorly designed both our kits are this year, particularly with all the hype of the Ed Sheeran sponsorship, new owners and quality signings bringing such a high level of sales. I had low expectations, but am still so disappointed. It’s not just that they are poor because they are Adidas concept designs (like the away kit last year)- I usually love the quality Adidas bring, but this time not so.

Not only is the home shirt (the front) not ‘Ipswich blue’, being quite a few shades darker than the other 10+ blue Ipswich shirts I own from over the last 15 years or so, the front and back of the shirt are different shades of blue. Additionally, like others have pointed out, the placement of the black stripes down the shirt is poor, especially around the badge, which could have easily been adjusted in seconds. This is not the case or a issue on previous striped Ips kits. It just feels like it was rushed with a lack of care.

As someone who was wanting another white away shirt and was checking multiple times a day to see any news of it, knowing they said Mid July- it is just too plain. Just some black by the neck rim and ends of the arms would have made a significant difference. Otherwise, the home kit in white with black stripes, like the concept version on another thread, would have been better.

Need to see the away one in person, might just end up buying the home one or the training kit to ‘do my bit’, but I am not impressed, or even satisfied. Can only hope future kits will be better designed, especially if the owners are paying a interest into the concept designs.

If you got this far, would be interested to get thoughts on whether people are buying them because they genuinely like them or because they also want to do their bit to help fund the team?
Reassuring envious Sunderland fans
at 09:04 15 Jul 2021

A Sunderland Youtuber posted a video yesterday. It’s reassuring how concerned they are about their lack of transfers and new owners, compared with how things seem to be going for us. They like what we are doing, are envious and predict big things for us. Always interesting to get other club’s fans takes. Quite a few comments too.

Heres the link
Credit where credit’s due... so far
at 11:15 29 Jun 2021

Although fully investing into the new owners’ and Mark Ashton’s vision outlined through their interviews/podcasts, a high turnover of players was clearly both desired and required. I had doubts, like many did, that the amount of free agents would make moving on players, such as Drinan, near impossible and that the quality of players coming in could be underwhelming or no better than what we had last year due to the 60% revenue cap. Being stuck with a load of contracted players who didn’t want to play for us/were deemed not good enough by Cook, as well as most who have left (20 so far) already signing for other clubs, preventing resigning should the plan go horrendously wrong, were reasonable fears, especially after the Hurst rebuild. I have thus far tried to keep low expectations to avoid disappointment, a symptom of being a Town fan in his mid 20s.

So far, I have been happy with every signing. Imo they are a level above what Wigan and other rivals are signing. As of Stuart Watson’s article yesterday, Sunderland, Lincoln, Rotherham, Wednesday, Sunderland, and Wycombe have just 1 signing combined. So for us to have 5 quality signings in already, with a 6th coming in today, we are doing great. The more we can get in for the majority of pre-season, the more chemistry will be developed together, Cook’s system will be learnt and high fitness levels achieved. Ashton and the new structure seems to be really making a difference.

Personally I was going to be assured if we got a solid GK and our captain in early. I think Hladky is a great signing and prefer him over Amos and MacGillivray. Maybe we will get Siegrist in too. I am hopeful we will get in Crooks, who for me would be our marquee signing. He is everything we have been missing- physical, creative, battle hardened and experience of promotion from League 1. Should we be able to get another few in, maybe a CB, a winger and a CAM, we will just need to adopt a ‘one out one in’ policy.

Sure, it’s not a foregone conclusion that the players signed already are as good as we hope, that the rest of the window will go successfully, or that we will achieve promotion this season, but things are pointing in the right direction and we should all be excited for the journey ahead.
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