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Home shirt has been changed?
at 17:18 28 Jul 2021

Looks from the pictures of Chaplin holding the shirt and Anna Grey holding the shirt after signing her pro deal that the lines down the shirt have been adjusted to now be of equal distance either side of the badge. Anyone know if this is true? If so it improves the shirt 10x for me, especially for people like me with OCD.
Vote KOA for the Football Content Award- Podcast
at 20:58 23 Jul 2021

Fellow TWTDers, make sure to vote for the Kings of Anglia podcast by Tweeting-
I am voting for @KingsofAnglia in @The_FCAs for #BestPodcast
Feel free to copy and paste

Note: I have no affiliation with the podcast, anyone involved or have appeared myself, just think they deserve to have some recognition for the quality content they provide.
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Jack Hunt
at 19:38 22 Jul 2021

Signed for Sheff Wed, a championship regular for Bristol City. Arguably one of the best signings so far by our 'rivals'
The new kits are poor
at 16:27 16 Jul 2021

I think it’s a really big shame how poorly designed both our kits are this year, particularly with all the hype of the Ed Sheeran sponsorship, new owners and quality signings bringing such a high level of sales. I had low expectations, but am still so disappointed. It’s not just that they are poor because they are Adidas concept designs (like the away kit last year)- I usually love the quality Adidas bring, but this time not so.

Not only is the home shirt (the front) not ‘Ipswich blue’, being quite a few shades darker than the other 10+ blue Ipswich shirts I own from over the last 15 years or so, the front and back of the shirt are different shades of blue. Additionally, like others have pointed out, the placement of the black stripes down the shirt is poor, especially around the badge, which could have easily been adjusted in seconds. This is not the case or a issue on previous striped Ips kits. It just feels like it was rushed with a lack of care.

As someone who was wanting another white away shirt and was checking multiple times a day to see any news of it, knowing they said Mid July- it is just too plain. Just some black by the neck rim and ends of the arms would have made a significant difference. Otherwise, the home kit in white with black stripes, like the concept version on another thread, would have been better.

Need to see the away one in person, might just end up buying the home one or the training kit to ‘do my bit’, but I am not impressed, or even satisfied. Can only hope future kits will be better designed, especially if the owners are paying a interest into the concept designs.

If you got this far, would be interested to get thoughts on whether people are buying them because they genuinely like them or because they also want to do their bit to help fund the team?
Reassuring envious Sunderland fans
at 09:04 15 Jul 2021

A Sunderland Youtuber posted a video yesterday. It’s reassuring how concerned they are about their lack of transfers and new owners, compared with how things seem to be going for us. They like what we are doing, are envious and predict big things for us. Always interesting to get other club’s fans takes. Quite a few comments too.

Heres the link
Credit where credit’s due... so far
at 11:15 29 Jun 2021

Although fully investing into the new owners’ and Mark Ashton’s vision outlined through their interviews/podcasts, a high turnover of players was clearly both desired and required. I had doubts, like many did, that the amount of free agents would make moving on players, such as Drinan, near impossible and that the quality of players coming in could be underwhelming or no better than what we had last year due to the 60% revenue cap. Being stuck with a load of contracted players who didn’t want to play for us/were deemed not good enough by Cook, as well as most who have left (20 so far) already signing for other clubs, preventing resigning should the plan go horrendously wrong, were reasonable fears, especially after the Hurst rebuild. I have thus far tried to keep low expectations to avoid disappointment, a symptom of being a Town fan in his mid 20s.

So far, I have been happy with every signing. Imo they are a level above what Wigan and other rivals are signing. As of Stuart Watson’s article yesterday, Sunderland, Lincoln, Rotherham, Wednesday, Sunderland, and Wycombe have just 1 signing combined. So for us to have 5 quality signings in already, with a 6th coming in today, we are doing great. The more we can get in for the majority of pre-season, the more chemistry will be developed together, Cook’s system will be learnt and high fitness levels achieved. Ashton and the new structure seems to be really making a difference.

Personally I was going to be assured if we got a solid GK and our captain in early. I think Hladky is a great signing and prefer him over Amos and MacGillivray. Maybe we will get Siegrist in too. I am hopeful we will get in Crooks, who for me would be our marquee signing. He is everything we have been missing- physical, creative, battle hardened and experience of promotion from League 1. Should we be able to get another few in, maybe a CB, a winger and a CAM, we will just need to adopt a ‘one out one in’ policy.

Sure, it’s not a foregone conclusion that the players signed already are as good as we hope, that the rest of the window will go successfully, or that we will achieve promotion this season, but things are pointing in the right direction and we should all be excited for the journey ahead.
If Ashton sold Webster for 20m
at 13:09 11 May 2021

Surely he can get 2m for Drinan 👀
Incoming Gamechanger 20 interview with Kieran Maguire
at 14:01 23 Apr 2021

Was just watching the latest ‘The Price of Football’ podcast with Kieran Maguire who said he has booked a representative of Gamechanger 20 to come on soon and discuss the Arizona pension fund in detail. Will be a interesting listen when it comes out.
Imagine scoring a 93rd min winner after being 2-0 down
at 19:38 17 Apr 2021

Fair play Oxford
Suggested squad/signings for the 2021/2022 season
at 15:26 15 Apr 2021

Fitting a 4-2-3-1 formation and considering those under contract

Contract option for Donacien, Wilson, Toto, Bishop and El Miz
New 2 year+ option contract for Nydam
Loan/sell Holy and Dozzell

Suggested signings-
Lee Burge, Sunderland
Chey Dunkley, Sheff Wed, to be captain
Harry Pickering, Season Loan, Blackburn
Lee Evans, Wigan
Scott Twine- Swindon
Charlie Kirk, Crewe
Ronan Curtis, Pompy
Solomon-Otobor- Wigan
Morgan Rogers- season loan, Man City (currently at Lincoln)
St- Luke Jephcott- Plymouth
Would be happy to miss out on a couple of these for quality loans

This would look like this:
Gk- Burge, Cornell
Rb- K V-Y, Donacien
Cb x2- Dunkley, Wilson, Woolf, Toto
Lb- Pickering, Kenlock
Cdm x2- Downes, Evans, Nydam, Dozzell
Cam- Twine, Bishop
Lm/Lcam- Curtis, Kirk
Rm/Rcam- Rogers, Solomon-Otobor
St- Norwood, Jephcott, Hawkins
Extra squad players- El Miz and Dobra
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Today Wimbledon, our next opponents, scored 5 goals
at 17:06 10 Apr 2021

For perspective, thats as many as we have scored in our last 8 games 🥴
Brett Johnson ‘global investment in football’ panel video
at 23:25 9 Apr 2021

Just watched a youtube video from January of Brett Johnson contributing on a panel re-global investment in football clubs, including those in the UK.

The panel covers the potential of investment in lower league clubs, benefits of multi-club ownerships, mistakes that can be made, such as stripping away history and culture from clubs and highlights the importance of involving people around clubs with vast football experience, amongst other areas.

Brett states he is close to investing in a English club (which we now know to be us), has long-term strategies and a large interest in the women’s game. I found it really reassuring for him to be part of this panel- he was listening hard and seemingly has taken some of the ideas expressed on board. It made me feel fortunate and even more excited for the future.

If anyone wants to give it a watch, here is the link:
Squad to start the season
at 10:35 17 Aug 2020

Few controversial picks- really difficult to even fit players onto the bench. Be interested to see who others would pick.


Sears, Bish, Lancaster

Downes, Huws

Ward, Wilson, Woolf, KVY


Bench- Holy, Donacien (RB/LB cover), Skuse (CDM/CB), Nolan (CM/CAM) El Miz (CAM/LW/RW), Jackson (ST/LW/RW), Hawkins (ST)

Important squad players- Edwards, Kenlock, Chambers, McGavin

Send on loan- Nydam, Dobra, Wright,

Surplus- Judge, Nsiala, Dozzell, Cotter, Folami, Clements

Imo still weak at LCB and need another winger if Jackson is deemed unable to play LW/RW, but then some more would have to miss out of the squad altogether.
Available- Sunderland U22 away match ticket and return travel from Nottingham
at 17:26 7 Feb 2020

Unfortunately I am having to accept the inevitable, I am too poorly to go tomorrow. If anyone would like to make use of my U22 ticket and or train tickets from Nottingham- Stadium of Light and back (16-25 rail card needed) then feel free to message me. Just a small contribution to the price wanted. Happy to meet anywhere in Nottingham city centre or at the train station to hand over to someone traveling up. Would feel good for someone else to watch us pick up the three points instead.
Ground entry
at 14:25 10 Aug 2019

Trains canceled, not getting to ipswich till half time, can I get in still??

If that bothers coming
[Post edited 10 Aug 2019 14:25]
at 23:11 18 Sep 2018

Firstly he was average today, imo he did not stand out as terrible and does not warrent the abuse based on today.

It is no wander why he didn’t have the best of games though, with many abusing him around me before he had kicked a ball. Sure what he did at Hull was unacceptable under any circumstances, he played alright vs Norwich. One of the many embarrasing things our toxic ”support” did. Good luck Blue Action on Sat, we really need you right now..

He has made as many terrible mistakes leading to goals as goals himself or assists. If he is going to score more than others do, for me he gets more patience. Lets see if Donacien scores this year, I can’t see it personally.
Would you take any Norwich players over ours? + match comments
at 01:02 3 Sep 2018

Based on today I would take none of the Scum’s team instead of ours. I feel our players match or better them in every position and have more potential to improve too. Norwich seem to lack personality, every player blending into one, nobody standing out for ability or fight, a bang average-poor side. We also have options throughout the team, they do not so will only take a few injuries and they will be right down there.

I think we played well, even if still a bit goal shy. Pennington was my MOTM especially after coming straight in on a days training, he was faultless. Edwards again a handful. Walters will be dangerous for us. Feel we missed Skuse after half time, defensively, as we did vs Sheff Wed. Hopefully he will be ok for Hull. Chalobah is good and will be great, just misses an experienced head at times. Graham and Nolan were poor, Graham went missing and Nolan just cannot shoot but hopefully will turn good, I am hopeful.

Feel Gerken deserved a chance and he stepped up. We have to decide if we want wonder-saves but accept there will be mistakes (inc flapping and poor set pieces) and soft goals (Bart) or consistency and few mistakes but will make few wonder-saves (Gerken). In the present moment we need to stop the soft goals so Gerken works well, even if not the option long term. Hopefully Bart now gets his head down and bounces back to his best after a wakeup call. Good we have competition, in all areas.

Only heard two chants from Norwich all game after they had scored, they were absolutely embarrassing as so called ‘fans’. After today it is clear they lose all bragging rights to comment on our fanbase.

Our fans were great, the atmosphere was great and as many said was a good day out and a point overall was about fair. Always some idiots who can’t help themselves... re- Fashanu chants after the game. I just don’t understand some people.

After having some truly incompetent refs recently, credit where credit is due, todays ref was really good and managed the game well as a whole.

Feel Hull is now a vvv important win, hopefully after a rest and actually training together as a team we will start to see improvements with results. This will be the first game of the league season I have missed- not having my away record curse over us then! Going to feel like forever till 15th, really got the bug for Ipswich matches, even with the results so far.
19 away games, 1 win 2 draws 16 losses.
at 19:08 25 Aug 2018

Inc Rotherham, Derby and now Sheff Wed this year. Should I bother anymore? More for the team's sake rather than my sanity (thats being tested..) 😑

The win was at Wednesday last year so was hoping it was my lucky ground but wasn’t the case.

Not going to the next away game- Hull away so lets be expecting the 3 points there!

I don’t understand why our bad luck and why the refs are this bad. Really really bad.

Lets beat the scum Sunday! COYB
[Post edited 25 Aug 2018 23:09]
When will we win?
at 23:57 21 Aug 2018

When Bart’s mistakes stop and we start making better opportunities- I can’t see Harrison getting more than 5 goals this year and Nolan, although great, can’t hit a barn door with a pea when shooting.

My Derby mate said we were dirty today, seems Hurst disagrees!

Never understand other home fans, similar to Forest’s, high in number, low in volume and literally only sing when they are winning and even then we still managed to out-sing them at times. Really shows how much we take our fans for granted, as a whole. Sure we don’t get 25k, far from, but it sounds like double what derby had today.

I feel when we get one win more will follow, will that be Wednesday on Sat, Norwich, 10 games time, 20 games time, who knows. Lets hope it’s sooners rather than later!
[Post edited 21 Aug 2018 23:58]
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