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COVID - minimum number of games?
at 03:51 21 Sep 2020

After the bickering and confusion over the end of last season, have new rules been set as to how the season would end if COVID prevents a finish?

Like how many games have to be played before it’s called etc?

This has nothing to do with Town sitting top by the way...
Andre is a Dad?
at 15:05 18 Sep 2020

So Jason Dozzell is a grandpa.

Now I feel really old.
Anyone else get the feeling Downes has thrown his toys out of the pram?
at 11:59 15 Sep 2020

And he's a big boy, not a youth player living far away from home...

If he wants out, the time has come for him to step up and show a) Palace what they could have and b) thank Town for their investment and interest in him to date by playing and earning his wage.

He wants to go and play in the Premier League? He'll need to grow a pair before stepping into that more competitive arena.
Fairly uninspiring but several positives
at 14:07 13 Sep 2020

Two very similar teams in my eyes. Missing chances up front and dodgy at the back.

A good result and encouraging signs there.

Midfield went missing in second half and I think PL actually made the right subs.

Sears should never be allowed to take free kicks again.

Fitness is clearly an issue for some. A couple of our subs were huffing and puffing after only 20 mins of play.
at 13:57 13 Sep 2020

Not sure about that. Was constantly chatting to others. Just off the pace at the moment.
Norwood on
at 13:28 13 Sep 2020

Perhaps an effort to keep Norwood interested in the club.

Drinnan was better.
Those Sears free kicks
at 13:25 13 Sep 2020


Is there really nobody else who can take them?
Oldest poster
at 12:08 8 Sep 2020

Honestly, no.

I've never bothered to try and figure out who is who, like when people have more than one username.

Who was it? You?
Oldest poster
at 20:02 7 Sep 2020

I remember there was a poster called crazyjeysey.
Oldest poster
at 19:53 7 Sep 2020

Hey Funge,

Hope you’re well.

Haha at the 4-1. There’s no betting on football in Canada, so those days are gone. I do season long bets these days on top three finishes for a team from each of the top four divisions - only Sunderland let me down last season

Now we have some decent crossers of the ball, I’d go with Chambers anytime scorer each match this year. :)
Oldest poster
at 19:01 7 Sep 2020

I’ve been on here since 1997.

I very rarely post or blog now as I live in Canada and find it hard to follow Town as much as I’d like to. I’ve always found the mood of the board to follow the ups and downs of the team and know when to avoid posting.

I originally used to post under the name bensonandhedges.
at 12:58 5 Sep 2020

Genuine question...

Have we ever had a player who was a bit dodgy but then went on to have an incredible following season?

*We've got about five in the wings who need to have this transformation this year.
Downes should play tomorrow ??
at 12:43 5 Sep 2020

I agree with everything you've said and I'd add that I often think it's too easy to just blame the agent.

FD is a fully grown man with hair on his balls. He can be given advice, but ultimately, he will make his own choices. It's not surprising that his head has been turned but I don't think the club has done anything to make his life difficult.

It's looking like unpleasant end for a player so many of us got totally behind. He should play, but this is the modern day footballer.
New England shirt
at 12:18 2 Sep 2020

Steady up there Mr Clooney, some of us can’t help our genes and the side effects lockdown.
Where do you place us this season?
at 14:56 30 Aug 2020

Town possibly £10m in the hole.
at 13:07 4 Jul 2020

Other than MM, Evans has consistently failed to recruit the right managers, and led us to our worst league position in our history.

The club is just a shell of what it was before he arrived.

I’m not a bedsheet holding ‘Evans Out’ kind of guy, but for what he’s done to our club I’ll be very happy the day he leaves.
Any Canada based blues here?
at 19:34 26 Jun 2020

You've probably guessed that I am firmly in the 'go for it' camp here from my previous post, but don't think that major cities are not getting hit with rapidly growing populations and construction here.

I live in Midtown Toronto and it's turning into a downtown out of downtown with condos been thrown up everywhere. I am not sure what Vancouver is like on this front but Canada's popularity (especially with the Asian market) means many cities are rapidly growing. And it's not cheap.

BUT...if you are coming as you say for the outdoor life, the friendlier people and an overall better quality of life etc., look no further.

I love the UK and especially love England, there's so much I miss, but Canada is something else.
Any Canada based blues here?
at 21:46 25 Jun 2020

Haha. I did pre-empt it with a warning.

You can't get tickets for the Leafs without selling a kidney or travelling to see them play away. I went to see the Marlies (their feeder team) and that was an amazing experience.
Any Canada based blues here?
at 14:16 25 Jun 2020

First up, congratulations to your wife! What an opportunity. Vancouver is sheer rugged, natural beauty. It's very laid back and perfect for a young family. I'm in Toronto (made the move early 2019) and I'd love to live there one day

I'm laughing at the person who suggested Toronto is 'meh' - maybe they didn't make the most of it. It is very different from Vancouver but both depend on what you want. Toronto is very much a career city with that rat race feel and similar to London in cost and lifestyle. However, there is so much to do in, and just outside of the city - I love Toronto.

You'll find many differences in Canada but all are manageable.

Canadians are extremely welcoming of any new arrivals. They're patriotic but not in a 'we're the best' USA style, but in a "we want you to be part of something really good" kind of way. It's considered a cultural mosaic here. Sure, racism still exists but Canadians are far, far more embracing of all cultures, faiths, LGBTQ+ etc.

One of the first things you'll notice is the sheer size of the country. You can drive for 6 hours and not even leave a province. The air is clean, even in cities like Toronto and the summers are frigging amazing. Sure the winters are harsh but you'll find stuff to do that makes you enjoy them.

Houses and flats (condos) are generally bigger and nicer here but equally as expensive as England.

The two major mobile phone providers are Bell and Rogers and are in competition to see who can give the worst service. I quickly realised I was spoilt for choice and packages in England. Same goes for TV packages, they are expensive and limited unless you go for the most expensive package.

The food here is incredible. You will find it hard to order a pub meal in the UK after experiencing what Canada has to offer when dining out. If you like fish or meat you are coming to the promised land. I would leave my wife for a packet of Maple bacon...

Customer service is incredible. Remember to tip and that tax will be added to anything you buy here.

Craft beers are amazing. I tried to write a blog reviewing the different types, there are thousands, but gave up as there are too many good ones. Supermarkets are beginning to be allowed to sell beer and wine, but you generally have to go to the LCBO (government off licence). The LCBO is like Santa's Grotto of alcohol.

Some things can seem a little dated here still. Banks charge $3 for taking money from a cashpoint that is not their branch. Cheques are still required and requested for certain things but you get used to it.

Healthcare seems to be very good. It's less about managing numbers and more about being proactive and ensuring your long term health is good. Dentistry is second to none here.

Ice hockey is an excellent substitute for football. There's a team in blue and white in Toronto, who suck just like Ipswich if you want to maintain a depressed sporting outlook, but you probably want to support local. You used to be able to get free premier league football here but that changed this year. You can get it through DAZN.

Celebrity culture and politics are not the everyday topics here. This is one of the things I enjoy most about Canada. Sure you could probably find that stuff if its your thing, but the tabloid press here isn't what it is in the UK at all.

Canadians are incredibly friendly and all the jokes about them saying 'sorry' are true. I had a bus journey where the bus drivers door wouldn't shut properly and kept banging throughout the bus ride. Without being asked, half a dozen people on the bus tried to help fix it, even though we were all on our way to work. The bus driver was saying sorry for the 'noise', the passengers were saying 'sorry' they couldn't fix it. They are just very down to earth people.

I can't see myself ever moving back to the UK. I thoroughly encourage you and your wife to make the jump. From a personal point of view, there are times when I really, really miss my family and friends but this is a better quality of life than I ever would have had in the UK.

If you think of anything specific you want to know, please ask. I am the other side of the country but will help in any way I can.
Which year part of Milne's 5 point plan are we up to now?!
at 11:14 24 Jun 2020

The current plan is to get five points.

Should take 10 games on recent form.
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