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So the Head of Ofsted has criticised schools for prioritising children welfare
at 11:12 15 Sep 2021

Seems a bit of a strange take. I'm sure the schools would rather not be in a position where they have to provide food packages, but to criticise them for looking after the wellbeing of the most vulnerable is pretty disgusting imo. If she genuinely thought it was "admirable" she could have just stopped there and said no more. Or maybe address why the schools are having to do this.


Her appointment and policy positions make for interesting reading too - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_Spielman
Covid & disruption to teams
at 14:33 24 Jul 2021

Given we’ve been seeing an increase in cases (albeit flattened off last 3 days), I wonder if we’re going to see the start of the season disrupted? If not cancelled games, then at least players missing. We’ve had U23s in quarantine and at least 1 friendly cancelled. I’ve just heard that Swansea’s first team have cases and have cancelled a friendly today.

Anyone know if this is a problem with other teams, or is it just coincidence that the Towen and the only other team I pay any attention to have both had issues?
20 secs to go
at 22:47 11 Jul 2021

and you can win the Euros by snatching a last minute winner. You get a throw in 5 metres from the edge of the opponents box, what to you do:

a) fk all. Ignore the situation and just play the ball back to retain possession.
b) regroup, get all your big men in the box and try a long throw to see if you can nick a goal.
Anyone watching the Olympics series on BBC1?
at 17:59 8 Jul 2021

Gold Rush: Our Race to Olympic Glory


1st episode was this week. It's a standard puff piece type with interviews of the people involved cut with footage from back them. But it's a pretty good and easy watch and brings back a lot of good memories. They've got up to Sydney so far, which was the turning point and signs it was coming together (Chris Hoy's first Olympic and first medal, a silver).

One of the stars of the first show was our very own Simon Clegg (they miss out his career highlight of getting our turnstiles painted). When you see what vision he had and the difference he made to a whole branch of sport, it's a sickening reminder of how he was criminally underused (under trusted?) here. Looks like he's done alright for himself though, as he's got a lovely house.
I can't believe events are still going ahead with Covid rising
at 10:16 7 Jul 2021

Take this example for instance. They've got some front haven't they?


MEGNUTS!!! (n/t)
at 21:11 3 Jul 2021

A fitting rousing call from our fearless leader ahead of tonight’s match
at 11:05 3 Jul 2021


Interesting that the outlets who started circulating this picture (Politicsforall, Mail, etc) cropped out the Respect logo. In fairness to Johnson, he did focus on the respect aspect in his photo shoot. It didn’t make the final cut for some reason...

Happy birthday to me
at 11:35 26 Jun 2021

The big 50
Gorgeous evening in SA3 tonight
at 21:19 31 May 2021

We’re a busy little crowded island, but a balmy early summer evening in the UK is hard to beat. Sun’s just set, hardly a breath of wind (a rarity in these parts) and the birds are in full voice. Just sitting in the garden soaking it all up; not a bad way to end the BH weekend.
Biggus Dickus
at 11:22 17 May 2021

I wonder if any of our new owners or managers were watching that?
at 20:49 30 Apr 2021

I'd be surprised, given how busy they are and all their other interests (especially the American owners). Although you never know.

They could do a lot worse than pay attention to that match, and the reaction of the fans. They could build on this. The reaction to the game proves they have inherited a fan base that is desperate to be entertained and for any little bit of success, at any level.

Age group teams are normally ignored by fans and are kept fairly separate in comms from the club, but could they build on the relative success of our other squads? Or at least build on the desire and quality they show. Yu never know, big up these qualities and maybe some of it will rub off on the first team! It looks like the U18s represent the qualities the owners are looking for.

If they want to connect the club to the the town and to the fans, making more of the achievements of our age group teams can all help. A real 'one club, one family' approach if you like.
Just in case anyone hasn't heard
at 20:06 30 Apr 2021

I think it's 3-2 to Town. Surprised nobody's mentioned it.

Should have been 4-2 mind.
Obviously the goalless run will dominate the headlines
at 16:57 24 Apr 2021

But apart from that I quite enjoyed that second half. We played some pretty decent football, moved Wimbledon around and created some good openings. We just lacked that bit of quality around the box. Edwards and Dobra both wasteful. Stick a Murph or Waghorn type in there and they'd have got a couple on another day.

No doubt the Cook outers will be out in force, so I'm off to enjoy the last of the sun.
at 15:54 22 Apr 2021

Bloody schools. Got to isolate again. Just as things were starting to open up and the weather was looking smokin'.

Interesting little article on Iceland's success with coronavirus
at 09:38 23 Mar 2021


Spot the contrast to us:
- Pre-existing plan before first case
- Medical not political lead
- Immediate, hard line action
- Aggressive testing & tracing (real detectives on the team) - tracing system in place before first case
- International and domestic strict quarantine from the start

A much smaller country of course, but then I think it's pretty clear it's the activity not the size that's the critical factor.

For comparison - we have had about 1,890 deaths per million, they've had 81 per mill (29 in total).

Fascinating place and well worth a visit for those who haven't had the chance to go.
at 19:45 5 Mar 2021

What do we all like for our Passover seder then? A lovely bit of squirrel maybe? (Obscure Friday Night Diners reference).
Lol, this keeper
at 19:42 2 Mar 2021

Just after the home commentary team we're saying how their manager thinks this is the best 2 keepers he's ever had. Flapped a cracker leading up to the corner and that was just awful
[Post edited 2 Mar 19:43]
at 19:17 2 Mar 2021

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