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Reflections on Relegation
at 20:50 17 Apr 2019

I was walking through Kesgrave last Saturday afternoon around 4.35pm with my mind wandering. I could distinctly remember making the same walk from a local Tesco through Grange Farm back in the spring of 2002.
It is a Question of Caring and Camps
at 23:24 10 Mar 2019

I accept that it is very different following Town away from Suffolk. You do not pick up on the mood on the street in Suffolk and there is something very different thinking about your club through the media whether Town are playing in Suffolk or throughout the UK.
Marcus: Thanks For the Cash But You Need to Speak
at 18:57 6 Jan 2019

It is starting to go beyond funny now and what is making it even worse that I seem to be meeting Norwich fans that wish to rub it in, but I have got nothing to say in return.
Anger is Not a Good Emotion
at 22:58 28 Sep 2018

I am starting to realise that as I grow older, I am harking back to a period of my life which seemed to be idyllic, but it probably was totally different in reality.
From 24th May 1981 to 9th April 2018
at 19:31 9 Apr 2018

How are you planning to spend your Tuesday evening this week? You might want to head down to Portman Road to catch Town versus Barnsley; the next match in what is turning into one of the most frustrating seemingly never-ending seasons that I can remember.
Oh Kieron! The Best May Be Still to Come!
at 20:37 24 Mar 2018

Review of Kieron Dyer (2018) Old Too Soon, Smart Too Late. My Story with Oliver Holt. Headline Publishing
Pre-Derby Hope and Hype
at 23:56 14 Feb 2018

I hate the phrase 'Old Farm derby'. There are plenty of patronising phrases that have, and are still thrown at me when I talk about our club, but the 'Old Farm derby' degenerates our derby into nothing more than a Country Show debate over who has the biggest tractor. Quaint, sweet but slightly pathetic, not understood by anyone outside East Anglia.
29th May 2017 v 29th May 2000
at 20:24 29 May 2017

What were you doing on Monday 29th May 2000? What have you been doing on Monday 29th May 2017?
Win Some, Lose Some
at 13:03 10 Apr 2017

So, when is this season going to end? It seems that it is just going on, a slow drip to the start of May when we all head off for a welcomed football-free summer not quite sure what is going to happen at Portman Road.
The Years When Seasons Did Not Finish on 5th April
at 08:30 7 Apr 2016

Can you remember those halcyon days when football seasons did not end on 5th April and there were things to play for right up to the ultimate final whistle? Football is about excitement. Football fans need to have those end-of-season games of excitement and intrigue.
The 'Exciting and Unpredictable' Championship!
at 11:22 23 Jan 2016

Well done to Jolly Journo! I sympathised with much of what you wrote this week, and the some of the vitriol that came in response was embarrassing for this great club.
Sunday 10th December 2000
at 11:05 9 Dec 2015

Dear diary, what were you doing 15 years ago on 10th December 2000? Doing a bit of Christmas shopping? Still having a bit of a post-Millennium personal hangover?
Looking Forward to the East Anglian Derby?
at 11:03 11 Feb 2015

Do you look forward to the East Anglian derby? I used to enjoy these matches and I have been to a few down the years at Portman Road and Carrow Road.
What Do Stewards Actually Do?
at 19:15 20 Jan 2015

Have you ever spoken to a steward at a football match, or barged passed these marshals desperately trying to find your seat, or your place to stand? Stewards are the people who are dressed in shockingly bright and bulky clothes.
A Moment With Roy in Sainsbury's
at 20:26 19 Oct 2014

It had been a relentless week at work with endless emails, continuous meetings and a phone that never stopped ringing. Come 5.15pm on Friday, I needed to do some shopping and I did not quite have the energy to drag myself around the aisles.
Tickets and Other Issues
at 20:55 27 Aug 2014

I would love to think that I wrote about tickets on a Bank Holiday Monday and the article has so much impact that Town introduce a Group Ticket Bundle on Tuesday. However, I am not that sure whether God moves in such mysterious ways.
Post-Derby Blues
at 10:05 26 Aug 2014

For the first time for a while, I had the chance to go to last Saturday’s derby. I had been at home for the week and it would have been natural to head to Portman Road for a fixture that has given so many memories down the years. I did not go. I could not quite bring myself to buy the ticket, and I felt awful. Things had changed.
Town and that Olympic Legacy
at 10:06 23 Sep 2013

If you live outside of the Anglia TV region and have your local news from the London transmitters, you will be regularly told about the Olympic ‘legacy.’
A Step Back in Time
at 22:09 21 Aug 2013

TimS reviews Susan Gardiner's new book Ipswich Town - A History.
Sent to Coventry
at 22:37 13 Jul 2013

I lived in Warwickshire during the late noughties in a place called Leamington Spa. You may have been there and it is a nice place. Sitting on the town’s green by the River Leamington with an ice cream or cold beer is not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
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