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Five Point Protest Aims to Focus Frustrations
at 12:18:00

I think the thought process around this is solid, and i appreciate it is not being sold as some boycott everything to be heard as i think it causes further damage.

Also why does he need to be of a certain age to know what we have accomplished as a football club over the years in order to take action against the rot that has set in at our club? Did you need to be around during Sir Bobby in order to have any say in whats happening at the club? Rubbish comment, at least he is standing up to it and trying to take action in the right way.

Also i dont agree with some view points that we need to boycott games and just not turn up. Last i looked the club was in some serious, very serious, debt. But stopping the cash flow to the club with tickets, how is that going to have any positive impact?

I say fight the good fight and i hope you achieve what we all want, and that is positive change and done in the right way, im backing you all the way.
Ex-Blues Boss Hurst Sacked By Scunthorpe
at 15:21:30

The majority probably laughing at this and saying he is rubbish etc are probably the same ones that were happy we were getting what seemed like an upcoming manager that could get the best out of a squad.

Im not going to laugh and say I am happy about this, as its just nasty to be honest, I am however happy that he is no where near or involved with our club after what he did in the short time he was here.

Maybe a few should consider showing a little class from time to time.
Bishop: We Didn't Deserve to Lose on Second-Half Display
at 12:17:01

I do not care if any one thinks we deserved to win, you only win by getting the job done and scoring more than the other team.

I look at our squad and I can not fathom how we are not doing better than we are, we had an edge about us at the start of the season and got right to the top, and maintained it for a time. There is no excuse for how we are now playing, rotation policy or not.

I mean no disrespect to other teams in this league, and nothing is won on paper but that group of players is so much more capable than what is currently being shown.

This isn't also a new thing, but how long has it been where we have one good half and one either bad or average, and also when we concede we start playing and attacking with more intent! Im sorry I want that drive and passion from the first whistle and I will not settle for less because we are a good team and have some good players, so pull your bloody socks up and stop feeling sorry for yourselves because you feel like you should have won rather than actually winning.

My issue at the moment is it feels like we are reverting to type like last season, and I don't blame rotation policy for this. I agree maybe rotation has gone on a bit too long but the long game plan was a solid one, have most if not all your squad match fit and we can then handle injuries etc.

I honestly think there is more going on behind the scenes than any one knows about, how do you go from how we were playing at the start of the season to this?! Your not telling me its because Norwood and Vincent young needed to be out for ops because if a team cant handle that situation regardless of the influence they bring to the team then we are more powder puff then I ever suspected.

I love this club and always will, I will stick with it through good and bad, but this we deserved more has to stop, go for it from the first whistle and accept nothing other than success, don't wait until we are already behind. Stand up and be bloody counted, so some passion and desire and play to your ability, we deserve nothing, we earn everything.
Donacien: Cup Rotation Has Benefited Me
at 10:01:20

Whilst this was one of Donaciens better games, I still would not say he was that good and has glaringly obvious problems when playing.

Maybe Lambert see's him more of a CB than a RB because he spends most of his time drifting into the middle with the CB's.

There was several times in that game where he had gone more central whilst blackpool were running down his side leaving so much space, they had time to read a bloody novel before they made the cross's into our box.

I don't want to be completely negative about him as I said, as one of his better games but I don't trust him still and there is plenty for him to work on.

Also, and this isn't pointed only at Donacien, but it never felt like we got out of second gear, when blackpool broke players would just be lightly jogging back, I want to see just as much commitment getting back to stop the through balls and crosses as I do going forward.

I honestly just felt that this was a game we could have won but it felt like the players felt as if we didn't need to try our hardest to do it.
Lambert: Second Half Was Outstanding
at 08:19:41

Also to add to my comment above, promotion teams are the ones that can win the ugly games, and it shows we have confidence as we have won 7 out of 9 away games this season.
Lambert: Second Half Was Outstanding
at 08:15:59

After what we had to witness last season I really cant understand how some people are not happy with what is going on with us this season.

Lambert has got a lot f the fan base back, we are playing better football despite some performances and better yet we are winning games and are top of the league.

The rotation policy in my eyes is absolutely required, the main reason is for the past few years most of our injuries happened during our training, and most of the time the injuries were pretty serious meaning that player would be out for a while. Other than the groin niggles etc I think you will find that the turn around and a bit more tlc at the club has meant that players are coming back and so far staying back.

Emyr Huws prime example just could get back to playing football, but with things done right and the training ground being sorted out he is back and able to play, all be it out of the team because of other players, and prob being a bit careful with him.

I also disagree with the opinion of going to struggle if we go back up, I think that's totally wrong. I would say, and I am not saying this is right or acceptable, but I think some of the performances are down to the teams we are playing.

We deserve to be where we are no doubt, last season, or event that last few years have not been acceptable, but when you are playing teams where the home attendance is not much more than we have away fans, its not exactly atmosphere football.

My thoughts if we go up are that we will strengthen because evans will have no choice, it is proven that with some good prospects mixed with good experienced players you can win games.

After the last 10 or so years of absolute rubbish fo rthe most part that we have had to put up with, seeing our club slowly descend to where we are now, just be a bit happier at the fact we are winning games and talents such as downes, woolfenden et al are coming through and looking really good, and this experience will only make them and the club better.

COYBS and stop the moaning its boring, its as if we have to have something wrong, that mentality is dead and buried, the future is bright and I for one am excited until proven otherwise.
Lambert: I Said We'd Have Bumps and Bruises Along the Way
at 10:30:41

From start to finish everytime an Ipswich player got the ball, 1 or 2 Rotherham players were on him to win the ball back, we also didn't not get any of the second balls all game.

I saw the starting lineup before the game and the formation, and I wont lie I was happy with it, but what was quickly evident is the lack of width we played with. When Rotherham are in your face all game you need some pacy wingers able to beat a player and put balls into the box, this didn't really happen at all entire game.

I am with those supporting 4-4-2, get some width, get norwood back up top with Jackson, and hopefully have downes back in midfield, someone who will go box to box all game.

I don't want to panic but the last two games have shown us to be the Ipswich of last season, and that concerns me, I don't want to feel that we have been sold a lie fo the star of the season which I am sure we can all agree has been very very good considering where we had come from.
Lambert: Break Came at the Right Time
at 13:44:05


Whilst I appreciate your concerns I think that moving them is good, although I appreciate everyone has their own opinions.

My view is that whilst we are all aware there are going to be some crammed games, hopefully, with current form and unbeaten streak intact, we will have cemented ourselves at the top or at least top two. Therefore we can afford to have some crammed games and take the hit with a potentially weaker squad in terms of second string, which have done themselves proud so far when called on.

If we didn't move and got more sever injuries we would be in a worse place and potentially not still be unbeaten for a start. Id rather the risk of those things come later in the season then ruin what we have so far done at the start, as we are in such a good position to pull away from any chasing pack.
Bury Expelled From EFL as Bolton Have 14 Days to Complete Takeover
at 07:53:55

Very sad for something like this to happen, god forbid it is ever Town facing this fate, i feel very sorry for Bury fans and players.

One thing that has annoyed me on here though is the sudden appreciation of Marcus Evans, now i am happy we are stable and it is because of him in some ways yes, but are we not where we are also because of him?

We have a tight budget, very tight and all because of Evans, pumping money into the wrong managers, selling best players at crucial times, and not investing at crucial times.

I wont go over it all again many people as well as me have said it before but the reason we are in league one and have a very small budget is because of Evans. Ironically our glorious owner has brought us closer to a situation like Bury and Bolton than he has take us further away.

So yes whilst i am glad we seem to be stable dont forget why we are struggling for investment in the first place.
Ipswich Town 2-1 AFC Wimbledon - Match Report
at 09:01:40

I am seeing and hearing a lot of comments about always playing the best we have and two up top of jackson and norwood, i dont disagree however i suspect the reason this rotation is happening is because Lambert is scared of more injuries.

Lets not forget how many injuries we have had in recent seasons just from training, be it a knock or something like that. I for one can see why he makes these changes, it doesnt work we all know that, but i also get that we have not exactly been fortunate with injuries and luck over the last several seasons.

The future is hopefully bright though now that we have mr cyprus, kane and rb and especially keane up front. This signing especially means rotation up top will be good to give little rests to eith jackson or norwood from time to time, even if just for 45. Keane if he stays fit should be a veru good signing.

I dont condone the tactics in the first half of this game but to conclude i can see why he does it if my opinions are correct. COYBS
Evans on Relegation, New Arrivals and the Promotion Challenge
at 10:01:08

Some of these comments really do highlight how fickle football fans ca n be.

Firstly thank you Marcus for speaking up, its a shame that it took the manager calling you out for you to do it bu appreciate it none the less.

Also with your points i get it, and any sensible thinking person would understand all of that too, i appreciate you are keeping us stable and will not play with the future of the club on a what if we spent loads of money.

However it seems people have quickly forgotten why we are in this mess in the first place.

You speak about learning lessons from last season and not selling our better players when we cant replace, im sorry but this has happened more than once over the course of you being here, i am glad that the penny has finally dropped but it took a while.

Also chucking money at Keane and Paul Jewell was a mistake. I know why we went for Keane, it was status, it would raise our profile and what not, but inexperience and a hot temper proved an issue when all the signs were there berfore hand, but i get why that happened. Paul Jewell i mean come on did any one expect that to work, i cant be the only one that thought it wouldnt and yet got a few quid to spend.

And then come Mcarthy, whilst it didnt end well he is a manager with a very good record of signings, the players he brought in on limited bidget were mostly good with only a few duds thrown in, if he had money we wouldnt be where we are now. Inevitably he had to go though if only for the brand of football, to play not to lose at home is not acceptable and the way he came back at the fans cant be tolerated, very stubborn and set in his ways.

Hurst is what it is, no one expected the car crash that it was but Marcus you let him sell experience to just bring in lower league players who on paper had something to prove at a higher level, but almost an entire new squad, why would any one think thats ok, and i get it may have been Hursts choice but you have a responisbility as owner to think, do you know what maybe this is not the right thing to do.

We now have a manager who has brought the fans back, or at least bringing back, he is honest and he is building our confidence, he also has an eye for a decent player too, but yet he has no money because of the above, and that is only some of the story.

So in conclusion i do appreciate the statement but just because it has been worded well you wont pull the wool over my eyes, you have some way to go to gain my trust again.
Elliott Loan Move on Hold
at 09:24:49

The thing is it is on hold, so it sounds likely that he will still come, i suspect we will go for Nuttal, hopefully get him and still take this guy on loan as i should imagine at a reduced rate as part of the bart deal with a view to a perm for both players.

Whilst i agree a lot of our players have been and still are made of glass, but sometimes you get the right fit between player and club and it can all work out, i certainly would not rule this one out yet.
Town Set to Sign Wolves Keeper Norris
at 14:14:54

I dont get the comments moaning about the players being loaned, i for one think that there is some good business going on here.

Bart is on big wages but being loaned is still ours, so if we were to get promoted first time of asking then we can have him back and all involved would be happy, including Bart still playing at that level. If we dont then if he has done well Millwall can have him for 1 mill+ like they wanted originally.

Witht he striker arguably we do need another with a more physical presence, Elliot seems to be that guy who would not cost the earth, and again if promoted and he does well we can try and keep him, if not give him back.

Equally loaning the keeper is also not bad business, we have the guy we got from west brom as well as Holy, but the younger guy we no doubt will loan so we need a second behind Holy with decent experience and played at a good level.

If we were loaning a couple of center mids or something i would understand but this business on face value is good, time will tell but look at it properly and it seems sensible.
Town Among Clubs Linked With Benfica Striker
at 15:43:15

Whilst i agree to some extent with others on here that no one wants to come to us (Not extactly true but you get the point) i can see some witht he right attitude being interested.

Think about it, would look good for them to come and hopefully be part of a promotion winning side, that could springboard some people and even if they moved on after to bigger clubs they would have done the job for us.

I am not for one minute thinking that this guy will come but what i can se is the potential with us to put yourself in the shop window.

Everyone knows we will be a scalp in league 1 but if there is any time to be part of a club that needs to be on the upwards trend its us and its now.

Not sure why i am being so positive, i must admit i have the feeling we are going to be poor in league 1 also at least to begin with, but i forever live in hope as we all have for a few years now. Ever the optimist i guess
Town Confirm Bree Loan Signing
at 09:31:56

Hopefully this means that chambers is dropped and we play pennington and collins in the middle with bree on the right, i think emmanuel will be the backup to him and spence will hopefully fall to the background and will be shipped at the end of the season.

I know people keep saying what about emmanuel and i get that, but it does seem odd that each itfc manager he is under doesnt give him that chance or make him first choice, there must be something in that, whether lazy attitude or something i dont know. Either way would deff say better than spence and should be in the mix.
Town Confirm Keane Loan Signing
at 12:56:03

whilst his goal tally is no shining light i honestly think will still be a good outlet for what we already have, jackson and sears i think are already goal threats played in the right system with the right personel, having some one who can hold up and play through might be the breakthrough needed.
Woolfenden to Join Swindon on Loan
at 18:15:01

I'm surprised by this, looked good when I've seen him and he sure up the back line when he came on against Blackburn. I don't see the point in this one.
Shrews Pair at Town to Complete Move
at 13:04:23

Honestly i do not like all this talk of lower league players not being good enough, its as if we all have brains like a goldfish and have forgotten that a lot of players that have gone for big fees in recent times have come from a lower league, Mings springs to mind straight away as does aaron Cresswell.

We have to trust Paul hurst, after all he has been managing in these leagues past few years so i trust he knows whats about and who is good enough. Some one made the point that Gwion was the best player on the park on Saturday, i could not agree more, Harrison also looks a handful and will always chase a ball down, all these signs look so positive for the future.

If we had of lost yesterday i woulds still have felt positive about the future based on what i had seen, still a work in progress and there is much to do but the signs are definitely there.

On the point of Waghorn also, lots of people are moaning about the fact it seems we have to sell him in order to make these transfers. Whilst part of that statement is true, no one has really made reference (At least not that i have seen) to the fact all signs point to Waghorn wanting to go to be closer to home.

Paul Hurst would not say what their private chat was in reference to, but reading between the lines and some other hints that have been dropped in interviews, i suspect that Waghorn asked to leave, but is too respectful to hand in an official transfer. Paul Hurst seems like the type to say "Ok no point in keeping a player, no matter how good if he wants to leave because it will effect the player and the club"

No player is bigger than the club, also there is nothing to suggest that he will emulate the same form elsewhere, could be a one hit wonder.

I get annoyed as people are quick to make the assumption that fits with the way they feel about the situation rather than considering that actually this may well be out of the managers and clubs hands in regards to the players own personal feelings and wants.

I feell so positive about us right now, manager saying the right things, already got in some decent players, all be it i have seen them in one competitive game, and the manager is being backed finacially it would seem.
Town Confirm Hurst Appointment
at 10:32:01

blueboy1981 you mention that Hurst is gamble over Burley and Butcher, just wondered why you think that considering that Hurst has worked his way up the English leagues having success at the clubs he has managed, and Burley and Butcher have been out of the process for a very long time.

I appreciate they are blue through and through,but that alone does not guarantee success does it? I would prefer a manager that has started from the bottom and worked up, and has been active then a manager who gave us some very good times a long time ago now, but still loves the club and wants to come back and go again.

I would rather keep the memories of that as they are, and not offer him the chance to potentially ruin that, he has played his part in our history, to go back to that would be stepping back in my opinion.

This is all my own opinion of course, you are entitled to yours, just curious as to why you might feel that way. Can understand Lampard, not managed before.
Ross and Hurst Remain Leading Contenders With Lampard Out of Race
at 15:40:49

Burley keeps getting mentioned on here, but I really do not think he is the answer. What he did should stay in the past where we all have fond memories, but the past is the past and you should not go back.

At this point all any of us can do is wait and see what happens, I for one don't know a great deal about ross and hurst, I hear their teams play decent football, that's great and I am all for it but I am not going to sit here and make out I know everything about the manager hiring process.

I think we all want this to be over and a manager appointed but it seems if Evans made a quick decision and it did not work his head would be even further on the chopping block than it already is, he is taking time and wanting to talk to managers of interest, if hurst wont talk until after playoff, and in my opinion why would he, then that's how it is and it makes sense for all parties in my opinion.

I am not an evans fan to be honest but for once I do think he is doing this the right way, we do not know what is going on behind the scenes and wish all these assumptions and so called facts would stop.

I think collectively we all want either ross or hurst as they seem like the best fit and would cost too much, and that is still very much on the cards, so lets just let the people who can sort that do it, and not assume we know how all this works, I will be annoyed if this does not happen but that does not seem to be the case now and until it is I will await news in the hope things are being done in the right way.
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