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Most exciting event of this season?
at 20:05 24 Apr 2019

The stewards not letting the half-time entertainment participants back into the SBR lower on Monday has to be up there...
All this conjecture about 'genuine' attendances...
at 17:54 22 Feb 2018

This seems to be a big issue right now with all kinds of speculation (and some extremely specific figures!) being thrown around. We all know that the club publishes the 'official' attendances including all season tickets and match tickets sold and we all know that these figures are plainly fictional.

However, all the guess work and speculation doesn't actually achieve anything so I've sent a lovely email to Suffolk Police with an FOI request that they provide the actual through-the-turnstile attendances of this seasons matches if they have the data. Maybe then we can all moan with some facts...
Anyone else actually looking forward to tomorrow?
at 07:43 22 Aug 2017

I agree with you. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these youngsters play in a competitive game (and how many were calling for some of them to be seen last year?!) and it'll be good to see whether we have a bright future as well as an encouraging present. In an ideal world it would be a balance of youth and experience but we just don't have the personnel for it at the moment, do we?

I'm hoping these boys get the same support as the first team does, especially away from home. It'll do them a lot of good and they do all wear the shirt, after all.

Should be an entertaining evening and the £5 off from our ever-benevolent chairman makes it a relatively cheap away day, too.
If you could recommend ONE BOOK
at 07:30 19 Aug 2017

Murakami - Kafka on the Shore. It's bit odd and takes a little while to 'get' but once you're into it it's absolutely extraordinary.

If you're into crime fiction, I'd also say Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith; it's an excellent thriller set in the USSR with a brilliant overarching plot.
Good luck to any TWTDers/Parents/Teachers today getting A Level Results!
at 09:54 17 Aug 2017

As a teacher this always has the danger of being a horrible it stands today, it's a pretty good one! Adds to the positive feeling that this August has brought!
that Fashanu song
at 13:22 16 Aug 2017

A fortnight after I wrote that it was dead!

Still, nice to see round condemnation of it here, at least, and I was on the left hand side and didn't hear it so it clearly it does't have much traction. I agree with those of you who said we should be having word with oiks who think it's okay!

And as for the West Ham songs, I mean really...
Some points after last night...
at 08:42 16 Aug 2017

So I don't have much of a voice today after The Den last night but a few points of note from last night-

-We seem to have real strength of character to not know when we're beaten. The defence was shoddy from time to time but they didn't start getting at each other and instead of letting heads drop after 45 seconds...or either of the equalisers, they pushed on and didn't capitulate.

-Mick has, so far, been as good as his word on the attacking front as well as the good football. It's rather a turnaround when a manager describes us as 'non physical' and we look to play football and the opposition get in and lump it (although Millwall are the best we've faced so far).

-Jonas Knudsen has actually got skill as a wing back.

-Everything I've said about McGoldrick being overrated...well I'm on the way to taking it back.

What is this peculiar new world?!
Millwall on the gate?
at 19:13 13 Aug 2017

Evening all.

I may well be being simple but I can't find any info on tickets for Tuesday...can't even see a 'Sold Out' notification anywhere. Do we know if we've sold our allocation and/or if we can buy on the gate?

[Blog] 'Gay Footballers? No, the Fans Wouldn't Have It'
at 18:48 1 Aug 2017

I think you're absolutely right. There are chants against Brighton but they're nebulous in the sense that they seem harmless and aren't really directed at anyone in particular and I totally agree that the fact that it seems to be such a heterosexual environment renders them harmless in most people's eyes. I really do think that you're right that this would change if there was actually an out-gay player; it would suddenly become much more personal and focus minds a bit.
Tickets for Barcelona....
at 14:36 23 Jan 2017

I saw Barca v Sevilla a couple of years ago and bought tickets from the ticket office the day before for less than that price. Seems like people have difference experiences, though.
'The Next Nine' or 'A Horror Story'...
at 19:47 2 Jan 2017

The first half of that doesn't actually sound so bad after all...
'The Next Nine' or 'A Horror Story'...
at 18:46 2 Jan 2017

Looking at the fixture list and trying desperately to look for some hope. Does someone more positive than me want to offer it?

Blackburn (H)
Huddersfield (A)
Preston (A)
Derby (H)
Reading (H)
Villa (A)
Brighton (A)
Leeds (H)
Norwich (A)
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