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Kieran on Celebrity Who Dares Wins
at 21:15 19 Sep 2021

Lol - max aggression. Love it!
I’m very excited!
at 18:24 17 Sep 2021

I’ve just seen my very first red squirrel in the wild - about 2 metres away from me!
Really? We’ve not one a game so far
at 19:14 14 Sep 2021

And tonight we have a game that gives an ideal chance to do that. It’s one extra game - why not play the first team? Or as a minimum, why not give the defense a game together?

This kind of change for change sake when we need to get some momentum really frustrates me.
I’m coming to the conclusion that it is going to take a while
at 07:36 12 Sep 2021

To get going this season, and that we may well have missed the auto promo boat.

I we will indeed need to be patient and all that. I do think we’ve got a fantastic group of players that should in the end have far to much to not do well and get us out of this league. But this season? We’ll have to see.

I am starting to have serious doubts as to whether PC will be the manager here to get them goiing. He failed last season, and as another poster said, he’s failing this season with the best squad in the league. Sure, the players have to do the business on the field, but his job is to set them up and prepare them to do that. Last season he couldn’t do it and currently he is not doing it this season. Questions have to be asked and I give him him another 3 league games before I hope the owners and management here ask serious, serious questions. Good managers have failed at clubs before.
I wonder if Wolfie had a little smile after that?
at 07:26 12 Sep 2021

I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t have a wry smile to himself!
Right, Paul Cook - over to you!
at 07:20 1 Sep 2021

Let’s see what you’re made of now. Absolutely no excuses. A brand new squad of your chosen players, a preseason and 6 games to see what they can do. Obvious weak points now addressed with new signings and now 11 days to work with the whole squad, no distractions.

Personally I’m expecting an almost immediate upturn in results - I don’t think that unreasonable from the very low base were at.

If we now go on the hit auto promotion this is going to be one heck of a ride. Even if we only get into the PO’s I genuinely expect that we should have the strength to go all the way.

Anything less will be a failure.
[Post edited 1 Sep 7:59]
Mark Ashton
at 21:50 31 Aug 2021

Take a bow my man.
Celina? Really?
at 09:33 30 Aug 2021

I was excited when this first rumored a few months ago, but I’m not so sure now. Looks a bit like a kid in a sweet shop signing - we’ll get h8m because we can, not because we need him. Not sure we really need him.

Personally I’d prefer to keep the present squad and discover the best ‘team’ with the view strengthening where we see we need to in January. Otherwise my fear is that this could be a very expensive squad that doesn’t work together.
Who Dares Wins
at 21:15 29 Aug 2021

Kieran on now.
I wonder what Ashton and O’Leary are making of this!
at 22:25 28 Aug 2021

I would imagine that they might just be drafting up Plan B, because whilst they said this will take time, I’m not sure they expected this. If they are wise they’ll have a contingency plan in case things are not really rolling in a few matches.

The key thing is, how many matches will they give him to get it right?
I don’t think this is about gelling
at 17:13 28 Aug 2021

We’ve had enough time, we’ve played well and we’ve scored goals. But we simply unable to defend. GK errors, poor marking, feee headers - nothing to do with gelling.

Plus tactics and subs - Cook hasn’t got this right since he came, many, many games ago. It’s beginning to look more and more like he’s really missing Richardson.

I really hope I’m wrong, but .....!
How can a 3k run be so hard?
at 17:20 23 Aug 2021

Took me 19 mins and I’m totally and utterly knackered!

Looking for sympathy and motivation guys!!
All this talk of gelling ...
at 18:20 22 Aug 2021

I’m not sure that the goals we gave them yesterday were anything to do with us not gelling. They were just basic errors. Cook is being very generous when he says we have to learn from our mistakes - both Evans and Wolf are experienced enough not to need to learn about this sort of thing.

I thought we just about shaded it
at 20:56 21 Aug 2021

But MK Dons played some very nice football without really hurting us. The two goals were from two mistakes, other than that the defense whilst a bit shaken was OK. We created some decent chances, and without the defensive mistakes we would have won against a well organized team, in fact overall a more organized team than ourselves

Edwards was pure class, easily our MOM in my opinion. Burgess was solid and in control - a good solid presence in defense. I look forward to seeing him and Edmundson alongside each other. Bonne played well and took his goals superbly. The first was an absolute peach. Tom Carroll played a lovely little cameo.

Negatives for me?

The midfield was extremely disappointing. I couldn’t help noticing that until Tom Carrollcame on there as very little movement in front of the defense to receive the ball from them. Harper was extremely disappointing, as was Evans. Neither imposed themselves on the game and were very static.

We persisted with long diagonal balls to Bonne despite the fact that he actually won very few of them. And when he did there was little support near to him.

Gladly will be disappointed he didn’t get the ball round the post from the free kick. He got a full hand on it and should really have done better.

All in all I thought we deserved to sneak a win and it was so disappointing not to get all 3 points because of defensive mistakes - again.

I’m really disappointed with the start we’ve made this season
at 13:38 18 Aug 2021

I honestly thought that the quality we’ve brought in would pick up a win in the first 3 league games. I didn’t think we’d lose 2 of them!

Do I have questions about Cook! Absolutely I do - I didn’t like the way he gave up last season and didn’t like the way he broke up the whole team and wasn’t willing to even try to give some of the young guys a chance.

I was surprised disappointed that he was was completely unable to get anything out of the squad he inherited. They weren’t the best squad in the league, but they were far from the worst and the mark of a good manager is that he can improve average players. He didn’t do that - for whatever reason.

So my patience and tolerance have started off low this season

However - it’s still too early to call this season! It’s three games and we haven’t played our 1st eleven yet and crucially have our two best defenders (on paper at least) haven’t started a game. It needs time. How much? I can’t be sure. But if we’re still losing like this in 5 or 6 games time I’ll be seriously concerned that maybe he’s not going to get this team playing.

So, Cook in for now!
What did Cook mean by this?
at 20:39 7 Aug 2021

“We just stay on the page that we’re here for, we don’t get caught up like Lee Evans and Rekeem [Harper] late on in the game where they’re trying to do five men’s jobs. They’re very good at doing their own job, and that’s what we want from our players.”
Any links to the goals? (n/t)
at 17:20 7 Aug 2021

OK, what were the positives from that?
at 17:44 31 Jul 2021

Who stood out? How did KVY do?
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