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Apparantly twitter is much better than Facebook...
at 12:53 30 Mar 2021

For cleaning up the awful people hiding behind faceless accounts. Until someone kills themselves.

And the guy who pushed him to do it has deleted his account and will never be known.

Twitter really is the pits...

Oi, Phil...
at 16:49 3 Mar 2021

Now you've rightly got your feet back under the table, do you know if it'll be possible to listen in on the first interview with Cook tomorrow either through the club or Radio Suffolk...?

Edit:-Ignore. I've just seen your tweet re. no details yet...
[Post edited 3 Mar 16:50]
I appreciate this won't be new to anyone...
at 11:43 17 Feb 2021

But Jim White is a massive c-unit...
Liverpool v Manure is a fookin dull game...
at 18:13 17 Jan 2021

As all hyped up big games are.

Seems a good time to remember that they both tried to break away from the prem as they saw themselves as too elite...
Cricket - Day 2
at 06:54 15 Jan 2021

First chance I've had to see what Dan Lawrence is all about. Looks a classy player.

It's encouraging how many batsmen we have coming through now. Whether we actually give a couple more bowlers a look in is another matter but even the more pessimistic England fan must be hopeful for the long term future of the test side...
at 05:47 14 Jan 2021

My cat's always a noisy little bastard at around 4 in the morning, so I've happily used it as a tactical alarm for the beginning of the test match.

3 overs played in half an hour due to delays in an empty ground because of a dodgy sight screen.

Test cricket. Please don't ever change...
[Post edited 14 Jan 5:58]
That Ryanair "Jab and go" advert...
at 18:36 2 Jan 2021

Immensely vile.

(I'm aware it's Ryanair, but still...)
2021 is already a little better than 2020...
at 12:45 1 Jan 2021

The KLF are un-deleting their back catalogue...

[Post edited 1 Jan 12:45]
Mr John by Mel Henderson...
at 11:43 22 Dec 2020

Anyone want a copy? I've had it lying around for a while, just wondered if anyone fancies a read of the great man.

I won't be able to post it until after Christmas, but if anyone would like it I'm happy to pass it onto a fellow Town fan.

Pm if interested, literally first come first serve...

Edit:- Gone to a good home...
[Post edited 22 Dec 2020 11:58]
Whats The Story & Kid A appreciation thread...
at 14:58 2 Oct 2020

20 & 25 years old respectively. Jeez...

("The Radiohead" & other non hilarious and cliched jokes need not apply...)

Edit:- Updated with actual links
[Post edited 2 Oct 2020 16:19]
Back working from home again. How to cope...
at 16:05 17 Sep 2020

We were informed this morning that one our colleagues has tested positive for covid. Chances are she's been carrying since last Wednesday, but the symptoms didn't show up until Sunday night. Many people (myself included) have been in contact with her in the days leading up to the weekend, so our boss decided everyone who can work from home should leave immediately.

This is the second time I'll be working from home this year. The first time was from the beginning of lockdown in mid March, up until the beginning of July. This was a bit of a struggle for me as I'm also type 1 diabetic and spent those 3 months shielding, meaning I did very little outside of work as well. It was also the first time I'd ever worked from home in my near 20 years working life. I found working on my own with no interaction a real problem and if I'm being honest, affected my work performance massively. I've also found that I get bored easily and when I'm bored I'll snack way too much, something which showed up badly in my last diabetic blood test.

I guess this is a long ass way of asking how you guys who work from home all the time manage. Any help or tips would be appreciated as I'm more than a little worried (maybe overreacting) that this will be a lot more challenging than last time...

Woman complains she's lacking meat...
at 14:15 24 Jul 2020

Twitter reminds us that its not completly sh!t...

40 years old today...
at 09:54 18 Jul 2020

Closer. Magnificent...

Cricket - Day 2. What's gonna happen then...?
at 10:15 9 Jul 2020

It's really looking like a series that'll be won and lost by the bowlers more than the top order at the moment. Both teams have fantastic attacks.

Still rather bemused at the decision to bat yesterday. Think we'll do well to get to 250...

RIP Ennio Morricone
at 08:39 6 Jul 2020

For those that enjoyed All Points East this year...
at 10:15 19 Nov 2019

First 2020 headliners announced. Good start already.

And now, back to your scheduled political bickering...
Apple airpods...
at 07:45 9 Nov 2019

Does anyone own a cheaper alternative to these they would recommend? Want a pair I can use on the train and occasionally in the office.

I mean yeah, airpods are pretty good. But they're not really worth £150 +, are they...?

"It happens..."
at 11:35 10 Oct 2019

Cricket ticket ballots (Steve M, Facters etc may know the answer here...)
at 13:30 7 Oct 2019

Went in for a few ballots for next years internationals and had an email from Trent Bridge this morning telling me to "Make sure you're ready to snaffle the international tickets you requested in the recent ballot at 9.30am tomorrow"

Anyone with any experience of this know if that basically means I've managed to get drawn in the ballot already or is it more of a "Have your card ready in case you get tickets"...?
[Post edited 7 Oct 2019 13:33]
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