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Lambert vs Evans pt. 1848284
at 14:33 23 Feb 2020

Honestly the club is rotten from top to bottom. A manager won’t change that. Klopp couldn’t get us consistent under the current set up.

We are miles behind how a football club should be ran in 2020, from player facilities right down to the hurdles the backroom staff face.

I can’t really say too much more but the stories I’ve heard directly are horrid. I’m happy to go into some details if you catch me at half time or in the pub pre-game but it’s depressing.

If we ain’t up in May fan action and pressure is needed.
Thanks Brexit for ruining the country Pt. 2492481 (music edition)
at 15:07 20 Feb 2020

Brilliant. That'll be a mix of good mainland artists, particularly on a DIY/smaller scale, that won't bother and the ones that have an audience worth travelling for will likely raise ticket/merch costs. Also will most certainly have a knock on effect for UK bands as tour support for overseas bands both here and abroad (networking and favours are a big part of band success).

Brilliant, just brilliant. Or are we now anti-EU music and taking back control of our gig spaces too?


It says Tier 5 visas will be needed.

£244 a pop, likely per person. Being in a smaller (or even fairly known) touring band is already a "lucky to break even" situation so I'd be surprised if many bands bother. Another fantastic success of excluding the UK from the wider world.
[Post edited 20 Feb 15:11]
Favourite "political" songs/artists?
at 11:09 20 Feb 2020

Thursday music thread. Sorry Vapour for p1ssing on your Friday thread early :)

A few of my favs, will probably remember more later...

The Stranger (no spoilers)
at 15:36 17 Feb 2020

As I’m only up to episode 4. Acting is appalling at points but really enjoying the story. Main bloke is a proper d1ck in it, sensed it from the first episode.

Not sure if it’s gonna end good though, not sure how it’s all gonna come together but I have a few guesses. My main one is those women had access to social media data and that’s how they know so much.
Vapour Trail
at 09:37 15 Feb 2020

That Squarepusher song you shared here has been on my shuffle rotation for the last 2 weeks, mostly because it destroys my brain.

Anything similar you (or anyone) would suggest like it? Only thing remotely similar I know of is Aphex Twin as it’s not really a genre I’m familiar with.

If Ipswich Town FC were a band...
at 08:57 15 Feb 2020

They’d be still releasing music way past their best years in terms of youth, performance, energy, passion and quality. There’s still a soft spot for the old stuff and what those records meant to you, but seeing them live these days is a fairly dull and pointless affair.

But you still pay the money for the ticket, buy the T-shirt and go in the hope that maybe they’ll play that perfect set list and go back to their roots.

I left the house an hour and a half ago and I’m not even out of London yet, stupid replacement buses.

COYB I guess. PL can f*ck off. ME can DEFINITELY f*ck off too. But I’m a sucker for disappointment on the off chance that maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It’s evidently early and I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in as I’m rambling and wondering WTF I am doing this for again. I could take up a much cheaper hobby that I have more control over the outcome of if I could let go.

If all else fails, I guess getting up early to be in Town for breakfast and catching up with mates is worth it.
Happy Valentine's Day TWTD
at 11:52 14 Feb 2020

The Sonic movie is out today.
Self-employed/sole trader/freelancer folk...
at 14:58 11 Feb 2020

Pension options, what's best? I've been saving a cut of my income towards it and I really need to set one up.
Huge if true...
at 00:22 11 Feb 2020

Sorry, did I say huge? I mean “will largely go ignored”.
Why do people hate vegans so much?
at 10:36 9 Feb 2020

Not a literal question, here’s a link.

I love the fact a physiologist used the term “cognitive dissonance” as I’m sure I’ve made that point a few times before on here and was told I have no idea what the phrase means and I’m just using big words to sound smart :)

A lot of the arguments here though were exactly what I went through before choosing to make the jump full time. There’s always a choice.
Those of you not fussed about the rising right wing locally
at 16:55 8 Feb 2020

Well done, a friend shared this 3 hours ago. They’re now not even afraid to show their faces and recruit in Town.

You must be so proud.
[Post edited 8 Feb 16:56]
Privatisation is GREAT pt 313F3921
at 13:19 7 Feb 2020
Darren Huckerby’s son isn’t it?
at 10:02 6 Feb 2020
Can everyone please put Jonathan Douglas on their 12 players survey form please?
at 15:58 4 Feb 2020

It would be my dream to have a Dougie pillar.

The newest Eminem record...
at 15:06 4 Feb 2020

Anyone gave this a spin yet? I’ve been hooked on it since it came out. It’s had a lot of criticism but honestly think it’s some of his most varied and talented work to date. It’s like he’s just come back to show he can do the same styles of rap and hip-hop that are popular these days but better. The speed rap at the end of Godzilla I had no idea he was even capable of.

Some uncomfortable lyrics at times but comes with the territory with Marshall Mathers. I still can’t figure out if Darkness is anti-guns and pro mental health or just outright EDGELORDing. I verging towards the former though. Still wish he’d move away from the domestic violence glorifying though. I know it was very of it’s time in the 90s but we’ve moved on from that now, it just makes me cringe.
Brexit just gets worse and worse, look what the nation has enabled...
at 00:32 4 Feb 2020
I’ve spent almost half my life on anti-depressants...
at 22:25 1 Feb 2020

...on and off snce I was 15 years old.

I used to think it was because of the way the chemicals in my brain work, but it turns out I’m really just miserable because I’m forced to support Ipswich f*cking Town FC.

I’m on the verge of giving up until Evans p1sses off, the last 12 years of this club have been an embarrassment with nothing to cheer about when the season was all said and done. I dread to think the % of my income I’ve spent over that time in hope I’d be there for when something special did happen.

And the worst thing? I feel like 8 year old me, the one that fell in love with ITFC and would have supported them through thick and thin, would be really disappointed I feel that way.

Maybe I’m over reacting, but been reflecting far too heavy about the last 12 years over this run and wondering if we’ll ever have something to celebrate ever again. It’s madness.

One thing that amazes me about supporting Ipswich...
at 19:08 1 Feb 2020 the phrase “well at least it can’t get any worse” doesn’t apply. You know how religious people having a hard time claim God is testing them? Well I feel like that about Ipswich.

Utter dogsh1t today. Wolves saw us coming when they loaned us Norris, although I could only say Edwards had a good game today, everything else was just p1ss poor.
Finally went to Hullabaloo today
at 14:39 31 Jan 2020

Had the scrambled tofu with sweetcorn fritters. Bloody lovely.
If those who voted for this party could hold it accountable that’d be great
at 14:36 31 Jan 2020

I’d like a proper democracy back please.
[Post edited 31 Jan 14:36]
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