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Conspiracy Theory on where COVID-19 came from...
at 19:08 30 Mar 2020

Did Marcus Evans start it knowing the fans were turning on him so he didn’t have to listen to us moan and protest?

By the time we get to PR I think we’ll be so relieved and happy we’ll clap a 10-0 defeat.
This man is a machine
at 18:34 30 Mar 2020


And nice positive story.
Copy and paste of a late night FB rant...
at 12:30 29 Mar 2020

But for those who similar to me suffer with MH issues (and those who don’t but are finding this a bit of a new emotional territory) it may help to look at things in a different light. I’m on day 16 of isolation BTW.

Bored of people telling us via their perfect social media portrayal of life to use this time to learn a language, practice yoga or hone their professional skills.

For some of us the regular functioning day is challenging enough without being shut in most the time, with limited social interaction, whilst there is a global pandemic and the entire world as we know it changes.

In fact, I’m sure some of you lucky enough to not suffer from depression and anxiety will unfortunately get an insight to the mindset some of us can spend months on end trapped in.

You’ll feel sad but beat yourself up knowing it could be worse. You’ll feel powerless and overwhelmed but you’ll need to put on a brave face for those around you. Some days you’ll autopilot through the functioning day only to realise you don’t remember much of it because your mind was elsewhere. You may find yourself far too dependent on unhealthy coping mechanisms relating to alcohol, drugs, eating and sleep. You’ll also occasionally be wide awake at 4am having incoherent rants on Facebook too.

In this weird time, if you can motivate yourself to work out, be creative, expand your knowledge or do other “goal driven” stuff, then do it and power to you. But also, don’t beat yourself up if functioning life was too much, so you stayed in bed watching TV all day and ate an entire pack of biscuits for dinner. If anything, right now the latter is actually a perfectly rational response for a change. Embrace it for what it is and remember those putting up hustler LinkedIn posts or balcony picnic Instagram photos are almost certainly hiding the fact they did exactly the same as you are just yesterday.

How I’m coping could be described as thinking of all the days you’ve got up at 6am and couldn’t be arsed to leave your bed. Or the weeks at work where you felt overwhelmed but had to plough on. Or when you were stressed about everyday life worries but had to deal with it. If you’re like me, all you wanted on those days was vanish and hide until it all goes away, but that’s never the sensible or viable option. Think of this as your only ever chance to do exactly that and call it a favour to humanity.

Love and respect to those I know on the frontlines right now. Do your bit for them and help them feel a little stronger too.

Pandemics and live food supply
at 19:26 28 Mar 2020

I did jokingly say this all would have been less likely of not for the meat trade (although it is true).

But this is an interesting read...

Rishi does realise bills are monthly, right?
at 18:32 26 Mar 2020

No help til June. Ridiculous. I’m incredibly lucky I’m still working but I have friends in music who are going to be unable to eat.

We’re doing our bit for community spirit, I suggest the Tories join the real world and do the same.
Interesting watch on how China dealt with the Coronavirus
at 15:34 25 Mar 2020

I guess Big Brother does have advantages. Although I still wouldn’t like my every movement tracked or the government to know my porn preferences.
Is it normal for the ‘MERICANS to just casually mention who they want to fight
at 02:10 25 Mar 2020

I mean name dropping China and Russia as the people you’re preparing to fight. Is this a normal thing?
The song no one knew we needed an update for until now
at 23:36 24 Mar 2020

Just been nicked for selling drugs
at 20:28 24 Mar 2020

I think my neighbour grassed me up. Just trying to make a living and help people get wasted through this difficult time :(
Drug dealers are key workers...
at 16:16 24 Mar 2020
Another joyous update my by Supermarket employee housemate...
at 15:48 24 Mar 2020

People now making fake NHS IDs to get in the shop early.

Perhaps we should all just go out and get the virus and die? I don’t think the human race deserves to exist anymore.
Oh look, railways in “utter pricks” shocker.
at 12:42 23 Mar 2020

Nationalising the railways, to protect big business who have sucked millions out of the economy to their pockets, to prevent them going bust.

This is called “Socialism for the Rich” and shows how they change their tune when it suits them.

I hope they stay nationalised when all this is over. Crooks.
The homophobes are out in full force now
at 15:24 22 Mar 2020

Because a gay pride event at THE START OF THE MONTH has been linked to 9 potential cases. So obviously it was very irresponsible of the LBGTQ community to host an event 2 weeks before anything was cancelled. Also people comparing it to HIV.


If this is how we are dealing with things though, it’s okay for me to hate fans of the Stereophonics right? Because they hosted 3 packed out gigs the weekend everything was literally being called off. And also I hated the Stereophonics anyway.
This guy's sussed out the USA testing system...
at 16:26 21 Mar 2020

This is WELL creepy
at 22:45 20 Mar 2020

Like something out of a apocalyptic video game or a horror movie, but real.
The racists are at it...
at 21:49 19 Mar 2020

Sharing videos from the London Riots and saying they’re from today.

Just had my first bit of work loss...
at 13:16 19 Mar 2020

Only half a day for an ad-hoc one off task cancelled but it was with an agency who I've recently started working with, with the intent of it becoming a regular thing, so that's probably long term damage as well as short term.

Also had to chase a couple of invoices today too, for my own peace of mind if anything. If someone's going to be unable to pay me I'd prefer to know now.

As I said in another thread, my main source of income appears to be fine right now (although everything is subject to change). But it's getting clearer with the strain on business marketing budgets will likely take a chop, which is going to have a considerable impact on my industry.

I guess on the plus side everyone is in the same boat for the most part so it's reassuring we are actually all in this together and it's not just a campaign slogan anymore.
[Post edited 19 Mar 13:16]
Sobering, I warn you...
at 03:08 19 Mar 2020

I have warned you.

I’m now reading the full paper too.

At first I was like, wow, that’ll take some getting used to and it means football as we know it is gone for a long time (which may be a blessing in disguise the way the game is).

But almost in a matter of minutes, I felt calmer, as if knowing this now is better than not knowing at all. Clarity can hurt but can relieve at the same time.

I feel like it could make us appreciate the little things more, give us time to do the stuff we enjoy more.

But then I had a second wave of realising work and the economy as we know it is also gone. The whole system is practically going to need a global reset.

It’s a sh1tter, but honestly feels like this the closest outlook we have for the next 2 years at least. It’s going to drive most folk nuts, so look out for each other.
Noisy 2 piece recommendation...
at 19:07 18 Mar 2020 lighten the mood.

This just came out and it’s great.
The confusion in this with my hatred of Chelsea
at 15:01 18 Mar 2020

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