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Any Dragon Age players on here?
at 16:46 22 Jun 2020

I'm about to dip my toe for the first time.

I've got 'Origins: Ultimate Edition' as I've heard that's the place to start.
Appreciate there will be many posts like this..
at 16:11 9 Jun 2020

But if PL doesn't leave (either voluntarily or by ME), then I really think even bleaker times are ahead.

He has failed, plain and simple and I hope the way this season has ended won't allow him to deflect any level of culpability. Yes, he did galvanise us off the field, but whichever way you look at it, we were 11th in the third division in March. That is shocking.

I cannot think of any on-the-pitch redeeming features of his play (although 2 or 3 of his signings have been very strong).

The club will always have my backing, as will the players on the pitch. PL has lost my faith however. I'll still attend if he is here next year, but it will be with a feeling of abject nothingness.

He has somehow made things even worse. Please leave.
[Post edited 9 Jun 16:12]
Emotional/reflex/comfort eating
at 21:59 25 May 2020

Does anyone have any tips for reducing the correlation of food and happiness?

I was on a weight loss journey from January and have managed to shift 1 3/4 stone, but during lockdown it has been a struggle. The gym did feel like a release.

I have recently (well, about 3 weeks now) stopped counting calories, as I didn’t want it to rule my life, but it’s the ‘maintaining’ which I’m struggling with and in particular my association of mood and food.

If I’m sad, I’ll want Dominoes, as it was my coping mechanism during dark times. If I’ve had a good day, I’ll want Dominoes to make it ‘perfect’. I’ve had countless times of just ‘timing out’ of dinner if we’ve planned to cook something and there will be a real panic as I wrestle with whether to order takeout and ruin my good work, or settle for what I (unfairly) class as the ‘boring’ dinner.
Wtf is that in the background? (n/t)
at 16:35 25 May 2020

What a slippery c*ut.
at 17:30 24 May 2020




“Understand why people were confused”

Avoiding questions. He’s an ar*eole.

On the plus side, he’s furious they let Ian Watson speak again.

I hate this man.
at 12:12 12 May 2020

Certificate Printing
at 13:14 11 May 2020

Hey all, hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on online printing companies for certificates?

I've passed a qualification, but the certificate is in PDF only.

I know I could print it at home, but I would like a higher quality, on embossed paper ideally - but not just something like Moonpig, Vistaprint etc.

Only looking for 1 copy, A4.

Best wishes everyone.
at 18:56 10 May 2020

And good luck with what’s about to come.
Bad Dreams
at 06:57 24 Apr 2020

Why do they have such an overwhelming effect on your brain and body when you wake up? It makes the whole morning seem heavy.

I had a dream last night that I crossed paths with someone who I really don’t want to ever see again. I swear my reaction this morning is worse than if I’d actually bumped into them in real life.

Anyone offer any insight?
Anyone else missing the adverts? (n/t)
at 20:08 23 Apr 2020

Season Ticket Question (sorry first of many I'm sure...)
at 09:24 21 Apr 2020

So, I'm an existing ST holder on DD. Just want to check I've got this right.

1. If I let my account auto-renew now (i.e. don't cancel anything), I will get the ticket for next season at the same price as this one - correct?

2. Plus, I gain 'additional perks', which I don't think I've seen laid out yet.

What would happen if we stayed down and the prices for everyone else are actually lower than the auto-renewal? Is that a possibility do you think?
Sorry for another PS4 thread but free games...
at 07:08 17 Apr 2020

The Uncharted series and Journey are now free on the PS4 store for a limited time as part of their stay at home initiative.

If, you know, like me, gaming is your main escape.
Favourite 'Nothing' XL
at 12:45 16 Apr 2020

i.e. who are the players who you remember playing a massive role for us, but actually barely played any games at all?

Most are shaped by me reading every program cover-to-cover (especially the sponsor pages) as a kid.

Keith Branagan
John Kennedy | Chris Swailes | Manual Thetis | Amir Karic
Chris Keeble | Colin Healy | Nabil Abidallah
Richard Logan | Marco Holster | Dean McDonald

KB, CH and MT were pretty good though!
[Post edited 16 Apr 12:46]
Fleabag Live Performance
at 17:56 11 Apr 2020

Now on Prime for £4 if anyone is interested.

One women show.

It’s almost like a really date night. Right?
[Post edited 11 Apr 18:15]
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