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Smith gone - confirmed on club site. (n/t)
at 17:07 22 Jan 2018
[Post edited 22 Jan 17:07]
at 21:15 13 Jan 2018

Apologies for posting what may be seen as a negative after a great day, but Dids really, really looks off the pace since his latest injury doesn’t he?

He was never fast, but he is so laboured and slow now. A few times over the last couple of games his body can’t seem to do what his mind wants it to.

I hope the injuries haven’t taken their toll.
Rommy, are Leeds falling apart? (n/t)
at 18:12 13 Jan 2018

The best thing about today...
at 17:58 13 Jan 2018

I didn’t know we had so many Joy Division fans!
at 17:05 11 Jan 2018

An unbelievably boring topic this, but over the last week or so, I've been making a conscious effort to drink more. I historically am always dehydrated and never drink water, so I downloaded an app called Plant Nanny, where every time you drink, you water a little plant and it grows/dies depending on your intake.

It calculates how much you should drink based on your weight and activity levels and I can't believe the difference it has made to how i feel.

I have more energy, feel more alert and I'm not flagging in the afternoon as much. It can't be all psychological surely?

I am cheating a little bit - pure water makes me gag slightly, so I am drinking weak sugar free (no aspartame etc) squash, but still. That's far more than I was having before.

That's it.
Bitterness from MM towards KM...
at 14:35 5 Jan 2018

Anyone else notice that?

Not sure why - unless he's come back with an attitude.

It seemed fairly obvious to all that he was going - surely the player wouldn't have solely orchestrated that?

Perhaps the Rotherham bosses comments wound him up.
Fcking Spence (n/t)
at 21:18 2 Jan 2018

Team tonight?
at 17:05 2 Jan 2018

Assuming Bart will be in the squad...

Spence | Chambers | Smith | Knudsen
Skuse/McDonnell | Connelly
Waghorn | McGoldrick | Celina
At least £4m for Bart?
at 15:13 2 Jan 2018

I should hope so!

Surely we should be asking for £7-8?
First half..
at 18:36 30 Dec 2017


I felt Webster had an atrocious game today, although if he was struggling with injury from the off that may explain it. Smith should have started if that was the case and certainly should have come on for him over Iorfa.

Feel for McDonnall, Bru wasn’t up to it today.

Second half much better, but that was the most frustrated I have been at a game for a long time.

Nice to find out I sit so close to TLA though.
Team etc
at 14:12 30 Dec 2017

Good team and the best we can do I think.

I feel for McDonnell - from player of the season to benchwarmer.
[Post edited 30 Dec 2017 14:15]
Swimming vs Gym vs Running
at 15:37 29 Dec 2017


Looking for some advice (I know there have been numerous threads like this before so apologies).

I play 5 a side once a week and have also been a member of gym up until very recently, but I find it very monotonous and I loose momentum quite quickly there.

I walk 2 miles a day to work but wan to add more (alongside eating more healthily) and I was wondering if swimming or running would be a better bet?

I have slightly dodgy knees so running isn't always great.

Thanks in advance!

So I know there are a few Simpsons and Lego fans here...
at 22:06 28 Dec 2017

I got the Lego house for Christmas and after pretty much a full day of building it’s all finished and put on display never to be touched again for fear of ruining it. So wonderful.

(Not my pic, obvs and also sorry for the show off post)
Another to add to the pile..
at 19:02 24 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas to all at TWTD - thanks for another fun year.

Hope you all have a happy day - regardless of whether you love/hate/are obsessed with/want to forget about Christmas.

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