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PS4 online mega sale on...
at 20:24 1 Apr 2020

Up to 70% off a lot.

The best game of all time RDR2 (ultimate) is now just £30.

Plus the old Hitman games remastered for £15.

May help the boredom!
Anyone been to the mini Sainsburys in town?
at 11:59 1 Apr 2020

What's it like? Queues outside?

Any restrictions in place?
My Dad just had a call from KVY...
at 16:32 31 Mar 2020

Apparently seemed very nice.

My Dad appreciated it - albeit at 72 he still doesn't class himself as 'elderly'.

Nice touch town.
Starting a new game on FM...
at 14:10 26 Mar 2020

Is there anything more exciting/relaxing?

Only playing on a phone but cannot WAIT to do this later.

GAMERS! Open World/Fallout Style..
at 10:10 25 Mar 2020

Help me fill my evenings/lunch breaks on PS4 + an old XBOX 360.

I'm looking for games that are similar to Fallout (i.e. open world, choice based) - a new life to get lost in.

I've Played:
Fallout 3
Fallout NV
Fallout 4
Outer Worlds
Far Cry 5 + New Dawn
Far Cry 4 (currently playing through but anticipating the end)
South Park FBW
South Park SoT

Making a home

Linear story-lines
Unnecessarily animal killing

Help my brain, which in turn helps you, because it will keep me from here

[Post edited 25 Mar 10:21]
at 16:32 24 Mar 2020

Would you?

A lot of places are still open and offering.
Clever wording, or mandatory?
at 17:12 20 Mar 2020

Are pubs/clubs/gyms etc now legally FORCED to close, or was he just being firmer?
Second Hand Office Desks
at 06:54 20 Mar 2020

Anyone have any good contacts in the Ipswich area?

Argos/JL have been ransacked with all the homeworkers.

[Post edited 20 Mar 6:55]
Say there was lockdown today, how are you set?
at 09:53 19 Mar 2020

In terms of food etc.

A month? 2 months?

Hard to balance feeling like I need to be prepared and not wanting to take on unnecessary hoards at the detriment of others.
Time for a return of the TWTD game which overtook our lives for 5 weeks?
at 09:38 18 Mar 2020

Who made it? Was it Cotty or Keno? I always get confused.

I miss that thing.

Due an update.
Toilet rolls gone, but tissues, baby wipes and toilet wipes in abundance.
at 06:23 16 Mar 2020

So, anyone here caught it yet?
at 21:13 15 Mar 2020

Obviously no commitment to answer. Sending good wishes if so.

Very strange hearing my dad talk about shutting himself away for 2 months. Sh*t is starting to feel like it’s getting real.
Apparently running nose is potentially a symptom now too..
at 14:44 15 Mar 2020

If it gets to that stage, surely the easiest and safest thing to do is to instruct all who can work at home, to do so?
What would you do?
at 14:30 12 Mar 2020

Due to be travelling to London tomorrow for a birthday celebration, going to a theatre, staying in a hotel.

I've felt lousy for a few days and my cold seems to have come out today. I feel pretty crap, but if everything else wasn't going on I probably wouldn't even give it a second thought.

I don't have a fever, my chest feels fine, I'm lucid, eating, able to work, haven't been in contact with anyone who has been confirmed as having it etc etc. 111 online guidance (I know it's a script) hasn't said to isolate or anything like that.

Don't particularly want to cancel plans, ruin someone's special weekend and loose about £300, but also don't want to be a selfish asshole.
at 07:30 11 Mar 2020

I’m aware there’s been loads of threads on this, but I was hoping to strip it back to basics if possible.

As someone with mad OCD and who is prone to hypochondria, I’ve been trying to avoid reading too much and just continuing with my standard hand washing/general OTT (by usual standards) hygiene methods. I feel as though I’m teetering on hyper-analysis on how I’m feeling every second of the day, which is ironically making me feel ill.

Can someone explain why this is being treated with such urgency, compared to say the standard flu? I’m not coming from a conspiracy angle, but to me it seems:

1) Fewer people have been infected than with the usual flu
2) Fewer people have died than with the usual flu
3) It seems to be the vulnerable (as with flu) who are dying

Have we just become complacent with the normal winter flu problem, or is it because:

1) It’s a new virus
2) It’s spreading so fast
3) There is the fear of mutation

Would be interested to hear the thoughts of people closer to it, as it’s hard for me to get an objective view.

I don’t remember this type of mass panic with swine flu or other things before. Is it social media? False rumours circulating? *

*Again, not insinuating at all that anything untoward is happening.
[Post edited 11 Mar 7:34]
This place is getting pretty toxic again isn’t it.
at 20:34 7 Mar 2020

Try and be nice everyone. There’s bigger things than football, even if it doesn’t feel like it at 5.50 at the moment.
at 14:19 7 Mar 2020

Holy dropped after 1 mistake
McGavin given debut out of nowhere - then not even in the squad *
Donacian played out of nowhere - then not even in the squad *
Judge plays - offers nothing
Nolan plays - offers nothing
Keane injured - so plays 1 at home despite 2 strikers on the bench
What is the formation?

Sorry. I know this is repetitive and boring. But what the hell.

* If he’s injured I’ll take it back
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