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Scruff Myers (Lovejunk, Adicts etc) Gig Next Friday
at 18:18 22 Apr 2019

Local legend and all round great guy Scruff is playing his debut show with his new band next Friday at The Smokehouse in Ipswich. Only 11 tickets left, should be a great night.

I’m also (against my better judgement) supporting with a solo set..

Figured it may be of interest to some on here! (him, not me - obviously)
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Absolute waste of an afternoon.
at 17:17 22 Apr 2019

Roll on next year, just so this awful season is over.
at 20:27 21 Apr 2019

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iOS Football Game Recommendations..
at 16:11 14 Apr 2019

Football manager worth it?


Players Faces Yesterday
at 14:15 14 Apr 2019

I sit behind the goal towards the back and saw them (as I know others will have) - for those who weren’t sitting in the North and couldn’t see from the video. Collin looked humbled, Emmanuel and Toto just shellshocked. There was a moment before any of them knew if they should clap back or not, if it was apt. Jackson started it, then the others followed and the crowd intensified.

Lambert and his staff totally in awe, just standing watching. It was such a surreal moment. I’m so glad there weren’t any audible chants, any boos or Evan’s out shouts. It didn’t feel like the right time there - no one in the ground wanted this situation from a town perspective.

No smiles from the players or manager for obvious reasons, but Chambers looked in tears and Judge inconsolable. Brum players extremely respectful, almost immediately from the final whistle.

In the past we have had mercenaries playing for us who couldn’t care less what happened.
I don’t think any town fan, hand on heart, can say that any of our squad now wasn’t trying or didn’t want to win this season. We simply weren’t good enough. They’re still people though and I’m sure they needed that response at the end as much as we did.
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at 17:12 13 Apr 2019

Fair play Lee Camp - immediately picking up Bishop, hugging Judge.

Town players standing in seeming awe of the crowd. Very strange but the most positive a relegation could be.
Today’s going to be very strange isn’t it.
at 09:47 13 Apr 2019

I remember feeling quite emotional a few games back, despite not intending to be - it was just the feeling around the stadium of 1000’s of people suddenly feeling flat (late goal - can’t remember which one). Since then I’ve been fairly resigned to it, but I think when it actually happens, sharing it with so many people will be very difficult.

I imagine we will go down today, and it’ll be something that everyone there is yet to experience I assume (relegation to that level).

Still - I’m meeting Spruce today (and potentially 11 other logins *wink*) so every cloud!
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After sleeping on it and listening back...
at 10:22 31 Mar 2019

Knowing how I am prone to hyperbole, I thought I’d listen again with fresh ears to Lambert’s interview this morning.

My thoughts (which no one asked for):

1) Something has definitely changed from the official club statement released by Marcus and Paul a month or so ago.

2) Lambert was very evasive - and seemed to be at pains to not lie.

3) He seemed put out - as if he does leave, it won’t be his choice (rumours of a takeover - salt pinched - may have disrupted things)

4) I know (albeit by my vey few, but credible sources from the club) that there was surprise at that interview.

Either way, I think the club needs to clarify it one way or another. It will damage season tickets, player contracts, signings..

The one thing holding it together at the moment is the feel good spirit.
at 19:32 30 Mar 2019

Not wanting to add fuel but..
at 18:27 30 Mar 2019

It definitely sounds as though he is off - and has some sort of falling out.

Such a notable change of tone. What’s happened?

Around 30 mins in..

It doesn’t sound as though as though he wants to go..
Lambert to Celtic...? (n/t)
at 18:17 30 Mar 2019

at 20:03 23 Mar 2019

Who is this mystery man?
Gaming tips..
at 07:19 20 Mar 2019

Gamers of the board unite!

I need a new baby. Playing on PS4.

I’ve just completed Red Dead, so I’m looking for a new immersive world.

I’m a big fan of Fallout style and walking simulator games.

Any tips? There’s certain franchises I’ve never got into for no real reason - GTA, Farcry etc. Would either of those be worth it? Do I have to start from the beginning?

Had to miss the game yesterday..
at 11:09 17 Mar 2019

Was the return of the Dark Lord v1 significant?
Car advice - Buy a second hand outright or new via Finance?
at 10:19 17 Mar 2019

Haven’t driven for 5+ years and the thought of having MOTs etc included is great.
Is there anyone that all of TWTD could agree on liking?
at 18:21 10 Mar 2019

Or at least NOT hate..

Here’s my attempts:

Dave Grohl
David Beckham
Serena Williams
Kate Winslet
Robin Williams
Mark Venus
Dental Recommendations: Ipswich
at 11:40 5 Mar 2019


My filling has fallen out and I need a dentist quick, ideally for a full check up too - ideally NHS.

Haven’t been for 3 years...old dentist has retired.

Any suggestions?
Perhaps it’s arrogance up until now..
at 17:10 2 Mar 2019

But despite posting before that I thought we were down, today was the day it truly felt like it.

It’s like death by a thousand cuts now.
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