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A question for vegetarians (..really hope this can not be aggressive..)
at 12:19 14 Jul 2018

I am what I like to think is a pretty thorough vegetarian.

I don’t eat any fish, meat, no gelatine and avoid products (clothes, cosmetic)with animals in when I can.

One thing I’ve never thought about is the less obvious animal by products which can be found in shoes etc. I’ve recently bought some new Nike’s and I didn’t realise that they were part suede and it isnlescig me in slight turmoil about what to do. I’m not a vegan and don’t profess to be, and for my own sanity I have to draw the line.

I’m aware some will think I’m doing too much and others not enough, but to fellow veggies out there - am I bad? Over thinking it? Scum?

I don’t wanna play Belgium now.. (n/t)
at 19:20 10 Jul 2018

Place to Rent, Ipswich
at 11:59 8 Jul 2018

Hi there my TWTD carers,

Am looking for a two/three bedroom flat or house to rent in Ipswich.

If anyone knows of anything, or have any properties available, please could you pop me a PM?


Come on England!
at 09:52 7 Jul 2018

Happy game day boyos and girlos.
Jogging tips..
at 20:45 4 Jul 2018

Good to lose weight?
Good for the mind?
Tips for urban running newbie?
Reignited my passion for England.
at 22:51 3 Jul 2018

As a kid I was England OBSESSED. I was 8 during Euro ‘96 and caught the bug hard, all the way until around 2010 ish. After that I just couldn’t get excited about us and it felt all too predictable. This World Cup I’ve well and truly got it back.

I’ve warmed to Southgate a lot (he was the first to break my heart) and our team of young, unfancied players.

Tonight was so, so good.

It’s great to be back.
[Post edited 3 Jul 22:52]
Is anyone else disproportionately excited for the new season?
at 23:22 2 Jul 2018

I can’t remenber the last time I felt this excited. Perhaps it’s because it’s so much of the unknown.

It could all go to sh*t but dammit it will be different! I have a really good feeling about PH.
Why are people so hell bent on seeing Knudsen fail?
at 19:34 1 Jul 2018

Is it because he said he liked Mick?

Is it because people feel like they have to eat their words now he’s playing in a World Cup knockout match?

Is it because he was just directly involved in Denmark’s goal?

People are lunatics and just very, very mean.
99/2000 Kit
at 22:54 20 Jun 2018

Did we wear the same shirt for the season as we did for the play off final?

I picked myself up the newly released Wembley kit from the club shop today, as I was convinced it was the same one I had in the 99 season, but it looks different..
Presser rewatch..
at 11:49 12 Jun 2018

Probably mentioned on here already - sorry! But will there be any way to watch this again and will it be up in time for me to enjoy it with my lovely soup at 1?
Slight look at me post but..I’m turning 30 tomorrow..
at 20:56 10 Jun 2018

There was a time when I genuinely didn’t think I would make it to 30, but a lot of things have gotten me through - this place being one of them. Thank you to all on here for providing entertainment, nonsense, comfort and acceptance to me on here.

I’ve met some pretty great people from here - and there’s a lovely community here at heart - I can’t thank Phil, Gav and (Mark?) enough.

Big love to you all TWTD. x

Goddamn ear infection!!
at 22:26 9 Jun 2018

Stupid Dr jabbed something in it yesterday to check the status and it hurt like mad.

Now the slightest touch feels like it’s on fire.

Any tips? Am I alright to leave it or will it get worse?

Got olive oil drops, but not sure what good they’ll do?!
Radio Suffolk: 2 Mins
at 19:59 9 Jun 2018

Doing a little exclusive play of our new single at 8.

Last minute notice sorry..
at 09:28 3 Jun 2018

Texters post about the Platt goal has led me to rewatch the BBC 1990 documentary this morning.

Gazza was some player wasn’t he? Christ. I was only 2 at the time so only really clocked him in ‘96.

Lovely Sunday morning lazy viewing.

Dehumidifier question...
at 11:08 2 Jun 2018

Almost certainly dumb BUT!

I know the big electric ones can be bad for your health if they are left in a room you sleep in, but are there any risks with the smaller ones (which contain beads)? The £1 ones.

Could you have a lot of them in a room without it causing an issue to health?
Quick lazy scan of the forum this morning...
at 08:44 28 May 2018

Do we hate Hurst now because he isn’t a championship manager this morning?

I thought we wanted to look in L1/2.

The Shrews forum have picked up on some of our threads too..
Liam Gallagher...
at 22:35 27 May 2018

at 22:34 27 May 2018

[Post edited 27 May 22:36]
Ok, so I haven’t watched anything other than Champtionship football..
at 20:24 26 May 2018

For about 2 years.

I barely know any of these players. Where’s Bale?

I have only focussed on our league and the below really because I fell out of love with the money aspect, somewhat.

I like Modric though.
[Post edited 26 May 20:26]
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