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at 23:12 19 Apr 2018

Who’s your weird little mate who keeps downvoting you?

Suit advice...
at 15:44 19 Apr 2018

Remarkable question I know.

Those who wear suits daily - how many do you have? Do you wear them every day? Do you wash your jackets?

Genuinely a serious question because I’m mental.

Also, can I wear it to an away ground...Rommy?
Posters and their 'things'
at 11:51 17 Apr 2018

We seem to have quite a few posters who are associated with certain things, which they are identified with. Although some are used as a stick to beat, it's quite endearing in a way.

Rommy - Coat/betting
Sitters - Shoes
LL/RKD - Eventful trips/bannings
J2 - Eggs
Newcy - Sailor man
Spruce - SpruceEnterprises
Glassers - Politics
Benters - Rule Britannia!
Callis - The big V
Truce - MM
Taxi - This profile no longer exists

at 22:13 14 Apr 2018

Hi all,

I’m looking for some specialist tattoo advice.

I need a pretty big and unique cover up/touch up job performed and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

I’m willing to travel quite a distance and money isn’t the biggest concern.


[Post edited 14 Apr 22:13]
Watching MM’s Norwich moment..
at 20:42 11 Apr 2018

Doesn’t it look more like “shut the f**k up” - which would have been better surely?
Feel pretty deflated after that.
at 22:30 10 Apr 2018

Sad news, a sad way to end. On a purely emotional level, things like this hit me harder than they should. People can have opinions and it’s ok to not agree with people, but the atmosphere and vibe at PR has made me feel like sh*t the last few times of going.

The right thing for him to move on, but handled terribly.

Thanks Mick and TC for all your work in helping me to feel like I had a club again.
Unless Cotter is injured, that is baffling.
at 20:59 10 Apr 2018

We scored, so we’re going 4 at the back?

Cotter no sign of tiring.

Sorry Mick, you got that bang wrong.
at 19:57 10 Apr 2018

Looking good already. Pace, great low cross field pass.
Mick just go FFS
at 22:07 7 Apr 2018

I hate you and you were responsible for WW2, my first girlfriend leaving me, Bullard’s second spell, my lack of a full beard, the spate of gluten free people and women voting.

You’re scum and I want my tenner back that I lent you to buy someone from Ireland to bail out your old mates or something.
Jonas skipper
at 15:33 7 Apr 2018

He’ll love that!
If it is Pardew..
at 20:59 3 Apr 2018

It is genuinely enough to make me reconsider renewing, as in, not.
[Post edited 3 Apr 21:13]
What was the atmosphere like today?
at 18:21 2 Apr 2018

I was ill and couldn’t go.
This place is the least pleasant I have ever known it at the moment.
at 09:35 2 Apr 2018

Surely things would be neutral now?

People who wanted MM to stay - he isn’t, so we should move on.

People who wanted MM to go - he is. Yet there’s something else: he should go NOW.

Why can’t people just let the season play out as per, direct any anger at ME and just get on with it.
[Post edited 2 Apr 9:50]
Mick McCarthy anyone?
at 10:39 31 Mar 2018

Decent at this level.
Thanks Mick
at 18:40 29 Mar 2018

I do feel sad, although it’s the right thing unfortunately.

I’ll have nothing but respect for him for saving my club and making me excited to go to football again, regardless of how the last year or so has panned out.

Was a gentlemen to my father and I when we met him and it made my dad’s year.

The play-offs were wonderful and a lot of happy memories. Watford, Brighton. Southampton, Bolton, Derby, Norwich, Birmingham, Palace.

Thanks again Mick and TC.
Booking tickets online...
at 21:38 28 Mar 2018

Dumb question..but can you select specific seats?ove got a ST but want to buy an extra ticket for my brother on Monday but can’t seem to choose?
Anyone seen the Sun this morning?
at 08:14 27 Mar 2018

Such an utter, utter scummy paper.
[Post edited 27 Mar 8:16]
Mick’s presser after the Watford Chaplow win...
at 18:24 21 Mar 2018

“...McCarthy’s back four have recently been the subject of criticism in some quarters but prevented the Hornets, top of the table at the start of the day, from managing a single shot on target.

“That’s why I told those who criticised them to ‘foxtrot oscar’!” the Town boss added. “And, by the way, that still applies, if the cap fits, ‘foxtrot oscar’! ....”

He is right - he has hasn’t changed. People loved him for this honesty back then when we were winning.

No doubt the football isn’t as successful now and it’s probably right for him to move on, but this myth about him suddenly turning on the fans just simply isn’t true.

See also him having a go at fans for booong Hyam during MM’s 5th or so game here - the same as Nydam.

What a day that was at Watford though!
[Post edited 21 Mar 18:25]
Why so few chants about Evans tonight? (n/t)
at 23:25 13 Mar 2018

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