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at 08:50 19 Jan 2020

Who do we think he’s referring to do you think?

There wasn’t much criticism from the wider media was there, so I’m assuming local press or fans?

“We’ve had one or two blips, a few draws but people went over the top with it, people went over the top, didn’t have a clue what was going on. We’re going to get the idiots but I guess that’d people who don’t know the game.”

Great win, settled team, COYB.
Anyone have a FitBit and want to help an idiot out?
at 13:30 14 Jan 2020

Yep, another gym-related post - feel free to block me.

I'm looking for some advice on fitness trackers.

I'm looking for one which:

1) Allows me to 'start' and 'end' a general workout and calculates the number of calories burned

2)Let's me then link that to myfitnesspal and add it to my daily diary

3) Displays the calories burned on the watch itself, not just the app

Seems simple enough, but some of the basic fitbits don't do the above, or just have weird set exercise routines.

I essentially want to go to the gym, set 'go'!, and disappear into doing different workouts without worrying about logging them all separately.

Thank you.
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Pretty rude that from PL...
at 18:49 11 Jan 2020

We don’t want you to fail. We just want a team to play with cohesion and win, which is what we did today.

Fantastic performance first half, with clear directions given to how the CBs should play. I’m guessing that’s not a system though, it’s tactics...

C’mon Paul. Meet people halfway. We want you to do well, you just haven’t been. Today was wonderful (save for the last 20 minutes).

Oh and please go one presser without mentioning playing in Germany.

Added a slightly sour tone for me.

Very happy with the win and the unchanged side (coincidence?) though and long may it continue.
Evans is a nonsense.
at 08:50 10 Jan 2020

"I love Mick"

"I don't want Mick to go"

"Mick has gone"

"We need a new young manager"

"We have hired one"

"The new young manager has gone"

"We need to get back to basics"

"We have been relegated"

*watches his team not play much football*

"I have given a 5 year deal to the manager who isn't playing much football, because we must play football. Playing the more aggressive style of football my budget allows (which the current manager can't even manage to do right) didn't work, even though it got us to the play-offs once (somehow) and then kept us in the division"

"Please renew"
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Roberts to Gills (n/t)
at 17:39 9 Jan 2020

Our Lord, Our Saviour. 5 Years.
at 16:59 4 Jan 2020

Knocked out of 3 cups by January. 12 games with no win. Lost against a L2 reserve team. More changes.

How can anyone support this *** currently? Stability is only good if there is something you want to keep stable.

PL now has run out of excuses. No more cup games in ANY of 3 competitions he has knocked us out of. No more tired players.

We have to get automatic promotion otherwise he has failed.

*** Support this management. Obviously. I don’t mean not supporting Ipswich anymore. Clearly. I’ll clarify because some people are silly.
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Give him another 5 years! (n/t)
at 16:49 4 Jan 2020

Who’s commentating with Tabby today? (n/t)
at 15:37 4 Jan 2020

Who’s the co-commentator? (n/t)
at 15:21 4 Jan 2020

Anyone know of any decent rivers today?
at 12:26 4 Jan 2020

Feel free to PM me - I’ve got my wellies on ready to go. Hoping to spot a Kingfisher etc.
I want PL to do well, but I can’t see any evidence that he will.
at 14:18 1 Jan 2020

This is an extremely odd decision. I hope it works out - and I’ll happily eat my hat if we’re in the play offs in the league above within 3 years.

But I can’t see how we will be - unless Lambert does the complete opposite of everything bar the PR he has done so far.
Is there a reason there’s no interview up yet?
at 19:44 29 Dec 2019

Or wishful thinking?
Football Wise...
at 17:19 29 Dec 2019

What has Lambert actually done well?

Realistically a loss won’t change anything will it?
at 15:54 29 Dec 2019

At what point does a bad run become an untenable position?

Not trolling or trying to provoke.

I think I’m fully PL out now, I was never 100% sold anyway, but we just seem so stale and now the feel good factor has gone, what is left?

Interested to know if people do think he can turn it around now. *

* I know we’re 2nd (ish), but can you imagine us going up like this? I feel it would be like last year - relegation.
[Post edited 29 Dec 2019 16:41]
Title has to be Liverpool’s now...
at 22:46 27 Dec 2019

I feel confused.

I disliked them for years but now...I like Klopp. I like Milner. Henderson.

What am I? Who is it?
Jordan Roberts
at 08:59 27 Dec 2019

Odd that he isn’t even on the bench now.

We can’t score - he got 3 in the cup (albeit the weird third cup). He can cross pretty well too.

What’s the worst he can do? Not score like the others?
Lambert’s presser reminds me...
at 22:20 26 Dec 2019

of my Myspace bulletins from back in the day.

Attention seeking, leading and very ‘look at me’.

I like it.
Workout Gear
at 21:59 26 Dec 2019


Advice on workout gear please:

1) Shirts (sweat absorbing?)
2) Shorts (length?)
3) Shoes (for treadmills)
4) Layers (should I wear more than one)

I realise this is an absurd question, but I suffer massively from self confidence at gyms and would like to feel comfortable and like I ‘belong’, as it doesn’t take much to make me stop *

* 3 failed attempts a few years ago.

Thank you x
[Post edited 26 Dec 2019 21:59]
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