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50+ years of watching and never seen this before...
at 21:45 26 Jan 2019

in a game..... Player ready to take a corner kick, pulls out paper from his shorts pocket, reads whats written on it, puts it away then delievers the cross on to his team mates head for a goal!! Was that the instructions on the piece of paper or did I just dream that??
Lets at least give a cheer for our German friends from Dusseldorf!
at 19:08 19 Jan 2019

Won away from home and climbing out of their relegation struggle...wish we were!
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Blonde 'lady' attempts to get an inflight glass of wine
at 15:17 14 Nov 2018

She was traveling on anAir India business class flight to London and had a slight melt down ordering her wine..........tried to add the video to this but for some reason cannot, but be warned of her 'potty' mouth.
Premier League coverage in USA
at 15:00 11 Oct 2018

Just been looking at my usual football TV site that shows me games that are coming up on NBC sports, the channel that has Premier league rights and ESPN + for Championship games. And its now not showing any games after this international break on NBC. I've tried searching and cannot find anything definite although I did read about a rumour. Has anyone heard if this is fact? seems rather strange if its true as the season is just a few weeks old.
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Rotherham United v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Rugby 7s here in the USA!
at 19:48 22 Jul 2018

Help, Golf coverage has just finished on NBC channel and now its showing Rugby 7s World Finals being played in San Francisco. I have American relatives living in the Bay area who had no idea this event was taking place (and me!) Couple of e-mails later from them and I'm at a loss to answer what's it all about! Ladies are playing as well, is it getting coverage back in Blighty?
Never played or had much interest in Rugby so really don't know anything about the 7s but its entertaining!
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USA V England here in Orlando next week....
at 00:41 2 Mar 2018

and i had no clue until an hour ago!....Living in the Orlando area, follow everything soccer, ITFC, Orlando City etc and after reading on the BBC website that England ladies had beaten the French earlier, clicked on to see US are now playing Germany Ladies (live on ESPN) and its all taking place over here in a four team group.
So looked further to find out Orlando are hosting USA v England game next Wednesday! Amazing for me as i tune into local news channels and as yet, heard nothing about this. And i've just run the Orlando City 5k pre-season game opener event at their stadium with daily email updates offering ticket deals. Couple of the US ladies also play here in Orlando, Alex Morgan etc. Rant over..and i'm now making plans to be there to cheer on...err, England!!
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