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what bickerring online can lead to
at 12:40 22 Jan 2022

Tragically bad luck
at 10:32 21 Jan 2022

Must be very hard for his family to take.
Bullying in schools
at 13:02 18 Jan 2022

Any education folk got any pointers on how long it might take a typical school to respond / sort out bullying?

Or for that matter, what the process might be? ie how the school establishes whether what's actually happened is bullying or not? Some of it takes the form of violence, threats* or name-calling about his appearance, but some of it's much more subtle and carefully hidden by the perpetrators.

*Not so subtle was the threat to 'Shank' my boy made several times last Monday. Edit: made by an 8 year old to another 8 year old. Almost certainly stupid banter, rather than an actual threat, but we obviously can't live with that sort of talk either way.
[Post edited 18 Jan 13:03]
Eek! mrs ullaa's about to find out how much we owe on the credit card
at 14:59 7 Jan 2022

Logging in now to pay a late installment

Edit: she'll have my balls for this.
[Post edited 7 Jan 14:59]
Weird transfer
at 15:19 6 Jan 2022

Sorry its a norwich related thing so no worries if its bores some of you, but Cantwell to Newcastle for £15-20m.

Why would they want him?
Why would we sell him to a rival (stop sniggering)?
And who on earth would be that much cash for a guy who can't get in a failing team?
On the joy of Epping Forest
at 10:20 4 Jan 2022

Just in case any Londoners still didn't realise that this gem is worth a visit, here's a link:

Wonderful place that helped keep me and many others semi-sane in Lockdown.

Joy Morrissey... the dim
at 14:49 16 Dec 2021

Truly scary that this woman has a vote in Parliament.
In praise of LFTs
at 08:38 14 Dec 2021

Many people in school and in my friends groups have picked up covid positives from LTFs in the last week or so. They really are worth bothering with - use them if you can find them!

Edited title cos I'm a dunce innit.
[Post edited 14 Dec 2021 8:43]
"The West’s nightmare: a war on three fronts"
at 09:56 9 Dec 2021

My man Ambrose is worried:

For non subscribers / bod's who've used their free article, snippets include:

"While Britain’s political class is distracted by a Downing Street party, the world is at the most dangerous strategic juncture since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

The West faces escalating threats of conflict on three fronts, each separate but linked by unknown levels of collusion: Russia’s mobilisation of a strike force on Ukraine’s border, China’s "dress rehearsal" for an attack on Taiwan, and Iran’s nuclear brinkmanship.

The least reported, but perhaps the most immediate, is the rapid nuclear escalation of Iran’s Islamist hardliner, Ebra Raisi. American and Israeli officials think the regime could be as little as two or three weeks away from the threshold required to assemble a nuclear weapon, at which point the Mid-East balance of power changes instantly.

Mossad chief David Barnea flew to Washington on Sunday night to test the waters for a pre-emptive strike.

While this bubbles, Russia and China are raising the ante in their parallel bids for imperial reconquest. Carl Bildt, the UN’s former Balkan envoy, warns that the two countries may launch attacks “simultaneously in a more or less coordinated fashion”, even if they are not formal military allies. This is the nightmare scenario.

Mr Putin may never have another chance like this to reestablish Greater Russia. All stars are aligned in his favour. Europe has disarmed. The green energy switch has not yet gone far enough to break dependency on Russia.

Xi Jinping is in less of a hurry than Mr Putin. The long-standing assumption is that China has time on its side over Taiwan, though less than before. America’s "Pacific pivot" is starting to take on real meaning and the Quad alliance with Japan, India, and Australia is hardening by the day. Xi might conclude that a parallel conflict in Ukraine along with a weak White House and a craven Europe offer an opportunity that may not recur."

Too many snippets to keep in line with copyright?
[Post edited 9 Dec 2021 9:56]
at 12:15 8 Dec 2021

Johnson's such a see-through tosser. Well played Kier for bringing the Queen into it - maybe that might hit home with Tory voters.
I blame Noggin
at 12:30 2 Dec 2021

Norway's sent us a mangey Christmas tree:

at 15:01 30 Nov 2021


You'd think a fisherman would be the first to respect a lifeboat trying to save people. shocking.
Any fantasy footballers want to advise on a dilemma?
at 09:34 27 Nov 2021

Buy white now or play King against Leicester and save the transfer to buy James next week?

Important stuff hey?
Entitled higher tax rate payers…
at 16:33 24 Nov 2021

….getting the hump over the fact their propped-up industry has shrunk, attack ordinary people trying to go about their business:
Austria is going to make having both jabs compulsory
at 10:37 19 Nov 2021

in feb next year. Not sure how I feel about that personally... extreme persuasion would probably have been better.
I'm not heartbroken at how Michelle Ryan looks at 37 nm
at 12:21 17 Nov 2021

Some trippy tv on right now
at 07:24 17 Nov 2021

no need for drugs with this
Russia may be about to invade parts of Ukraine
at 08:25 12 Nov 2021
Any tips for playing in an actual proper team please?
at 13:35 5 Nov 2021

(look at me!)

I finally made the over 45s squad and am looking at the honour of 5 mins on at the end as a sub in midfield - wo! Anyone got any tips on how to play football and not make a fool of yourself?

Unfortunately, Abdul got left out and isn't very happy about it. Team politics is new to me.
Fao Energy experts (i think there're a few here)
at 14:38 3 Nov 2021

Is this real or Daily Express BS: ?

Btw:'real' as in a real reduction of gas flows, rather than how they've framed it.
[Post edited 3 Nov 2021 14:39]
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