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Covid blocking nasal spray might be in shops by the summer
at 13:17 24 Jan 2021

Dangerous cladding on high rises
at 12:01 23 Jan 2021

Just reading this: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/jan/23/cladding-scandal-flat-owners-bills and wondering why the house builders aren’t on the hook for the cost of remedial work?

If fire breaks and alarms are missing and cladding is dangerous, surely it should be done to the company that built these building to fix it?

Yet instead of that, leaseholders get the privilege of paying one for the shoddy flad and then again to fix it – how’s that fair?

And isn’t it in the hosuebuilder’s interest to put this all right too? I mean who’s buy a new build in a any kind of block now? You’d have to mad to innit?
The defendant was given a towel but threw it away before he “pulled apart...
at 13:31 20 Jan 2021

...his buttocks and pretended to talk”

lovely line!

Good covid news: new UK vacines factory opening this year*
at 18:17 16 Jan 2021

which can produce 70m doses in a few months. Not limited to any vacine type, so flexible and nice to have post covid too.


*sorry, to be a tease - it opens some point this year, not really soon
[Post edited 16 Jan 18:31]
twtd adverts are teasing me.
at 11:45 14 Jan 2021

Look at this place:

Gawd, I want to stay there bad! Checked the avilablity and its full for most of the year - even a week in October cost over 3 grand - ouch!

Why would a school have an opinion on the length of
at 19:18 12 Jan 2021

A girl's skirt, as long as its not too short?!


Not letting a muslim girl wear a long skirt seems to skirt on discrimination to me.
[Post edited 12 Jan 19:24]
thread for old netflix hands: shows to avoid
at 08:37 12 Jan 2021

Feels like we've run through all the obvious ones and are now taking fliers on lesser-known shows. So it seems reasonable to list the ones *not* to bother with.

For instance, we started 'Snowpiercer' last night against my better judgement, but mrs ullaa liked the look of it. I think it'll be plop based on the first episode.
1 in 5 has had covid according to a new study
at 20:29 10 Jan 2021

And lar more in parts of London.


Any thoughts on the methodology? If this is true, according to herd immunity, shouldn't infections start to turn down soonish (given they're still so high per day) regardless of lockdown and vaccines?
Nancy Pelosi spoke with top US military leader about preventing Donald Trump
at 18:09 8 Jan 2021

launching nuclear strike


A relief, but bizarre that its come to this.
Derbyshire police playing up again
at 12:20 8 Jan 2021


One of those stories that makes you check to see if its apr 1st
at 14:21 6 Jan 2021

Article about slow vaccine delivery in the Germany and
at 21:02 5 Jan 2021

EU procurement failures. It's the telegraph so obviously they'll talk this up, but ambrose reckons the German public is seriously pissed off.


"This is indeed a Katastrophe. One should not pay too much attention to Twitter but I have never before seen such a vehement outpouring of anger and Verzweiflung with EU institutions on German social media."

Can any German twtd-ers comment?
Quantifying how dangerous the new variant is?
at 20:37 4 Jan 2021

Has anyone read anything in detail about personal safety measures re the new variant? Ie, if we were told to stand 2 metres apart before, is it likely the advice might need to change? Or is it too early for that sort of info?
Petition for partially sighted sports people
at 10:20 4 Jan 2021

Some people with imperfect eyesight are unable to compete in sporting events for the blind because their site isn't bad enough, even though they would stand no chance in able-bodied events.

Sorry if this is overly niche or personal, but this probably describes my football mad son who has albinism (which means he has 6/30 vision or in other words, what he sees at 6 metres is equivalent to what a 'normal' person can see at 30 metres).

For now, aged 7 he keeps up with the kids in the park or in football club, but I'm guessing soon, they'll start to leave him behind.

Any support appreciated - thanks!


Thought police stuff
at 18:37 28 Dec 2020


... With the best of intentions, for sure, but almost pure in its attempt to shape public opinion. This isn't an anti-beeb point btw - just that I was so noticeable and clear.
Sheffield united
at 13:44 27 Dec 2020

Wierd how they've gone from great to plop - I see they even managed a new record in crapness. And despite spending all that money last year.
Parents: how are you keeping Christmas fun this year?
at 09:28 22 Dec 2020

Not being able to to see people is really taking its toll. If I'm not careful, my ugly mood is gonna bring everyone down and we'll just end up on the xbox all day slowly going crazy. Keep trying to think of fun creative stuff, but coming up blank.
No deal Brexit what ifs
at 18:06 11 Dec 2020

Just seen a story about the navy putting 4 ships on the job of protecting British waters and his fishies. But what happens if the French fishing boats push on regardless and things get nasty? What force would the navy deploy and what response would the French make? Basically how far could it escalate in theory?
look at me
at 17:35 8 Dec 2020

At 7 pm, I head off to rejoin the world of footy to play in a trial for a "seniors" (bludy cheek) football team.

Very nervous and hoping there are plenty of scouts watching as although I'm 46, I've never really used my body for much, so there should be plenty in the tank for the professional game. baby steps though. Must remember not to smoke in front of the coach.

Covid in London seems to have gone crazy all of a sudden
at 15:58 8 Dec 2020

Totally unscientific, but most of my kid's school are off now, heard of a secondary school completely closed and hearing the same thing from multiple families. Even the local streets seem quiet again. Got a bit real all of a sudden. Talk of tier 3 next week - might not be such a bad thing.
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