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even the Left can screw up on doing the decent thing
at 18:38 1 Jul 2022

Declared interest: This is a written by a friend of mine

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Anyone fancy a cooking / hosting dilemma?
at 13:46 23 Jun 2022

No worries if not, but I now accidently have 7 or 8 good food lovers coming over on Saturday to mine and am stumped on what to provide. The limitations of the brief are:

- My main oven is broken - I only have a crap small low powered top oven
- My table only sits 4, so its eat on laps / buffet style
- I can't really cook
- I'll have to cook as much as poss in advance, as I don't want to be in the kitchen much when they're here.

...So all told, simple is king

I only ask as I know this place is crawling with food lovers and bod what can cook innit.
Polio back
at 13:58 22 Jun 2022
Sentient ai
at 09:10 13 Jun 2022

Read the transcript....

Unmarried 'bliss'
at 13:32 8 Jun 2022

I just realised that me and mrs Ulla have been together for 30 years. Neither of us noticed and when I told her just now, her response was:

"I don't want to think about it"

F'cking charming!!!
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Where do snails hide when its sunny?
at 10:46 7 Jun 2022

When its raining, they fill my garden so much that on a quiet, windless night, I can hear a mass slither. But today's it sunny and they're nowhere to be seen.... Do they have little snail lodgings with copious water somewhere?
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Legal tips for staying up all night to work?
at 10:35 30 May 2022

Coffee is obvious, but after 3 cups, a massive slump comes about 30 mins after the end of the 3rd.
what to do if you're attacked by a dog
at 17:04 24 May 2022

This is a fairly graphic video, but the dog and human appear to be relatively ok after or I wouldn;t link it. Amazingly brave and skillful.
Big night for Fantasy Football
at 17:14 19 May 2022

Is everyone doubled up to the max and overflowing with Chelsea players?

Last chance to make big gains / losses tonight I spose.

Edit: well I'm excited, so neah brutes!
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gentle titter
at 09:28 13 May 2022

nicked from Owen Jones' twitter

Edit: oh! I'm poet and I didn't know it.
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Michael Gove (in case nobody's already posted)
at 11:34 11 May 2022

Possibly not a well man.
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Arsenal women vs Leyton Orient
at 11:55 8 May 2022

Saw the arsenal women on weds v spurs, and orient vs tranmere yesterday and it made for an interesting comparison.

I'm no football expert, but arsenal's game was much more fun to watch with umpteen goal attempts, slick passing and general action (even a couple of bustups).

Whereas orient game was much faster, more balls down the wings, but far less goal chances and generally pretty dull.

Maybe I'm coloured by the fact 'my'team won on weds but lost yesterday, but given orient cost me 20 and arsenal, 12, I know which was better value for money.

Pretty similar crowd sizes - arsenal's marginally louder.

I have a feeling orient's men would be more skillfully than arsenal's women if they were allowed to play that way, but it would be great to see the two teams play each just to see what happened.

Sorry if this is dull or lacking insight - just sharing my football 3xpeirences of the week!

Edit: reading this back, I see I forgot to refer to Leyton Orient *men*. Forgive me, I'm old and crap.
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8 year old asked to clean his soiled 5 year old sister
at 09:20 6 May 2022

Pretty shocking stuff. This happened at a school just down the road from me, which is known locally as one of the best, if not the best primarys in the area. What hope for the less good outfits?
Non-league Stadium porn: London Oldest Senior Ground
at 15:04 30 Apr 2022

The old Spotted Dog:
crazy Americans scare the crap out of everyone
at 09:16 29 Apr 2022
Fantastic story about a ship sinking
at 11:19 28 Apr 2022

The couple involved sound like absolute heroes.
Colder than Stockholm next week
at 14:58 26 Apr 2022

(This is only vaguely interesting, as its a new take on the usual 'warmer than Madrid' weather forecasts, or new to me)
" worst than my wedding night..."
at 10:22 25 Apr 2022

A Shamelessly nicked link from my mate Neill - thanks Neilly.
Is Badger in the house pretty please?
at 10:59 21 Apr 2022

Think I've broken my thumb, but not in a big way as I can still move it - just can't pinch and it hurts.

Googled it, and the NHS site says go see a dr, but is it really worth it? I thought you just left digits* to heal naturally and I don;t want to be one of those time-wasters who screw over A& Es....

*Feel free Hoppy!
Snowpeircer S3's ending
at 22:27 29 Mar 2022

Was intriguing. That show has improved.
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