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at 15:04 5 Mar 2022

Long term user of express vpn. Not the cheapest but fast and reliable in my experience.
Golf Mk 8 - anybody got one?
at 14:01 6 Jan 2022

If you are interested in the GTI version s worth checking out the Polo GTI.

Not a massive difference in size to the Golf but cheaper and lovely to drive (auto). I have a 2018 and love it.

THere is a bit of plastic in the interior but you have the tartan trim and two colour dash option. I think most cars in that range are going to have a bit of plastic.

I find the touchscreen ok and have dials for climate etc., but think they have changed recently so they are more touch based and recall seeing that this had not gone down that vwell.

Good luck
Peter Reid has an advisory role at the club?
at 00:24 10 Oct 2021

Interesting that Hunt has now started to push on the ITFC supporter angle. Perhaps he thinks that most have forgotten that his links with Ipswich are purely based on furthering his career given that Doncaster did not work out and clearly a similar tweet from Ely City FC would not quite have the same impact.....

I am not sure he will find he has too much in common with Peter Reid....
We have a brilliant squad of individual playera
at 22:42 17 Aug 2021

I have had a nagging worry about the coaching team that Cook has appointed from the moment they were announced .

Not simply that Richardson is not there but a potential lack of experience and tactical nous amongst them That is not meant to be critical of any of those as individuals. If I am correct, we do not actually have anyone who played as a defender? Which may explain some of what has been happening. I am not suggesting Terry Butcher is or was the answer but could he or someone similar have added some balance from that perspective.
Attn: home exercise boyos re getting a Turbo
at 21:58 16 Jul 2021

I got one at the start of last year. I put an old hybrid bike on it . (I got the cheapest smart trainer ELite ZUmo - £400 on themarket at the time).

One of the best investments I have made. So many options on Zwift. I am now in a group where we have races, group rides and challenges alongside the stuff that is on Zwift routinely. I used to do a lot of cycling on the road - including a commute 13 miles each way but got fed up of the traffic and had a couple of near misses.

As I say I am using a 15 year old hybrid bike. The trainer difficulty is adjustable in Zwift so I don't need to worry about gearing ratios being sufficient etc. so I think a mountain bike would be ok from that perspective even if the geometry is not necessarily perfect. I am not suggesting it is a substitute for cycling on the road but as a fitness tool in my view it is fantastic and I much prefer to the spinning classes I did at the gym previously.

I guess it depends what you want to get out of it. Good luck
Macauley Bonne - An Insight
at 11:55 26 Jun 2021

Thank,s thats a useful analysis. I enjoy your articles btw - keep up the good work

If he is not seen as the out and out number 1 this probably seems a good move. I note that he seems to have improved his fitness from his time as a youth. Also has played on the right wing so may have some of that versatility Cook is looking for. In summary could be a good signing as an alternative option up front to Norwood, though we possibly need one other in the absence of a youth/academy player that is on the fringes.

It can't hurt that he is still a supporter.
Confirmed - Official Thank You Thread: Chambers | Skuse | Sears
at 21:04 14 May 2021

Chambo - Regardless of the clubs fortunes in your time here I will remember you as one fo the finest captains the club has ever had. You were brave and committed on the pitch and a complete role model and leader off it. I wish you all the best for the future and sure you will be successful in the rest of your playing career and expect you to come back as manager in the not too distant future.

Skusey - Probably one of the most underrated players to appear for town. You had to really appreciate football to recognise his contribution. All the best - another great role model.

Freddie - We desperately needed a player of your type when you arrived and you created a reall buzz. Never gave less than 100%. I am sure there is more to come.
This is a great take on ESL from the QPR forum
at 16:19 20 Apr 2021

Thanks. Great read the section on Redknapp is great.

I have always beens impressed by some of the content on the QPR site.
Tom Hunt is sounding incredibly dangerous
at 11:56 3 Apr 2021

I had to read this twice and then check the date - 2nd April. Word fail me and I agree with what has been said above.I just feel sad that a person like this is represeting my home town, particularly when the town had a really good consituency MP, regardless of your political persuasion

He also liked this reply. I think this demonstrates the type of conservative party that is beginning to dominate at a local and national level. It was about time they had another dig at the teachers:

Away Days Orders
at 20:10 27 Feb 2021

Thanks for the update. I assumed it was just the need to work through the orders that was the delay. No worries and gald to be helping out a small business.
at 20:13 28 Nov 2020

I have also emailed the club. Never felt the need to before, but this is the final straw

50 years of supporting and I can never recall feeling so low.

Is there any way I can remove my cardboard cut out in protest? (I assume they might be removed now with limited nos of supporters now allowed back in)
Marcus Rashford & kids meals
at 20:48 23 Oct 2020

Not a great look for the government with the sheer number of businesses now offering support. Well done to these guys and I am sure there are others

Also Councils getting in on the act....including one that might surprise

Sammie Szmodics another player missed out on
at 18:27 1 Feb 2020

Pacy leftie and can finish.

There was no way any L1 manager would have not wanted him added to the squad.

Watched him interviewed after his loan move was agreed and was keen on a move to kickstart his career and seemed very honest about why he had gone to Bristol City. Apparently Peterboro were in for him during the summer. Though I am sure he would have considered us if we had been in for him.
Peterboro, Sunderland and Oxford - sorry if already posted but can't see it
at 21:04 31 Jan 2020

If you watch the recent Peterboro highlights you can see that Szmodics has really hit he ground running.

Although rumoured we were interested it looks like he was always going to Boro as they tried to sign him in the summer when he went to Bristol City.

It will be a stern test tomorrow with him and Dembele making runs from deep. Flynn will have his work cut out
Match Thoughts.... Ipswich 1 Lincoln 0 - 25th Jan 2020
at 21:17 25 Jan 2020

THanks for a really good summary.

I really like your comment in the penultimate paragraph "...there were so many incredulous groans of pleasure (!!!) from people just loving how Town were spraying the ball around, and those individual moments of quality. Some real characters around me today, and it felt a little like the early days of Burley when you paid to go to see Town, and you had moments where you were wowed by things the players and team did, that you could never hope to do yourself."

I am glad it is not just me then. It may be league 1 but isn't this why you watch football? I cannot recall seeing passing and movement like that since Burley and going back further to Robson, having been watching the Town since 1974. Long may it continue.
The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
at 23:39 15 Jan 2020

Great album. I thought the next were still ok.

Thanks to Steve M for sharing the quietus piece.
Are people really moaning after that?
at 00:05 15 Jan 2020

Completely agree.
We adjusted to the conditions better than they did and did not take too many risks given the conditions.

Very encouraging to see Huws play two games in a row and not only use his technical ability but also his physicality to impose himself in the midfield

As you say just really lacking a quality final ball.though I thought Keane battled well throughout with their central defender's without being able to carve out a clear opportunity.
Half-Price March Offer From Beer Me Now
at 18:24 8 Mar 2019

Just got my half price box. Great selection and I have tried a few of these subs.

Like the selection of subscription options as well. Intend to stick with it.
Gary Madine & Alex Pearce
at 13:05 5 Jan 2019

Madine was apparently looked at by Sunderland last year - this thread gives some interesting insights into what they thought...and some of his alleged behaviour. However there was a rumour that he became teetotal early in 2018....
at 20:28 1 Jan 2019

IMO you nailed it.

The last few performances under Hurst were the worst I've seen since I started watching town in 1976. There did not seem to be any kind of gameplan or style being implemented it was hard to see where the next goal was going to come from.

I am beginning to think that Lambert's insistence on a passing brand of football and playing out from the back is about implementing a style that can be carried through into league 1 (he may have accepted that relegation was likely when he accepted the job?) and if I recall correctly he is implementing this at all levels of the club, which in theory makes it easier for youngsters to move into the first team

Lets hope it works and that he stays. It is certainly better to watch than what we have seen over the last few years, which is probably why the crowd are staying with him at the moment. However some of his remarks in the last press conference were slightly concerning as there were undertones of criticism/frustration with the approach to transfers and contracts.
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