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AnyTWTD virus job losses yet?
at 11:05 20 Mar 2020

Son in Law has been told hes getting laid off...

As others have said supermarkets are taking on people on temporary contracts and at short notice. Could be worth going round the supermarkets with passport, and/or full birth certificate/proof of national insurance and asking to speak to manager responsible for HR.

Vacancies across all departments especially shelf stacking online order picking and deliveries.
Does anyone else 'love' what they do for a living?
at 08:06 22 May 2019

love mine (supermarket deliveries in Devon).... though the pay sucks .. and I dont tend to get to see ITFC play that often .. but after being ill with severe depression for 9 years from teaching and running my own business no desire to change at all or go back to something better paid.

Not even when having to carry heavy shopping up multiple sets of stairs to flats or getting stuck in narrow tiny alleys or behind tourists with no clue where they are going.
[Post edited 22 May 2019 8:07]
Tipping etiquette
at 07:49 20 May 2019

no carry on type situations .....

as I am in the South West .. lots of beaches and moorland ... plenty of nice views though

After 20 years as a teacher much of which in IP3 this newer career is the most relaxed stress free chilled out job I have had ... I absolutely love it.... ... much prefer this any time.
Tipping etiquette
at 23:11 19 May 2019

I am a delivery driver for a national supermarket ..

very few customers tip.

Officially we are not supposed to accept them.
Hurst attracting players McCarthy wouldn’t or couldn’t
at 12:08 9 Aug 2018

I think part of the answer here is ....

ME interviewed Hurst.

The alternative candidates had already taken jobs elsewhere.

Hurst was in a certain position of strength given the relative lack of alternatives, AND fan discontent... as a result he could make demands on transfer budget and provide his own ideas on the way forward for the club that MM had not been in a position to do .. either because of the amount of money wasted by PJ and RK so initially the funds weren't there to start with... and/or because of MM losing the fans towards the end especially.

Once those ideas were outlined by Hurst on his ideas for the way forward with transfers, player targets etc by appointing him ME had to then make sure he delivered or could conceivably be done for constructive dismissal. I m quite sure certain demands will have been made by Paul as part of the negotiations for his contract.

Also ... the sorts of players PH is targetting knew him, his style, and his players from playing for him or against him. Just as with our speculation before PH's appointment about "young .. upcoming ... attacking .. exciting manager" .. this will appeal to .. young upcoming promising youngsters .... where as MM ... wasn't and wouldn't.
Can Not Hold Back Any Longer
at 22:26 4 Aug 2018

“And overall there are some that standout to me that clearly need a lot more work to get to the levels I expect from them, we expect from them as staff." Paul Hurst after the match....

Do you think this was aimed at Freddie? who else?
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