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Songs or Musicians that describe your job or career.
at 08:42 4 Apr 2020

TV Panel Show Favourites........
at 08:18 3 Apr 2020

Was watching some you tube footage of Shooting Stars yesterday evening, had me chuckling my head off.
So....what are TWTD,s favourite/funniest.
Off the top of my head, my top 5 are,

Shooting Stars, Vic and Bob at their brilliant best plus Ulrikakakaka.Totally off the wall chaotic comedy.

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Some great piss taking all round.

Would I Lie To You. Love Lee Mack and David Mitchell, Bob Mortimers occasional panel appearances are a thing of genious.

Have I Got News For You. Never seems to have dated despite continueing with the same format for 30 years.

They Thinl It,s All Over. Funniest of the sport based quiz shows IMO. Great chemistry amongst the panelists.
Dark Humour Warning.
at 17:00 28 Mar 2020

A friend of mine was diagnosed with covid 19 a week ago.

He has been on one of the new Dyson ventilators.

By all accounts, he is picking up nicely.

Sod It.
at 21:17 18 Mar 2020

Difficult times require drastic action.

It,s time to binge watch Father Ted and open a bottle of red.

Goodnight all.
Every time I hear Covid 19....
at 12:12 14 Mar 2020

.....a little piece of me wants to shout Norwich City 0.
Hound Insurance Help.
at 18:19 8 Mar 2020

The insurance renewal for my trusty 8 year old Golden Retriever arrived yesterday, just shy of £97 per month, up from £49 per month this previous year. The cover is for up to 7.5k. She had treatment last autumn and they paid out promptly, for just over 2k, but this seems like a bit of an excessive hike in repayments, so......................................
Any advice on a decent policy that gives good cover, but not too hard on the pocket please.
It,s Been a Strange Day.
at 22:46 15 Feb 2020

This morning, i nervously toddled off to the clinic for a prostate examination. As i sat in the waiting room with my piss sample discretely wrapped in a coloured bag, i noticed that the doctors calling in their patients were slight of build, and the lady doctors very fine in the attractiveness stakes, so my apprehension of forthcoming rectal probing eased somewhat.
Luck changed somewhat when a chap the size of the rock, hands like dinner plates with fingers thicker than Hecks finest pork sausages called me in.
Forward wind a couple of hours, a nervy and somewhat subdued self walked into PR for some much needed entertainment, and for once, our boys in blue didn,t dissapoint.
Could and should have won by a much larger scoreline, but it was a performance that put a cheshire cat like smile on the old fizzog. Thankyou Town.

The prostate wasn,t enlarged either so have demolishid a rather nice bottle of merlot.
51 years a fan. Bloody Hell.
at 22:31 13 Feb 2020

This might be of interest to some, or indeed not, but it was on the 1st February 1969 when i went to my first Ipswich Town match. I was 8 at the time. The opponents that saturday afternoon were the mighty Manchester United Line ups that day were.....

David Best,
Mick Mills,
Billy Houghton,
Bobby Bell,
Mick McNeil,
Chris Barnard,
Peter Morris,
Danny Hegan,
Frank Brogan,
John O Rourke,
Ray Crawford.

Alex Stepney,
Steve James,
John Fitzpatrick,
Tony Dunne,
Bobby Charlton,
Paddy Crerrand,
Nobby Stiles,
Brian Kidd,
Willie Morgan,
Dennis Law,
George Best.

Respective managers were Bobby Robson and Matt Busby.
Attendance 30,837.
Town won 1-0, a 90th minute own goal from Dunne.
A love affair with the boys in blue began that day.
Do any of the more senior posters on here remember that game, or indeed Chris Barnard.

Rome advice.
at 11:40 9 Feb 2020

Will be spending 3 nights in the "Eternal City" early March. Mrs P would like to spend some time in The Vatican, would also want to see The Colosseum and Forum.
Is it better to pre-book these places or just rock up on the day?
Any recommendations for tours if needed, would be greatly appreciated.
Flying out on a Tuesday if that helps. Thanks in advance.
Those Penalties Today.
at 21:09 1 Feb 2020

Not that it would have made a lot of difference in the grand scheme of things, but were the penalties today as soft as they looked from far, far away, or nailed on from close, close to the incidents.
The officials appeared to be a tad shoite again, although that is no excuse for the totally crap performance from the boys in blue.
PG Tips Under Threat.
at 17:21 30 Jan 2020

Unilever are considering withdrawing the famous beverage brand after sales have fallen dramatically because of increased consumption of Green and Herbal varieties.
A friend of mine, who is also a paid up member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and i were in discussion about this earlier today.
While i was lamenting the demise of the iconic cuppa, he was less than sympathetic "As a Marxist, i consider all proper tea as theft" was his response.
Ancient Tomb Discovery.
at 21:22 10 Jan 2020

Just seen an interesting article in an archaeological magazine about a new tomb discovered in Saqqara, Egypt dating back to around 2500 BC.
The dig took several months to complete and when finally they entered the inner sanctum, a coffin was found covered in hazlenuts and chocolate.
A leading expert in Egyptian hieroglyphs believes the tomb is the final resting place of PHARAOH ROCHER.
In Other News....
at 17:50 8 Jan 2020

..A well known face cream manufacturer has withdrawn its product that claims to take 10 years off your appearance after a girl of 9 used it and vanished.
Tallin, Riga, Vilnius, Bratislava, Wroclaw....
at 08:18 8 Jan 2020

....or any other Baltic/Central/East European Cities to visit for 3 nights in June. Will be travelling with my 20 year old son and as we went to Krakow last summer and had a great time, would like to visit the old Eastern bloc again. Must be fairly cheap(ish) and easily accessible.
Recommendations please to the above or suitable alternatives.
Gender Reveal Party.
at 18:41 6 Jan 2020

My wife has just informed me that her eldest and his partner have invited us to the above following on from their upcoming scan. Am i just getting old as i,ve never heard of this"event" before or has this been another of the good old U S of A,s exports.
Liverpools Kids
at 17:44 5 Jan 2020

Whatever happens in the last 10 minutes, they have been superb against a very strong Everton. Different world to the stuff we watch week in, week out.
Saheed "The Refridgerator" Akinfenwa.
at 19:03 1 Jan 2020

Thought we were pretty much in control of the game until he came on. I wonder if he is related to William Perry.
New Years Eve Celebrations.
at 12:28 31 Dec 2019

Who is doing what and where tonight then.
I,m off to a birthday party with a free bar. However, i appear to have become afflicted with a dose of the bum squits this morning. Imodium willing, should be a very pleasant event, as it,s Mrs Pinewoods turn to drive.
There is a light that never goes out.
at 18:42 29 Dec 2019

It is just getting dimmer and dimmer.
at 19:34 28 Dec 2019

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