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SpaceX Satellites
at 06:31 29 Jan 2020

Think I just saw the chain of satellites pass over Suffolk’s sky at 6 this morning. Looked spooky.
at 12:40 15 Dec 2019

a personal view. McCarthy came when we were then at our lowest ebb, turned things round massively, and then almost took us up. Things then started to slowly fade, and his football became effective, dull but would no doubt have seen us in the championship even now. I was glad he went, and would have stopped going had he seen out his contract.

Lambert arrived when we were in a similar position. He went down without much of a whimper, and despite a fantastic start to the season, is delivering generally poor performances, lacks a defined system and team selection, and is doing all that in a league where we have significantly greater resources than our competitors.

I think lambert needs to quickly find a settled team, an attractive and effective football style, or I’ll be listening to more talk of be careful of what you wish for.
Dean Rastrick
at 22:36 20 Aug 2019

Thank you. As said by Paul Lambert.

Dean Rastrick. Manager of Tottenham Hotspur’s academy, and a son of Woodbridge.

Peterborough Away
at 21:56 11 Aug 2019

Which stand are we in?
Saturday - best since?
at 12:05 12 Nov 2018

The first half was the most I had enjoyed for a long time. Lovely pass and move at pace, with a real purpose. I mentioned in another thread that it was the most I had enjoyed a game since Middlesborough at home in December 14. I've seen others comment that it was the best they'd seen us play for some time. So I'm just wondering, if you thought it was particularly decent, when was the last time you thought we did better than that?

Hats off to Paul Lambert for what he has done so far. Cracking stuff to date.
Perfect illustration
at 15:52 2 Sep 2018

Of a much discussed debate. First half the midfield battle was won by Nodge, although they didn’t convert possession into many chances. Second half we were the better side and our midfield dominated. The key difference for me is a side with Skuse and then one without him.

I wish him a speedy recovery and hope the injury is not serious, but believe at home at least, we are better with Chalobah or Downes, longer term Huws alongside Nolan
Jekyll and Hyde
at 06:31 12 Jul 2018

Tale of two halves. Dominant in first, overwhelmed in the second. Gary Neville hypothesised that pre match tension may have been what lead to players feeling it so obviously in the second half. I think he is on to something.

Southgate should be extremely proud of what he has overseen. I think he will leave no stone unturned in pursuing improvement. Perhaps we can learn from people such as Andy Murray, Dave Brailsford, Mo Farrow. I get that Murray might not want to contribute, but I suspect he would.
Doing a reasonable job with ten men
at 19:51 3 Jul 2018

Bring Rashford on on 60 and we might even win it. Niggly efforts are suiting the Colombians.
Referee today
at 18:26 24 Jun 2018

Not read all the threads today, so may already have been covered.

I thought the ref had a tough assignment today, but had a very very good game. Two penalties in one half must be extremely rare, and I lived neither needed VAR.

On the last one, perhaps we were fortunate to see the first goal stand, given that Young held Stones marker for long enough for him to get a free run in the box. But I don’t hold the ref responsible for that, I’d have expected VAR to have highlighted it.
Player Ratings
at 12:40 11 Apr 2018

Not sure that I would have had Bart as MoTM yesterday. It was a good game, and I would have probably had all of Connolly, Skuse, Knudsen, Cotter and Ward ahead of him. I have found it interesting that Bialkowski has been deemed man of the match so many times in recent seasons. I think many of those have been justified. Of the 44 games played, one has no MoTM and the other 43 have gone to:

Bialkowski 28 (he played in 41)
Spence 6
Waghorn 2
Knudsen, Garner, Celina, Connolly, Downes, Knudsen and C-V 1 each

Interesting that only on 4 occasions, so less than 10%, have attacking players picked up the award from the fans. I hope that will change going forwards.
Excellent game
at 19:26 2 Apr 2018

That was a most enjoyable game. We were the better team for the first half hour, but the goal certainly saw Millwall on top for the last third of the first half. Most positive substitutions for a long time, and leaving a player up when the opposition had a corner. In fact we left three up.

Millwall edged it, but there were some heroics at the back. BART deserves huge plaudits for his saves, but my MotM goes to Chambo, who was a total leader out there today. Hell he even put in a decent cross from the right wing. Skuse, Waggy, Jonas, in fact almost everybody put in a serious shift today. Well done all. Thanks for a decent game.
Air activity over Wilford peninsula
at 21:03 21 Mar 2018

Been a reasonable amount of air activity tonight. Fairly sure it’s fighter jets at quie a height". Not usual?
at 17:54 11 Mar 2018

Won 2-1 away at Duisburg today which is a derby game. Now 5 points clear at the top, and 9 points clear of the third place side, who have to play off against the team third bottom of The Bundesliga
I follow
at 11:40 11 Mar 2018

What is this, fandom how does it work. Anybody use it?
Recent enthralling games
at 06:52 11 Mar 2018

I was on holiday for the Leeds game, and missed it. I made the Wolves away game. So since i walked out of Portman Road on 16th December we have played 8 games, and we have scored once. Our league record in games I saw is win 0 draw 3 (all 0-0) lose 4. We have been knockedout of the cup at the first opportunity again.

We have created a number of new landmarks. Lowest home crowd in 20or so years, although the actual number at the game was significantly lower. First time we have failed to score in 4 consecutive home games ever. Lowest league finish in half a century last season. Most fans bored at a game, although that seems to be challenged weekly. That said it won’t be broken as fewer fans atttend every week.

But be careful what you wish for if Mick the Massiiah is shown the door.

Show him it, I’d happily remove the Freekiing hinges and drop kick him through the gap. The sad thing is if he had gone 14 months ago as should have been the case, he would still be fondly remembered.
at 15:29 18 Feb 2018

I don’t care about the swearing. He’s passionate and it was a heat of the moment thing.

I do care that we play tripe football week in week out. That weset out to stop the opposition in most games and nick something. That we had the lowest number of shots in the championship last year. That we have had the second lowest this year. That we have only just managed to nick a couple of cup wins from 5 years of playing inferior opposition in the cups. That going to Portman Road has become such a chore.

The swearing is about his passion and I can understand it. The awful football these last two and a half years is unforgivable and is the sole reason he should be shown the door. NOW.
“Probably the worst game”
at 06:02 11 Feb 2018

Let’s get it right. Mick said it was PROBABLY the worst game. There are other contenders. Like the last two years, or actually a touch more, we have had a few like that this season. But let me tell you, a points a point and he’ll have taken that before the game.

There’s not a wedge being driven between the club and it’s fanbase. It’s an articulated lorry. Or actually the transporter that carries 6 such beasts to the articulated lorry shop.

I’ve gone from being angry a year ago, to not giving a toss any more. I am very close to being done, it’s just memories of times with my long departed dad, and the fact that when people think of me they think ITFC, that keeps me on board. My connection with the club is hanging by a thread this morning
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