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Ipswich Town 1-1 Sunderland - Match Report
at 17:43:26

The day chambers retires is the day we become a better side. He’s nowhere near good enough to play for a team looking for promotion.
Ipswich Town 2-2 Millwall - Match Report
at 17:38:47

Finally we score at home!

First 15/20 minutes was decent then they scored and we gave up. People can’t say the players gave everything for Mick at the of the first half because it was just awful to watch.

Second half Folami came on and made a change. He ran hard and challenged and helped bring the team forward which was great. That then gave Waghorn the ability to do more too! The second half was much more entertaining and that is exactly what the numskuls have been screaming out for!

Defending wise we are really poor, Chambers is not even good enough for league 1. He gave the ball away nearly every time and just lumps it at every opertunity. Not sure why we brought Hyam on either another that is not good enough but let’s just hope that is because of the amount of injuries we have in the middle.

Looking forward to mick leaving hopeful a load of his undropables leaving with him and starting to finally play some more attacking and entertaining football!
Ipswich Town 0-3 Hull City - Match Report
at 22:03:01

Decent side Hull good players, good manager and should be doing better in this league. Is something I expect the dinosaur to say.

Some of our players are embarrassing at times. Hoofing the ball nowhere. Sears is possibly out 4th best striker yet he starts the game. Hyam is one of the worst midfielders at the club but starts because he is ‘one of our own’. In no way should be be offered a new contract!

Chambers getting picked over our best defender because he gives a report saying how much he loves Mick and he is a great bloke. Because that’s the definition of a good footballer! Kenlock getting dropped because one of micks love children Knudsen is fit again.

The crowd was stared at just over 13k but really it was just over 10k. It is awful what Mick is doing to this great club!

He has to go right now! Marcus going too would just be a bonus! We need to stand up to the way this club is being run. Something has to be done!
Milne: News on Manager and Season Tickets Will Come Together in Next Couple of Weeks
at 13:19:19

Very very simple. Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Let Mick go = increase in ticket sales
Reduce Prices by atleast 25% = increase in ticket sales
Increase in ticket sales = better atmosphere
Better atmosphere = possible better players feeing and performance

So on and so on. Everyone know what is right it’s just if they are big enough to make the right decisions!
Town Out to Inflict Rare Defeat on Play-Off-Chasing Preston
at 08:16:41

Won’t stand a chance. We will set up to defend and walk away with a draw. Then mick will say how they are a top side with real quality and we did well to hold them and stop them from scoring.

Perhaps it’s time for a Hull like protest ... if there is enough fans left to start one from the ‘small minortity’

We need Mick and Marcus gone!
Five Changes for Town Against Cardiff
at 19:30:25

He really is just trying to piss the fans off to the max before he leaves. Poor selection!
Norwich City 1-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 14:33:49

Set up for a point from the off but in the first half took the game to them very well and it worked. Came out in the second half and played awful hoof ball football. Then mick made things worse by getting more and more negative with the subs. Then when I was ready to eat humble pie I see the manager shouting F off at the fans. Then to top it off they score.

Is he still manager while I’m writing?! He shouldn’t be!
McCarthy: 1-1 a Fair Reflection From Worst Game
at 18:22:58

Here he goes telling us Bolton are no mugs and one of 24 that could win the league and having a pop at the fans. Can’t wait till next season starts when mick is nowhere near the club!
McCarthy Unhappy With Result But Not Performance
at 18:37:51

Not unhappy? We didn’t have a shot on target! Please just do one and leave!
Ipswich Town 0-1 Sheffield United - Match Report
at 17:11:42

0 shots on target against what is basically Sheffield Uniteds reserve team.

Mick out Marcus out Milne out.

All we will get is some frees and some more trash from clubs in the 72nd league in Ireland in January. We will be going down if we keep going on like this!
Ipswich Town 1-2 Derby County - Match Report
at 17:31:48

Defended way too poorly today! And as joepublic said we gave Derby way to much respect. Not really a lot else to add today but we need to defend properly and stop giving so much of the ball to the other team!
Bishop Out for the Rest of the Season
at 20:21:19

Gutted for Bishop! He was so fantastic when he got into the team and since then the injury’s have really hurt him. Hopefully he comes back stronger after this one!

As lots of others have said there needs to be a deeper look into our training or other aspects because the amount of injury’s we have in the midfield alone is unacceptable! Also because of all the injury’s we need to strengthen in January if we want to keep trying to reach the playoffs!
Ipswich Town 4-2 Nottingham Forest - Match Report
at 19:17:45

Great to get the 3 points and great to see us so lethal in front of goal.

Think Bart deserves the most credit for keeping us in the game again! Our defending seems to just change week on week with no real consistency.

Connelly looked great again and has really seemed to increase the positivity in the midfield. Shame both him and Celina are loan deals. Maybe Evans might open his wallet again in January to keep the team moving the right direction in the table!
Derby County 0-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 22:18:05

How do we go from defending like that against villa to this against Derby. Probably points to why we are a mid table team.

But what a fantastic result with the game in hand. I’m still firmly fed up with Mick and can’t wait for him to go but to be fair he deserves the credit tonight. He got the team set up and well organised and it has paid off! Well done!
Aston Villa 2-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 18:39:56

Every game we come away with the same issues. Defence! Sort it out Mick it’s shocking! The way to sort it out is drop you favourites but it just won’t happen!
Ipswich Town 2-2 Sheffield Wednesday - Match Report
at 22:40:32

Plenty of people out tonight just voting people and not giving their own opinion on the game! Maybe due to the fact that they don’t like it when anyone says anything bad against their beloved Mick and his wonderful tactics.
Ipswich Town 2-2 Sheffield Wednesday - Match Report
at 22:08:44

What a complete waste! Agree RobITFC that Sears was poor but that’s because he is a bang average player. Talking of average Chambers was poor yet again. Every time he gets the ball he either taps it to Spence to put him in trouble or lump it down the line and hope a striker runs after it!

Yet again proving we can’t pick up points against top half teams. Obvious because we clearly are a bang average middle of the table team.

Can’t wait for the end of the season when we finish middle of the pack, mick leaves and we can start to build get his favourites out the team and start injection some fresh players and tactics into the team!
Huws and Bishop in Squad, Kenlock to Replace Suspended Knudsen
at 15:12:41

Don’t worry Knudsen I’m sure Kenlock can score anhatrick and keep a clean sheet and you will still walk back into the team! It’s like Chambers can make mistakes week after week yet stay in the team because he has great passion.

Seriously it’s time for a change give some other players a chance to prove themselves rather than picking the same people week after week!
Hull City 2-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:27:39

Happyish with a point but Hull are a struggling side and we made them look a lot better than they really are in my opinion. Attacking wise we tried very hard but they stood pretty firm.

People will loose their minds at this but chambers really is the week link in our team only good for giving commands and the occasional fist pump when we win at home. When fit would much rather have Webster and smith in the team together! Also gives better balance with a right and left footed pair.

Like I say think we should of got the win but after we went 2-1 down I didn’t really feel like we would get anything so I guess in the end a point is good. First draw in ages too. Good amount of away fans there today :)
Ipswich Town 3-0 Preston North End - Match Report
at 17:15:30

A fantastic result but the first half was very drab. Without the goal people would have been much more unhappy.

Celina proving to Mick again that he should be in the team. Let’s hope the dinaour keeps him in the team and dosent kick him back out after the international break.

The table makes us look a lot better than we actually are and with a game in hand too. Not sure how we have managed it but we are doing alright in the league. Shame when we play it looks awful.

Second half was much better and good to get two more goals. Gives everyone something to cheer about. Hopefully take that into the break and continue to play some better football the other side of the break!
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