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Today Navalny's team have released a documentary about Putin's palace
at 20:26 19 Jan 2021

Ah, so that house is in Burnley?
That's £90k well spent
A government resigning over a the mishandling if something
at 20:11 15 Jan 2021

Thats nothing, Mark Francois single handled won Dunkirk, won the Battle of Britain and sank the Bismarck.
Brexit will be sh1t part 27534563
at 19:47 15 Jan 2021

How many Green seats?
Looks like we have a new leader of the opposition
at 21:04 13 Jan 2021

And the head of Compass will still draw his £4.6mil salary, and continue donating to the Tories.
Liver and Bacon Casserole.
at 21:10 12 Jan 2021

Bit what can you do with this?

I remember that story about him.....
at 20:59 12 Jan 2021

I heard he burnt a £300 note in front of our under 12s!
talkRadio removed from YouTube
at 17:40 5 Jan 2021

Why is it communist?

Care to explain how censoring a platform that promotes false information and conspiracy theories which could be damaging to the public fits into the following:

Communism is a philosophical, social, political and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of a communist society, namely a socioeconomic order structured upon the ideas of common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money and the state.

Unless, of course, you are simply using the far right's current trend to label anything they don't agree with, be it BLM or taking the knee as communist or Marxist?
Fan about to be hit by excrement
at 22:06 2 Jan 2021

Lucky 13 - but late to the party
U-Turn is a Good Egg
Oh the joys of social media
at 12:36 30 Dec 2020

Seems so. Interesting to see it has Priti Patel's support.

Wonder why South Africa, India, Nigeria or other ex British colonies weren't included.
The Warky League 1 Report: Christmas (A)
at 20:29 25 Dec 2020

I told him it was James Bond's favourite in the books and he preened himself a bit and then glugged back a glass and tried his infamous Sean Connery impersonation, which consisted of adding a 'shhh' to everything while sounding like a pissed Irishman. Miss Moneypenny being bossed by a slightly irate Ian Paisley.

Amazing lines! Shades of Irvine Welsh.
Films that *could* be Christmas films in 2020
at 22:57 22 Dec 2020

All I want for Christmas is No deal with EU
Starring JRM, Peter Bone, Marc (Fight them on the Beaches) Francois, Bill Cash and IDS.
Guest Stars: Pritti Patel and Demonic Raab

Plot Summary
An EU immigrant, bearded and dressed in red, enters UK airspace. He might be from the North Pole, but as that is close to Russia, Finland or Norway, Raab orders his sleigh shot down by the RAF.
Shot down over Witham in Essex, the Secretary of State, after finding out where is actually is, despatches a crack team of mercenaries to round up the survivors.

This crack team of mercenaries, lead by Marc (kill it if it doesn't speak English, has brown skin or is taller than me) Francois, gets into action. Very quickly Ian Duncan Smith spots the communist amongst them, due to his red nose. The Marxist Rudolph is despatched fast. Peter Bone and Bill Cash corner Donner and Blitzen near a Kebab shop and are tempted to let them go, as both like a Donner, but when Marc reminds them these are German names, Ten German Bombers etc etc, they are despatched without remorse.

Prancer and Dancer are quickly found while carol singing (Straight reindeer don't do that) and despatched by JRM.
IDS vanishes with Vixen and Cupid, who honestly guv, only look 15, really they aint.

This just leaves our bearded EU immigrant on the run with Comet.

Where do they go next? Will St Marcus (Rashford, not Evans) help them deliver their gifts to humanity. Will the evil EU immigrant be caught. What role has the secret Chinese agent, See Nineteen have to play...

Catch the next episode tomorrow, all will be revealed.
at 22:23 22 Dec 2020

Why worry, he will be off to Monaco shortly, with his pot of gold and a tidy honorific to charm the gorgeous Russian spies in the casino.
Finally got a chance for a drink and sandwich.
at 22:49 21 Dec 2020

Covid's a good egg really
Dover port closed for 48 hours.
at 23:08 20 Dec 2020

We are officially a cut off Island now. No way in, and no way out.
Farage must be jumping for joy. (Though is probably in his German home doing so).
"Well we made a commitment, not knowing...."
at 19:47 20 Dec 2020

You could be talking about Brexit there too, just use the word experts instead of all the medical experts you mentioned.
[Post edited 20 Dec 2020 19:48]
Jacob Rees Mogg is a nasty piece of work part 312813
at 20:17 17 Dec 2020

Colleague of mine was at Oxford with him.
He used to pay someone to hold an umbrella for him when it rained.
Meanwhile in peter bone's consituency party....
at 23:53 15 Dec 2020

You say that, but how long has he been an MP.
Our democracy isnt far away from what is happening in the USA right now.
While the US has Fox News and other even further right press corps, we have the tabloids who have a huge impact on where we are now, about to crash out of the EU.
Your 10 favourite songs of 2020
at 22:05 12 Dec 2020

Its been a strange year for music (like everything else). Hard to be consistent at anything.
So I will just post my song of the day. (Courtesy of KEXP)

at 23:24 9 Dec 2020

Now i have a machine gun
Ho Ho Ho
Colchester fans being called out by their own players
at 20:50 6 Dec 2020

Its great he did that.
I spent years in South Africa doing that against the apartheid government, so he sends a great message.

[Post edited 6 Dec 2020 20:51]
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