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Chambers ...
at 23:26 11 May 2021

The recognition of long tenure - accepted
The state we are in under his captaincy - undeniable
The comparisons to the clubs greats - deluded

Take those blue tinted specs off - just because someone is here along time does not automatically qualify them as a great.

How many of you have colleagues who have served a long time and took the company to a worse place than it was when they were in partly responsible, to then be seen off with an award. Long servant.... = time to get paid... because lets face it - rate that against performance of this team (of which he is one man not the whole, but still a part of) leaves much to be desired.

We all love our club, but lets not be deluded about it. Some players are better than others, the more of the better ones we have the better we will progress. Chambers was not part of a team that progressed, but worse than stood still, regressed...

Town's new shirt
at 18:41 9 Jul 2020

Sorry this needs more debate so posting here, - how is this a sustainable shirt when it is changed every year!

Is this our worst start to a season?
at 17:42 24 Sep 2018

Debating with a town fan and was struggling to think of a worse one?

Presume the end of the premier league eras will be contenders, and the season Mick took over?

Might be a bit too early to ask... but throwing it out there for a bit of pub trivia...?
at 20:44 21 Aug 2018

Which is better our first half performance up arrow
The music on sky sports blank screen on red button during half time down arrow

Both quite repetitive
The Caretaker Conundrum
at 07:46 1 Apr 2018

Looking through the posts (on any article in the past few days on twtd) and it's all Mick go now....

I agree with a previous post from banters referencing Mick mills and in my opinion he is right - I too was listening to him say it yesterday on the radio that the decision from ME is wrong to keep MM on With what is now 7 games to go is just a slow and painful death. The problem is the decisions made and there's now no easy solution.

Another poster also hilighted that calls for a caretaker from the coaching staff won't change the situation. They're also right - We'd still plod along for 7 games... We have some great players (Bart) but so many need to look at themselves too and I hope are now worried with a chance of manager - as whilst tactically we have been poor, performances have also been woeful at times.

Joe royale yesterday suggested we need experience here. I'd agree as the owner doesn't know what he's doing. Klug won't want it, Nash isn't right for the first team on a long term basis. The only benefit to a short term caretaker would be that the youth might get played, but you never know -maybe we'll see that from MM tomorrow...(I'm staying positive. :s)

The real travesty here is that ME has failed to succession plan. He (as a businessman) made his decisions on a financial basis 1) for season ticket sales - and combined with a reduction and announcement will probably pay off for him on that; and 2) not having to pay out on MMs contract.

You could see MMs position a mile off in January with the fans, but if we had been in and about with a chance of the playoffs the decisions made would've been different - probably the same on the ST reduction but obviously MM would've got to the end of the season. That would've left people feeling a bit more positive about renewing but then if it didn't work out he could always go anyway.

Regardless of what MM does or doesn't do now - The real failure is the lack of MEs succession planning.

It further goes to show that he calls the shots but still obviously doesn't have people around him to help him run a football club. The fans don't want it to be but ultimately football is a business, but this is the football business not the hospitality business and he (ME) needs to get a stronger team around him if we are to go anywhere anytime soon. Let's be realistic - it's now a rebuild job to get to the PL. A 3 or 5 year plan would be a start. Let's have something to work towards.

If your going to sack a manager or part ways or whatever they are calling this mess, have a plan. The only benefit for the board now is that they have more time to get out and pick the right person... And it doesn't have to be an ex player - get the right person, but also the rigHt structure behind them to really build this club.

I am back home visiting Ipswich for the Easter weekend and planned to go to the millwall game but after listening to the game yesterday - I think I will vote with my feet and save £60 for a pair of tickets and also save my sanity for the rest of Monday. £ is the only thing ME is watching at the moment, not the football.

Finishing on a positive, there's a chance here to rebuild and get momentum. Whoever the new manager is we must get behind but I think we will have to wait until May.
Tonight's team selection showed us that the season is dead and buried
at 22:06 21 Feb 2018

- casual rotation
- Celina starting due to honouring the loan promise to play games
- sears starting due to lack of recent game time
- hyam needs fitness
- back 3 again to accommodate cartervickers for loan need (although a warranted start)

He might even play some YOUT next week....

Worryingly - I don't know who there is out there who can really deliver without a budget if Evans won't back- sad to say it but at least we're not relegated which could be the story of seasons to come if there's no backing and the wrong man at the helm...

I'm not anti mick but I'm not with him- and I can see the frustration from other fans

Supporters must must must vote with their feet about the way their club is being run
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