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When do we think Evans will finally accept it's not working?
at 16:58 23 Jan 2021

It's been blindingly obvious for over a year now, yet because of the contract situation, none of us can actually see him pulling the trigger off the back of 5 defeats (and one sh1thouse win against Burton) in 6.

I think he'll go in March, by which point we'll be 7 or 8 points off the top 6, and Danny Cowley will already have a job somewhere else. Then Simon Grayson will lead us to a 9th placed finish.

Actually not too bad
at 15:52 23 Jan 2021

The first 20/25 were better than the second 20/25 but I like how we're willing to be a bit more direct, play a few more long balls and run at players. Still had a few lapses of concentration though, Chambers has been particularly poor. Woolf has to come in for Nsiala midweek, the man just gives far too many penalties away and doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. Having said that, I'm not sure where the officials got 1 added minute from - the penalty alone was a 1 minute stoppage and then with the head injury it should've been 2. Especially annoying because we could've had a chance when he blew for half time.

Better than we've seen recently, but need a big 2nd half.

[Post edited 23 Jan 15:52]
Brexit Party MEP has no fish
at 10:24 23 Jan 2021

Former Brexit Party MEP June Mummery has been moaning that since the start of the year, her business has gone down the toilet. I have sympathy for 99% of fisherman that voted leave in hope of getting a better quota, but I find it hard to feel sorry for an actual MEP that railed agaist the EU, claimed that Brexit would be great for fishing and jumped on the gravy train for that reason. She should own her own mess.

Longest consecutive injury in ITFC history.
at 16:25 22 Jan 2021

What's the longest consecutive first team injury we've had? Emyr Huws didn't play a competitive game between November 2017 and August 2019, but KVY isn't far off that record having not played since October 2019, bar a couple of pre-season matches.

Luciano Civelli was out for over a year once too, if I remember correctly.

Have we had any longer than those 2?
More Tory misinformation
at 20:35 17 Jan 2021

Another conveninetly edited clip of Starmer talking about wanting to scrap Universal Credit. Obviously the caption didn't mention the bit at the end where he said he wanted to replace it with a more generous system. It's been shared by Michael Fabricant and a few others.

Still, at least it's better than that last one that essentially accused Starmer of enabling paedophilia.

Cornwall to host G7
at 10:16 17 Jan 2021

Genuinely had to do a double take and check it wasn't April 1st when I read this - q pretty good opportunity for the area. A bit surreal though, our secondary school prom after party was on Carbis Bay beach - great memories of necking 2 cans of Strongbow Dark Fruits at 2am. TWTD.

Richard Leonard resigns as leader of Scottish Labour
at 16:19 14 Jan 2021

Shame it didn't work out for him, but probably the right thing to do because Labour were set to finish 3rd again, which is poor.

I know it won't happen but I genuinely think Gordon Brown would be a great shout as a short term option. His speech was credited by some as the winning moment for the unionists in the 2014 referendum, and he managed to increase the Labour vote in Scotland by 2.5% in 2010, despite the huge national swing away from the party.

I'm not a Scot but it seems like Labour suffers from a lack of recognisable figures within Scottish politics. If Brown were to lead Labour into becoming the main party of opposition to the SNP, he could then pass the leadership onto a new figure halfway through the parliamentary term, and the new leader would enjoy a bit more of the limelight.

Like I said, it's an unlikely idea (and probably unpopular on here) but I think there's method to my madness.
"UKIP is alive and kicking"
at 12:26 14 Jan 2021

Christ on a bike...

Tory London Mayor candidate
at 22:18 13 Jan 2021

... thinks that homeless people can afford a 5k deposit. EVen by today's standards, that's the most tone deaf political statement I've seen in a while.

Elder Grizzly or any other US politicos
at 08:51 13 Jan 2021

I know that for Trump to be convicted in the Senate, it would require a 2/3 majority, but I've seen on Twitter that a simple 51-49 majority would be enough to bar him from standing in 2024, is that the case? If so, Romney or Murkowski deciding to break rank may be enough - there are even rumours that McConnell is considering it.
[Post edited 13 Jan 8:51]
Further proof that Sir Keith Haircut is a Tory!!!
at 11:50 12 Jan 2021

He's wearing a purple tie!!

Town being crap and Zeki Fryers being a defensive liability
at 19:38 9 Jan 2021

Nothing changes
People comparing this to the People's vote campaign
at 21:44 6 Jan 2021

Seeing way too much of this on Twitter. It's a perfectly legitimate viewpoint to have disagreed with Labour and the Lib Dems on this, but to compare a confirmatory vote on a trade deal with the scenes on Capitol Hill is one of the worst examples of false equivalence I've seen for a while.

Despite the flaws of the People's vote campaign, it was conducted through peaceful marches and a policy in the 2019 manifesto, not gangs of extremists pepper spraying the police, carrying weapons and storming into COngress/Parliament. Sure there were some unsavoury tweets from the remain side, but that's nothing like what the MAGA lot are doing.

Elected politicians doing this are just making things worse.

Poch appointed at PSG
at 15:28 2 Jan 2021

Now watch Man United's form fall off a cliff before they end up re-appointing David Moyes
Are we having a TWTD awards this year? (n/t)
at 12:01 31 Dec 2020

[Post edited 31 Dec 2020 12:01]
Lucy Allan MP
at 16:23 29 Dec 2020

The Telford MP, whose' greatest hits include fabricating death threats and tweeting doctored videos of Keir Starmer from a far right troll account, has made a bit of a tit of herself on Twitter this morning.

She's been playing down the impact of Covid by retweeting that fewer people without underlying conditions have died from covid than from road accidents. Only problem with that is that underlying conditions includes stuff like eczema and asthma, so discounts a massive chunk of the population and that you can't catch a road accident.

To top it off, she started moaning about being silenced as soon as people criticised her. She's got to be one of the worst, even in the current Tory party.

I'm glad that the restrictions have been tightened
at 17:49 19 Dec 2020

But this episode shows yet again how Johnson's style of leadership is completely unsuited to a crisis. U-turns are fine if they are made in the spirit of "when the facts change I change my mind", but he was aware of this spike in cases as recently as Wednesday, and went on to accuse Labour of wanting to "cancel Christmas" for expressing concerns about the previous arrangements. He just digs himself a whole every time.

As Andrew Neil said the other day, he's a cheerleader for good times. This pattern of unfounded optimism and hyperbolic berating of any criticism followed by a quick u turn is getting completely ridiculous. Which is why after 5 years of cheerleading for Brexit, he'll resign in 2021 and leave us up sh1t creek, with the responsibility falling to someone else.

He's the worst PM of the last 50 years by a mile. At least the other sh1t ones were competent in overseeing misery - Johnson can't even get that right.
[Post edited 19 Dec 2020 17:49]
Jacob Rees Mogg is a nasty piece of work part 312813
at 12:15 17 Dec 2020


Apparently Unicef are "playing politics" by intervening to try and help kids that have been left hungry by his party's policies. I really hope nobody is still taken in by his harmless posho demeanour. He's an awful, awful person who treats the rest of us with contempt.
How are we playing?
at 15:25 12 Dec 2020

Back at home and at work so first game I haven’t watched/listened to this season.
Gunboats in the channel
at 09:03 12 Dec 2020

Is now a proposal by the Daily Mail and Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski on Twitter. They're acting like it's a game of Call of Duty ffs.

I think we should offer free penis enlargements to anyone suggesting this as a serious option - they clearly need it.
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