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Migrant 'Crisis'
at 18:22 8 Aug 2020

The All Lives Matter brigade have changed their tune. Almost as if they were a bunch of nasty racist snowflakes all along, who'd have thunk it?

Biggest MP downgrade
at 20:19 5 Aug 2020

Saw a nerdy but interesting twitter thread about which good constituency MPs have been replaced by vastly inferior people

Popular suggestions included Charles Kennedy to Ian Blackford, Oona King to George Galloway, Nick Clegg to Jared O’Mara and whoever the last Delyn MP was to Rob Roberts (if you haven’t seen his list of scandals in his first 7 months, look it up)

Won’t be popular on here but my vote goes to Ed Balls to Andrea Jenkyns... she just seems remarkably dim and someone who cheerleads for Brexit despite seemingly being unaware of the consequences

Anyone got any contributions?
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Any early prem predictions?
at 14:34 5 Aug 2020

Not got work until this evening and it's p1ssing it down so had a bit of time on my hands

Reserve the right to change my mind of course

1 Manchester City (on much lower points total than before, but decent transfers so far)
2 Liverpool (Will focus more on the cups this year)
3 Manchester United (With 10+ more points than last year, 3 way title fight)
4 Chelsea (Attack will be improved but defence not good enough to challenge)
5 Tottenham (Will run Chelsea close but not quite enough for top 4)
6 Arsenal (If Aubameyang stays)
7 Leicester (Will focus on Europa)
8 Everton (Good manager but too much quality in the top 6)
9 Wolves (Probably losing one of Neves/Jimenez)
10 Brighton (Rate Potter as a manager)
11 Southampton (Meh)
12 Leeds (Bielsa's style suited to PL, 8 games fewer so no burnout)
13 West Ham (After a managerial change)
14 Sheffield United (Will drop off but survive comfortably after a wobble)
15 Burnley (Talk of Dyche falling out with the owner so may leave mid season)
16 Aston Villa (Not a great squad but have had time to gel since 2019 spending spree)
17 Fulham (Have some PL quality from before, less of a rebuild needed)
18 Newcastle (Can't survive much longer with a centre forward scoring 2 league goals)
19 Crystal Palace (Zaha wants out and Ayew won't score as many as before)
20 West Brom (Don't see them having enough firepower)
IDS slagging off the Withdrawal Agreement he voted for
at 18:20 4 Aug 2020

From this it can be inferred that he's either a hypocrite, too lazy to read the documents in full, or too stupid to understand them - none of which paint him in a good light.

Besides, I thought people aren't allowed to change their minds after the first vote anyway?
Paul Cook resigns from Wigan
at 10:58 1 Aug 2020

Linked with Bristol City but Hughton is said to be the favourite there. If Hughton does get that job, surely Cook should be on Evans' list of potential Lambert replacements?
Annunziata Rees Mogg lecturing people on food poverty
at 11:25 29 Jul 2020

I think this sums up my reaction to it... now they can’t blame immigrants anymore, it’s back to poverty shaming

Republican Voters Against Trump
at 19:39 24 Jul 2020

I'm aware that the Twittersphere isn't the real world but this account has been gaining traction online - there are some really great stories in here from Republicans with integrity. This is my personal favourite.

"Populism is nothing more than a perrenial search for a villain to slay with no plan of what to do with the body"

at 08:55 22 Jul 2020

Trade Bill
at 22:57 20 Jul 2020

So the Tories have voted against Parliament being able to scrutinise any future trade deals. This whole thing was never about our elected MPs taking back control was it?

Brexiters on here, I assume you're as annoyed as I am
Arron Banks
at 14:24 19 Jul 2020

Trying to prevent the Russia report coming out... What motive could Banks, who allegedly has links with all sorts of dodgy Russian figures, have for doing this?
Brexit Party MEPs
at 09:46 19 Jul 2020

Have any of you Twitter users noticed how Farage's old pals in the European Parliament are now (somehow) getting even more ridiculous now they've been consigned to the political rubbish bin and are doing absolutely anything to stay relevant? Here are my 2 favourite offerings from this morning

Plucky Rupert Lowe, public school boy and investment banker, railing against the "establishment" and criticising Phillip Hammond for supposedly frustrating Brexit, despite him voting for every deal in Parliament.

Martin Daubney telling lies about Keir Starmer, who he knows has described the demand to abolish the police as "nonsense." I also find it hilarious that in the same tweet he's dissing someone for saying they want to abolish the polish whilst simultaneously advocating we should break international law in the Begum case.

It's incredible how many muppets we elected to that Parliament - one upside to Brexit is that they're no longer fleecing the public purse.

Anti-mask hypocrisy
at 15:09 14 Jul 2020

Notice how those who are furious at the thought of wearing a bit of cloth over their face because they "don't want government to interfere on their rights" are often the same ones who think it's okay to force women to have a child even if her pregnancy comes as a result of a rape.

Similarly, the likes of Alison Pearson, who were delighting at the thought of a lockdown to teach those entitled millenials, are also losing their sh1t over this

Almost as if they're being ridiculously self-centred in the middle of a pandemic
FAO Football Manager nerds
at 13:53 13 Jul 2020

Haven't played properly for a while and got a few days off work... I somehow managed to delete my Town save so I'll get going with a new one. Any good ideas for teams to start a save with? Preferably football league or foreign teams.

Apparently it's my fault if Brexit isn't a success
at 13:33 13 Jul 2020

Former Tory MEP John Longworth "The Remainers will always be shamed for shackling the country to a poison pill: the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement"

Even for the Tories, that is a ridiculous deflection of responsibility. David Davis has been on twitter saying we should re-negotiate it, despite voting for it in parliament. And of course there were the headlines saying that Johnson himself wasn't happy with the deal he personally agreed with.

It shouldn't surprise me - they were always going to look for someone else to blame.
Mick’s on GMB!
at 07:46 13 Jul 2020

Talking about Jack Charlton
Ed Davey offers to work with Labour if elected Lib Dem leader
at 11:58 11 Jul 2020

I didn't have strong views on their leadership contest before, but this is a sensible statement when you contrast it with Layla Moran talking about targeting the Labour vote.

When you consider that 18 of the top 20 Lib Dem targets are Tory held, then Layla Moran's pitch of being untainted by the coalition, whilst a good point, is unlikely to be hold much traction in the areas they need to win. The Lib Dems need to focus on liberal economic Tories who are against the idea of Johnson/Cummings, if they are to maintain electoral relvenace.

Davey also makes the point that in Tory areas, the idea of a Starmer-led govt is likely to be more appealing than a Corbyn administration was to potential tactical voters. I don't think a full-scale pact would work, as the parties have different voter bases, but if they could each stand aside in 2 or 3 seats to defeat high profile Tories in key marginals where the vote was split last time, then that would be beneficial.

Tactical voting worked for the right in 2019, so the centre-left should follow suit.
[Post edited 11 Jul 12:01]
Claire Fox on BBC's Any Questions tonight
at 23:00 10 Jul 2020

Not sure she should be given a platform on a public service broadcaster. She's a pretty clear extremist - has previously been part of organisations which voiced support for the IRA and denied the Bosnian genocide, and has refused to apologise for both.

When she was an MEP, it would have been fine as I don't think elected officials should be barred from these sort of things. I'm still not convinced we should ban people based on their views (unless they're inciting hatred/telling lies) but if extremists are to be given platforms then surely this should be made clear to the audience, at the very least? I haven't tuned in, but from the BBC Politics tweet, there's no mention of her previous exploits in the description of her
[Post edited 10 Jul 23:00]
Johnson blaming it on care homes
at 18:32 6 Jul 2020

It's not often I get seriously angry but this is taking the p1ss... Care homes didn't choose to accept Covid patients without testing them, that was his own govt's policy... plus support staff have been working much harder than he is during this crisis....

This is really below the belt, even for him
Can anyone give me a hand with CV/Cover Letters?
at 11:11 6 Jul 2020

I'm applying for a job as a constituency support officer for an MP in Wales. It's the bottom rung of the ladder and the description describes it as a good opportunity to "gain experience", but as my previous employment isn't in the subject area I'm not really sure where to start? Of course my degree is in the correct area, and I possess sufficient communication skills (which seems to be the most important attribute), but might be quite difficult to beef up my application

Also not 100% sure how to not repeat my CV in the Cover letter? It's been a while since I've written one.

I'm 99% sure I won't get it as I'm still doing my degree (although will of course defer if I'm successful) and it'll likely go to a graduate but I'm going to ask if I can do a week or two's work experience in June if I'm unsuccessful, which is something I was going to do anyway.

It's largely an attempt to get my foot in the door, although I'd obviously like to get the job.
Trump or Biden? (US Election 2020 Thread)
at 14:11 3 Jul 2020

If you had a gun to your head and had to predict which way it'll swing, what outcome do you predict ? I think Trump's in serious trouble and is making the same errors as Corbyn did in 2019. Sounds odd to make that comparison, but here's my working
[Post edited 8 Aug 22:59]
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