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Town Recall Simpson From Swindon Loan
at 04:27:46

I think the boss just wants to see him in training alongside the squad members. He has more pace than the others, so if he can stretch the game vertically then it would mean more space for Celina and Chaplin to operate.

From the video it seems he is a penalty box poacher as well as a threat to a high line.

I would be interested to see where this goes. If it doesn’t work out then loan him back out
McKenna: The Analysis Side is Massive For Me
at 01:44:49

I think he has a very analytical technical mindset. Hope that looks exactly on the pitch we don’t know in terms of formation or attacking/defensive bias.

But for sure we will see some general approach in the wide areas of the pitch. I think he has some interesting options to enable patterns of play to develop over time.

We should also see distinct style between build up in possession and how to set up against each team when we don’t have possession.

I wouldn’t say 100% he will put pressing traps in place in the first few weeks, but I think he will try to implement the building blocks to see if the team can get there.

Cook: I Don't Think Anybody Can Be Promoted in October
at 05:20:50

I completely understand why Cook doesn’t like to speak to the media. But the last person who bristled at click bait questions was Mick and when results didn’t go his way for a while it unfortunately (for everyone involved with the club) turned nasty.

I don’t disagree with the way he is handling it as I wouldn’t have any other solution either. But until the full interview is posted to see the context of questioning, going from click bait to normal questions we will never understand as fans why he seems so angry.

But the end result is that ultimately we may throw out all the good things Cook has done with the bath water, same as with Mick when we sold players who went on to play in the premier league.

Obviously not exactly the same with different people in charge but if the club bow to media pressure again we could end up in the same cycle

Carroll: I've Still Got Premier League Ambition
at 06:12:00

The difference to bishop is that he has a lot of experience. And he plays a different position. He maybe injury prone like bishop but what he can do for the squad overall off the pitch is also important.

We have a brand new team and we need the experience to pull through a squad which has some experience but most are still developing.
Coulson Move Delayed By Lack of Left-Back Options at Boro
at 12:56:32

Simple. Offer an exchange.
Town Closing in on Signings Nine and 10
at 12:53:46

Wholesale changes like this aren’t normal at all, but somehow I trust we will work it out.

I do believe the management team are well funded and using it to our advantage, especially this transfer window.

Cook seems to be happy. So I guess we just hope for the best.

Somehow the Hurst era was not normal at all, perhaps because decent players were let go and worryingly our star striker wanted out as soon as Hurst came in.

I know it’s not comparable, just happy that we are trying to make logical sensible transfers. They may not shout premium signing or bargain basement but there seems a theme to me. That we only looking for players with a point to prove, HAVING PROVEN IT to some level in the past.

Looking forward to this season
Cook: Start of Pre-Season Exciting But Building a Team Can Be a Slow Process
at 03:33:19

Wholesale changes didn’t work for Hurst. Why would it work this time?

Because it seems like the right thoughts have been put into the players and the outgoing players weren’t given away cheaply and worsening the squad.

Let’s hope Cooks preferred tactics are more than the one liner that got hurst his job “playing out from the back” (using substandard players who cannot hold the ball under pressure, although we just sold Webster who can do exactly this)
Cook: Start of Pre-Season Exciting But Building a Team Can Be a Slow Process
at 03:29:14

Im loving this work overall. Put these signings into context, not only are they experienced at a decent age at a higher level but they are also signed early.

I think this shows the value they put on giving Cook what he wants which is teamwork over individuals.

There is no greater show of support in a manager IMO
Bonne Loan Signing Close to Being Confirmed
at 19:15:25

Definitely a good signing. We need someone like this to run the frontline and create some mix ups in the opposition positioning. If he can affect two defenders at a time that will make things a lot easier for those behind him running into the spaces and blindspots that he has created
Dobra Promoted to First-Team Pre-Season Training
at 19:06:44

Good man management
Lankester Set For Cambridge as Clubs Agree Deal
at 23:44:34

You need a mixture of young and experienced. Are we sure? Aren’t we just strengthening opposition?
Johnson: We’re Keeping About 10 Per Cent of the Squad
at 23:26:39

Wholesale changes really messed with the team when Hurst took over. So what is different about this time?

Well for a start we have players who are almost out of contract at the SAME.TIME, the director of football should have been sacked way sooner for allowing that to happen. An absolute travesty.

Then we totally bought the wrong players and expected them to come up a division and adjust.
This time we have the opposite way around, players who didn't need to come to this division:

And then we have the covid situation. EVERY team is in flux and seriously challenged financially for years to come.

Lets benefit from good management and decisions. And hope we have a great season and then owner continue to be engaged and positive
Town Close in On West Brom Midfielder Harper
at 03:19:18

He looks to have great potential.

He doesn’t have creativity or press resistant dribble. But he plays simple and looks like he could pass between the lines of the system is clear and direct.

If he added one of these things or became less dependent on his right foot, especially there time it takes to open up his body to make a pass to his right, then he could be worth a lot to a premier league team
Detmer: Ticket Sales Are Very Important
at 03:43:36

I like this owner. He knows how to be an owner and allow people to do their roles, whilst still communicating enough for us to understand the overall direction and allaying fears.

The amount of sense he talks hasn’t been at town since Sheepshanks. This is in keeping with what I remember and feel about this club. People need support, space and understanding to do their jobs. And the characteristics of those at the very top really do filter down through the organisation.

I do hope they as owners feel engaged enough to personally build relationships in the club to the level similar to Leicester.

After all they have a stake in the club
Detmer: Pension Fund Very Much Aligned With Our Vision
at 03:35:13

Hurst bought 11 players and got us relegated. Not only did he buy poorly but the decent players become demotivated by the sudden influx.

It still hung over us and players performances weren’t what we expected.

Cook seems to be trying to shock the team into a reaction and push those he doesn’t want out instead of seeing out their one year extension.

But buying 11 players never ever worked before.

I’m very interested to hear how many he will keep on.

Let’s say he did buy 11 players, he would need serious work on the training ground so would need to bring a majority of them in early, and that means paying a higher price. Which doesn’t sound like what the article is implying
Cook: First Half Possibly the Worst Performance From One of My Teams in My Whole Managerial Career
at 03:45:39

In the not too distant past we went from having a championship standard squad to having all the best players sold and move into premiership teams leaving the rest behind to fill out a squad with league two players.

The pain of the McCarthy era carried over into the pain of the hurst era and then into the lambert era it never went away. Those players left behind tried to hold it all together and then a new manager comes in to criticise them (rightly) but perhaps doing it so publicly with some of the senior players would upset the cart.

We all know the quality isn’t there. What has been built in the last two years is a disgrace and I wonder how those millions were lost.

Those same players were probably wondering what would have happened if Mcgoldrick, Webster, waghorn stayed a bit longer. Had they stayed another season would we have gotten better transfer fees. Heck even Kieffer Moore (another budget McCarthy signing) would be helping out right now instead of playing at Cardiff.

The players are low on confidence, this is going to take a lot of work. But who presided over this? Of course Evans but what is O’Neill doing? Is he just an administrator? Who is responsible for squad building? How come so many contracts finish on the same year? There should be succession planning and a clear pathway made by the framework of giving contract lengths based on potential ability to stay in the first team more than 2-3 years
Bakay: European Super League Driven By Greed
at 04:30:07

With a fifth or sixth wave through Europe would be interesting to see how ESL would survive without a domestic competition.

Could be a very eggs in one basket situation should they be expelled from their domestic leagues or relegated.
Judge: Not the Way I Wanted to End My Time at Town
at 01:11:38

He can still make sub appearances because it is only about the number of starts.

A bit strange to release him early unless he wanted to be, which he says he didn’t....
Lambert: I Left the Club in a More Than Decent Place
at 01:50:13

If he wanted to leave us in a decent position he sold have walked out when we were top of the league.

If it was a decent position why would he leave?

All the things he says he left about aren’t his responsibility also?

Man is deluded.

Bristol City Confirm Ashton Exit
at 07:04:57

Bit confusing this article, who was chairman or ceo from where to where. May have been easier to understand if you just listed their achievements and roles in chronological order with short explanation underneath.
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