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John Duncan's Managerial Record at Ipswich Town

Barclays Second Division1364013151186220153381117
FA Cup40011210215
Littlewoods Cup1031273103610

Longest winning streak:722 Apr 1989 - 22 Aug 1989
Longest streak without loss:1121 Oct 1989 - 30 Dec 1989
Longest losing streak:610 Jan 1988 - 20 Feb 1988
Longest streak without win:926 Aug 1989 - 3 Oct 1989
Average goals scored:1.427
Average goals conceded:1.327
Win with greatest margin:4
Sat 5 Dec 1987Ipswich Town4-0Bradford City
Loss with greatest margin:5
Mon 1 Jan 1990Port Vale5-0Ipswich Town
Most goals in a match:8
Wed 30 Nov 1988Aston Villa6-2Ipswich Town
5 May 1990Barclays Second DivisionWest Bromwich Albion1-3Ipswich TownW
1 May 1990Barclays Second DivisionHull City4-3Ipswich TownL
28 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-1Blackburn RoversW
25 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionMiddlesbrough1-2Ipswich TownW
21 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town0-1Hull CityL
17 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionWest Ham United2-0Ipswich TownL
14 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-2Port ValeW
10 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town0-1PortsmouthL
7 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionWatford3-3Ipswich TownD
31 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionPlymouth Argyle1-0Ipswich TownL
24 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0Bradford CityW
20 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0Swindon TownW
17 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionNewcastle United2-1Ipswich TownL
13 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0Oxford UnitedW
10 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-1Brighton and Hove AlbionW
6 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionStoke City0-0Ipswich TownD
3 Mar 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-2Leicester CityD
24 Feb 1990Barclays Second DivisionOldham Athletic4-1Ipswich TownL
17 Feb 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-2Leeds UnitedD
10 Feb 1990Barclays Second DivisionWolverhampton Wanderers2-1Ipswich TownL
27 Jan 1990FA CupBarnsley2-0Ipswich TownL
20 Jan 1990Barclays Second DivisionAFC Bournemouth3-1Ipswich TownL
13 Jan 1990Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1Sheffield UnitedD
6 Jan 1990FA CupLeeds United0-1Ipswich TownW
1 Jan 1990Barclays Second DivisionPort Vale5-0Ipswich TownL
30 Dec 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-0MiddlesbroughW
26 Dec 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0West Ham UnitedW
9 Dec 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1SunderlandD
2 Dec 1989Barclays Second DivisionBarnsley0-1Ipswich TownW
25 Nov 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1Oldham AthleticD
18 Nov 1989Barclays Second DivisionLeicester City0-1Ipswich TownW
11 Nov 1989Barclays Second DivisionBlackburn Rovers2-2Ipswich TownD
4 Nov 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-1West Bromwich AlbionW
31 Oct 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0WatfordW
28 Oct 1989Barclays Second DivisionPortsmouth2-3Ipswich TownW
21 Oct 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-0Plymouth ArgyleW
18 Oct 1989Barclays Second DivisionBradford City1-0Ipswich TownL
14 Oct 1989Barclays Second DivisionSwindon Town3-0Ipswich TownL
7 Oct 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-1Newcastle UnitedW
3 Oct 1989Littlewoods CupTranmere Rovers1-0Ipswich TownL
30 Sep 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-2Stoke CityD
27 Sep 1989Barclays Second DivisionBrighton and Hove Albion1-0Ipswich TownL
23 Sep 1989Barclays Second DivisionOxford United2-2Ipswich TownD
19 Sep 1989Littlewoods CupIpswich Town0-1Tranmere RoversL
16 Sep 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-3Wolverhampton WanderersL
9 Sep 1989Barclays Second DivisionLeeds United1-1Ipswich TownD
2 Sep 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1AFC BournemouthD
26 Aug 1989Barclays Second DivisionSheffield United2-0Ipswich TownL
22 Aug 1989Barclays Second DivisionSunderland2-4Ipswich TownW
19 Aug 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-1BarnsleyW
13 May 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0Blackburn RoversW
6 May 1989Barclays Second DivisionBrighton and Hove Albion0-1Ipswich TownW
1 May 1989Barclays Second DivisionPlymouth Argyle0-1Ipswich TownW
29 Apr 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town4-0Birmingham CityW
22 Apr 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-1West Bromwich AlbionW
15 Apr 1989Barclays Second DivisionBradford City2-2Ipswich TownD
8 Apr 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1Hull CityD
4 Apr 1989Barclays Second DivisionOldham Athletic4-0Ipswich TownL
1 Apr 1989Barclays Second DivisionWatford3-2Ipswich TownL
28 Mar 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town0-1ChelseaL
25 Mar 1989Barclays Second DivisionSunderland4-0Ipswich TownL
18 Mar 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0Shrewsbury TownW
14 Mar 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-1AFC BournemouthW
11 Mar 1989Barclays Second DivisionLeeds United2-4Ipswich TownW
4 Mar 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-2Swindon TownL
28 Feb 1989Barclays Second DivisionPortsmouth0-1Ipswich TownW
25 Feb 1989Barclays Second DivisionOxford United1-1Ipswich TownD
21 Feb 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0BarnsleyW
11 Feb 1989Barclays Second DivisionManchester City4-0Ipswich TownL
4 Feb 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-2Crystal PalaceL
21 Jan 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town5-1Stoke CityW
14 Jan 1989Barclays Second DivisionWalsall2-4Ipswich TownW
7 Jan 1989FA CupNottingham Forest3-0Ipswich TownL
2 Jan 1989Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0Leicester CityW
31 Dec 1988Barclays Second DivisionHull City1-1Ipswich TownD
26 Dec 1988Barclays Second DivisionChelsea3-0Ipswich TownL
16 Dec 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-1Oldham AthleticW
10 Dec 1988Barclays Second DivisionBlackburn Rovers1-0Ipswich TownL
3 Dec 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-2Plymouth ArgyleD
30 Nov 1988Littlewoods CupAston Villa6-2Ipswich TownL
26 Nov 1988Barclays Second DivisionBirmingham City1-0Ipswich TownL
19 Nov 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-3Brighton and Hove AlbionL
12 Nov 1988Barclays Second DivisionSwindon Town2-3Ipswich TownW
8 Nov 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-1WalsallW
5 Nov 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town0-1Leeds UnitedL
1 Nov 1988Littlewoods CupIpswich Town2-0Leyton OrientW
29 Oct 1988Barclays Second DivisionAFC Bournemouth1-0Ipswich TownL
25 Oct 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town0-1PortsmouthL
22 Oct 1988Barclays Second DivisionBarnsley2-0Ipswich TownL
15 Oct 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-2Oxford UnitedL
11 Oct 1988Littlewoods CupIpswich Town3-0Port ValeW
8 Oct 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0Manchester CityW
4 Oct 1988Barclays Second DivisionCrystal Palace2-0Ipswich TownL
1 Oct 1988Barclays Second DivisionWest Bromwich Albion1-2Ipswich TownW
26 Sep 1988Littlewoods CupPort Vale1-0Ipswich TownL
24 Sep 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1Bradford CityD
20 Sep 1988Barclays Second DivisionShrewsbury Town1-5Ipswich TownW
17 Sep 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-2WatfordW
10 Sep 1988Barclays Second DivisionLeicester City0-1Ipswich TownW
3 Sep 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0SunderlandW
27 Aug 1988Barclays Second DivisionStoke City1-1Ipswich TownD
7 May 1988Barclays Second DivisionBradford City2-3Ipswich TownW
2 May 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0Birmingham CityW
30 Apr 1988Barclays Second DivisionOldham Athletic3-1Ipswich TownL
23 Apr 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town4-0MiddlesbroughW
8 Apr 1988Barclays Second DivisionHuddersfield Town1-2Ipswich TownW
4 Apr 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1West Bromwich AlbionD
2 Apr 1988Barclays Second DivisionReading1-1Ipswich TownD
26 Mar 1988Barclays Second DivisionSheffield United4-1Ipswich TownL
19 Mar 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-2AFC BournemouthL
12 Mar 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0Hull CityW
5 Mar 1988Barclays Second DivisionManchester City2-0Ipswich TownL
27 Feb 1988Barclays Second DivisionBarnsley2-3Ipswich TownW
20 Feb 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town0-2Leicester CityL
13 Feb 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-2Plymouth ArgyleL
6 Feb 1988Barclays Second DivisionLeeds United1-0Ipswich TownL
30 Jan 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town0-2Blackburn RoversL
16 Jan 1988Barclays Second DivisionAston Villa1-0Ipswich TownL
10 Jan 1988FA CupIpswich Town1-2Manchester UnitedL
2 Jan 1988Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1MillwallD
1 Jan 1988Barclays Second DivisionStoke City1-2Ipswich TownW
28 Dec 1987Barclays Second DivisionSwindon Town4-2Ipswich TownL
26 Dec 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-3Crystal PalaceL
18 Dec 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0Shrewsbury TownW
5 Dec 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town4-0Bradford CityW
28 Nov 1987Barclays Second DivisionBirmingham City1-0Ipswich TownL
21 Nov 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0Oldham AthleticW
17 Nov 1987Littlewoods CupIpswich Town0-1Luton TownL
14 Nov 1987Barclays Second DivisionWest Bromwich Albion2-2Ipswich TownD
7 Nov 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-1ReadingW
3 Nov 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-0Huddersfield TownW
31 Oct 1987Barclays Second DivisionAFC Bournemouth1-1Ipswich TownD
27 Oct 1987Littlewoods CupIpswich Town1-0Southend UnitedW
24 Oct 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0Sheffield UnitedW
20 Oct 1987Barclays Second DivisionMiddlesbrough3-1Ipswich TownL
17 Oct 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-0Manchester CityW
10 Oct 1987Barclays Second DivisionHull City1-0Ipswich TownL
7 Oct 1987Littlewoods CupNorthampton Town2-4Ipswich TownW
3 Oct 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0BarnsleyW
30 Sep 1987Barclays Second DivisionLeicester City1-1Ipswich TownD
26 Sep 1987Barclays Second DivisionCrystal Palace1-2Ipswich TownW
22 Sep 1987Littlewoods CupIpswich Town1-1Northampton TownD
19 Sep 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town3-2Swindon TownW
12 Sep 1987Barclays Second DivisionMillwall2-1Ipswich TownL
5 Sep 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-0Leeds UnitedW
1 Sep 1987Barclays Second DivisionBlackburn Rovers1-0Ipswich TownL
29 Aug 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town2-0Stoke CityW
22 Aug 1987Barclays Second DivisionShrewsbury Town0-0Ipswich TownD
18 Aug 1987Barclays Second DivisionPlymouth Argyle0-0Ipswich TownD
15 Aug 1987Barclays Second DivisionIpswich Town1-1Aston VillaD
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